Revel Premium Cool Mattress (Queen), Featuring All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam and LiftTex Alternative Latex, Made in the

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Size Queen
Item Firmness Description Medium
Fill Material Gel Memory Foam
Brand Revel
Product Dimensions 80″L x 60″W x 12″Th
Top Style Plush Top
  • MEMORY FOAM: Triple-layered, 12″ hypoallergenic memory foam mattress with 3″ Revel All Climate Cooling Gel top layer, 2″ Revel LiftTex Alternative Latex foam with airflow channels, and 7″ long-lasting DuraBase foam
  • COOLING GEL: Revel All Climate Cooling Gel top layer provides enhanced cooling as you sleep and resists changes in external temperature, so your mattress won’t harden in cold weather or overly soften in warm weather
  • SUPPORT: Revel LiftTex Alternative Latex middle layer provides responsive support to lift and align your spine throughout the night
  • AMAZON EXCLUSIVE: Revel offers supreme comfort, convenience, and quality at a fraction of the price of comparable direct to consumer brands
  • MADE IN THE USA: Foam is proudly made in the USA by Innocor Inc. and CertiPUR US certified. Vacuum packed and shipped directly to you for easy and convenient setup. Comes with a 10-year warranty for lasting quality
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Triple-layered, 12″ hypoallergenic memory foam mattress with 3″ Revel All Climate Cooling Gel top layer, 2″ Revel LiftTex Alternative Latex foam with airflow channels, and 7″ long-lasting DuraBase foam. Medium feel mattress lofts your body and helps redistribute pressure on stress points including your back, neck, and head so you awaken invigorated, energized, and confident for a brighter day.

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Mattress Foam Memory Foam Bed

Revel. This is what great sleep looks like

A great night’s sleep is only as good as the morning after. Feeling refreshed and recharged is vital to being your best self – for your family, your work your life. Our mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows are made for the deep, restful sleep that you’ve always dreamed of.

Mattress Memory Foam Bed Alternative Latex

Responsive support and pressure-relieving comfort. It’s Premium Cool

Sleep lifted and cool, powered by our most advanced foam technologies. The Revel Hybrid Cool Mattress features our LiftTex Alternative Latex Foam that provides responsive support to keep your spine aligned and your body lifted. The air channel design promotes airflow to keep you feeling fresh. You’ll get undisturbed sleep all night – and every night – thanks to the All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam top layer, which relieves pressure-sensitive points like your back, neck and head while wicking away heat. The combination of responsive support, pressure-relieving comfort, and cooling features makes the Revel Hybrid Cool Mattress a superior choice for you and yours.

Mattress Bed Memory Foam Alternative Latex

Decades of experience. Experts at innovation

We spend all day thinking about all night – how to ensure deep, restful sleep. We’re constantly innovating to bring you the best design, highest quality materials and most durable products that we can provide. We draw from decades of experience and innovation to make your days brighter.

Mattress Bed Memory Foam Alternative Latex

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Weight 90.8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 12 cm
Item Weight

90.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

80 x 60 x 12 inches

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Date First Available

July 7 2018



10 reviews for Revel Premium Cool Mattress (Queen), Featuring All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam and LiftTex Alternative Latex, Made in the

  1. Becs C.

    It’s alright over timeI’ve had this mattress since April 2019. I’m a single person with 3 dogs who sleep with me. If you sleep in around the same area every night you’ll get an indent in that spot that won’t go away until you sleep in another spot completely so I swap sides every few months. It would suck royally if I had a partner that’s for sure but since I don’t I’m able to not use a side for a while and it does fix it self over time. Other than that I really do like this mattress.

  2. SDad

    Honest review for those looking for better sleep.I did exhaustive research on mattress before purchasing this one. I can not say anything yet about the durability of this mattress as I’ve only had it a few weeks but let me tell you this thing is awesome. The last mattress I had I woke up at least 3 times a night due to pain in my side or back. This thing I sleep like a baby unless my dog wakes me up. It is a 7 on firmness for me but that maybe different for each person. Very little off gassing and in 48hrs it was full size. I will say UPS beat the crap out of the box it came in but they packaged it with an insert of cardboard that kept it clean. The king size is heavy beyond belief so dont try dead lifting it unless your a body building steroid user I guess. Me and the misses dragged it into position and enjoyed a blissful night of sleep. Look I get that there are “higher quality” mattress that are supposed to be longer lasting but really you can spend 370 ish for a mattress that will last 3 – 5 years or 2000 ish for one that last 7 – 10. Honestly I dont know if I want to keep a mattress for 10 years I mean seriously we do sweat at night plus who knows what might crawl onto our bed. If you are looking for a comfy mattress on a budget this is comfy, cool, and so far seems pretty well made. I’ll update if that changes.Update:So we have now had the mattress for a few months. I still sleep pretty well only changing positions once a night when my feet get cold. It seems to be pretty durable considering my son loves to use my bed as his playground whenever he gets the chance. The one thing I would suggest as I learned from previous memory foam mattress purchases, find a good pillow and don’t use the pillow you had before if at all possible. When you purchase a new bed you need to get a new pillow as the new mattress will likely be firmer or softer than your last one. I still think this mattress is worth every penny and I will update after a year.

  3. SteveG

    Only one night on it, but so far so goodI ordered this to replace the old POS Sleep Number mattress that finally gave up the ghost after 10+ years of service. That mattress replaced a waterbed mattress that I bought when I first got married. I wanted to keep the existing California king box/platform that originally came with my waterbed, so a memory foam replacement seemed ideal.The mattress arrived at my door earlier than expected, which was highly appreciated. The shipping weight was 117 pounds, and I worried how I was going to get it the flight of stairs to my bedroom. But the box had sturdy handles, and I was able to pull the box up, one step at a time, until I reached the top. And once the plastic-wrapped mattress was out of the box, it wasn’t too difficult to get into position for the official opening.I found that this mattress was slightly larger than the dimensions of the box surrounding my bed platform. I let the mattress expand for 12-14 hours, and once that was done, I gently pressed it into place. It did fit, but snugly. The size issue was confirmed when I went to put a fitted Cal King sheet on it. It took a lot of adjusting, repositioning, and maybe some stretching of the sheet to get everything right…but I made it.Now on to the first night of sleep. It felt great, and based on my limited experience, I’m giving it two enthusiastic thumbs up. I’m a big guy – 6’4″ tall and 290 pounds – I sunk in just enough to be darned comfortable. I woke up after 4 hours to use the bathroom, and I realized that I hadn’t changed sleeping position (I was on my back) at all during that time. It felt great! When I returned to bed, I tried side sleeping, and it was just as good. My only issue was that the d$%& alarm clock went off too early! But I am eagerly awaiting night #2. I’ll give an update in a few days to describe any differences, but for now, I’m really happy with this purchase…and with the price.Update: After just over 3 months on this mattress, we’re still doing great. No issues whatsoever. The wife has even remarked more than a few times that this might be the best Amazon buy we’re ever made.

  4. Rose

    Latex in the mattress makes it feel cloud like!I love this Full size 12 Inch Revel Premium Cool Mattress. It arrived within a few days right on time, and in perfect condition. I like Latex Pillows and can’t sleep on regular pillows. I have neck and back issues, and since a springy Latex pillow has always helped, I thought a mattress made with Latex might also help. What a great mattress!Not only is this mattress soft and comfortable, but it’s beautiful. The cover is gorgeous. The mattress doesn’t get hot and there’s no shake or movement when you’re in bed and someone sits or lies down next to you. The mattress came out of the box and immediately inflated. I did wait for an hour, but it was fully inflated within minutes. There was no odor.I’ve had the mattress for four months now and it’s so nice. I bought a Lavish Home sherpa and flannel bed spread on Amazon that’s SO soft. When ordering the platform bed and mattress, I also bought a new King size Latex Beauty Rest Pillow from Amazon. I sleep really well. No aches or pains. Every night as I slip into bed I say out loud how much I love my soft new mattress, pillow, and covers. Surrounded by softness all around! One large order from Amazon and everything arrived on time.Great mattress and gorgeous too!

  5. Amazon Customer

    Hip and shoulder pain is gone.Hip and shoulder pain is gone. No more numbness in arms and fingers. No pressure points. I’ve never had a foam mattress and was reluctant to purchase one, especially on line. I tried a few at mattress stores but was concerned of the lack of side/edge support for the money I was willing to spend. At the store, most I sat on rapidly compressed way down. Others were $2000 plus. Naturally my concern was similar with this one, but after much research, thought this would hold up better. The edge does compress some, but has good overall support. Male-about 200 lbs. This mattress took some getting used to as far as feel, but immediately realized how much better I slept and woke up painless and refreshed, ready to face my day. The mattress is very cool. I didn’t sweat at all. However, the mattress felt a little stiffer than I originally expected, especially after the store experience. I do tend to sink in a little at certain areas, yet have good support. That said, I got a thick pad to help soften the top a little. In doing so, I lost a little of the cooling effect. I bought an adjustable bed frame to support this mattress and I am extremely satisfied with this combination and sleep better now than I have in years! Highly recommend this mattress. Some have complained of the scent it gives off after unpacking. Suggest leaving it to the open air for a couple days, using some febreze or similar product before covering it up with sheets, etc. It will dissipate. (It’s been one month as of this writing.)

  6. Lisa

    Great mattress!The mattress was delivered very timely manner. It came folded up and all we did is unwrap and allow it to open up and expand completely which took about two days. I’ve owned this mattress since July, 2019 and has been life changing for me. My former mattress was relatively an expensive mattress that I purchased from a local business. It was comfortable for about two months and after a short period of time, my back, shoulders and hips began to hurt so bad not to mention I slept for about 3 hours per night. I was exhausted, hurt all over and stayed irritable.After receding this mattress, I got relief after the first night and haven’t looked back. I feel like a new woman, my hips, shoulders and back no longer hurt and ache. I am averaging 7 hours of sleep per night. If I wake up, it is only for a short period of time and fall back fast asleep. Oh, did I mention it was only $300.00?? I was just fixing to purchase a $1500 mattress, and decided to purchase this mattress, after my daughter-in-law made a recommendation to me as she and my son purchased one just like it.I don’t know how long it will last, but as for now, it has been life changing for me. I recommend this product and would purchase another. I cannot say enough good things about it.

  7. Konstantin P

    You get what you pay forThe quality and comfort of this mattress matches the price. I had a lot of moving-related expenses and decided to take a chance with Amazon’s Revel brand mattress since it was cheaper than higher-end brands.I can’t say that I am disappointed, but neither did it surpass my expectations. The most important factor (and in my opinion downside) is that this mattress is quite soft. My wife and I are not heavy people but the mattress definitely has a sinking feeling. And if you sit at the edge, it does not hold up firmly. I would have preferred a firmer mattress that does not sink.Having said that, the mattress is not bad. It does seem to have a cooling aspect to it, and it is relatively comfortable to sleep on. Kind of feels a little like sleeping on a giant pillow. So if you are looking for a decent mattress in the $500-$600 range, this is an okay option. Definitely not as good as high-end mattresses, but does okay as a budget-friendly mattress,

  8. :) jlp

    FABULOUS REFRESHING DEEP REM SLEEP!I’ve never slept more comfortably in all my life! This is the “Princess & the Pea” mattress! I’m a 70 year old 5’5″ geezer weighing 176 lbs, with shoulder, neck, & knee injuries that cause a great deal of pain, so I often have difficulty sleeping. Also, I have obstructive sleep apnea, & good REM sleep has been difficult to achieve. Last night was my first night sleeping on this fabulous mattress. I’m sure I got into REM sleep bcuz I was dreaming during the night. When I ordered the mattress, I was just hoping it was not too soft. It’s a risky thing to buy a mattress online without having the opportunity to lay down on it & test it out a bit. This beautiful mattress has the perfect balance of firmness & support below, with a luxury body conforming top. I am a side sleeper & if a mattress is too soft, I sink too deep at my hips & shoulders & wake up in pain. But this mattress is a perfect balance of support & comfort…(for me). Its the right choice for me, & I would buy it again. I highly recommend it. Oh, another great feature is it’s not a hot mattress. I slept very cool & comfortably. 😴💤 🙂 jlp

  9. Robin Budelli

    Wow. Much nicer than expected!!After ordering this mattress I was a little worried that I made a mistake. But after taking it out of the box and letting it expand for 48 hours it is hands-down the best mattress I have ever owned! I love my mattresses to have support but to be cushy enough to hug me while I sleep, and this mattress is perfect. It is soft enough that I truly feel like I am sleeping on a high-quality memory foam mattress but still has the support built into it and I don’t wake up in pain, I’m getting the best night sleep I’ve had in years. Yes, I can highly recommend this mattress!

  10. peetah68

    SOOOO Comfy and NOT HOTSo I love this bed. There’s a lot of beds out there in the memory foam world. When I got my first memory foam mattress (different brand), it was a pillow top and it was so comfortable, it had separate sides to the mattress so one half of the mattress could be firm and the other soft. So essentially you could change the density. Anyway, it was really nice but it was like $3,000. The one issue I had was that it was really hot. I lived in San Francisco and as everyone knows, SF is nice when it’s in the 60’s but for those 15 days a year when it’s hot as hell, you just want to peel your skin off.That said, now I can get to the review on this purchase. I love it because it’s actually comfy and COOL. The only teeny issue that I have is that when you sit on the edges, it’s not too firm and I tend to fall off. But when I’m sleeping, it’s perfect and I’m not hot. I love it. And for the price it’s totally worth it. Recommend

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