Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount for TVs Up to 90″ – Brushed Black Finish with FluidMotion™ Design for Smooth

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Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Tilt
Brand Sanus
Material Alloy Steel
TV Size 90 Inches
Color Black
  • Universal Mounting Design – The SANUS Premium tilt and swivel tv mount VLF728 fits most 32” – 90” LED, LCD, OLED & plasma TV screens. It is universally designed to fit major brand TVs including Vizio, Insignia, TCL, Toshiba, Samsung & more. Adaptive, this premium mount fits any VESA pattern from 100 x 100 to 600 x 400.
  • Low Profile – thoughtfully engineered, it’s designed to place your TV 2.15” from the wall when retracted for a flush profile. This mounts also features an integrated cable management system to conceal unsightly power and HDMI cable. This maintains a sophisticated and streamlined look that blends seamlessly into any décor.
  • Smooth Tilt, Extension & Swivel – Featuring our patented FluidMotion technology, this flat-screen TV mount articulates with unparalleled smoothness. With up to 15º of tilt forward, 5º backward, and 57º of swivel left and right plus 28” extension, you know you will get a great picture no matter where you are seated.
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship – Our TV mounts are crafted with the highest grade premium steel and skillfully engineered with innovative technology to fit your most demanding standards. They are also UL Certified, meaning the VLF728 is tested to support 4 times the rated weight limit.
  • 3 Steps Easy Install & U.S Based Customer Service – Simple & intuitive, the SANUS VLF728 comes pre-assembled with all the hardware for an installation in less than 30 min. It’s compatible with wood studs and solid concrete blocks. For added peace of mind, locking mechanisms hold the TV securely in place on the wall plate. When you buy with SANUS, you also get our world-class customer service, available 7 days a week to help you when needed.

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Product Description

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The included Steady Set functionality ensures the TV screen will stay exactly where you want it – no drifting, shifting or unwanted movement ever.


Inspired by today’s TVs and ultra-high-end kitchen appliances, the Advanced Full-Motion Mounts feature a stylish brushed metal exterior that is designed to blend seamlessly with TVs and décor.


Expertly engineered with FluidMotion design, the Advanced Full-Motion Mounts provide unparalleled smoothness. Effortlessly extend, tilt and swivel TVs regardless of its size, weight or thickness.


With a lower profile depth than traditional full-motion mounts, the Advanced Full-Motion Mounts position TVs closer to the wall creating a more streamlined look.

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Additional information

Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 2.15 × 33.8 × 17.68 cm
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Item Weight

41 pounds

Product Dimensions

2.15 x 33.8 x 17.68 inches

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Date First Available

July 1 2019



10 reviews for Sanus Premium Full Motion TV Wall Mount for TVs Up to 90″ – Brushed Black Finish with FluidMotion™ Design for Smooth

  1. D Nelson

    Recommended by Wirecutter for ease of installationPackaged well against shipping damage despite being dense heavy metal.Installation is extremely easy. TV mounting plate rests flat against TV or with spaces as needed. Has both 6mm and 8mm long and short screws.Wall mount comes with drilling guide for ease of drilling. Comes included with 4 lag screws requiring 1/4” drilled hole into wood studs and turns with 1/2” socket wrench. Also has concrete anchors. The Lag screw holes are covered with a shiny plastic cover that matches the metal.Mounting the TV is extremely easy with it’s hook and click mechanism. Simply pick up and lower it down. We attached it with the arm extended to allow better visualization of the hooking location. Very adjustable.Once mounted there is zero wiggle and arms move smoothly. The cable covers are located in the two arms and can hold 2-3 standard cables each from one end to the other end of the arm. The cable covers are completely removable and are easy to install.

  2. Sam

    Not exactly 3 stepsOverall, I am impressed with the fluidity of moving the TV after installed. It works really well, seems very sturdy.It is not exactly 3 steps to mount this. There is step 1, then 1a, 1b, etc. So it ends up being a lot more steps than they advertise, even if it is only 3 major categories of steps.Most of my issue came with how my outlets and conduit were set up ahead of time. If you are placing your own holes / conduit and outlets, then make sure to account for the vertical bracers on the wall mount. They are almost flush with the wall and cannot move past the outlets from left to right. also, there are a lot of issues of the set up blocking any outlets in general behind the TV so you will have to trouble shoot how to run power cords, etc. (it does have places to run cords, although they are only modestly helpful).The final issue that knocked this down from 5 stars to 4 is the spacers they include to mount to the TV. Make sure you look into the of your TV. On my Samsung, because it is a curved back, the lower two bolts are deeper than the upper to bolts, causing a lot of headache trying to find the right spacers. I had to mix and match the upper and lower because the various bolts they provided were never long enough. It does give a short warning that you might need to find what spacers your TV requires (if they even come with any). This can be a headache to find out for TVs in my experience so far.


    Very pleasedHeavy and very sturdy. Very easy to maneuver and place in different views. Installation was not bad at all and I really appreciate having plenty of room to work in the back of the tv conecto y cables and hiding cables accordingly. Highly recommended.

  4. L. Alleluia

    A few improvements and it would be perfectPros:- Sturdy and easily moves, and tilts. We bought it to use to watch straight ahead in the living room, and swing to the side to watch from the dining area. Does this perfectly.- installation of the wall mounting bracket was easy with ample instructions and videos- customer service was a quick phone call to a very knowledgeable personCons:- Although the compatibility checker showed the mount as compatible with my new Sony Bravia, the right length screw for the tv bracket was not in the packets of screws in spite of struggling to get it to work with them. Fortunately, we purchased an Echo Gear Mount for another screen which had a bigger variety of screws, enough to mount the Echo Gear Mount and the Sanus (Thank you Echo Gear). The helpful customer service person confirmed this.- the wire management covers are made of thin plastic, but they are snapped in so tightly that I had to use a hammer and screw driver to free it I risked breaking the plastic. I struggled for a while trying to do it by hand before resigning to using a hammer and screw driverIf you need the extra flexibility, it’s a good choice. If you don’t need it, save some time and money and go with the Echo Gear Mount.

  5. Philip Masi

    Great product for TVs that requre lots of turning and positioning!Very heavy and sturdy. Professionally hung by a handyman.

  6. Joe

    Good qualityInstalled today. The mount is for my Sony Bravia TV. Everything went smoothly without problem. Just keep in mind it doesn’t have level included, luckily I have my owen from provious mount. It woud be great if they can add it.

  7. T

    Very high quality mount, very difficult to installThis mount is very sturdy and of excellent quality. I have a Sony A90J 83″ and it’s holding with no issues. The sanus heighfinder will automatically account for the off center Vesa mount pattern on the relevant TV, just make sure you select off center mount.The cable channels allow for cables to be routed without risk of pinching, if adjusted just right.Now for the bad: this is very difficult to install. It took about 3 hours to install this mount. The instructions are mostly pictures and it is not immediately obvious what is meant to be done. The included m6x12 screws meant for Vesa mounting flush without any cable space are not even long enough to make it through the sanus mounting holes (not even accounting for the TV holes). I had to use the 35mm screws with both the 5mm and 2.5mm spacer to get the bracket mounted to the TV. This of course took a lot of trial and error as sanus instructions did not mention this possibility. This receives a 1 star for ease of installation, primarily because the instructions are way too minimal and relies on trial and error to find the correct mounting configuration.

  8. Larry A. Mitchel

    Major concern — NOT the product, but the packagingI bought this Sanus mount based on an Amazon description of “Refurbished.” That was somewhat misleading of Amazon, but it may be the closest descriptor they have to describe this item’s condition.The whole shipment arrived inside a much larger carton. When I opened that outer carton I discovered why this item was priced down: The manufacturer’s packaging was highly damaged. See the first photo above.Something mechanical had obviously caught the corner of the manufacturer’s outer carton and torn it and the inner box for 17-18 inches.However — inside the inner box, the mount itself is in a plastic shroud. That shroud had not been torn or damaged at all. See photo 3.So, I’m going to take a chance with this product, believing that the damage to the packaging does not translate into damage to the mount itself.The critical problem is that I won’t be installing this mount until 2-3 weeks AFTER the return window has closed. My next act will be to contact Customer Service and ask for the counsel.Oh, by the way — This mount is massive!

  9. Maria

    You get what you pay forLove it. It’s a dream to install, tune, and use compared to cheaper mounts.My only complaint is that the integrated cable management can’t handle my TV’s AC plug. The passage through the hinge between the two arms is too narrow.Some other reviews warned about using Sanus’s height finder utility with off-center VESA mounts like LGs have. When I used it, height finder was able to compensate for it and even knew the right offset measurement given my TV’s model number.

  10. Dan Uhlhorn

    As advertisedSolid, wellcrafted

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