Prepac Full Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers, White

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Size Full
Material Engineered Wood
Product Dimensions 76.5″L x 57″W x 18.75″H
Style Sonoma Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers
Color White
Finish Type Lacquered
  • Finished in Durable Fresh White Laminate
  • Expand the storage potential of your bedroom with the Full Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers
  • Six 18 inch deep drawers (three on each side) included in this mate’s bed to stow away blankets, linens & more
  • Suitable for full-sized mattresses; Eight wood slats positioned length-wise distribute body weight evenly
  • Sturdy drawers with solid wood sides glide on metal runners with built-in safety stops
  • Finger pulls at the bottom of each drawer front for easy opening
  • Assembled Dimensions: 57 W x 18.75 H x 76.5 D in Inches; Internal Drawer Dimensions: 21.5 W x 5 H x 18 D inches
  • Ready to Assemble, includes an instruction booklet for easy assembly and has a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on parts
  • Constructed from CARB-compliant, laminated composite woods; Manufactured in North America
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Expand the storage potential of your bedroom with the Full Sonoma platform storage bed with 6 drawers. Use the six 18″ Deep drawers (three on each side) included in this Sonoma bed to stow away blankets, linens and anything else that won’t quite fit into your other bedroom furniture, and conserve floor space while you’re at it. You won’t need a box spring, either, thanks to the slat support system that requires only a mattress.

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Prepac is a North American designer, manufacturer and drop shipper of functional and stylish RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) Home Furniture.

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Made in Canada

Easy Product Care: Wipe Clean With A Dry Cloth

Assembly Required: Flathead + Phillips Head + Hammer

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Proudly Manufactured in North America

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Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 76.5 × 57 × 18.75 cm



Engineered Wood


Sonoma Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers



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Furniture Finish


Product Care Instructions

Wipe with Dry Cloth

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

76.5 x 57 x 18.75 inches, 76.5L x 57W x 18.75H

Item Weight

45.5 Pounds





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Fabric Type

Finished in Durable Fresh White Laminate

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5-year manufacturers limited warranty on parts.

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10 reviews for Prepac Full Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers, White

  1. Amazon Customer

    Love the storage. Bed definitely needs reinforcement. Very high if used with a thick mattress.I have had my bed for about 1 yr. I like my bed a lot because of the storage. I see that it’s $600 now and that is quite high for particle board, in my opinion. I wanted the storage – that’s the only reason I bought this in particle board. I wish it was solid wood but we are happy with it. Basically we sleep on it and it’s fine and our combined weight is 325 lbs. We reinforced it with brackets all over the place on the inside. The head side of the bed is up against a wall. The bed is a pretty good design & went together well but it took us over 8 hours, including sorting out all the hardware and wood pieces and reading instructions. It came in 4 boxes and it took 6 weeks to complete the delivery – the first one never arrived completely and had to be resent, that was the fault of the carrier. I couldn’t begin assembly of what I did receive early because hardware was shipped separately with other components. ( I explained the shipping further, below). The instructions are very good and the hardware is easy to use. My husband is handy and showed me how to put the drawers together and I was able to do them easily. If you can follow instructions and have someone to help with the heavier aspects, anyone can do this. It helps to have a ratcheting screwdriver and a power screw driver. Near the final “put together” the hardest part was getting the bed/drawers all aligned and screwing down the brackets while keeping the slats from slipping off. There are pilot holes that the brackets screw into that are hardly noticeable. I don’t know how anyone would do the final assembly alone (keeping the walls together with drawers in while attaching head and foot) – it really requires two people I think. Once aligned the drawers were almost perfectly flush. I am impressed with the way the bed was engineered, as the only weakness is that it’s particle board, and also there are some gaps at the head area between the mattress and the head piece. I haven’t put a headboard up – that is another project. I’m not having problems with the slats sliding and dropping out. They are plywood and my husband used angle brackets to secure them in place to the head and foot boards. There are two particle board pieces in the center part of the bed that hold the sides of the bed, and the drawers glide on. The slats could also be anchored to those boards. Overall. I think the bed is more stable with a lot of angle brackets. After that, it would be very difficult to take this bed apart and move it…that is the nature of particle board, but I guess it would be possible if you have wood glue and wood filler. We also put self sticking felt underneath on any area that touched our flooring. This also makes it easier to “slide” the bed if needed. After reading the reviews I realize the bed cannot be torqued or the particle board would be stressed. Our combined weight is about 315 lbs and we haven’t had any issues. I think if you reinforce this bed with the angle brackets it will work out okay.We’ve slept on it for two weeks and still plan to go in and do more reinforcement. I will try to update in the future. I would say if you get it & reinforce it, it’s a decent bed to get more storage especially if you have a smaller bedroom or closet space. However, I don’t expect to move this bed and I agree with others, it probably can’t beMy bed had some damage that was mostly cosmetic. I got a discount from AMZ although not as much as I asked for. The AMZ rep didn’t tell me exactly the truth either. He said I’d get a partial refund for the damage, but instead gave me a promo credit on my account which limits what I can buy on AMZ – only items fulfilled by AMZ and no gift cards either. I feel this was misleading from what he originally told me.My delivery experience with UPS was not good. The bed shipped in 4 boxes and UPS lost the 4th heaviest box (over 100 lbs) twice. The first order was “lost” had to be replaced and then UPS did the same thing. My local driver finally found it in the warehouse and told me about it, saying it was extremely beat up..and do I still want it. I said yes I’ve waited 6 wks for it – so he personally had it loaded on his truck and brought it. He is a good driver of course, but the warehouse is run poorly. Prepac shipped quickly and it made it to the UPS warehouse in a few days. But that last box….the biggest one, so banged around that the drawer guides were rattling inside, the foam separated. Prepac could have taped things together better because the drawer guides and brackets damaged the finish on the bed pretty severely. None of the boards were cracked so that was a plus and the bed is usable.

  2. Micah OWen

    After nearly a year with this bed, I can safely say. .. . The construction pieces are garbage.Now hold on, before you roll your eyes and say I don’t know how to build furniture or decide against buying this bed entirely, let me elaborate. All of the furniture I own is furniture I have to build. I don’t buy second-hand furniture because I don’t know what you did on that couch, and I don’t buy pre-built furniture because I would rather just mess it up myself than pay someone else to mess it up for me. That said, I have a lot of “DIY” furniture.The shelving system in this bed is absolutely horrendous. Some of the tracks came bent before we even installed them, but we decided, hey, we can just bend that into place ourselves and it’ll be fine!If the other pieces came in a passable condition, that is.My boyfriend and I spent hours working with stripped screws, unaligned holes and track pieces on the actual shelves that didn’t match up to track pieces on the bed. If it was just bent track pieces then fine, but we’re fairly certain we were sent the wrong pieces entirely. Our stick-tuitiveness being what it is, we still tried to build the darned thing no matter how it fought us.The storage is fine, but for the price point, you would expect sturdier shelves. I don’t know how much this bed is going for now, but it was a 500 USD buy for us, and you would think that means the bottom of the shelves wouldn’t come dislodged when you put four bath sheets in it, but we have now limited it to two bath sheets.Assuming we can get to the bath sheets in general. Since, you know. The tracks have been banged up since day one.We ended up taking out a couple of shelves entirely. We have no idea what to do with them because they only go to this infernal contraption that was supposed to be a space-saver, but instead it caused more head-scratching on “where should this go? Can we put this extra shelf up there? Should we just put it inside the damned bed?”The bed itself takes up more space than an ox (we got a queen), so you would think the supports on it would be great. Not even a year later and the whole thing is already squeaking when we get into it, like a metal platform bed after a music festival weekend.It’s clearly not meant to last for regular use, and we’re not big people – my partner is a 6’2 guy and I’m 5’3. Collectively we weigh less than 400 lbs, so unless this bed is meant for a single un-American human, which, despite how I squint I do not see “not for American couples” in the fine print — then how in the world are we meant to keep the supports from screeching at us every time we turn over? A restful night’s sleep this bed does not make.So, to recap: * assembly would have been easy if the parts were un-damaged and/or *the correct parts* upon arrival. Since I don’t make beds for a living, I had no way of knowing if they were definitely the right tracks for this bed, but I can safely say a year later that they were clearly not and I should’ve listened to my gut on returning the darned thing.* Sturdiness is not great. We’ve already had to take out shelves because they’re more of a hassle than a convenience now, and the bed itself screeches at us for so much as looking at it. My cat already does that, thank you.* Storage capacity: you can fit a couple of bath sheets into these drawers without their bottoms falling out onto the shelf below it, ensuring you will never get either of them open again.In short, if you have the 500 USD to spend and you’re a single person, sure! Maybe this bed is for you.If you’re expecting a storage saver that’ll make your life less of a hassle, find something else.

  3. A

    Very satisfied with the purchase.Arrive on time, well packaged all pieces included. It is beautiful very satisfied with the purchase. I ordered the head board, the bedside table and the 6 drawer bed . In order the product to arrive in excellent condition it depend on the well packaging but most importantly the people who handled and delivered with such care. I can’t pass without thanking them. For the safety of the people because of the heaviness of the product. I wish it was packaged so one person can handle it safely. The other important things, I wish all parts was labeled as it was in the instruction booklet. we could have assembled it faster. I recommend this product, it saves a lot of space with the 6 drawers. Thanks

  4. LochnessMonster

    Detailed review, and my fix.First things first, this is gonna be long. Get ready.Overall I think I’d give this a 4/5 overall when you factor in the cost. The cost of this bed (while, yes made out of MDF) is considerably less than anything else I could find. However it does seem the cost has gone up since I bought it roughly $50. It’s still a good value for the money, once it’s “fixed”.Drawers – They work great, however I have one HUGE complaint with them. For some reason, they have the curved edge of the drawer on the bottom of the drawer. I assume they think most people will use their foot to slide the drawer open? Or maybe mine were manufactured wrong. No clue. However, they slide nicely and assuming the bed is “square” they’ll be fine.Quality – Mine actually arrived defective. I was going to send an email or contact the seller but never got around to it. Whatever, probably happened in shipping. Speaking of shipping, the UPS guy knocked on my door to see if I was home. Thankfully I was because I have no clue how the poor guy would’ve unloaded the boxes it comes in. It came in 3 or 4 (it’s been about 6 months since I bought the bed) oddly shaped boxes that were HEAVY. I’m talking like 60+ lbs heavy. For boxes that are 4+ feet long. Just keep that in mind!The big issue with this frame appears to be their attempt to keep the bed square. It’s a terrible attempt, honestly. For one, they have flimsy little metal bars that go from one of the seperators for the drawers to metal bars attached at the top and bottom of the frame. The included hardware to secure them to the metal bars is junk. They came unscrewed after a couple months and came undone. After that they have sheets of plywood maybe 5″ wide, by 80 and 1/8″ long. THIS IS THE ISSUE for the most part. Sure it’ll work, but they don’t include hardware to secure the plywood sheets to the frame. I believe they are supposed to slide in and stay put….somehow? And to make matters worse, the is ACTUALLY 80-5/8″ to 80-3/4″ long. Therefore the plywood sheets just slide from top to bottom, and just slide out of one side. If you’re confused, what i mean is if you put one in the top, slide the bottom in while doing so the top will slide out of the metal bar because the piece is 1/2″ short.MY FIX – it might be a bit overkill, but this I wanted something strong and durable. The plywood planks kept sliding away from the center of the bed, then the mattress would dip down and I was afraid it would damage the mattress.First and MOST IMPORTANT, square the bed up!!!! If you don’t know how to “square” something, YouTube will probably explain better than I can. Essentially though, if your bed isn’t square, the drawers will not close smoothly, or close completely across the top of them. Basically it’ll look like a rhombus, you need it to look like, well, a square. The issue I ran in to was the top and bottom of the bed will bow out, so get the sides square.2nd – I bought 2 sheets of 7/16″ OSB, 4′ x 8′. You can use a thicker size, 1/2″ or 3/4″, or even Plywood. OSB is much cheaper however. I ripped the 1st sheet down to 80-5/8″ long. Keep the width the same 4′ it’s manufactured as. Slap that bad boy down then get the measurement for your 2nd piece. Mine ended up being 80-5/8″ long by 28″ wide. Throw that bad boy down on top of the metal bars as well.3 – Make sure you pull the top and bottom parts of the frame in when securing the OSB/Plywood to the metal bar frame. My bed was slightly out of square until I pulled them in then the drawers sat flush to the frame. I put 6 screws in the top and bottoms of the OSB. I also put 2 near the seams of the 2 sheets, but that isn’t really necessary. again, overkill.The screws I used were Self-Drilling screws, I believe 1″ long.Please see pics, with comments if you’re super confused.

  5. sddesi

    So easy to assemble and great overall productI have just combined Ikea dressers/cabinets with this bed and this was by far the easiest to assemble and highest quality of the bunch. Ikea uses very confusing pictures. This had specific instructions, in the correct order, high quality parts, everything came in perfect condition, all holes were drilled properly, all pieces were present and it went together in a few hours by myself. I had zero problems. Just sort everything first, do what it says, and it’s really easy with a power screw driver. I put an additional couple of boards on the slats to provide a solid base for an electric bed base, adjusted it a little side to side to make all the drawers line up, and it is perfect. Very impressed with the quality of this purchase. Not so much with the Ikea products. Those were a little frustrating with their confusing pictures. And the ikea cabinets did not go together easily, requiring careful banging to get them to line up properly. The doors on the cabinets are never going to adjust properly.

  6. Sarah Micu Kershaw

    So far, so good(Ignore the mess in the photos, we just moved)So far, so good with this frame! Moving into a small apartment I wanted extra storage and this made a huge difference. Assembly took upwards of 5 hours, with my husband having to redo several sections due to the vague instructions. The drawers in particular were a pain. But the bed seems very solid, we have a large mattress so it’s extra tall in my photo. The king mattress fits very snug, both a blessing and curse when making the bed lol. I wish the drawers were deeper, it seemed like a fair amount of under the bed space went to waste so if you’re looking for long term storage you might consider a more open frame. But the drawers are lovely for every day use organization. Will update in a year or if it falls apart.

  7. Kindle Customer

    Before you get discouraged by the reviews…The IKEA-style assembly of this bed does, as other reviews indicate, leave something to be desired in terms of sturdiness and creakiness. However, with a couple extra hours and about $25 worth of apparatus from the hardware store, it’s easy to build this thing solid as a rock. If you’ve got the time and the inclination, you’ll end up with a surprisingly high quality piece of furniture. (And it doesn’t look cheap either.) Total assembly time, with the modifications, was about five hours for a moderately capable guy with a drill and a six-pack of High Life. You’ll also need a companion to help hold things together as you’re slotting together the bigger bits.If this sounds intimidating, it’s actually pretty easy. Just buy the hardware and things will be pretty intuitive once you’re done slogging through the directions and you return to this.You will need the following from the hardware store. Just ask someone there if you’re unfamiliar, and they’ll point you right to it:8 2.5inch/63mm “corner braces”A box of wood screws that are sized 6×5/8. The corner braces may come with screws, but these will be 3/4in or longer, and will poke through the wood. You’re going to use the 6×5/8 screws with the corner braces.A box of wood screws that are 1.5 inches long. Just get the narrowest ones they have, whatever gauge that may be. If they don’t have something 1.5 inches, anything in that neighborhood will do.15 feet of 1/2in wide heavy duty felt tape. (Get six rolls of the stuff and you won’t run out.)STEP 1: Before you install the slats on which the bed will rest and connect the whole thing together, stick a strip of felt across the top of the two inside support beams. This will help keep the beams from rattling around under your mattress.STEP 2: Once you have assembled the frame, take the longer wood screws and drill them down through each slat into the support beams, right through the felt. Make it nice and tight.STEP 4: Cut the felt tape into 3 inch strips and, without removing the wax paper backing, slip them into the slots where the ends of the slats are fitted, using a flathead screwdriver to stuff them in if you have problems. This will tighten the ends so that they don’t rattle around in the metal bracket.STEP 5: Drill the corner braces using the 6×5/8 screws into each of the four corners. It will be obvious where to put them: you’re just trying to firm up the connection between the side beams and the ends, so that they don’t flex around. I found it helpful to put the top four horizontally (directly above the slats) and bottom four vertically (like an L, inside the opening where the drawer will go). Don’t worry that you will impinge on the drawers — there’s room.(It’s also helpful to run some felt tape along the bottom of the bed, especially if you have wood floors, so that you can move it around without scratching.)Congrats, you now have an extremely solid (and subtly classy looking) bed. And you spent $350, not $800.

    Prepac Espresso Tall Twin/Mates Platform Storage Bed (6-drawers)

    Prepac Monterey Cherry Queen Platform Storage Bed (6-drawers)

  8. Bonnie

    If you can afford a handcrafted captain’s bed, great. Otherwise, get this!I purchased the Queen 12-Drawer Storage Bed.A brief review:The Good:The bed comes with all parts you need to assemble, including instructions and extra screws.When put together, the bed looks nice, is sturdy enough to hold two adults, and offers ample storage space.The Cons:The bed is mostly laminate particle board- as such it is: brittle; heavy; scratches easily; and you must take extra care when assembling and screwing in parts.The full review:Three of us worked on putting this bed together. The man of the group put together the dozen drawers with a power drill and hammer while the two women worked on the bedframe with handheld screw drivers. We worked fairly efficiently and had no problem reading the directions. The build time from start to finish was still almost 4 hours.The laminate scratches and chips VERY easily. I would recommend assembling the drawers on padding or thick carpet, and make room to spread them out or gently stack them as you finish them. Whatever you do, don’t drop them. Sadly, we dropped one (it chipped) and scuffed several. The bed frame, of course, needs to be assembled in the bedroom where it will stay. The room we chose has hardwood floors, so at the very start we attached felt furniture pads to the bottom of the bed ends and middle supports. (When the bed was assembled, the pads allowed the two of us to move the bed into just the right spot without any difficulty- and without damaging the floor.)One hole, for the wood screw to hold the metal support, was drilled just a few millimeters off, but considering how many screw and nails went into the thing, that was not a big deal.Make sure that all of the screws for the drawer hardware are screwed in flush. One drawer wasn’t sliding in smoothly and on further inspection, I noticed one screw was at a slight angle and was not flat against the metal slider. I removed the screw, put another one in correctly, and the drawer slid in just fine.Our bed came with several extra screws. This was a good thing, because the screws are a bit soft and the heads get stripped easily. Be very careful while using your screwdriver.The bed looked great once assembled. I was so excited to start using it that I immediately put a few clothes in it- the next day I pulled out a shirt and it smelled VERY strongly of processed wood. I aired the drawers out a week (leaving the drawers open all day) and the smell dissipated greatly. I would recommend letting the drawers air out for at least a week in a well-ventilated room before you really use them.Overall, if you can’t afford a “real” wood storage bed, this is a good alternative. I recommend it.Update, six years later:While the bed is still pretty and functional, it has required some tweaking/repairs to get right. Several drawer bottoms have partially popped out and have needed to be repaired over the years. They can’t take a lot of weight or pressure, so don’t stuff them silly; the under mattress slats bow and wiggle around a bit, especially if you are heavier or move around lot in your sleep, and need to be periodically adjusted for maximum support ( I am thinking of just putting plywood or a bunkie board down to eliminate the issue altogether); and the bed wobbled (swayed) with too much movement, so I bought metal brackets from the hardware store and I reinforced the joints and that took care of that issue. The bed is a little high for short folks, so a step stool or a bench at the foot of the bed would be a good call if you are super short or less mobile. Last, you can’t place an end table next to the bed, so you’ll you need a headboard, wall mounted shelf, or a slim sofa table used as a headboard to give you space to put things like glasses, tissue, books, a lamp, or your alarm clock. I went with the sofa table.All in all, it has held up to years of use. It isn’t perfect, but with a few adjustments, it works fine for me, and has eliminated the need for a bulky dresser in my small bedroom. (Original review January 2011; update June 2017.)

  9. Richard C Helscher

    Colossal waste of money and time, and horrible customer support.First off, this bed comes in three large, heavy boxes. Not a big deal at first, but this will come back later.Second, I was planning on putting this bed in a bedroom with hardwood floors that I just painstakingly refinished myself, so as I was beginning my assembly I was careful to add felt pads to the pieces I knew would be touching the floor. Again, more on this in a moment.As I opened thuis and started laying out and identifying the pieces for assembly I found that both the headboard and footboard, which are identical, arrived nice and scratched up. See the pics. I decided this was fine for me since one would be facing the wall, and the other would be mostly covered by an ottoman I planned on putting at the foot of the bed. So for now, no return or reason to contact Amazon.After getting about halfway through the assembly I found that the holes in the side panels didn’t line up properly with the end pieces. This bed uses a commonly used hardware set where one piece has a post, the other a received sleeve that you tighten after the post is in the sleeve. I’ve assembled dozens of pieces of furniture like this for myself and friends. No matter how I tried to switch them up, swap headboard and footboard, etc, only three of the eight securing hardware sets lined up. Basically the holes were drilled/machined slightly off. I even tried without the other piece in place and the hardware wouldn’t line up!By now I’m done with this bed. I’ve spent an hour+ just trying to make these misaligned holes work, not to mention the regular assembly time. Time to return this pile of crap to Amazon.Oh but wait, it’s not that easy…So on top of my time I’ve now wasted around $15 on felt pads that cannot be reused. Ok, fine, I guess that’s my loss and lesson learned to build first, felt pad later. Now it’s on to repacking this beast into the three boxes it came in. 45 minutes and over an entire roll of my packing tape later (more money gone), the three boxes are securely packed up with all parts and hardware.I log into Amazon, get the return started, and much to my wonderful surprise, Amazon is offering free UPS pickup! Perfect! I was wondering exactly how I was going to pack all three boxes (50+ lbs each) into my car and unload them at the UPS store. So I plop them on my porch for the next day, and done! Done, right? Please? Nope.The next day the UPS driver arrives, moves one of the three boxes out of the way (literally shifts it to the other side of my porch) and takes the smallest of the three boxes. How do I know? Nest doorbell cam. Had I witnessed it in person I would have told them to take all three.Well crap, now what?! Will my return complete? Will I be charged still because only one of three boxes was returned?!? In a mild panic I contact Amazon.Oh, we’re so sorry, no worries at all. We should have told you to just keep the bed (all of it) with our apologies and a full refund because it’s a large item. Please feel free to keep, donate, or throw away the remaining two boxes.Keep or donate 2/3 of bed frame. How would that help anybody?Ok. Well then go ahead and just throw it away.Just set two 50+ lbs large boxes on the curb? That doesn’t work either.We’ll refund you in full. You can throw away the boxes (repeating it doesn’t help) or contact UPS to have them pick up the other two boxes.Aha! There’s my solution! So I contact UPS. According to them the pickup and return is complete, so they won’t be picking up the remaining two boxes. Contact Amazon.Will my local garbage service take the huge boxes? Sure… with a special pickup request to the tune of $40 each!So on top of the time I’ve wasted on this piece of crap, cheap, poorly made bedframe, the money I wasted on felt pads and tape, and even more time fighting with customer service, I now have these two boxes sitting in my garage waiting for me to take an afternoon to open them back up, bust out a saw, and cut the parts into pieces I can fit in my normal trash.Avoid this product and company like the plague. What a horrible experience.

  10. Rachel Rifenberg

    Good bedI like the bed. The instructions were clear to me but the pieces weren’t labeled. I didn’t have much trouble figuring it out.

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