Safco Products 4760GN Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair, Green, Active Seating Experience

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Product details

Color Green Mesh
Brand Safco Products
Product Dimensions 22.5″D x 17.5″W x 17.5″H
Style Swivel
Special Feature Swivel
Material Alloy Steel
  • Helps keep your body moving. Safeco energy swivel ball chair leans, bounces and spins 360 degrees for an active seating experience that encourages good posture, core muscle strength and may help increase concentration.
  • Helps promote better posture. Designed with a rubber-molded anti-skid base for use on all floor types, It offers the posture benefits of a yoga ball without the rolling. It helps promote movement by leaning, bouncing and swiveling during your workday.
  • Low profile design. Weighing only 13. 5 lbs. , This anti-burst swivel ball chair supports up to 250 lbs. Its low profile design allows it to fit neatly under work surfaces when not in use.
  • Product dimensions. Overall dimensions: 17 1/2″H x 17 1/2″D x 17 1/2″W. Weight capacity: up to 250 lbs. Pump included with ball chair.
  • Applications. Perfect for use in collaboration spaces, lobby areas, schools, Yoga studios, fitness centers, meeting rooms, and personal workspace as an alternative to standard chairs.
  • Material Type: Steel
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Safeco Energy swivel ball chair leans, bounces and spins 360 degrees for an active seating experience that encourages good posture, core muscle strength and may help increase concentration. Designed with a rubber-molded ANTI-SKID base for stability on all floor types, It offers the posture benefits of a yoga ball without the rolling. Weighing only 13. 5 lbs. , This anti-burst swivel ball chair supports up to 250 lbs. , making it ideal for waiting areas, conference rooms or even classrooms. Its low profile design allows it to fit neatly under work surfaces when not in use. Part of the Safeco active line. Safeco active products are designed to promote active movement throughout the day and engage major muscle groups to help combat the negative effects of inactivity in the office

From the manufacturer

person seated on Zenergy swivel chair working in a small office

Safco Products Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair

Active seating perfectly suited for a variety of environments from the home office or downtown work-share all the way to the classroom or school library.

person seated on Zenergy Swivel chair while filing

colors of Zenergy swivel arranged in a flag-style pattern

Color Story

It’s an exhilarating tale of bold hues and compelling shades that’ll leave you wanting one of each. From juicy orange and bright green to cool blue and basic black, you’re sure to find a color that speaks to your unique style and personality. So whether you plan to use it in the office as an alternative desk chair or in the classroom as a way to help students satisfy their need to fidget, Zenergy Swivel is available in a hue that’ll work just right for you.

Put a New Spin on Everyday Seating

Regardless of age, people like to be active – it’s in our DNA. And that need to move doesn’t stop just because we’re working behind a desk or at a table. Safco’s Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair provides an easy means for your body to engage in more movement while you stay focused on your tasks. From a subtle bounce or a little twist, all the way up to a 360-degree rotation, the movements Zenergy Swivel encourages make all the difference in helping to create a more active work or school day.

  • Designed to Help Promote a More Active Workday
  • Encourages Good Posture, Core Muscle Strength and May Help Increase Concentration
  • 17-1/2″ Inflatable Anti-Burst Exercise Ball at the Center
  • 360-Degree Swiveling Motion
  • Durable Polyester Fabric or Easy-to-Clean Black Vinyl Cover Options
  • Skid-Resistant, Rubber-Molded Base for Stability
  • Manual Air Pump Included

Dive into the Details

base removal operation and inflation procedure

Zenergy swivel chair on a white background with dimensions added

person seated on Zenergy swivel chair on the phone and in mid-turn

Pump It Up

Zenergy’s called a “ball chair” because there’s literally an exercise-style ball in there – true story. To inflate it, just pop up and remove the base with a screwdriver, then use the included manual pump to add air. Snap the base back in place and start swiveling!

  • Screwdriver required for setup and not included.

How Does Zenergy Measure Up?

  • Exercise Ball Diameter: 17-1/2″
  • Height: 23″
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

Quick Note: When you sit down on Zenergy, the height will change and be lower since the ball will compress. Actual sitting height will vary.

Complete Revolution

Ever feel like you’re just going in circles? Well, with the Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair, the joke will be on the universe because that’s exactly what this thing is supposed to do. Just push left or right with your feet while seated and Zenergy will swivel around up to 360-degrees on its skid-resistant, rubber-molded base.

library setting with Zenergy swivel group surrounding a table

Active Seating for Educational Spaces

Zenergy Swivel also makes a great addition to classrooms, libraries and media centers where seating needs to be flexible to help accommodate the many different, wonderful ways in which people learn.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 17.5 × 17.5 cm

Green Mesh


Safco Products



Special Feature



Alloy Steel

Room Type


Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Age Range Description


Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components

Ball Chair



Model Name

Zenergy Swivel

Furniture base movement


Item Weight

14 Pounds

Product Dimensions

22.5 x 17.5 x 17.5 inches, 22.5D x 17.5W x 17.5H

Country of Origin


Item model number




Date First Available

October 28 2016


Safco Products

10 reviews for Safco Products 4760GN Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair, Green, Active Seating Experience

  1. Meg A.

    Unique way to work from homeI received this only a few days ago so I don’t have much experience with it to speak of but I will warn it had a strong chemical smell (the ball only) upon box opening, which has dissipated mostly now. Instructions are very clear and easy to assemble. It includes instructions for cleaning in case of a spill. As far as comfort, I did release some of the air out after the first filling, which made it more comfortable for sitting. I’m not sure how long it will last or I’ll want to use as my 8hr/day chair but my last office chair allowed me the worst posture and I don’t want that to continue. I did test this out earlier doing some crunches on it so that’s a nice bonus.

  2. MrSpotsyKenney

    Great for ADHD teens and adultsWhile a little pricey, we are on our second one of these chairs at school. The first one only had to be replaced due to water damage in the school.It has perfect amount of wobble for kids whose bodies need to move for processing.My only recommendation is that if your kid is 5’2 or under, unscrew the legs and put the feet directly onto the bottom. There are holes for that. As is, with the legs it is almost too high. My son and I are only 5’2 and 5’3, so we kinda have to jump up onto it.

  3. RC

    Absolutely Love My Chair!I absolutely love my chair! It makes working fun! It’s comfortable for long hours at the desk. And I love the swivel feature! So much better than my previous one that was just on legs. I highly recommend this chair!

  4. Rosa

    Painful! Trying to get used to it!I really want this ball chair to work. It’s just the right size and looks nice at my desk. But the ball is stiff, tight, and uncomfortable. After sitting on it 4-5 hours a day for just one week, all I can say is: “This Hurts!” Hopefully, the surface will soften over time.

  5. G Overton

    Very well made-great for adding core muscle work while working a sedentary job!I am a secretary and sit most of the day- this has made it possible to increase core work throughout day, as well as, strengthening legs with the bouncing part. The legs really make this “chair” so stable-the office floor is a vinyl floor and when sitting and standing you dont worry about it rolling out from under you. I cant say enough good things about it- would recommend AND would order again!

  6. naberius

    More comfy than a regular office chair and fun to sit onI purchased this ball stool for my home office as an alternative to a traditional office chair, and it’s a big improvement over my regular chair, if only because the bounciness of it reminds me to move more often. I do think it may engage core muscles more than a typical chair does, since the ball’s shape and give does force you to stabilize yourself a little, but I wouldn’t expect any miracles from sitting on it. I’m relatively athletic, though, and it may do more for someone with weaker core muscles to start with. I find myself getting uncomfortable less often using this chair compared to a typical chair, but I still have to stand up throughout the day to relieve the discomfort of sitting for long periods. It’s one of the more comfortable chairs I’ve used, though, and I’m not sure it’s possible to be fully comfortable sitting all day, even if you have a good chair.The chair’s very easy to assemble, and the hand pump that comes with the chair isn’t all that bad to use – it took me only a few minutes to inflate the ball fully. I didn’t have problems with small surface area/sweet spot like some others had, though I’m admittedly on the small side (5′ 3″), and it may be different for larger people. The chair seems to be a good height for a standard computer desk with a keyboard tray and allows your arms to be in an ergonomic position while typing and mousing. The lack of wheels seems like a smart choice, in case you lose your balance while sitting. The gliders on the feet move well over hardwood without being too slippery and haven’t scratched my floor. It’s true the mesh cover isn’t as taut and seamless on my chair as it is in the product photo, but it still looks sleek and modern.

  7. E. Tidwell

    Love itI wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about sitting on a ball all day, but after 5ish months of sitting at a desk on a folding chair, I really, really needed a change. But I didn’t want a plastic mat and it’s so hard to tell about desk chairs without sitting in them. But my kid loves his ball chair and I thought it was worth a try because it’s probably more healthy anyway. Turns out I like it quite a bit. It’s not as bouncy as a regular yoga ball, and it doesn’t roll around, but it does have a little bounce if you’re feeling restless (hello, 90-minute meetings, I’m talking about you). And yes, it feels much healthier. My back feels much better at the end of the day than it did sitting in a regular chair. My only complaint is that you’re supposed to be able to make it shorter by taking the extensions off the legs, but one of them is on so tight I’ve been unable to get it off. I’d have liked to try it shorter, because it feels just a bit too high to me. I wish there was an easy option to replace the legs with more sizes of legs.

  8. J. frost

    Pretty good product. You might love it.I had been using exericise balls to sit on and I liked the way they would roll around. This does not of course. The reason I went to this chair is because my dogs would jump on the ball while I was sitting on it and eventually they poked a hole. The Zenergy chair has a mesh material to protect from that. The material is a bit on the coarse side so I have draped it with a towel like I used to do to the energy ball. The instructions give no clue on how much air to use to fill it up. I went too full at first and sitting on the chair became painful. I have been slowly draining the air trying to find the sweet spot. Have had it for a few weeks and still working towards that. The ball takes up only a little bit of space which is nice. The exercise balls had a much bigger footprint and will roll around. The chair is very solid and well made. I find that I don’t just sit in one spot like a chair but I do move around which is excellent for someone who sits all day for a living. All in all I am getting happier with it and I bought it from a friend who really likes it. I don’t think you will hate it and it is certainly much better than most if not all regular chairs.

  9. Elizabeth A Ulmer

    It’s my new normalThe trick is to keep it inflated to an appropriate level (which usually requires a boost pump every 2-3 weeks – pump is included). When it’s fully inflated, you get more benefits and are more likely to sit up straight. When it gets flatter, you’re more likely to slump against your desk.At first, this chair required a mild effort from my hips and torso – now it doesn’t feel like I”m making an effort at all. I sit in it all day, and I forget that a chair back is normal.

  10. Britney

    No Slipcover, Not Removable, Otherwise AwesomeThis was extremely easy to assemble. It’s lower than I really, but positions my daughters legs at perfect 90 degrees (she’s 5’ 1”). I knocked a star off because for some bizarre reason you cannot remove the mesh cover to wash. Several spilled drinks and an accident later, it’s basically trash. I plan on reaching out to support. I can’t even find covers that can take the brunt of the spills.

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