RRD Quilt Hanger for Wall for Display (72”) – Amish Made Wooden Quilt Rack Wall Mount – Rustic Tapestry Hangers for Rugs,

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Color Michaels
Brand Hope Woodworking
Material Wood
Unit Count 1 Count
Mounting Type Wall Mount
  • Amish Made Wooden Quilt Display Rack: The Rustic Red Door blanket rack is hand-crafted with great care and made in the USA to ensure the highest quality. This quilt hanger for wall for display is crafted from solid oak wood and is the very best way to display that family heirloom quilt!
  • Secure Clamps: These handmade quilt wall hangers have the highest quality clamps to protect your great-grandmother’s precious handiwork. Our wooden quilt hanger has a groove in the wood to ensure your quilt hangs straight, while the pinch bolts provide a tight grip on the quilt without damaging it.
  • Easy To Use & Hang: Compared to others, this quilt hanger for wall for display is an easy one to install. Each wall hanger for quilt includes screws for hanging. – quilt shelves and clamps
  • Multiple Sizes & Wood Options: These rug clips for hanging rugs come in a variety of woods, sizes, and stains so you can choose the one that fits your quilt or décor the best! This quilt clamp for hanging has 3 wood choices: Oak, Cherry, and Brown Maple, a variety of stain options, and range in sizes from 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72”, 84”, and 96”.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: We visited farms throughout Ohio’s Amish country building relationships with the finest woodworkers. Our goal is to create handcrafted, American-made furniture that will be valued, cherished, and handed down from generation to generation
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RUSTIC RED DOOR RUG HANGERS FOR WALLS CLAMPS: Our quilt wall hangers are hand-crafted with great care to ensure the highest quality and are made in the U.S.A. Our rug hanger display is the best way to proudly display the heirloom quality quilt that your great-grandmother passed on to you! This Amish made tapestry wall hanger has secure knobs that hold the clamp together and are made to easily screw and unscrew making hanging your favorite quilt easy. Now the tough part: which of the incredible, hand-sewn quilts do you choose to display on your wall? — FEATURES: These tapestry hangers for walls are made from a solid oak wood with a michaels stain – Our wall quilt hanger measures 72” long and has two knobs to hold the clamp together – Holes in the back for mounting and screws included to mount – Decorative stains brings out the solid wood’s natural beauty — This tapestry hanging kit is available in 3 wood choice: Oak, Cherry, and Brown Maple with a variety of stain options: Black, Cherry, Coffee, Fruitwood, Michaels, Natural, Slate Grey, and White. The quilt hanger rods also range in sizes from 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72”, 84”, and 96”. — ABOUT US: Rustic Red Door is locally owned, and family operated with the primary goal of serving you. We want you to experience the genuine satisfaction that comes from owning solid wood, handcrafted, American-made furniture that will be valued, cherished, and handed down from generation to generation. Our fervent hope is for each heirloom-quality piece to be used as a significant part of extending hospitality towards others just as the expectations of benevolence were passed on to us.

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April 13 2013


Hope Woodworking

10 reviews for RRD Quilt Hanger for Wall for Display (72”) – Amish Made Wooden Quilt Rack Wall Mount – Rustic Tapestry Hangers for Rugs,

  1. mary

    Perfect if you don’t want holes in item you are hanging.The shipment package did have a hole in it, but the hanger was not damaged. The clamps are great and did not put holes in the collector rug we were hanging. Easy to install and looks beautiful.

  2. Flash

    Works as designed, beautiful on this family heirloom. Could use one 32”.High quality! Works exactly asDesigned. Easy install and want a few more.Thank you.

  3. J. Nelson

    Beautiful finishThis is very nicely made. I received earlier than I expected. Sure would be nice if you included a template for installing.

  4. Jennifer Craven

    With Prep-work Installation is EasyIt’s beautiful, well crafted, and sturdy. We absolutely love it! We used it to hang a tapestry that was bought in the early 1960s in Ecuador. Installation: To install screws in wall I created a template with a piece of paper and an artist pastel. I cut a strip of paper to the size of the hanger. Then coated the edges of the eye holes with a dark artist pastel this allowed me to rub the design of the holes onto the paper. I taped the paper to the wall with painters tape. Then drilled holes through the paper and wall. Removed the paper, inserted the anchored screws into the wall and hung the hanger up.

  5. DK

    This was perfect!I bought the 72″ version in slate to match other Amish furniture I recently purchased. The hanger was well-made, has notches on the back 16″ to match studs, and was easy to install. I was impressed with the craftsmanship. I just need to steam the quilt a little flatter. I am so pleased with how this turned out!

  6. Sandi

    Great buyQuality workmanship. Good buy

  7. Marc H.

    Still needs work when you get itI purchased this to hang a quilt made by my daughter. The flaw is this – the whole item, inside and out, is stained, but only the outside has a coat of finish. The inside surface has excess stain that can, and should be, thoroughly wiped off before use and then finished. Failure to do that can result in dye transfer to your quilt, which in my opinion would ruin the quilt. I scrubbed a long time with rags to get the excess stain off the backside that contacts the quilt. A lot of stain came off. Then I finished the backside to seal in the stain. This should have been done by the factory. Thankfully, I do a little woodwork and thought to check that before use. It is a nice looking and working product. It’ll last a long time and do a good job. Just think ahead and finish the backside.

  8. Irina Kish

    Quilt wallHangerUnfortunately had to return. Great quality, easy to install. We have an antique tapestry that with age didn’t look straight when hanged without framing.

  9. Larry Lehowicz

    Fine furniture level of craftsmanship — install with forethoughtThis is an excellent rug hanger. I got the 36″ black/ebony version. I noted in some earlier reviews there was frustration with affixing the hanger with installed rug to the wall. It can be relatively simple if one follows steps something like this: 1) Unscrew the knobs that hold the two wood pieces of the hanger together; 2) Take the bottom wood piece that goes against the wall and turn it over so you can see the slots that have been routed into the back to accept the wall screws; 3) Take a long strip of wood (say an old yard stick for a 36″ hanger) or long strip of paper and lay it over the back of the bottom piece as a template; 4) Carefully mark on your template the top center locations of the routed screw holder indentations; 5) Place the template on the wall in the location where you want to hang the rung and carefully make marks on the wall that correspond to the marked routed screw holder indentations on the template; 6) Install the screws on the wall at the marks you just made (if you are mounting the hanger on drywall consider using dry wall anchors unless you are sure there is a wall stud beneath the dry wall surface); 7 ) On a horizontal surface mount your rug between the two wood hanger pieces and reinstall the knobs; 8) Move your completed rug and hanger combination to the wall and emplace on the screws you put in the wall. Enjoy your wall mounted piece of art!

  10. Gary Matson

    Wall hanging for quiltI’m please to say that we have a large bedspread wall hanging now up in our bedroom …. and it looks wonderful! Thanks so much. Gary Matson

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