Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor with USB Charging Ports, 55″ Adjustable Height Desk with Drawer and Monitor Shelf, Electric

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Product details

Brand Rolanstar
Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 55″D x 21.65″W x 48″H
Color Rustic Brown
Style Electric
  • 【Ergonomic Standing Desk】The sit-stand computer desk is designed to make your working time comfortable, healthy and productive. Designed with electric lift system brings your monitor to new heights to keep your sitting posture correct.
  • 【Powerful Smooth Lift System】The controller of the electric height adjustable desk features memory 4 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 30.5in-47.2in. The lift system make the desktop rise to the specified height smoothly and quickly. Adjustment Speed: 15mm/s Weight Capacity: 110lb Noise Level:<50db.
  • 【Ample Storage Space】 The raised monitor shelf with 2 drawers provide extra storage and display place, which can keep your desktop organized and maximize your working space. The beside hanging hooks are added to help you better allocate your headphones, bag, and other useful gadgets.
  • 【Reliable & Stable】 The raw materials used by Rolanstar meet the EPA TSCA Title VI and Carb Certification.The computer desk top is supported by strong metal frame, which features superior durability and stability. And P2 level desktop allows for a 110 lbs weight capacity to support your ideal workspace setup.
  • 【Easy Assembly】 The desk platform comes packaged in 2 sections for assembly by clear and detailed instructions, numbered parts, and installation tools. 4 adjustable feet pads are designed for easy leveling on uneven floors and to prevent floors from scratches. The desk can easily be cleaned with a wet rag.
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Product Description

standing desk

  1. Height adjustable desk designed to make working more comfortable whether you’re standing up or sitting down.
  2. The tabletop is supported by a strong stainless steel frame which is durability and stability.
  3. Pull-out design drawer keeps the desktop tidy and increases hidden storage options.

Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor with USB Charging Ports

standing desk

electric standing desk


  • Adjustment Speed:1.1″/sec
  • Support Charging Station

electric standing desk


  • Weight Capacity: 176lb
  • Noise Level:<50db

electric standing desk

Desk Hooks

Each hook can hook your bag, headphones very easily.

Cable Tray

Cable Tray

The under desk cable management rack has lots of space for power strip and cables.

Additional information

Weight 95.8 kg
Dimensions 55 × 21.65 × 48 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk


Rustic Brown



Top Material Type

Engineered Wood

Special Feature


Number of Drawers


Mounting Type

Floor Mount


55 Inch

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

55 x 21.65 x 48 inches, 55D x 21.65W x 48H

Item Weight

95.8 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

December 14 2020



10 reviews for Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor with USB Charging Ports, 55″ Adjustable Height Desk with Drawer and Monitor Shelf, Electric

  1. Bri Anna Baguette

    Desk is :chef’s kiss: QUALITYTL;DR: Instructions, tools, desk materials, design, and the price point for this desk are AMAZING. If you’re thinking about getting this, take a cue from Nike and just do it. This desk can also accommodate modifications like adding wheels and an under-desk keyboard with ease!..P.S. don’t even waste your time with those manual converting desktop standing desks, just get a motorized one like this desk.Assembly + MotorFor whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to assemble this desk when I came home from a long shift at work after 10 pm with a bad back (don’t age over 30 kids). Unboxing to completion took me just over 2 hrs. Thanks to the automatic raise/lower feature and memory options of this desk, I am much better about standing, using my kneeling chair, and under-desk treadmill! The motor is quiet and moves with ease.Instructions + ToolsI honestly didn’t realize I could be so excited by the organization and quality of instructions and tools. The instructions were very simple and loved how the tools and materials were packaged. Came with a very nice screwdriver and the instructions clearly marked the quantity of each item AND indicated +1 if they included an extra one. I’ve assembled a few things since purchasing this desk and I am now comparing my instruction experience to this desk.Organization + 2 USB PortsLove that it comes with a cable organization mount, a drawer, headphone/bag hooks, and some cable ties! I’m using the cable organizer to mount and store a surge protector, a large power brick for my Lenovo usb-c hub, and some of the excess cables. Since I like to constantly rearrange my office, the way I have this all set up allows me to just unplug the surge protector, and then I can easily move the desk into a new position. The drawer allows me to maximize my desktop space and hide some clutter lol There are 2 usb-a ports to the right on the motor controller, which makes charging my key portable items (headphones, smart ring, iPhone, etc.) super convenient. I only ended up installing one of the two metal bag/headphone hooks but again, super helpful to have even one of the hooks as I’ve used it to hold my Incase backpack and Bose QC35 II.Modifications + Suggested ItemsI made some modifications (see photo) to this desk to optimize my workspace and easily move the desk around. I’ll include the links but I have found that over time the links no longer work/the product has been taken down. So I’ll also provide key product specs so you can find what you need:.- Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector with 12 AC Multiple Outlets, 10 ft Long Flat Plug and I secured it to the back of the included cable organization mount with heavy-duty velcro and zip ties. Extra-long zip ties. Even if you can’t get your hands on extra long ones, I had some 8″ zip ties from HarborFreight and I strung them into each other. VIVO Large Height Adjustable Under Desk Keyboard Tray. I wanted to keep the desk’s drawer and find an under-desk keyboard tray that could clear the drawer with my keyboard. From the top of this desk to the bottom of the drawer is ~4 3/8″ and the width of the drawer is ~23 5/8″ I did not install the desk’s motor controller according to the instructions so I could accommodate the keyboard drawer. ~16lb hold Command strip velcro – I used these strips to also help mount the Belkin power strip. I also used them to mount the desk’s motor controller in a new position after installing the under-desk keyboard tray. Caster wheels – I installed four locking caster wheels to help me easily move my desk around in my room. The most important thing to consider when getting wheels are the wheel type and its dimensions. Must be an M8 caster with a 25mm/2″ stem length (M8 = metric unit 8mm threaded bolt diameter), each wheel should be able to support a minimum of 100lbs, and wheel diameter should be a minimum of ~2″ Gas spring dual monitor mount – I was originally using a single monitor with my laptop as an extended display and no longer liked the single setup. Having two 23″ monitors with this mount has made all the difference.

  2. RhondaB

    Overall I really like this desk!Assembly wasn’t bad except for the drawer. It wasn’t aligned correctly on the one side so my husband had to really force it but got it together eventually. There was a small nick on the top but you can barely see it so I didn’t bother telling the company.The only thing that surprised me was that the large part of the top of the desk is NOT one piece. It’s 2 pieces and there’s a seam where they fit together.That’s the part I didn’t care for and wasn’t aware of from the description.Overall, I love the size of the desk. The mechanics work good and it moves up and down smoothly. Not super sturdy but just what I needed.

  3. Douglass A.

    Don’t Pay $1000’s!! This desk is AWESOME!I recently started working from home and had started working on a plastic folding table, then a right justified desk from my childhood…it was time for an upgrade if I was to take this remote position seriously.Sitting with sciatica can be a literal pain in the a$$ so I knew I was due for a flexible work station to accommodate 3 monitors with plenty of room to make my personal space more enjoyable. I wanted something to last, well-built and professional grade. I was seeing electrically adjustable desks in the thousands! Then I found this desk.After much comparison and review scouring, I ordered it. It got here in 3 days- very quick. Assembly went off without a hitch. You just have to pay attention. Actually, I broke off one headphone hanger hook when flipping the top over, so be careful of that. Thankfully it was the right one, and I’m left handed and hooked. I spread the assembly over a Windows update and a slow spell at work on Good Friday. I’d estimate it took about 90 minutes all told.The quality of the simulated wood is terrific, feels like real wood grain and looks great in my mostly “wood” decor office. The adjusting motors work very well, fast and pretty quiet. The two settings for favorites is fine for one person, as my standing and sitting position don’t vary.As you can see I have 2 large monitors and a laptop on the top shelf of the 55″ unit. They do not wobble much at all, unless I’m in a typing frenzy. They are stable when in motion and at the highest setting.There are a couple channel pieces that can help with wire routing. I managed to store my power strip and 2 power supply bricks in one of the sections. My goal of one cord going down to the outlet was achieved.It has been just over a week of use, and I don’t see any issues with the desk. What I have discovered is that I am prone to stand a LOT more during my workday than I expected. It is a very comfortable height for me to stand and work. I move around and actually dance while I work as well. I am considering getting a wobble board.SO, I highly recommend this desk for it’s simple features, its good build and solid construction (about 95% of fasteners are machine threaded, not wood screws), its good looks and excellent ergonomic sense. For the price range of $300-$350 for the various styles from this manufacturer, this desk was a fantastic value at $320!!I will certainly update this review in the future if needed; I will be using the heck out of it, but I don’t foresee any problems at all!

  4. Erin

    Good value for the moneyThe box is super heavy so have an extra person to help you move it or a dolly. To me it was fairly easy to put together, and the instructions helped some, but definitely go through the parts to make sure everything is there and organize the screws and any other pieces that are in the box. I would recommend testing the mechanisms first before putting everything together.

  5. Heather

    Great and sturdy deskI purchased this desk in December 2021 and it worked really great for a little while. I received a E504 error and the motor on the right leg stopped working. I did all the troubleshooting I could and then contacted seller and I am waiting for a new motor. Hopefully this solves my issue and I will have a working desk! It has been the best change in my work routine I am able to get more activity in due to my treadmill under my desk.

  6. Vera

    Quality DeskDirections misleading with how parts are labeled in the directions but we managed nicely.

  7. Shannon

    You can do it!I am not someone who can put things together very well and I was able to manage this desk with the help of a friend. Love the desk and it works!

  8. Dr. Chada

    Exactly what I needed.I rarely have time to sit down at my desk while seeing patients. This has made being on my feet all day so much easier. Easy to assemble solo and holds everything I need with out any wobble. Highly recommended!

  9. Michael DAngelo

    Excellent standing desk for the priceOverall, this standing desk is great for the price.Fairly easy to assemble as long as you are following the directions and paying attention! I (mounted the drawer backwards but that was on me… whoops! Luckily it was easy to fix and no screw holes were messed up)Cable management could be a little better but isn’t bad. I have a surge protector in the metal cable holder but it has fallen out a couple times. I may zip-tie it down.As you can see from my photo, no issues holding a dual monitor which I use a clamp mount for.The presets are a great feature though the way they operate is NOT how it is described in the directions. To set, you need to get the desk to the height you want for 1 (high) and 2 (low) and hold the digit until you see “S-1”. To get it to either height, you need to press the button two times. Also, there is an alert on the screen called “Chr” that was not mentioned in the directions. After a quick search, I found that’s meant to tell you to sit if you have been standing (or vice versa) for and extended period of time.CONS – after you set the height you want, the control box makes a faint high pitched sounds. If you are listening to music or on the phone you won’t notice but if you are quietly working, you can hear it. Once the desk goes to “sleep” it stops but that’s after an hour or so.The drawer is a bit cheap. I have some items in it but overall I’m not sure I really need it.Lastly, the desk top is particleboard with a veneer. Expected for the price but feel the desk top should be supported better. If I lean on the desk top, I can feel it bend a bit. A 2 bars across the length of the top should provide better support.

  10. AndresGuzmanNS

    Excelente! Escritorio electronicoExcelente montaje, piezas fuertes, hermoso diseño, tiene todo lo que necesita un escritorio de oficina.Ademas de eso puedes configurar la altura tanto como desees. Excelente producto

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