Sanus SF34-B1 Steel Foundation IV 34″ Black

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Product details

Brand Sanus
Material Metal
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15 x 11.52 x 34 inches
Color Black
Item Weight 34.2 Pounds
  • Supports speakers up to 25 lb.
  • Metal construction
  • Speaker cable management
  • Speaker bolt-mounting option

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Additional information

Weight 34.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11.52 × 34 cm
Product Dimensions

15 x 11.52 x 34 inches

Item Weight

34.2 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

March 19 2011


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10 reviews for Sanus SF34-B1 Steel Foundation IV 34″ Black

  1. Allen S

    Well made, good finish, superb packing.I just finished assembling these, so I thought I’d share some time saving tips.First, they are very sturdy, heavy, and the crinkle finish is nice. There were very well packed with everything in plastic bags the bases were in separate boxes then in plastic bags too. Not a scratch on anything.Assembly is pretty straightforward, and that’s good because the instructions are minimal, but if you match the right screws, you’re half way there.The only tool you need is a large Phillips head screwdriver. Anything requiring an hex wrench, its provided.(I didn’t)It’s awkward to attach the posts to the base because they’re all heavy and you need one more hand. I suggest you lay it on a table sideways or in my case, the bed.I noticed the top plate has more holes than required. Maybe the top is used with other products too.But I tried turning the base so it sits off center using the extra holes (the spacing still works with the posts)This allows the speakers to sit farther forward or sideways; in my case, I wanted the stands to sit behind my TV stand so I could let the speakers go a couple inches farther forward.The speaker plate does have a 1/4″ hole dead center so you can attach a speaker that has a center fitting.I have Audioengine A5+ and they do. Sanus even provides a screw and an Allen wrench to tighten them. DOH, the 5/8″ screw is too long for my speakers so I’m off to Lowe’s for a 1/4″ X 1/2″ (or some washers.) By mounting the plates off center, tightening the screw is easy.The best advice when assembling them is don’t assume the feet are all the same. It’s mentioned in the instructions, but it didn’t ring true until I saw them in action. Because the base is curved, the feet are different on the left and right, the slot is at an angle. I recommend assembling everything, then turn it upside down and put the feet on last. if you have the wrong part, it’s glaring obvious because it’s lopsided.I had to mix and match, but Sanus did have four of each so it was fine.I didn’t use the spikes, but they are included as well as rubber feet.As someone commented, putting sand in is impossible without drilling.(Even though the instructions say “Put sand or shot in now”. DUH?I think they’re plenty heavy without. And the base is sturdy.The cable routing is chintzy, but I used it. I usually take some double sided Velcro, cut it into a strip 1/2″ wide by 6″ long and wrap it around the post to secure the cables. I’ll do that here too. You can buy it by the foot at fabric stores and it’s as valuable as duct tape sometimes.

  2. DaveH

    My new SVS bookshelf speakers fit nicely and look proportional to this standReally a 4 1/2. They are much bigger in person than in a photo. My new SVS bookshelf speakers fit nicely and look proportional to this stand. There must not be a universal standard for stands and speaker mounting though – the stands have various mounting holes that “some speakers” support, but not SVS. I used Blu-Tac to mount, which was easy enough, but 6×6 top plate is a bit small for larger bookshelves. The stated 25 lb. load spec is extremely conservative, I’d guess these would hold 75 lbs. easily. I’ve used Sanus TV wall mounts and have been constantly impressed with the sturdiness and documentation. These are a step under their TV mounts from an engineering standpoint, but much better than most of the junk level stands on Amazon. The two vertical columns don’t line up vertically by themselves, takes some friendly persuasion, and the single screw holding the column would be much sturdier with two screws. I’ve really never ran into a sand/no sand debate before buying these, but can’t possibly see the need for sand unless you attempted to put full towers on them. I have the stands on a hardwood floor, using the rubber feet – which are overly difficult to install into the floor plate holes, and forget sliding the stands with the rubber feet installed, as they pull out of the hole. The wire management is the most disappointing non-feature, with just a big loop at the very top, and very bottom. Adding a home fix for wire management is difficult as the very nice powder coat paint allows almost nothing to stick to it. Large black cable ties was about all I did in the end. In summary, despite the numerous areas that could be improved, they’re only slightly overpriced, and the best mid priced choice.

  3. Ajtrek

    Excellent Build QualityThe Sanus sF34-B1 Steel Foundation IV speaker stands are a great value for the price (probably at any price for that matter). They are very sturdy and stable. Rated to hold speakers weighing 25lbs and probably could. I plan to mate them with a set of Definitive D7’s weighing in at 10lbs each.The foot print of the D7’s at 5-9/16″W x 9-1/8″D only slightly exceeds the 6-inch by 6.5-inch pedestal in any direction. I probably would not exceed a speaker footprint of 12″ x 12″ without using the included speakers anchors to keep them firmly secured.As advertised they come with all the necessary hardware for any type of flooring. There’s also the option to fill the tubes with sand or other dense material to improve stability. Although the specs read as 34″ in height; by my measurements they are about an inch shy of that spec. Maybe using the carpet spikes adds a bit more height.My only complaint is the instruction manual on assembly which is why only 2 stars in that area. It is the worst manual I have ever used…well if not the worst it’s ranks in the top 5. There’s no logical assembly sequence or continuity. Even with the extremely flawed instruction manual I still have then rate them 5 Stars overall. I highly recommend these stands.

  4. Speed Daemon

    They WorkThe instructions were incomplete, which is a pet peeve of mine. There were enough to get me started though, and I figured out the rest.IIRC some past reviews have complained that there’s no place to put in sand–there is. I wouldn’t do it personally, as adding weight only helps if you’re using these to work out. :)My NHT Classic 3 speakers are a bit large for the top plinth, but there’s enough there to support them with confidence. If I had children I would rig some straps to keep the speakers attached when knocked over, or just put the speakers on bookshelves til the kids grew up. The spikes seem to work in getting through the carpet and into the floor beneath. I’m not a big fan of spikes either, but in this case the speakers are light enough that spikes don’t make it all but impossible to reposition the speakers. When I get new carpeting, I’ll probably not use them. I was pleased to see that other types of “feet” were included. The 34″ height put my 3-way speakers at an ideal height for listening from my furniture, that doesn’t put my backside down near the floor. If you have low-slung furniture or sit on the floor, these might be too high.

  5. S. Colley

    Not a stand for audiophiles, but reasonable for the cost.Pro’s – Look great – Plenty of heft – heavy even without filling – Lots of speaker mounting options – Steel top plate, bottom plate and vertical tubesCons – Lot’s of side to side play (does not matter so much) – Some front to back play (matters a lot, and is the MAJOR drawback to these stands) – Cannot easily fill the upright steel tubes. (But drilling a hold in the top of the tubes might make that possible. They are clearly hollow.) – The instructions are poorly written. Plan on having to figure out some of the assembly yourself. – Cable management is just a loop at the top, and bottom, of the rear tube to pass a speaker cable through.Taking the good with the bad, I think they are worth the price. But they are not the rock-solid stands you could get if you paid few hundred more dollars.

  6. MG

    Lack of cable management makes it 3 stars instead of 5Good looking, sturdy and solid speaker stands. Overall, a nice product, but, the lack of cable management is a really big miss. In summary, you cannot hide the speaker wire anywhere. The stands come with two plastic rings to hold in the wire at the top and the bottom, but it’s pretty worthless.To solve the problem, I drilled 3 holes: 1 in foot stand itself, and 2 in the back tube (top and bottom). That allowed me to run the cable under the footstand and up to the back tube, into the tube and then out by the back of the speaker.I understand Sanus’ thinking in that the tube could be used to fill with sand or another material for additional weight, but provided there’s only 3 little holes into each tube, I doubt that’s a widely adopted use case. But, I can guess most owners would love to hide their speaker wire.

  7. M. Pecnik

    Much better than expected – worth every pennySturdy, heavy and looks great. I was a bit surprised by the build quality if I am honest, as I expected metal stands, but not of such quality. Material is sturdy, powder coat paint looks great and stands by itself are quite heavy. There is option to weight them down even more with adding sand (also written in instructions), but by my opinion, not needed. I have pair of Klipsch R-15M on them and it looks great. Even standing on a thick rug, is not moving and unless somebody will hit the stand, I am not expecting speakers to fall over anytime soon.Would recommend the purchase, although the stands do have slightly higher price then rest of offers out there. Honestly, I was not even planning to buy these. But since they were only ones I would get in time and 34″ tall, they were only option for me. Now, after getting them, I am not re-considering even a penny I paid for them. They are worth it.

  8. Rex Kullmann

    Tall and stable, but Lacking Good Cable ManagementFirst, a correction. These stands can NOT be filled with sand or anything else. Both ends of the tubes are blocked by threaded end caps that bolt to the top plate and base. There are tiny gaps, but unless you’re willing to put the sand in one grain at a time, you’re out of luck.Another disappointment is the wire management. There’s a large loop at the top beneath the speaker plate and another at the base. There’s no attempt to hide the wire.Aside from these two complaints, these are tall and stable stands that hold surround speakers up where they need to be for a seated listener. They are heavy, with a broad enough base that I don’t get the jitters when there’s a toddler in the house.These were just what I was looking for. I just wish that speaker wire was hidden better.

  9. jaxtrauma

    If you own good speakers, you owe it to them…These stands allowed my Audioengine HD6 speakers to open up to their full potential. I was cutting off half the sound by having them on a desktop. Its an unbelievable difference in the sound once they were free of the horizontal plane. I thought they sounded good before, but wow, incredible sound. Makes me look even smarter now 🙂 They’re quite sturdy, are of quality craftsmanship and are easy to assemble. But I didn’t buy these as furniture (and they look great BTW), it was to let my speakers be all they can be… The best reason to acquire speaker stands.

  10. Rehomore

    Good For MeThere are very nice stands, solid, heavy and attractive. Are they good enough for an audiophile? I don’t know, but they are good for me. A bit daunting when you get everything out of the package, as there is a LOT of hardware. Pretty easy to assemble ultimately if you are patient and think each step through. I paired them with a pair of black Sonos Play 5s and they look very good. No problem at all, unless you want to place the speakers vertically. In that case, the spikes that go on the top plate don’t work well. Horizontally, the speakers don’t go anywhere and would be pretty hard to knock over. Placed on a hardwood floor with the rubber feet, the top plate is exactly 33, not 34 inches from the floor.

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