OneSpace Commodore II Big & Tall Executive Office Chair, Brown

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Color Brown
Brand OneSpace
Product Dimensions 29.52″D x 26.38″W x 50.79″H
Style Commodore II
Material Leather
  • Brown bonded leather upholstery
  • Meets or exceeds all BIFMA requirements and will support up to 350 lbs
  • Heavy-duty chrome base with dual wheel casters
  • Adjustable height headrest to customize head support
  • Tilt, tilt tension, lock swivel and seat height adjustment

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A large seating area, higher seating position and re-enforced base and frame accent the Commodore II big and tall chair by comfort products. With the ability to support up to 350 lbs. , The Commodore II is the correct choice for those needing a chair that is built to support. Soft with bonded leather and chrome accents bring a nice sense of style to the chair. The seating area (22″W x 20″D) and back area (21″W x 23″t) provide a larger and more comfortable area for those who need the space, while a thick and durable seat cushion (6. 5″ Of foam) provide a comforting seating area. An adjustable headrest can add up to 7″ To the overall height of the chair. This chair is built on added support and durability. The armrests help to reduce shoulder tension and a pneumatic adjustable Seat Height allows you to choose the seat Height best suited for your size and sitting situation, tilt and tilt tension allow the chair tilt to be adjusted to the user’s preference and the swivel feature promotes maneuverability while sitting and dual wheel casters are also included which roll easily on most surfaces such as chair mats, linoleum, and short pile carpet. This chair meets or exceeds all bifma requirements and will support up to 350 lbs.

From the manufacturer

Commodore II Big & Tall Leather Executive Chair

A large seating area, higher seating position and re-enforced base and frame accent the Commodore II Big and Tall Chair by Comfort Products. With the ability to support up to 350 lbs., the Commodore II is the correct choice for those needing a chair that is built to support. Soft with bonded leather and chrome accents bring a nice sense of style to the chair. The seating area (22″W x 20″D) and back area (21″W x 23″T) provide a larger and more comfortable area for those who need the space, while a thick and durable seat cushion (6.5″ of foam) provide a comforting seating area. An adjustable headrest can add up to 7″ to the overall height of the chair. This chair is built on added support and durability. The armrests help to reduce shoulder tension and a pneumatic adjustable seat height allows you to choose the seat height best suited for your size and sitting situation, tilt and tilt tension allow the chair tilt to be adjusted to the user’s preference.


  • Brown bonded leather upholstery
  • Heavy-duty chrome base with dual wheel casters
  • Adjustable height headrest to customize head support
  • Chrome arms with padding
  • Tilt, tilt tension, lock swivel and seat height adjustment
  • 350 lb weight capacity

Easily Adjustable

Adjustable seat height allows you to choose the seat height best suited for your size and sitting situation, tilt and tilt tension allow the chair tilt to be adjusted to the user’s preference and the swivel feature promotes maneuverability.

Large Seating Area

Features a large seating area, higher seating position and re-enforced base and frame.

Soft Bonded Leather

Soft with bonded leather and chrome accents bring a nice sense of style to the chair.

Important information

Safety Information

DO NOT stand on the chair. DO NOT use the chair as a stepladder. Use this product for seating one person at a time. DO NOT use this chair unless all bolts and screws are firmly secured. Avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent puncturing the fabric. If parts are missing, broken, damaged or worn, stop use of the prodcuct until repars are made using factory authorized parts. Always unplug the massage chair from the power source after using and before clenaing. If you have any health concerns regarding this item please contact your doctor immediately. Every 6 months, check all bolts and screws to ensure they are tight. To clean, spot clean only using a damp towel and mild cleaner. First test on a small, obscure area of fabric. Chair weight limit not to exceed 350 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 62.5 kg
Dimensions 29.52 × 26.38 × 50.79 cm





Commodore II



Room Type


Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components




Model Name

Commodore II Big & Tall

Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

29.52 x 26.38 x 50.79 inches, 29.52D x 26.38W x 50.79H

Item Weight

62.5 Pounds



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6.69 Cubic Feet

Form Factor


Assembly Required


Number of Pieces


Warranty Description

1 year limited manufacturer.

Batteries Required



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10 reviews for OneSpace Commodore II Big & Tall Executive Office Chair, Brown

  1. Chase

    Amazing Customer Service (A must read) challenge yourself to read all of it.Modified Review (First is below)Two months ago I ordered the chair, after some missing parts were shipped to me by customer server, 2 days later I was sitting in my chair complete. Excellent chair, oh my how the naps have come easy! The headrest and seat width are my biggest favorites! So a two month review update: All the other reviews confirm that the parts loosen, but honestly if you didn’t over-tighten them, then you can re-tighten them as I have. Which has made my chair squeak less and not lean. Take your time on the install process, make sure your seat post is in correctly and not tilted. I’m looking forward to speaking with customer service again if a part does break, because there aren’t many other companies that have responded as quickly as they have.When i first received my chair in the mail, i was frustrated over the package had been severely damaged, and inside i was missing the seat part. After which i wrote a very unpleasant review below. However inside each packaged you receive is a few papers that say “stop contact Comfort Products first for customer service needs!” Guys and Gals I reached out on 8/25/18 to Comfort Products Customer Service website. Five days after opening the package, and I hadn’t contacted anyone until that time. Not Amazon, UPS who delivered the chair, or Comfort Products, the company who sells the chair. That seat arrived on Tuesday morning, Comfort Products expedited the shipping to get me the missing seat!!!!! That’s service. So make sure you reach out, and keep your paperwork and package contents for extra screws in the event you strip one.Now, my review of the product!!!This chair deserves a 4 out of 5 star review from a 6’5″ 380 lb dude on 8/30/2018. Yes this chair is rated for 350 lbs., but for a guy my size three things are always necessary in a chair: Tall Back, Wide Seat and High positioned chair. Yes i get all three, the headrest is a FANTASTIC bonus, and the seat armrests don’t even touch my wide 21″ butt. So why 4 and not 5/5 you may ask? Some of the materials at the bottom of the seat concern me:> the caster wheels are plastic and not a strong constructed material. If the manufacturer went with something more, they won’t break in the near future. These caster wheels will break for any weight, my weight will likely hasten the matter.> The piston reminded me of the one i installed on my Walmart purchased Broyhill chair, so I already have doubts about it.> After installing the piston into the HEAVY METAL base (that deserves +1 star by the way) I felt that it wasn’t in all the way. In the attempts to move it, the piston was locked in. After finishing the seat and sitting in it, i felt a in-balance in the seat. Now guys, I’m not saying the product is at fault, that could have been me for not setting it straight up during installation. Final comment: The in-balance is subtle, very subtle, its not jaring or going to hurt my back, but I need to find a way to re-seat the piston to make sure its fixed. Note: I didn’t consider that where the piston is secured to the seat could also be at fault, while typing this review out. Stay Tuned for update on this matter!> The back support is lacking in this chair design, and this my friends is why -1 star on the review. I have to use a pillow for my back, a little disapointing, but I can tell you that this chair is a strong contendor among all my owned business chairs owned.Final ThoughtsSo many negative reviews on this product, my first was the same. Problems this chair has going forward in ownership. BUT I TELL YOU THIS! (Censored: FTS) Comfort Products is your life line, reach out, because they have service for the years to come. If my Comodore II Piston breaks, or the arm rest falls out of the back seat. Well, i’ll just order a new part, just like you will for your car. Guys I love this chair, and i have been itching to buy it for over a year now, but those reviews told me to look elsewhere. Every chance I looked at so many overpriced chairs I would return to this one. My weight isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but even if I break something, i know that an AMAZING company stands behind their product. For that reason I stand behind not buying another chair for the years to come. For Christmas I will be purchasing 3 more, for my friends with similar lifestyle choices.First Review after date of receiving 8-20-18.I have had an eye on this chair for awhile, but was met with a very unpleasant experience noticing the package was very damaged. I am aware that if the price of the chair was dropped because the package was damaged I would understand. Good news was my confirmation was correct that none of the pieces inside were damaged. PROBLEM: The seat was missing entirely! I have everything but the seat, as per the assembly instructions.I would gladly change my opinion of the chair if Comfort Products would send me the seat separately. Otherwise I have to return for a refund and try again. I want a chair like this and give it a shot, after all i have been paying attention to it for awhile.

  2. Kindle Customer

    Nice Chair Some Machining is a bit offNice Chair Some Machining is a bit off and difficult to put on without risking stripping Screws Company needs to reset manufacturing specifications and retoolIs PLEATHER not leather as written but apparently many Chinese have never seen real cow leather so they do not know the difference between plastic synthesized leather and pleather.Problem is it is clothing light weight pleather not furniture thicker pleather but for this reason it is extremely well sewn so we are going to put a cover on it to help it last more years. Pleather does not hold up as long as leather but holds up better without treatment longer than leather but the covering wears off. I would suggest this stype chair in a different fabric as this pleather is on the thin side or purchase a nice tall back car seat cover and put it on before putting on the arms after popping a hole for the arms I tried it out with a high back car seat cover I did not use yet and am going to go out get a more masculine cover pop holes in the side and put it on. It is a very nice design but the base tooling drilling for the mount is off under the seat so I had to struggle to get it on without stripping out the bolts took awhile to manipulate it same for the back which was worse and the arms have to be pressured bent onto the mounts on the sides and held in place kind of tiring tricky.But nice chair when finished would not recommend for anyone to assemble who has no assembly experience nor for older or weaker people as this was a struggle for me at age 60 even with experience. Came without the folded paper pages 3,4,9,10 with the most important beginning instructions in my instruction manula and the older chair model manual online does not match with the bolt letter identification such that fortunately I realized after watching a different video and got the right bolts in while referring to what was available as to mm lengths.Very nice chair seems very sturdy very attractive looks like a high quality car seat looks comfortable, sturdy and atttractive but pleather not leather and difficult tiresome to assemble because the company needs to more often reset and retool and recalibrate products as things get worn for settings etc.Nice chair a bit high priced for being machined poorly in some places risking stripping out, missing instructions and being pleather while not assembled.

  3. Kevin Butler

    Good chair for a big guy. UPDATE 2019: Replacing my second chair of this model in year 3.I’m a big guy (6’1″ and 320 lbs.) and I destroy chairs. I shred chairs very quickly and for my use, most chairs are too small and flimsy. I also spend too much time in my chair. I work from home and spend 8-14 hours a day in the chair, so it’s a serious workout.This chair has, so far, proved to be excellent. I can’t truly speak to its’ durability as I’ve only had it a couple of months (I’ll try and check in a year from now and provide that key feedback).In the realm of comfort, this chair is a winner. Admittedly, it doesn’t have 21 knobs to adjust tension and support in every direction. So far, it hasn’t needed that. It’s just designed to be a solidly comfortable chair.There are several key features that make this well-designed for the large user.1. The seat is well-padded (almost too much for some people). This really helps with the problems of my weight compressing the chair over time. WIth the extra padding, I really don’t every get to the point where I start to feel the support under the chair, the cushion holds up well.2. The seat itself really is extra wide which means the arms are further apart. Some reviews have complained about this, but for the real “oversize” user, this is critical. In my experience, the critical point of failure is my body pressing outward on the arms of chairs and eventually over-stressing the bolts that hold the chair on. With the much wider seat, this doesn’t seem like it will be a problem with this chair. I barely touch the arms with the sides of my body. That’s a big improvement.3. The tall back gives me solid support when I lean back. Many chairs just don’t have a very tall back and, if they do, they don’t feel solid enough to support me. This chair is very sturdy (and with lots of padding, once again). I feel very comfortable leaning back. The head rest is a nice addition that completes that ability to completely support me.4. All of the major structural components are metal. High-impact plastic is great, but it doesn’t stand up to me. I feel much better with the base, the arms, and the main spindle being hefty and made of metal.The biggest concerns from others I’ve seen are: the pneumatics giving out, and the lack of adjustability.I have never had a chair where the pneumatic shaft blew out, so I can’t comment on this one. No problems with it so far.The adjustability could be a real concern for other people. I appear to be lucky in that the design choices for cushions (lower back support), arm height, and seat depth are all well-suited to me. I don’t need to adjust this chair and it’s much more comfortable for me than many of the much higher-end chairs.I’ve noted not tendency for this chair to cause sweatiness either, which is a plus. Finally, unlike other chairs I’ve had, my cats have not interest in shredding the material.In closing, I have no major cons for my personal use. It assembled easily (identical to any other chair. I could write those directions by now.), shipped on time, and is working for me. I’ll check in if things change.UPDATE: March, 2015The chair continues to hold together and be very comfortable. There is some serious seam wear in the front of the seat on both sides (see picture). This is the only part of this chair that is coming apart and I’ve used it a ridiculous amount over the last two years.UPDATE: March, 2016It finally happenedin. After three years, one of the plastics wheels broke. Contacted Comfort Products to get a replacement part. I’ll let you know how that goes. The chair is also getting very worn in the seat with the covering flaking away.A second wheel broke today. Never heard back from the manufacturer, so I’m taking away a star.UPDATE: January 2019I’m going to have to replace the chair again. This time the problem is front-cushion wear. It’s worn to the point that a metal spring is poking me. Very uncomfortable to sit in and I have to replace again. Not sure I’m going to go back to this model after two replacements in less than 5 years.

  4. Gogi

    Sturdy, but LackingNearly 3 years in with this chair, and I just replaced it today. I bought this in November of ’16. At the time, I was over 350lbs and needed something sturdy. This chair does sturdy in spades. After a couple of months it began to creak, and I’d go in and turn it over and tighten up the very rare loose screw on occasion, but I’ve never suffered anything beyond a creak. That’s the good news.The bad news is that it’s incredibly uncomfortable. Every morning, I take one of the memory foam pillows off my bed and use it as a cushion. Otherwise it’s pretty much like sitting on a wooden bench. Now I can’t honestly say that it was like that at the beginning. I honestly don’t remember. It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that a friend of mine sat in it and commented on how uncomfortable it was that I really became cognizant of it. So maybe any cushioning in it faded over time. Like I said, I was a big guy.The other comfort issue is the fact that it doesn’t recline very much at all. Certainly not as far as 45 degrees. Perhaps 65 degrees at best. It’s also doesn’t go down far enough for me. My desk rides a bit low, but I can’t lower this thing enough to compensate for that, so my thighs are always bumping against the bottom of the center drawer.Finally, and most damning, is that after 3 years, my chair looks a complete mess. The ‘leather’ began peeling off about a year ago. I bought patches off Amazon, that certainly cover the bare patches, but look awful. Now it’s so far beyond patching that it’s an exercise in futility. The seat, the arms, the back, the headrest. All look like a cat with horrible mange. It’s a nice, sturdy chair, and if I still needed something that sturdy I suppose I’d start looking into the expense of having it recovered somehow, but I’ve lost over 100lbs in the last year, so now I can fit into a ‘normal’ chair, and I went and did that today.In conclusion, if you’re a big person who needs a very sturdy chair, this may be it. Just realize it’s likely to look like crap in a couple years, and you’ll want to find a good cushion for it.

  5. Georgia Guy

    GREAT FOR BIG GUYS – BUT…..The chair arrived FAST. It was undamaged and complete. It went together easily and assembly instructions were clear. All necessary tools were included (two Allen wrenches.). I’m 6′-4″ and it is great for my frame.PROS:Easy assemblySits very comfortably for extended periodsEasily adjustedTwo extra Allen bolts includedNot as ridiculously huge as other Heavy Duty chairs I’ve ownedHeadrest is adjustable and removableSeller has outstanding CUSTOMER SERVICE!!CONS:Headrest not very useful without extra paddingRight arm loosened after less than one week of useThe spider and casters are dangerously weak. See updates below.Re-Tightened right arm. Will report on success in future review.Will update durability in about one year.First Update: The tightened arm did not remain tight. I removed the bolt and replaced it with a spare the vendor included with the chair. I tightened it as tight as the Allen wrench could take it. It is loose again and only stayed tight for about one week. I’m coming to the conclusion that the arms will be the weak point of this otherwise nice chair.SECOND UPDATE: I’ve had the chair four months now. The arm is now the least of my problems. The casters are falling off if I move while sitting in it. I’ve contacted the seller (Wayfair) to see if they will provide warranty repair parts. If they don’t respond appropriately, the chair will be useless. It is dangerous for me to sit in at this time. Other reviewers have also complained about this same problem. The spider and casters seem to be defective and poorly engineered. So far, durability is LOW! I will update again when Wayfair responds to my inquiry.THIRD UPDATE: It’s hard to fault Wayfair’s Customer Service. I got a fast email response. When they seemed to understand the problem with my chair, I thought they were sending a repair kit. THEY SENT ANOTHER CHAIR and it arrived in two days! I’ll assemble the replacement and put it into service. I hope this chair proves more reliable than the first one. I’ll update again when needed.FOURTH UPDATE: Second chair has held up for six months now. The right arm has NOT loosened on this chair and the spider and casters have been problem-free. It would appear that the design team for this product has successfully addressed some issues and improved it. I’m upgrading my review to a fourth star on the strength of Wayfair’s customer service policy. They are CUSTOMER ORIENTED!

  6. CJ Shelton

    Week 1, comfort and value.Owned the chair for less than a week, sit 30-40 hours a week in office chair and am 6’4″ 290 lbs. The seat height on this chair is excellent for those with long legs especially knee to foot, at it’s highest my feet sit flat on the floor, and, with adjustment they touch perfectly and knees at 90°. No more knees angled upwards. The seat back (from seat to shoulder blades) doesn’t take height into consideration the same way, consequently my shoulder blades keep lumbar and mid back from being all the way supported. This could be a little of my width as well, if you have broad shoulders they may form a bridge between the sides of the seat back reducing support, it narrows near the top. The adjustable head rest is the saving grace, when reclining you feel well supported, if a little rounded in the middle of your back, vertically and horizontally. At my weight, I wouldn’t normally trust a seat in full recline without something behind it to shore it up, but the quality and sure footedness of the chair holds me well, even with my legs on my desk.The build quality appears to be good for the price range, from 20 years of office chair experience, it’s not going to last forever, but if I get 4000-5000 hours out of it in the next 2 years, I’ll be content it was good value.Other observations good and bad:-When repositioning in the seat, the piston appears to lose a tiny bit of air and lowers a hair each time, I’ll ask for a replacement in the next week since it’s only a week old.-The padding on the seat is excellent, the padding on the arms is adequate, could use a bit more, but I’m allowing for personal taste here.-There is a minor smell that I liken to petroleum, it’s already dissipated quite a bit, thinking it will be completely gone eventually.-Slight squeaking when repositioning, but hey, I’m a big guy, I get it.-I tried and returned a $600 chair just before this, but this chair’s seat pad is more comfortable.-Realized after a couple days I had reversed the left and right arm rests, shame on me, easy fix.Will update this after a couple months (if I remember 😉

  7. Christine Spiller

    Seems to be a good value.I thought for about 2 weeks before purchasing this chair. there are some terrible reviews on it. Decided to take the chance.With my Prime the shipping was free and it got here in 2 day’s time. Well packaged, no damage- I purchased it to replace a crap “big and tall” chair I had previously that last less than a year.I sit in my office chair every single day, commonly for more than 8 hours a day. I am just under 7 foot tall and weigh in at around 290 pounds.Assembling the chair was not easy, the reason for the one star missing. It is HEAVY. even for a big guy like me, I am athletic and consider myself pretty strong- the bolts went in tightly, all came with blue thread lock on them. All in all, the assembly wasn’t really a problem, just seemed more difficult than it should have been.All of the exposed parts are solid, welded steel and the leather stuff.The base of the chair is solid as a rock with big thick casters. after getting it put together it is very heavy, and seems to be very sturdy as well. There is no wobble to the arms or base and at it’s highest level I can only touch the floor with my tip-toes.With all the reviews of one star, I can’t help but think those people didn’t put the chair together correctly: the screws require big person effort to get set in straight and flush, and you need to align the metal, as with any metal product- but now that it is together I don’t think there will be any problem with this chair.I am going to wait a few months, then update this, but as far as my initial thoughts, I am happy with the purchase. The assembly directions were clearly labeled in good English, the parts all seem to be relatively high quality and I don’t see any immediate reason for concern. If the bad reviews are putting you off buying this, I would say ignore them as I did and call it user error- because I am overall pretty happy with this chair.EDIT: Purchased on September 20, 2013, Broke on 8/3/2015 Removed 2 stars.It’s now been a couple years I have had this chair and it finally broke today. Overall, it was a decent chair. as I broke it in and used it for a daily 9-5 office job it got more and more uncomfortable. Within a few months of having this product it started showing real signs of failure and started leaning badly to one side. Today it finally snapped a plastic retainer for the tilt mechanism. I will be ordering another chair from Amazon ( Not this one, would not buy again) and tossing this one in the trash. It’s lasted a couple years, but definitely was not a high quality product. After it broke, the tilt would not operate- so I just beat it with a hammer until it did. When I flipped it over I noticed it has really taken a beating. All of the metal joints and rubbing surfaces are misshaped and wearing badly. It was only a matter of time till it gave up.All said- It was a decent chair. I dealt with the minor annoyances until they became major issues and finally just ended the chair’s life. Going to look for something a bit more well made with better reviews- and in my opinion you should spend a few more bucks if you are ialready in the market for a large, pretty expensively priced standard office chair.

  8. Grimble

    Still in use after 8 years of heavy useArm rests are a tad wiggly and the leather is coming off on the ends of the rests as well. It still functions as intended after all these years. Whereas my brother who is also big and tall goes through ~2 chairs a year, at this price and above. I keep telling him to buy this one.

  9. PlasticWorks

    Three stars for comfort, no stars for assembly instructionI am sitting in the assembled chair as I write this review and must admit it is quite comfortable for sitting not so much for reclining. I wish it tilted back a little more or that the headrest moved forward. As it is, the headrest never meets my head even when fully reclined. Since I spend most of my time just sitting, the comfort in that position is more important. Where this chair really fails is in assembly. I feel I am being generous by giving this an overall three rating due to the problems I had assembling the chair.Assembly problems: First, assembly instructions were not included. In fact, I suspect that this may have been a resale of a returned chair and the instructions were not sent back. Fortunately, when I contacted Amazon, the representative noted that assembly instructions were in the user manual which could be downloaded from the site. A link is in the product description page. Unfortunately, these instructions were missing two key steps. It failed to mention the leather sleeve that goes over the metal connector that attaches the back to the seat of the chair. Also missing is acknowledgement that the Left and Right Arms are different and which is which. The online manual simply labels them as part C. I had to virtually disassemble the chair to correct these omissions. Very frustrating. Adding to these frustrations were the difficulties in attaching the arms. It turned out that the screw hole at the seat was buried deeply in the leather and the hole cut in the leather was badly misaligned with the placement of the hole the arm bolt needed to thread into. Making matters worse, I did not realize I had put the wrong arms on the wrong sides until I put the bolt caps on one arm. These are impossible to remove without cutting or drilling them out once in place. For me, the key metric for whether I like this chair will be how long it lasts. It is serviceable enough and I need a tall back. The headrest problem can be solved with a pillow I have to strap to the headrest. If the chair lasts a good number of years, I will say it was a satisfactory buy….. Just beware of the assembly, getting past that is the biggest hurdle so far!

  10. Zionys24

    If you’re tall, you’ll love the height of this chair.I’ve only had this chair for 2 days. It wasn’t difficult to put together and the instructions that came with it made it easy. All the tools you will need are already in the package with the screws. It seems to be pretty sturdy, but I will see how sturdy it is after about 6 months. I am 6’3 and weigh 310 lbs. I can tell you that the chair, on it’s absolute lowest setting, sits really high off the ground. My feet just touch the ground sitting in this chair. I have a buddy that is 5’10 and the chair was too tall for him so if you are shorter than 6 feet, this isn’t the chair for you. I like the adjustable headrest. The armrest is really comfy. To give you an idea of how wide this chair is, my waist is 45 inches and my hips are 48 inches and there is still a good 2 – 3 inches on both sides between me and the armrest and my legs aren’t up against the armrest. I’ll add more in about 6 months.UPDATE 6/13/2015:This chair is still going strong. I’ve had no issues from it. I’m in the chair about 1 – 4 hours a day. It still feels like I just received it. I haven’t had to make my chair higher as it sits high enough for me on its’ lowest setting.UPDATE 7/13/2016:Just like last year, this chair is still going well… It still able to move up and down and doesn’t just retract after sitting in it for a long period of time. It is still comfortable and the cushion has not sunk in at all.UPDATE 8/09/2017:Well, it seems this chair lasts about 3 years. The gas lift is finally done for. It keeps sinking to the bottom and won’t stay at the very top anymore. The leather has very little peeling and the cushion still feels really good. I weight a little more now than I did then, 320, but this chair is regulated up to 350 lbs. The armrest began to wobble a few months ago. It isn’t severe. I highly recommend this chair. That being said, I’ll probably get a different chair because I want something that looks cooler than this one.

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