Oriental Furniture 5 ft. Tall Window Pane Shoji Screen – White – 6 Panels

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Product Dimensions 102″W x 58.75″H
Brand ORIENTAL Furniture
Color White
Number Of Panels 6
Material Wood
  • 60″ by 17″ panels, 3, 4, 5 or 6 panels, honey, natural, black, walnut, rosewood or white
  • No rubberwood, premium kiln dried spruce, classic japanese design, 2 way hinges
  • Tough, durable fiber reinforced shade, 60-Inch, perfect height for office cubicle partition
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A modern take on a classic Japanese design, this Shoji screen is one of our most popular room dividers. Hand constructed from fiber-reinforced Shoji rice paper and Scandinavian spruce, these allow diffused light without sacrificing privacy. The simple, elegant design fits in with any style of home furnishing and is perfect for sectioning off part of a room, keeping things removed from sight, or even just adding an East Asian accent to your decor.

From the manufacturer

Over 30 Years of Excellence

A traditional Japanese room with tatami, a low wooden table, tansu chests, and sliding shoji doors

Oriental Furniture opened its doors in 1985 as a retail store in Natick, Massachusetts. Since then we have been providing our customers with unique and handcrafted furniture, decor, and gifts from overseas. It has been our privilege to know and work with many of the same craftsmen and their families for more than 30 years. We hope that by making their work available to you the tradition of arts and crafts will survive in a rapidly changing culture and continue to be available to the world.

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A beautiful red lacquered blanket chest in a stylish modern living room

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Elegant Bamboo Blinds

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An elegant folding room divider printed in gold

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A blue and white porcelain lamp with chinoiserie

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Room Dividers for Every Occasion!

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A 2-ft high four panel shoji screen fits perfectly on a desk behind an office computer

A 5 panel folding screen that is perfectly transparent

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Sizes for Every Need

We carry screens ranging from 2 ft to 7 ft tall. Whether you need a screen for privacy or decor in your home or business, we have just the right size you’ve been looking for.

Adaptable and Modern

We are always making new screens to meet the needs of our changing times, including easy-to-clean transparent screens and beautiful backdrops for your Zoom calls

Practical and Stylish

Our screens are a perfect and economical solution when setting up a dorm, home office, or guest room. When not in use, they fold up for easy storage.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 1 × 102 × 58.75 cm
Item Weight

20 pounds

Product Dimensions

1 x 102 x 58.75 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

60 inches

Assembled Width

1 inches

Assembled Length

1 inches


20 Pounds



Date First Available

April 6 2008


ORIENTAL Furniture

10 reviews for Oriental Furniture 5 ft. Tall Window Pane Shoji Screen – White – 6 Panels

  1. Suzanne LeBoeuf

    Attractive, provides privacy from outsideI took this picture at night but I’ve had to keep my living room shade mostly closed because I live on the ground floor in an apartment where everybody can see in if I open the shutters very wide. I miss whatever sunshine I can get here in the pacific northwest so I bought this privacy screen to stand in front of my window to provide some privacy when I open my shutters. I works very well and I enjoy the clean, modern look that really shows off my plants and makes my living room pleasant to be in. I bought a smaller one for a side window for the same reason, to keep out nosey people who want to have a look inside my apartment. I am waiting for the smaller one to arrive. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  2. Dr B

    Easy to modifyBought this to modify into sliding shojis for bedroom window. Easy to work with, sturdy materials; shojis look great both day to let in light but not heat. Nighttime presents very nice silhouette from outside.

  3. Greg Makepeace

    Looks good, like the translucenceI like the light wood color and the translucent whitish paper. No complaints, except for a few imperfections (chips) in the narrow “muntins”.

  4. AnjinDenver

    Perfect for working from homeI set this up for privacy for my home office. I have to leave my door open so my dog can come in and out freely, or she gets anxious. So this blocks my screens from view from the open door. However, the height is low enough that it doesn’t block the light from the window.

  5. Mag

    Great Room Divider!My 4-panel “window pane” room divider arrived yesterday, and it’s just what I wanted — perfect. I chose the honey finish — very pretty and even matches some of my free-standing shelf units. I use my “great room” as an all-purpose room, as I live alone and don’t need to keep things formal around here. I watch tv, exercise, play my recorded music, practice guitar, and do my computering in this room, so things can get messy at times. I set up the screen so that someone coming to the front door cannot see my small computer table, shelves with various computer wires and other gear, and the tv and wires. Not only that, I feel more secure sitting here typing with my back to the front door. The shade is stable on carpet, which I worried about, but would be even better on hardwood or other hard surfaces. I don’t think this screen would be a good idea if you had unruly kids knocking things over or mischievous pets. I have two shelties, but they are not destructive and will not bother the screen.One reviewer said the packing box his screen came in was punctured or ripped, damaging the screen. Well, the box my screen came in had a small gash in it which worried me when I saw it, but have no fear — the styrofoam packaging protected the frame perfectly. The box was in good enough condition that I taped it all back up with the packing materials inside to be stored in my attic for use in case I move; the screen would need protection, so very happy I could save the box.Another reviewer said she liked the soft glow of light that shows through the screen at night, and I also like that – looks very cozy.I think these screens are a great solution to a myriad of problems around the house, and I wish I had considered one a lot earlier than I did. They are useful in hiding small workspaces or hobby areas. Another use would be at a window in lieu of a permanent window covering for people who just don’t like drapes, curtains, shades, or blinds. Another possible use in my house would be at the entry point of a small hallway that leads to the guest bathroom and bedroom when I have overnight company — the guests would probably feel more comfortable having the extra privacy, and I would feel more comfortable too.Yet another use for these screens is as a backdrop for a collection of plants or collectibles — with background lighting, you could create quite an attractive display.Bottom line: this is a quality screen, made well, and I love mine. I’m glad I ordered the honey finish, as I think “natural” or white would look too plain, at least in my house.

  6. Size12Diva

    Great for zoom meetingsIt really helps to provide some privacy during my endless zoom meetings.

  7. Rene Grays

    Quality control & smellI got this product recently. Overall as described. I got the white color, and if I’m close I notice quite a bit of chipping and imperfections in the wood frame, occasional stains in the paper. I can definitely forgive that since you don’t really notice those from afar and I can touch those up with some white paint. What I can’t give more stars for is the incredibly offensive odor of paint and volatile compounds. It was so strong after opening, even being in the same room 20ft away it gave me a massive headache. I put it outside in the sun for 3 day straight and while that helped a bit it still smells. It’s disappointing because I planned to put it in my bedroom, but there’s no way I’m going to sleep or do anything prolonged near this thing for my own health (and to avoid the literal headache). Note in general I have a very sensitive nose, so if you tend not to notice smells this may not bother you. But it was a deal breaker for me. I can find other uses for this so I’m not planning to return, but please be forewarned so you don’t invest $100+ in an item that may not fit with your room as originally envisioned.

  8. Matt

    Classy Privacy for LoftThese are delicate, but free returns from Amazon ensure that you will eventually get an undamaged product. Used to add privacy for loft. The 5ft height was needed bc of the shape of our loft entry. Easier than trying to buy or make curtains or build some kind of door. I would definitely recommend for anyone needing extra privacy for a loft or next to a toilet in a bathroom, etc. Not great around little kids or naughty pets, but ours are well behaved!

  9. AJ

    Attractive and functional.II got it as a privacy screen when overnight guests are sleeping in my living room on rollaway beds.I store it in the corner when not being used.

  10. J. D. S.

    Very pretty!I bought this screen to use as doors to our bathroom. The doorway is open to the bedroom so there was a lack of privacy while showering. I removed the center panel and screwed the left panel to the right side and the right panel to the left side of the doorway. That way there are no screw holes in the middle where they meet. The doorway was nearly a perfect size for 2 panels with only about 1/4 inch gap in the middle. I think it came out great! All I have left to do is add some knobs. Well, it won’t let me add a photo, darn it.

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