Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 42″-90″ TVs Up to 150 lbs. (Model VLF628-B1)

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Product details

Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Articulating
Brand Sanus
TV Size 90 Inches
Color Black
Minimum Compatible Size 42 Inches
  • Tilt swivel extend and level your TV without the need for tools.
  • Unsightly cables stay concealed and tool-free assembly ensures a quick and easy installation
  • TV can slide from side-to-side for perfect positioning on the wall and a safety tab provides a safe and easy connection you can hear as it “clicks” into place.
  • Enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch.
  • Sanus TV Mount products are Safety Tested and UL Certified

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The VLF628-B1 full-motion+ mount lets you enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch. Tilt, swivel, extend and level your TV without the need for tools. Unsightly cables stay concealed, and tool-free assembly ensures a quick and easy installation. TV can slide from side-to-side for perfect positioning on the wall, and safety tab provides a safe and easy connection you can hear.

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Swivels the maximum amount to provide the most flexibility for your TV placement. Easily tilt your TV down to eliminate glare from lights and reflections. Perfect for mounting a TV above eye-level.

With this much extension, you can easily place your TV within a cabinet or a recess and pull it out from the wall for the best viewing experience. Sleek, aesthetic design fits in any decor.

Swivel, extend, center and level your TV after installation – no tools required. Audible feedback during installation ensures a secure connection you can hear. Simple and fool-proof.

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Weight 0.352 kg
Dimensions 33.88 × 3.25 × 20.16 cm
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0.352 ounces

Product Dimensions

33.88 x 3.25 x 20.16 inches

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February 23 2017



7 reviews for Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 42″-90″ TVs Up to 150 lbs. (Model VLF628-B1)

  1. Shoptimus Prime

    DEEPLY REGRETTABLE PURCHASEYou know that feeling you get when you unbox a quality product, you assemble it according to the clear, unambiguous instructions, and everything just comes together perfectly? And then you just sit back and admire your handiwork, grateful to the engineers who created not just an amazing product, but an awesome assembly and installation experience as well?Well this TV mount…produces the EXACT OPPOSITE of that feeling. In fact, out of the hundreds of products I’ve ordered on Amazon in my lifetime, I cannot recall a purchase more regrettable or more disappointing than this one.The TV I needed to mount is a 65″ LG from Costco (65UK7700AUB). It’s relatively small and light for what this mount can handle, but I also wanted to mount a soundbar to it in the future, so I chose this heavy duty stand just to be safe. This decision was also aided by Sanus’ “Mountfinder” tool on their website. I put in my TV model number, and this mount was their #1 recommendation. The reviews looked solid, so I pulled the trigger. I also bought the soundbar mount by Sanus.Prior to installation, I checked out all the resources on Sanus’ website. I watched the installation video and I used their “Heightfinder” tool to figure out exactly where I needed to drill into the wall. I even printed out the measurements they gave me.As I began the installation, I was immediately met with unexpected problems. The first problem was that the back of my TV isn’t flat. It has an extended portion at the bottom that sticks out about 1 inch (~25 mm). This is especially problematic considering Sanus didn’t include spacers big enough to overcome that extension. The biggest spacers included are 22 mm. This means I cannot center the TV on the TV bracket (as indicated in the instructions); I have to attach it to the very bottom hole of the bracket. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so this bothers me, but it doesn’t strike me as a dangerous exception to the instructions, so I carry on.(Side note: the soundbar mount also had only 22 mm spacers, so at this point, I realize the Sanus soundbar mount is not compatible with this TV/mount.)The second problem I encounter is that Sanus doesn’t include M6 washers. Rather, it includes “M6/M8 washers” which are simply M8 washers. Basically this mount is designed for M8 hardware, but Sanus wanted to expand their market to include TVs with M6 VESA mounting holes, so it added M6 screws as an afterthought. But instead of adding four M6 washers (~$0.02 of hardware), Sanus just renamed the M8. These washers are compatible with M6 screws in the same way that size 40 pants are compatible with a size 30 waist.The end result doesn’t just look bad (because the washers don’t stay centered around the screw), it actually affects the integrity of the hardware.Look at the pic of an M6 screw in an M8 washer. Because the washer’s inner diameter is so big, it can move to one side and almost completely slip through the bracket. Even worse, the bracket itself is made to accommodate M8 screws, which means the head of an M6 screw can also slip through with little effort. Granted, this isn’t possible on the bottom holes of the bracket (because they’re round, not elongated), so it’s not like there’s a real chance of your TV falling off the bracket, but come on…seriously, Sanus? Listed price for this mount is $330, and you can’t provide 4 washers that actually fit?If I knew nothing else about Sanus, this alone would convince me not to buy their products. Why? Because it implies that this company’s engineers are fine with hacks and kludges, and it implies the company will cut significant corners to save a trivial amount of money.A third problem I encountered was with the plastic covers on the wall bracket. The instructions aren’t very clear on how to remove these, and the process is definitely not intuitive, mostly because it’s such a cheap, inelegant solution that you’d never expect it on a “premium” TV mount. Essentially, there is a small clasp at both ends of the cover, and to remove it, you slide the ends towards the center, causing the plastic cover to bow outward. Mind you, this is a single piece of plastic; there’s no moving parts. To replace the cover, you literally bend it like a bow, place it over the wall bracket, and release. But don’t bend it too much, because that will cause permanent discoloration, and then it’s [more] obvious your premium TV mount is covered in cheap plastic.The instructions never mention the clasps, and they’re not shown in the illustrations. The step for removing the plastic cover literally just says:”Pull out one end of each wall plate cover and remove (to expose the mounting holes).”What happens when I try to pull out one end? It immediately snaps off the clasp that Sanus never mentioned and which I didn’t know existed.To top it all off, these plastic covers don’t even really fit. They can’t lay flat against the wall bracket, because the arm pushes it outward. In other words, the plastic cover is forced to stay slightly bowed, which means it doesn’t fully extend into the corners to create a seamless look. Basically, these covers were an afterthought. They are made of thin, flimsy plastic because they must be bent to install/remove them, and even when installed they remain slightly bent. This is a poor design, poorly executed, with poor instructions. And of course, as a bonus, one of my covers hangs down in the corner where I broke the clasp.I finally get the TV mounted, and as I step back to admire my work, I realize the TV is not vertically centered on the wall, despite my careful planning and use of Sanus’ Heightfinder tool. Instead, the TV is about 3.25 inches lower than expected. Presumably this is a result of problem #1, which prevented me from centering my TV on the TV bracket. Sure, this TV mount fell WAY short of its “premium” marketing claims, but at least I could hide it behind a perfectly-centered TV, right? No. Turns out, Sanus put just as much effort into their Heightfinder as they did their Mountfinder, spacers, washers, bracket covers, and overall product design.And by that I mean little-to-no effort.I could go on. The mount incorporates way too much plastic, especially in critical components, to qualify as a “premium” product. The plastic cable covers look splotchy and cheap. The main joints are so tight, my mother isn’t strong enough to adjust the TV position (and no instructions were provided to address this). The TV bracket prevents the normal position of the power cable (i.e., angled downward). Etc., etc., etc.In short, virtually everything about this product has been extremely disappointing. If I had to boil this whole experience down into a few tips, this is what I’d say:- Measure the VESA holes on the back of your TV. Are they just under 6 mm across (i.e., M6)? If yes, do not buy this TV mount. Probably best to avoid Sanus entirely, since their “M8 hardware pretending to be M6-compatible” problem exists across multiple products.- Does the back of your TV have anything sticking out past 22 mm? If so, this isn’t the TV mount for you (unless you bring your own spacers).- Don’t trust the Mountfinder or the Heightfinder tools on Sanus’ website. Their recommendations have not been verified by Sanus.- If you are a perfectionist or an engineer, this is not the product for you. And I’m guessing Sanus isn’t the brand for you (assuming all their products are equally cheap and poorly designed).Now…let’s talk about the positives.The wall bracket and arm assembly feel very sturdy.This concludes my review of the Sanus VLF628.

  2. Laszlo

    They are not kidding about their US-based Customer Support….This was my first TV wall mount project, and I failed to do any research for my particular TV, mistakenly assuming VESA standards ruled. My 2015 LG EF-9500 55” OLED turned out to be an exception to that. I have a large 3D Blu-Ray collection and this TV is one of the last models that supports 3D playback. For the record, LG had a $400 proprietary wall mount which had been long discontinued and not available. Another company listed a wall mount for this particular TV, but it appeared significantly inferior to the Sanus in design and overall quality.Ordered the Sanus VLF628-B1 mount without knowing what I realized halfway thru the project: the mount is NOT compatible with this model, according to the Mount Finder on their website. Of course I only realized this after I had already mounted the wall-bracket, ignoring the process laid out in the manual (excellent, BTW). Pictures 2 & 3 clearly show the 4 mount sockets were not in a VESA/square pattern but in different vertical alignment!!! Spent some quality time searching for any kind of bracket extension, came up empty….again at this point I had spent 4 hours on this project with the wall mount solidly fused to my bedroom wall of what appeared to be a doomed effort from the beginning.Another thing I failed to realize how robust and well-engineered this mount was. That being said, the shipping weight of the Sanus mount is SUPER HEAVY compared to its mass! Out of desperation, I had called Sanus Customer Support after an idea popped into my head. The included TV mount bracket assembly shown in pictures 2-3 consists of two adjustable vertical brackets to provide support for attaching the TV to the mount. But on my TV they only lined up to 2 out of 4 sockets!!! After a further exchange with Sanus support, their Product Engineering team had graciously agreed to ship an EXTRA TV mount assembly via Next Day Air free of charge to try out my idea to add two more vertical support brackets for a total of 4 onto the rails. I’m not a handyman by any means, however, after a few minor adjustments I had managed the impossible, the bracket hole patterns had finally lined up to the 6 mm metal sockets and finally managed the TV mounted to the modified bracket (Pictures 4-6)! The rest of the work took less than 20 minutes not counting the wiring, glass shelves installation and APC AC-wallwart installation.Obviously the main “Lessons Learned” from this project is that prior research is a must. Regardless of how well-engineered and manufactured a product like the Sanus mount is, there are thousands of devices out there to accommodate growing by the minute. What took me by surprise this day and age, just how far Sanus Customer Support was willing to go out of their way to accommodate a use case the product simply wasn’t designed to support, not to mention the additional cost of accelerated shipping and the extra part itself!I have since then placed another order for a different Sanus mount to take care of my 2018 SONY 49” X800S UHD LED panel for my home office. Yes, it does have a 200 mm VESA socket pattern but it’s good to know there is someone to answer the phone if something unexpected happens….

  3. Sue

    Five StarsVery good product.

  4. maribel

    Excelente productoEs un soporte de pared súper resistente de excelente calidad vale la pena invertir en el, muy recomendable

  5. TH

    The product is heavy and therefore an extra hand installing it is really a mustLove the product, I had to extend my TV 20” to clear the cabinet…this was easy to do after installing it

  6. Emily Crober

    Was not able to use it due to lack of studs on my wallWas not able to use it due to lack of studs on my wall

  7. Mike Dudar

    Well made and strong.I have a couple Sanus mounts. Well made strong and no sagging after time. Easy to adjust once mounted.

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