SAMSUNG 50 inch Q80A QLED 4K UHD Smart TV with Alexa Built-in QN50Q80AAFXZA, (2021 Model) with Samsung VESA Mini Wall Mount (33″

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Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Tilt
TV Size 65 Inches
Color black
Minimum Compatible Size 33 Inches
Compatible Devices Televisions
  • TBD
  • Convenient design: pivot your TV left or right to adjust it according to the setup of your room. Adjust your wall mount The same way you would adjust a picture frame, Using the back stand to tilt your TV upward. Use it to easily plug in cables on the side and behind your TV.
  • Vesa compatible: The Mini wall mount is also VESA compatible, which allows you to hang any standard TV with VESA mounting holes onto the wall mount. Recommended for compatible Samsung models only. (All 33”- 65″ 2017-2020 flat & curved Samsung TVs)


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Date First Available

April 29 2021



7 reviews for SAMSUNG 50 inch Q80A QLED 4K UHD Smart TV with Alexa Built-in QN50Q80AAFXZA, (2021 Model) with Samsung VESA Mini Wall Mount (33″

  1. BR

    Fantastic Picture and Sound! (Features & Channeling, not so much.)I gave it 4 stars as it’s a fantastic quality tv. 120hz & 4K is really a great combo. Movies are surreal as are so clear and hi res. Had to get use to that.WIFI connectivity seems pretty good on my 5mhz band. Only buffering is really due to either too many family members on my network or channel issues on streaming content.However, Samsung needs to get a better guide for use. Very cumbersome to add channels and does not have app availability like a Roku. It’s “atmospheric” screen saver is just awful as are most of the other options. Forget surfing the internet. Too cumbersome and quality is very lacking on the 3rd party apps I’ve found. Only other option I see is casting, but why did I buy this tv if I have to cast? Casting is in low res as far as I’ve found so not a great option.Voice recognition is worthless and doesn’t seem to understand much in the way of commands and finding stuff. Kinda like trying to get Siri to understand what you’re looking for. I’ve opted to use Google Assistant instead, but we all know what Google does with your personal use info, don’t we?System doesn’t shut down apps completely which can be a problem when they don’t respond from not exiting appropriately. Have to run Samsung’s Device Care to shut everything down once in a while, which was not easy to find.Also defaults to an annoying free tv app they push. I don’t really care to start up and see “That Girl” reruns. “But Donald…!” But really, give me an option.System in my opinion needs a complete overhaul. After this I’m not sure I’d buy another internet ready tv again. Cause this one’s is not ready. Hopefully it can be updated more in the future as some tv’s can’t be upgraded.Hopefully Samsung will come up with an update better than this. Else I’ll probably be hooking up to my Roku in the future for easier use and better features.The system should be a whole lot better for the price.

  2. Matt Gifford

    Great Gaming TVI purchased the 65″ version to be used in my living room for PC gaming and streaming movies/shows. I picked this TV because has HDMI 2.1 on port 4 and supports 120hz 4K. There are very few sets that are out there currently which have this that actually works as intended. Many advertise it but if you read reviews you will find that it won’t be supported until a future firmware update. I also picked this over OLED because of the risk of screen burn. I spend hours every day with static elements on my screen and will not risk screen burning at this price point. This TV also supports variable refresh rate and is AMD Freesync compatible.It comes with the one connect box which is nice. This is essentially a connection box that you hook all of your devices to instead of connecting a bunch of cable directly to the TV. It is a really nice feature and helps cut down on cable clutter behind the TV. It has 4 HDMI ports. Port 4 is the all important HDMI 2.1 for gaming. You will need to purchase your own HDMI cables. Make sure to get a HDMI 2.1 to take advantage of the gaming features.It came with a wall mount which I have not used. It seems to be a nice piece of hardware. Unfortunately I cannot wall mount as I am renting. Also note that the 65″ has two feet and not a single pedestal stand. The product picture and dimension info say it has a single pedestal stand which is incorrect. I had to purchase a new TV stand since the feet are about 48″ apart and would not fit on my old TV stand.The picture is bright and vibrant. It works quite well for 4k gaming. I set up the TV and did the firmware updates. I can confirm that the AMD Freesync and variable refresh rate do work when the TV is in gaming mode. When not in gaming mode I am able to get a nice crisp 60 fps which looks quite nice as well. I have noticed in some titles the gaming mode can cause a slight flicker, I am not sure if further firmware tweaks are needed or if it an issue with my video card or the game itself. Nobody in my household noticed the flicker but me, so it may not be an issue for everyone. Update: The flicker encountered was due to the game itself. I have played several games with the gaming mode on and it only happens in one specific game.The picture is bright and can be seen in bright daylight or at night. Blacks are good. I have not noticed the blooming or picture inconsistency noted in reviews for the previous model. I am well pleased by the picture and with changing the settings for color I am sure the picture can be adjusted to satisfy most tastes. I found colors to be quite accurate out of the box and have left the settings at factory after playing around. It does upscale to 4K and seems to do a good job of that. The screen seems to handle glare pretty well and has a pretty wide viewing angle. I have to move to the side to a fairly sharp angle before I notice a change in picture quality.Update 4/12/21: I recommend those using a PC as the main video source for streaming make sure that Windows HDR is off. With Windows HDR turned on my streaming picture quality was quite terrible. I turned Windows HDR off again and noticed that my streaming video quality improved. For some reason the Windows HDR just does not seem to work well.The TV has several smart features. The only one I have used is the firmware update. Otherwise I leave it disconnected from the internet as the TV is a glorified computer monitor. One annoyance is that since I do leave it off the internet the TV frequently tries to prompt me to connect it to the internet. I guess Samsung really wants your TV online for some reason. Internet connection was not required to set the TV up. You can do firmware updates via USB if you really want to keep it off network at all times.It has the usual major streaming apps ans Samsung has some free streaming content available. I do not use these features as my computer is much better than any TV app for streaming content. It also has an “art” screen saver type mode that you can download content to your taste (some of which is paid) and I believe you can use the USB to use your own photos in this as well.The shipping company did a good job delivering and met all expectations. I would buy this again. I have docked a star due to the incorrect info and picture regarding the TV pedestal vs. feet and the fact that I have had the flickering issue when utilizing gaming mode. I will be testing this more in different gaming titles to try to identify if it is actually the TV, a software issue, or an issue with my video card.Updated to 5 star since the screen flicker was caused by a specific game.I will update this after more use. (Updated 4/4/21)New Update 4/28/21 – I am still really enjoying this TV. I have been using some of the on TV streaming apps (Disney and ESPN mostly) and find they are working great. They load much faster and work better than apps on older TV’s I have used. I am finding I really like the remote. Its slim and only has the buttons you need. Everyone that has seen this TV in my living room running games and 4K content has commented on how great it looks. I have no regrets buying this.New Update 6/7/21 – Roughly 400ish hours are on this screen at this point. I love this TV. It has improved the quality of the content I enjoy probably more so than upgrading my PC. Whether it is playing a game, watching a movie, or enjoying the fights on ESPN+ this does a great job. I would comment that I do not use the TV speakers and have my audio out coming from the optical from the One Connect Box and the Bose surround sounds great off of it. It was easy to set up and has been easy to use. I would give 6 stars at this point if possible.Update 10/13/21 – Everything is still just as good today as day one. I have countless hours on the screen now and I am still super happy.

  3. lawrence gannon

    What a picture!!!! What sounds!!!Amazing picture experience. Raise the volume and the sound surrounds you, as if not coming from the TV.Alexa voice control available, you can learn quickly or if you have a few Alexa gadgets around your home like I do, you already know how to use the TV. Comes with free apps or several paid apps so choose what you want and cut the cord.

  4. edna

    Excellent smart tv.Excellent picture and sound. We especially appreciate the center stand instead of those little legs at each end of screen. We did buy a new dvd player as old connects do not work on this one.

  5. D. Brown

    Samsung 55 Q80A QLED TVVery pleased so far with Q80A Smart TV. Easy to set up and great picture quality. Most of the streaming Apps are preloaded so simply sign into your accounts. 4K is amazing and hopefully more content will be available in the future. TV speakers are pretty good for flat screen TV but I also have mine connected to AVR for surround sound for Movies and Sports events. Remote is pretty nice but would like to have shortcut button for changing sources instead of having to go into settings.

  6. Mein Theworld

    A great upgradeGreat picture and very easy to use. I love that you can access all the streaming services without having to have extra equipment (like a roku, apple tv box or gaming system).

  7. Blake Fisher

    Very good picture. The sound is great with the 60 watt speakers.The TV did not come with a User’s Guide, but the setup wizard kicks in when you plug in the TV. It was good, but got stuck on Step 3, so I had to unplug the TV and plug it back in. I did find a User’s Guide on the Internet after I set the TV up. Adjusting the sound was tricky. I had to Google that. You have to push up on the bottom of the button to turn up the volume, and press down on the top to turn it down. I would prefer the standard + and – buttons. The TV has Chromecast built in, so I am able to connect to my PC. You have to download a program from the Internet. The setup wizard gives you the URL. Then you go to Sources > PC on TV. I ordered the 55″ inch TV with 60 watt speakers. The picture and sound are great. I am happy with the purchase.

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