Safco Muv Adjustable-Height Desk

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Brand Safco Products
Shape Rectangular
Product Dimensions 22″D x 29.5″W x 45″H
Color Cherry
Top Material Type Plastic
Special Feature Pullout ShelfMobile
  • STANDING DESK WITH KEYBOARD SHELF- Enjoy the active comfort of a stand up desk Great for offices with little room that need a narrow standing desk to accommodate
  • APPEALING DESIGN- Decorative molded side panels hide computer cables and cords
  • KEYBOARD TRAY- Adjustable keyboard 22 3/4″W x 13 1/2″D
  • PRINTER TRAY- Adjusts in 1″ increments and is 24-3/4″ W
  • MOBILE DESK- Mobile on four dual wheel carpet casters, two locking
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Designed to help encourage a more active workday, The Safco MUV mobile stand-up desk provides the storage and surface space you need to effectively tackle your daily tasks while up on your feet virtually anywhere in the office. People were made to move and we can feel it – especially when we’re stuck sitting behind a desk at work. The Safco MUV mobile desk gives you the means to better satisfy that longing to roam by allowing you to stand up and engage more muscles while working. And with four pivoting wheels, you’ll also have the freedom to roll to more inspiring, nearby spots in your work area whenever needed. Lock the front two wheels when you discover your perfect spot to keep the MUV in place while you work. An extendable keyboard tray below the desktop helps keep more of the work surface free for your monitor or laptop computer and retracts when it’s time for the MUV to move. During assembly of the desk, adjust the heights of the two shelves below the keyboard tray at increments of 5″ To better suit your stable of office supplies, accessories and machines like printers and scanners. It’s best to consider your optimum available shelf heights during initial assembly as resetting the shelf heights of the MUV mobile desk after it’s built requires some disassembly. Once everything’s ready to go, load your equipment onto the MUV and run cords and cables behind its removable, molded plastic side panels – easily snap those on and off whenever rerouting is needed. Featuring a sturdy steel frame and durable Melamine laminate work surfaces, The Safco MUV mobile desk ships prepared to better withstand everyday use in an active office or school environment and maintain its professional look for longer. Assembly required. For added versatility, connect a Safco Onyx vertical hanging storage unit (Sold separately) to your MUV and give yourself a convenient spot to store reference binders and files that travels right along with you. Part of the Safco active collection. Safco active products are designed to promote active movement throughout the day and engage major muscle groups to help combat the negative effects of inactivity in many workplace settings.

From the manufacturer

Workstation, Stand up workstation, desk, table, computer desk, computer workstation

Safco Muv Stand-up Workstation

Where To Use

Muv Stand-up Workstation allows you to stand while working, and is ideal for computer use. Muv is perfect for office and workspace use, in schools, laboratories, libraries and home use.

The Safco Muv Stand-up Workstation Advantage

Muv Workstation features a 45-inch height, allowing users to stand while working. Standing during the workday may be a healthier alternative to sitting, with the possibility of burning more calories and improving posture. The work surface on top is perfect for placing a computer monitor, while the decoratively molded side panels hide cables for a clean and organized appearance. The keyboard shelf extends 9 ¾ inches and retracts under the work surface when not in use. Muv Workstation also features two shelves below the keyboard shelf for additional storage, perfect for a printer, paper and additional supplies. Shelf height can be adjusted in 5-inch increments. Muv is also mobile on four casters, for easy transportation if needed

About Safco Products

Safco Products Company, a division of Liberty Diversified International, was founded over 45 years ago. Since then, Safco has grown to be a leading provider of office organization, furniture and comfort enhancing products for the workplace. Our product offering ensures high quality, up market designs at mid-market prices surrounded by remarkable service.

Detailed Specifications

  • Muv Workstation features a 45-inch height, allowing users to stand while working.
  • Workstation features work surface on top, ideal for placing a computer monitor.
  • Workstation features decoratively molded side panels that hide cables for a clean and organized appearance.
  • Keyboard shelf extends 9 ¾ inches and retracts under the work surface when not in use.
  • Workstation features two shelves below the keyboard shelf for additional storage.
  • Shelf height can be adjusted in 5-inch increments.
  • Muv Workstation is mobile on four casters, for easy transportation if needed.
  • Muv is constructed of steel (frame) and compressed wood (shelves).
  • Work surface dimensions are 29 ½ inches wide by 19 ¾ inches deep by ¾ inches high.
  • Bottom shelf dimensions are 25-5/8 inches wide by 13-3/8 inches deep.
  • Keyboard shelf dimensions are 24 ¾ inches wide by 13 ½ inches deep.
  • Finished product dimensions are 29 ½ inches wide by 22 inches deep by 45 inches high.
  • Desktop weight capacity is 100 lbs.
  • Keyboard shelf weight capacity is 25 lbs.
  • Middle and bottom shelf weight capacity is 75 lbs. per shelf.
  • Finished product weight is 61 lbs.
  • Assembly required with easy-to-follow instructions included.

Additional information

Weight 59.4 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 29.5 × 45 in

Safco Products





Top Material Type


Special Feature

Pullout ShelfMobile

Room Type


Mounting Type


Furniture Finish



22D x 29.5W x 45H

Included Components


Assembly Required


Model Name

MUV Mobile

Product Dimensions

22 x 29.5 x 45 inches, 22D x 29.5W x 45H

Item Weight

59.4 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Item Thickness

11 Inches

Warranty Description

Manufacturer limited lifetime.

Batteries Required



Safco Products

10 reviews for Safco Muv Adjustable-Height Desk

  1. Eds Cat

    sturdy, easy to move around, good height, easy to assemble, but arrived box dented and parts damgedThe media could not be loaded.

     sturdy, easy to move around, easy to assemble, though it arrived box dented, I decided to keep bec its too heavy to return. some pieces bent wood tip bent as well.. would have given 5 for value if it wasnt damaged. video shows the pieces were already straightened up by tools. wood however shows damaged. i like the height of this. mind u this is not adjustable and i knew that when i bought it. middle wood was hitting my knee while sitting so had to install it reverse so its far from knee. works that way as well.

  2. Andrew Lee

    Perfect standing desk if you’re midway between 5 and 6 feet tallI spent quite a bit of time researching standing desks before I bought the Safco workstation. The most comprehensive standing desk review available online right now is an article by The Wirecutter (google “Wirecutter standing desk”), which I used as my starting point in standing desk research. Another very useful information source is an article by Wired (google “Ditch Your Office Chair for a New ‘Standing Desk'”), which goes into some more detail about the benefits of standing. Basically, standing, as opposed to sitting, will burn more calories, is correlated with increased longevity and decreased risk of heart disease, and has been reported to increase productivity and decrease fatigue.The problem, though, is that standing desks are still a niche market, and there are relatively few products available. And the products that are available are expensive. The Wirecutter’s top recommendation (and not the most expensive one) is $1497. That’s something I might invest in the future, but it’s far too much for an entry point standing desk, especially for someone that will be moving in the near future like me. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the IKEA hack desk (google IKEA standing desk hack). This was closer to what I was looking for, but it requires already having a regular desk as a base and a power drill, neither of which I already have. Plus, I hoped for something a bit classier looking.A less pricey recommendation by The Wirecutter was the 

    Safco 1926CY 35″ Wide Adjustable Height Workstation, 19-3/4d x 33h, Cherry PVC Top

    . This is the adjustable version of the product you’re looking at, priced at $80 more. The advantage of an adjustable desk is that you can customize the height to be exactly what works for you. This is preferable for most people, since most people won’t be precisely the right height for a fixed height standing desk. And some people like adjustable desks so that they can shift the desk from a standing height to a sitting height when they want. However, I scoured the reviews for the Safco fixed height desk, and it seemed that a lot of people around my height range (5’6) thought that it was the right height for them. Still, I was a bit cautious, because not everyone knows what the appropriate height for a standing desk should be.There are two key factors in making sure a standing desk is the right height for you. The first is that your eyes, when looking straight ahead, should see the top half of the computer screen. The second is that your forearms, when placed on the keyboard, should be about parallel to the ground (i.e., 90 degrees relative to your shoulders). At 5’6, I fit the Safco fixed height desk perfectly (actually, my laptop is a bit lower than it ought to be, but a regular monitor would be a perfect height). Note that, contrary to what some of the other reviewers seemed to suggest, you should not be looking down at all to see your computer screen; you want your neck to be level when viewing the screen.As for the material of the desk itself, I’m quite happy with it. I thought the pictures online looked a bit ugly, but I think it’s actually quite attractive in real life. The cherry wood is an attractive, reddish-brown hue, and adds a bit more of a sophisticated look to a relatively cheap desk. The black frame, while not as elegant as the cherry, doesn’t look out of place or bad at all. It took about 2 hours to construct single-handedly, and it was fairly straightforward (and everything is provided except a screwdriver). The shelves all feel sturdy, and there is no rattling or shaking when I type on the keyboard. The keyboard tray slides in and ought smoothly. I also like that the desk is fairly compact; the multiple shelves provide plenty of shelf space (and each shelf is more than large enough for me), but the surface area the desk takes up is fairly small, which is great for my New York apartment.In summary, this is an excellent standing desk if you’re around 5’4-5’8. Note, though, that if you’re a few inches below 5’4, this could still work perfectly well if you don’t add on the wheels. And even if you’re, say, 5’9 or 5’10, you could still make it work by stacking putting your computer/monitor on a phone book, and the keyboard height will still probably be fine. If you’re outside of those height ranges, however, I would not recommend this desk; it’d be worthwhile to instead get the adjustable height version instead. Lastly, since standing desks tend to be quite expensive, the Safco desk comes at an excellent price point. While perhaps not as fancy as some of the more expensive desks, it’s lacking neither in functionality nor in looks, which I’m very happy about.PS: If you’re going to get a standing desk, you should really get an anti-fatigue mat as well. I recommend the 

    Imprint CumulusPro Commercial Grade Series 24-Inch by 36-Inch, Black

    .Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

  3. John Fial

    Excellent, but read the reviews and test your heightKNOW YOUR HEIGHT: I’m 5’10” and using a laptop on the top part of the desk. It’s slightly high to be typing on but it’s good enough. The keyboard tray (I have a keyboard there but don’t usually use it) feels a little too low for me, but I haven’t used it for any real length of time.So neither height (the top desk or the keyboard tray) feels “perfect” for me at the standard desk height (with wheels). Still, good enough, and based on the reviews of their ‘adjustable’ desk model I decided to get this one. I debated 4 or 5 stars, but ultimately decided 4 stars based on Amazon’s “4: I like it” vs. “5: I love it” differentiation. I love the standing desk concept; I like this particular desk.Also, KNOW YOUR FITNESS level before committing to a standing desk — or have a ‘sitting desk’ nearby and be prepared to work with both for a trail period of a few weeks, at least. I did some standing ‘work’ at the kitchen counter for a trial period to see if I really liked the concept, and I’m in great health to begin with, so I love it. Unless I physically can’t stand anymore, I imagine I’ll use a computer like this for many years to come.Price: Only you can decide if ~$200 is worth it for you. I spent a lot of time debating whether to attempt to build a desk or buy one pre-made. Ultimately, since there isn’t an IKEA store in my city, shipping costs on IKEA stuff would cancel out any major benefit, plus I’d have to build it myself. I could take an entire Saturday (or maybe two full days) on a large project of building a desk, including making a mess and probably making an imperfect desk — although that would give some great learning experience on building things. But I decided I couldn’t spend the time to do that, and would rather take the plunge on this and build it myself.Assembly: Took between 1-2 hours, including unboxing and trash disposal. Had one minor cracked plastic piece on the bottom ‘foot’ near the right rear wheel, but it’s in the back of the desk so not visible.Having rollers is great, especially if you have hard floors! I wheel this out into the ‘study’ room occasionally.Misc tip:TAKE BREAKS. I’d recommend a ~2 minute break every 20 minutes. Shift gears both mentally and physically. Writing a novel? Go organize your bathroom for a few minutes, or take out the trash. Do something physically/mentally different, then come back to your work. Every hour, take a ~5-10 minute break with the same principles. It’s beyond the scope of this review to explain why this actually makes our ‘work’ time MORE productive, but it does. Try it.

  4. EscherFan

    This Standup Desk an Excellent Answer to a NeedFor years now, I have have been tired of sitting, sitting, sitting all day long. Now recent medical evidence (I’m a medical writer so I pay attention to such things) shows that sitting all day, even if you work out at nights or on weekends, is devastating to your health.I work from home three days a week, and my work requires a separate computer. For many months now, I have been thinking of buying a stand-up desk that would house only my work computer and that I would use while on working hours. After looking around at several very overpriced models, I settled on this one. One of the selling points was from the reviewers who said it was easy to put together. I am a single female and not very adept at DIY home projects. However, I did manage to get this together by myself in about two hours. If I can do this by myself, ANYONE can. It now serves as my work station and is situated next to my sit-down desk. This is wonderful because I bought a separate monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc., to go into the stand-up station, which means I no longer have to plug and unplug my monitor, keyboard, and mouse to switch from one computer to another.Some reviewers said this might not be suitable for shorter people. I am 5’1″ and feel it is absolutely PERFECT for me. The monitor is exactly eye-level and the keyboard puts my arms at a perfect and very comfortable 90-degree angle. Caveat: this perfect-for-me height was achieved by removing and discarding the wheel castors and connecting screw, which easily added another 3 inches to the unit’s height. The wheel castors are the only gripe I had about the construction, anyway, so it’s no loss. There was no way to lock them into place and they kept falling off. This was a problem when I moved the newly-constructed unit from my livingroom (hard wood floors) into the bedroom where it would reside. The wheels fell off immediately and the now-exposed screws scratched the hardwood floors. Fortunately, the unit is very easy to move back and forth even without the wheel castors, and even on carpeted floors. All in all this product definitely serves a need I have had for a very long time and at a very reasonable price.

  5. Teena Marie

    great stand-up computer deskPackage arrived as scheduled. There was a hole in the box but nothing inside was damaged.Assembly was fairly easy and quick. The instructions are simple. To put the plastic casters on I used a folded handtowel for padding and a regular hammer since I don’t have a rubber mallet. You will need a philips screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver (if you don’t want to use the edge of the little cheap wrench that comes with it for the casters as a flat-head).The hardest part of the assembly for me was screwing the shelf into the keyboard tray. The shelf comes with pilot holes already drilled but you have to be sure to get the screws started straight, and to put some pressure on as you screw them in, up from the bottom, and not to strip them out. You have to tighten the four screws all a little at a time to avoid having gaps on one side. You’ll see what I mean. It’s not that hard, just the most difficult part.I’m 5’4″, and the keyboard tray height as it’s designed wasn’t comfortable for me. I need more than a 90 degree angle downward for my elbows. But there was a solution for me with this item – I simply moved the back piece, the keyboard tray, and the first shelf all down one notch from the instructions. This means I’ll have to lay my pc down on its side if I decide to put it on the bottom shelf, because the middle shelf is now lower. But the ergonomics make it worth it for me. Total time for assembly was 2 1/2 hours, but that included redoing the three shelves to get the right height before putting the top on. ( I had also unscrewed the casters after hammering them on to see if that would work, but it made the top too short, so I decided to screw them back on and move the keyboard tray instead.) This workstation is not the one advertised as adjustable height, but you do have options for where to place the shelves.This workstation will work great for my home office, and I may even order another one for my office at work. Right now at my work office I’m using something placed on top of my credenza that allows me to stand and type there, and it works pretty well (the $22 build-it-yourself standup desk using Ikea parts). That’s why I knew about the optimal height for my keyboard shelf.

  6. J. Holland

    A week in and I really like it!While I feared the standing desk idea would grow tiresome for me, I just had to try something to get myself out of my chair at least a few hours of the day. I looked at fancy standing desks with hydraulic lifts, etc…just did not want to spend that kind of money or have that large of a footprint in my home workspace. I work from home 40 hours a week at a computer and on the phone. It’s the kind of work most people spend all week doing in a cubicle, but I am privileged to get to perform my duties from the warmth of a little corner in my kitchen.This desk is small and unobtrusive, but also has a ton of storage space. It feels sturdy, even with my 27″ IMac perched on top. I’ve also loaded it down with an all in one printer, my laptop, IPad, paperwork/files, etc. Virtually everything I need to do my job is on this one little stand. I still have room to take notes or open books on the desktop. I also like the slide out keyboard tray and it is at just the right height for me – I’m 5’5″. It’s sturdy with a large surface.The first couple of days, I did sit for a couple of hours, but now, after almost a week, I just feel stronger standing. I have a barstool nearby in case I’m on a long call and want to sit for some reason, but find myself pulling it over less and less.The other nice thing about this station is that it is on wheels. If we were having guests over, it would be very simple to unplug my computer equipment and roll this into the closet out of sight.The finish is good, unlike many prefab desks you’ll see. There’s actually a nice detail around the edges and I feel like this will hold up well with my regular use.I also found it very simple to put together and did it myself within an hour. I’d buy this again in a heartbeat.

  7. Chris Juan

    Wish I bought one years ago.I have trouble sitting so getting a standing computer desk was a no-brainer. It took years to get one only because I just had never seen any in furniture stores or superstores. It never occurred to me that I could buy one until I spotted it on The assembly is basic enough though you need room to lay out the pieces. The hardest steps were getting it to stand up at first and putting the wheels on the legs at the end. Other than the last step you can assemble the unit alone with little effort. All the tools are provided except you need a Philips screw driver for installing the keyboard/mouse sliding shelf. The materials seem sturdy with a quality finish all around, no rough sides or edges. The front wheels have a lock/unlock. As I use this with a PC, I keep it on lock. This one is less expensive than the adjustable one, and from what I’ve read this model was designed for around my height.Giving yourself no seat is great for feeling more productive and less sedentary. You can stretch out a lot, massage your feet, walk around the house when you feel restless, and basically just walk away when you catch yourself surfing the web for no reason. I’m 5’7″ and it’s just about right. My one complaint is that there is a slight wobble if you are a heavy typist. It makes the monitors shake ever so slightly. The too lower shelves can be adjusted up and down in case you have a taller tower, but the default arrangement is likely the most stable.

  8. J. Greene

    Decent productThis is a really nice little desk. It’s sturdy, holds all my equipment and was reasonably easy to put together. It’s on wheels, which is fantastic when you have to crawl around to connect or disconnect something from the computer–no more fumbling around in the dark–and the front wheels lock so that you don’t have to worry about it moving if you don’t want it to.I’m 5’6″ and found the height of the desktop and keyboard drawer very comfortable, and although I got a tall bar stool to go with it while I got adjusted to standing up, I find that I use the chair less and less as time goes on.One minor caveat: The two side bars have a cover so that you can send wires down the sides and keep everything nice and neat. I made the mistake of using this “feature” with my keyboard and discovered to my dismay that the edge of the keyboard slide is sharp enough that moving the keyboard in and out partially stripped the wire and sometimes grounded out the keyboard, which caused it not to work.It took me a few days to realized what was happening, but fortunately, I caught it before it did worse than strip the plastic. A little bit of electrical tape to cover the bad spot and relocating the wire so it went over the back of the keyboard drawer instead of the side was all that was needed. Let me have done it for you–don’t run the keyboard wire down the side under any circumstances!

  9. Coilyqueen

    … have issues with my lower back and am more comfortable standing than sittingI ordered this work station because I work from home a couple of days a week and I have issues with my lower back and am more comfortable standing than sitting. I have used Ergotron and Kangaroo brand adjustable stand and sit desk at work and they are great but there were no adjustable height desks in my price range that had good reviews so I selected this standing station. I really like it, it is a great height for me (5’8) I just had to use a monitor stand to bring my monitor to my line of sight but the keyboard height is perfect. It fits all of my things (printer, I have a monitor and laptop side by side on the top of the desk, I have files and desk organization things). I really like it because I have a 1 bedroom apartment and didn’t have space for an office and this is like an office on a cart. When I’m done working I roll it to my coat closet (which I emptied to store the workstation). I roll it about 15 feet from the closet to my living room from a hardwood floor to carpet and it takes a little extra push to get it over the threshold of the living room but its easy enough. When I need to take sitting breaks I just un-dock my laptop and sit at my dining table. This is a great product for the price.

  10. DBSDM

    Directions hard to follow without labelled partsDelivered in a previously opened box and items were falling out when we brought it inside, but thankfully all parts were there and the boards weren’t damaged. It would have been helpful if the boards were labelled to correspond to the directions, but in the end it is together and functional. It seems the perfect height for my 5″3″ height but time will tell.

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