Safco Products Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair, Black, mid-back (3397BL)

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Product details

Color Mesh Seat
Brand Safco
Product Dimensions 26″D x 26″W x 38″H
Style Black
Special Feature Caster / Wheels
Material Textile
  • Reliable performance. Safco Vue intensive-use task chair features an ergonomic-shaped breathable mesh Back with a height-adjustable swivel Seat for maximum comfort for weights up to 500 lbs.
  • Enhanced design. Waterfall Seat edge may help improve circulation by reducing pressure points in legs while seated. Adjustable Height Back tilts for ergonomic benefits while the breathable mesh keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Height adjustable. Pneumatic Lever provides easy Height adjustment from 31″ To 37″ For a more comfortable, personalized fit.
  • 5-Star base. Black powder Coat Finish on the heavy-duty, 5-star base helps resist chipping and scratching for an extended professional appearance. Swivel wheels perform well on carpeting as well as smooth surfaces for optimum usability.
  • Product dimensions. Finished product dimensions: 26″W x 26″D x 37″H. Weight capacity: up to 500 lbs.

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“Safco Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair features an ergonomic-shaped, breathable mesh back with a height-adjustable swivel seat for maximum comfort for weights up to 500 lbs. Waterfall seat edge may help improve circulation by reducing pressure points in legs while seated. Adjustable height back tilts for ergonomic benefits while the breathable mesh keeps you cool and comfortable. Pneumatic lever provides easy height adjustment from 31″ to 37” for a more comfortable, personalized fit. Black powder coat finish on the heavy-duty, 5-star base helps resist chipping and scratching for an extended professional appearance. Ideal for use in home offices, conference rooms, schools, clinics and work environments.

From the manufacturer

Safco vue intensive-use chair at a desk in an office

Safco Products Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair

Heavy-duty seating designed to support round-the-clock use while still providing a comfortable place for you and your colleagues to sit and work. Featuring a robust design with full swivel, adjustable height and a reinforced mechanism with back tilt and posture lock, Safco’s Vue Intensive-Use Desk Chair helps make life behind a seated workstation in a hectic 24-hour work environment a little more comfortable. Whether you’re sitting and speaking to customers in a call center or giving directions to drivers in a dispatch station, you, and then your colleague on the next shift, will benefit from the Vue’s durable yet supportive design.

  • Heavy-Duty Design Rated for 24/7 Use
  • Designed to Better Support Big & Tall Users up to 500 lbs.
  • Reinforced Mechanism with Adjustable Back Tilt and Posture Lock
  • Pneumatic Adjustable Height
  • Waterfall Seat Edge
  • Five-Point Steel Base with 2-1/2″ Multi-Surface Wheels
  • 360-Degree Swivel
  • Ideal for Use in Call Centers, Dispatch Offices and Other Multi-Shift Work Environments

All the Important Details

 closeup of Vue's contoured seat with ergonomic waterfall edge

Safco vue intensive use task chair on white background with dimensions listed

Closeup view of the seat adjustment handle on a white background

Here’s Where You’ll Be Sitting

Padded and prepared for more than just a standard 8-hour day, the ergonomic seat of the Vue Intensive-Use Chair with its waterfall edge helps provide a comfortable sit and is available in either durable polyester (3397BL) or easy-to-clean black vinyl (3397BV).

How Does the Vue Measure Up?

  • Chair Height: 34″H (min) to 37″ (max)
  • Seat: 20-1/2″W x 20″D
  • Seat Back: 18-3/4″W x 18″H
  • Wheel Base: 26″ Diameter
  • Maximum User Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

Choose Your Elevation

Use the handle below the seat on the right side to adjust the chair up or down to a height that’s just right for you. Pneumatic assistance makes those elevation edits easy.

  • Seat Height Range: 17-1/2″H (min) to 20-1/2″ (max)

More Stuff That Matters

closeup of Vue's base and wheels on white background

closeup view of the Vue task chair's reinforced tilt mechanism

closeup of the Vue task chair's seat back on white background

Roll Out

Easy-rolling, swiveling wheels on the five-arm base of the Vue let you stay mobile even after you relax into the seat and also allow the chair to be moved quickly from one space to another to accommodate more fluid work environments.

  • Wheel Diameter: 2-1/2″

Just the Right Angle

Long workdays may require more leaning back. Vue’s reinforced mechanism accommodates that motion and allows you to lock in your favorite angle once you find it using the adjacent handle.

Vue’s Got Your Back

Contoured, ergonomic and covered in a breathable mesh fabric, the robust back of the Vue chair helps keeps you comfortable and supported while also allowing better airflow so you stay cooler.

Safco Vue chair with separately available, optional arm kit attached on white background

Optional Arm Kit – Sold Separately

Make your sitting experience even more satisfying by adding an arm rest kit (3399BL – sold separately) to your new Vue chair. Arms adjust in both height and width and installation is simple and quick.

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 38 cm

Mesh Seat





Special Feature

Caster Wheels



Room Type


Frame Material


Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components

Desk Chair



Model Name

Vue Intensive-Use Big and Tall Swivel

Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

26 x 26 x 35.5 inches, 26D x 26W x 38H

Item Weight

46.6 pounds


Mesh Office Chairs



Country of Origin


Item model number


Item Thickness

11 Inches

Form Factor


Assembly Required


Warranty Description

Manufacturer limited lifetime.

Batteries Required




10 reviews for Safco Products Vue Intensive-Use Task Chair, Black, mid-back (3397BL)

  1. Karrey

    ADD TO CARTI don’t do reviews often but this one is extremely necessary. For all my fellow chunky people here me out good! This chair was made for us in mind. We desperately want to buy the cheaper option because it’s cost effective but think of all you sacrificing to save money. Your comfort is not something to skimp on.The gist:1. Extremely easy to build. 5 extremely easy steps 1 screw 1 knob.2. It feels amazing. Support & comfort!3. Add it to your cart and stop searching.Be blessed.

  2. John Snape

    Big guy who crushes chairs? Get this.I’ve tried other chairs for big guys, but this one actually delivers comfort and won’t break easily. I’m almost 300 lbs and this chair works great to hold my weight. It also doesn’t have those useless armrests that just get in the way when you’re trying to get in or out of the chair. Just sitting in it feels sturdy. Most chairs I’ve tried feel flimsy and unstable.

  3. parkedin

    *Updated again* Shopping for chairs when you’re fat ain’t easy. I would avoid this chair.I purchased this chair for its weight capacity first and foremost. The features were a second thought. I’ve been using a broken recliner to do my work primarily and the need for a real office chair became clear as I developed leg pain and swelling from not having a proper seat. I am a very large guy. I am 6’1″ and weight 400+. I was drawn to this chair primarily for its weight capacity, the features weren’t significant to my purchase so I am not taking them into account. However, they all appear to be working and functional.I ordered the chair on the 4th and it arrived on the 12th. I’m not thrilled with the vendor for the long shipping time but it was worth the wait. Since my purchase, Amazon had it back in stock and I would have much preferred to purchase direct from Amazon than the participating vendor for shipping reasons alone. It did however come mostly assembled in a large box. It was in 4 pieces and I was very happy to see this. There was an assembled base with attached castors. Additionally, the back was assembled and the piston was separately boxed. It was honestly under 5 minutes to piece together. Just insert the piston, remove it’s protective cap and place the seat on it and then remove the bolt from the back plate, slide it into the slit on the seat and reinsert the stopping bolt. Done. Sitting in it right now.The chair feels plenty sturdy. As I mentioned, I am large, so this is a huge factor. So far it feels very study, moreso than my office chair at work (considering purchasing another Safeco chair for the office now).My rating is based on chair alone, not long shipping as that’s the vendors issue and not applicable to the product itself. The one downside to the product and why it received 4 stars is that the back does not sit high enough. I saw other reviewers complain about it being too short for their long legs. I presume those buyers are more Tall than Big. In my case, as mentioned, I am 6’1″ with plenty of padding so the height is just right for me. In fact, I just lowered it a bit. Granted, I’ve always enjoyed a lower sitting chair but I digress. Back to the 4 stars. The height adjustment on the back is very low. Right now it’s pressing against my pudge and about ~4 inches below optimal support level at the center/curve of my spine. This is also as high as it goes. This is a significant drawback but again, I am taller and this is to be expected when buying furniture sight unseen.My recommendation is this. I am 450 lbs but very dense and not as fluffy as some folks that weight 300. If you’re over 6′, I would be cautious with this chair. It’s worth the risk but probably not any taller. If you’re over 350lbs, I would also be wary. I overlap the sides a bit but not discomfortably so. If I were any fluffier than I am, this would likely be uncomfortable. For your reference, I wear a Mens size 50 jean.I hope this helps other buyers. Overall I am happy and buying a chair online is a huge gamble. For the price, I think the padding could be a little better as I don’t forsee this being very comfortable in the long-term but it’s sturdy and comfortable enough for now. Additionally, for the money, I think they could have made the back plate longer do a higher adjustment. This is disappointing but I’m a forward sitter for the most part anyways so it’s not an impediment. The curve of the back does slide into the curvature of my spine when I lean back in a resting position (further back than upright). So it’s acceptable for my intentions. I have a recliner here for when I want to lounger.P.S. I know I’m fat. That’s why I bought a Big&Tall chair. This review is for other fat people, not Tall people and not normal people. There are much better chairs for the money if you fall into those categories. For large people, that need the weight capacity of this chair, it’s not only acceptable, it’s a welcome reprieve to not be constantly worried about breaking the chair.Written on 7/12/12. Please feel free to follow up for a review down the road. I’ll try to update at 6 months and 12 months but who knows, so feel free to reach out for an update. If something goes significantly wrong, I will update this immediately.————Update————–11/10/2013Looking for a new chair and forgot my review, figured I’d provide an update.I’ve had this chair and clocked hundreds of working and leisure hours on it over the last 19 months. I’m not quite as happy with it now as when I had bought it. This chair has become very uncomfortable for periods of extended use. It’s very firm and hurts my lower back after a few hours. The back quickly began slipping and became almost entirely useless, which exacerbates the lower back pain.This chair will be fine for some folks, but it’s not comfortable for long periods of use. It has held up very well though. I don’t know of anything mechanically wrong with it. I’ve lowered my rating from 4 stars to 3 stars. It would be 2 stars due to the discomfort but going with 3 for build quality, if not comfort.————Update————–3/1/2014It’s been 19 months. The piston in this chair gave out apparently within the last month. It no longer stays elevated and upon sitting, it just sinks down, making this even tougher on the spine.Unfortunately, this happened right before a 90 hour work week, most of which was on this chair. I now have backpain and need an MRI. It’s only usable with a foam pillow now.I’ve removed a star. It hasn’t even held up for 2 years, had it, I would give it 3 stars. There might be a warranty but I doubt it. It’s also not good enough to pursue so I just docked a star and wanted to post this update. I’d avoid this chair and probably this manufacturer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen worse and it does hard time in my home office but it’s never been comfortable and now it’s broken in under 2 years.

  4. Nočnica Fee

    The issue (sharp edges on the base) has been fixedI’ve only been sitting in this chair for a couple of hours so I won’t rate its long-term comfort. I will mention that a few reviewers were annoyed with sharp edges on the bottom legs. Now, rather than a stamped edge there’s rolled metal on these edges, so no danger of cutting/scraping your feet.setup and assembly was very very easy, requiring only a screwdriver on a single screw and taking just a few minutes.If you’re replacing the casters with the fancy rollerblade style casters, a standard kit fits (apparently most or all casters have the same 11mm stem) though it is definitely a tight fit, and on my chair the original casters had been installed by punching through the bubble wrap on the seat base, so they were wedged in pretty well. I eased them out with a prying device (the can opener on my leatherman) but they were possible to remove with your bare hands.

  5. Chris

    Sturdy BUT exceedingly UNCOMFORTABLE!The chair is incredibly easy to put together and certainly sturdy enough to hold any plus-sized person, but it feels like you are sitting on a concrete slab. At first, I thought I could endure the hardness as it would force me to get up more often, but got to the point where my entire backside was on fire.Not to mention, without arms (opted to save $75.00) it’s hard to get yourself centered since the seat pan is larger. Of course, that might be an isolated problem if you are short.I have bought more chairs thru the years than I care to admit, I should have known this one wasn’t a match but frankly, I was tired of chair shopping and took a chance.It’s a quality chair if you splurge for arms but think twice if comfort is the goal!!

  6. Sheila Patrick

    not quite “no assembly required”The chair was adverstised as “no assembly required” but it did come in three main pieces. The leg section was completely assembled and looks much sturdier and better designed than other chairs, but i did need to stack the three main section and there was one screw that need to be taken out and put back in, but with a little help from a friend the rest was easy. The chair seems to be very well made and it is reasonably comfortable. I wish I had ordered arms, though because that would make the chair easier to get in and out of.

  7. brian c frieling

    worth the priceit is well built, very strong vs my weight

  8. James Spoonhoward

    I would totally love it if it was a little higher 😕The chair is great for heavy usage but it needs to be a little higher. I have to put a cushion on every time i use it.

  9. Jennifer L. Molenaar

    Was too hard of a seat for me.This is a very sturdy chair for someone that is overweight. I had problems with the seat being too hard, so I ended up selling it to a lady that absolutely loved it. I did have a little bit of a problem putting it together on my own because it is very heavy. But all in all, I think this is a good product for someone that doesn’t have a soft butt. ha!

  10. crazy1s

    Overall very goodGot it as an office chair replacement. It is definitely built like a tank. Should survive a bomb drop. Yes, the seat foam is very firm. Assuming it will break down softer, but it will take a while. In the meantime I’m using a memory foam cushion on top. Doesn’t mess with the lumbar support at all.

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