Sauder Dakota Pass 4-Drawer Chest, Craftsman Oak finish

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Product details

Brand Sauder
Material Oak
Finish Type Craftsman Oak Finish
Product Dimensions 32.68″D x 17.52″W x 43.23″H
Number of Drawers 4
Color Craftsman Oak
  • Item Does Not Contain Fabric
  • Safety tested for stability to help reduce tip-over accidents
  • Drawers with metal runners and safety stops feature patented T-lock assembly system for easy assembly
  • Quick and easy assembly with patented slide-on moldings – because we know your time is valuable
  • This chest has been thoroughly tested in an ISO 17025 accredited lab that is Underwriters Laboratories certified
  • It meets ASTM International’s industry standard ASTM F2057-19 Safety Specification for Clothing Storage Units, which is intended to reduce hazards to children 5 and under due to tip-over of furniture

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Looking to add a touch of rustic-inspired beauty to your bedroom décor? You can do just that with this charming chest of drawers from the Dakota Pass collection. This handsome dresser features four large drawers that open and close on smooth metal runners. These spacious drawers are ideal for easy access storage of anything from your assortment of button up flannels and blue jeans to your stash of old t-shirts and pajama pants. It has room for all your stuff! Its top surface also makes a great place to display all your favorite home décor or other bedroom essentials like your makeup bag, an accent lamp, bottles of cologne or your array of knick-knacks. It is detailed with uniquely styled drawer fronts and Barrel Pewter hardware to give it an extra touch of style that is sure to complement in your bedroom. Finished in Craftsman Oak, this good-looking 4-drawer chest is the solution to all your storage woes.

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Additional information

Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 32.68 × 17.52 × 43.23 cm




Finish Type

Craftsman Oak Finish

Number of Drawers



Craftsman Oak



Furniture Finish


Product Care Instructions

Wipe with Dry Cloth

Assembly Required


Model Name

Dakota Pass


L: 32.68 x W: 17.52 x H: 43.23

Number of Pieces


Product Dimensions

18.75 x 49.88 x 7.75 inches, 32.68D x 17.52W x 43.23H

Item Weight

99 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Fabric Type

Item Does Not Contain Fabric

Finish Types

Craftsman Oak Finish

Warranty Description

5 years parts.

Batteries Required


Included Components

Materials Assembly instructions Hardware


Sauder, Sauder Woodworking Co

10 reviews for Sauder Dakota Pass 4-Drawer Chest, Craftsman Oak finish

  1. Morris DeSimone

    Quality materials and sturdy end productThe completed project takes about one hour. Sturdy furniture when complete. Looks nice and drawers operate smoothly.

  2. E

    Beautiful drawer, patience required during assemblyI love this dresser. The drawers are super spacious. It’s sturdy and has all the things you’d want in a dresser. It’s pretty, too. The drawers, though, are super tricky to assemble. I had to re-assemble two of the drawers. While my first go around was a total fail, I figured it out the second time around. When assembling, it’s really important to bend the drawer sides at a 45 degree angle, inward, as you’re locking the sides into the front of the drawer. Then bring them back to 90 degrees. This will lock them in. You should not be able to see the grooves at all in the completed drawer. My other recommendation is to gently use a drill on low power instead of a screw driver. The instructions say to not use a drill, but this slows down the assembly, which is why my drawers kept getting bent out of shape. I just can’t hold something steady that long while also trying manually screw something in place. Finally, the side rollers of the drawers were getting stuck at first. Easy solution–WD40. They slide a little too well now. 🙂 I had moments when I was hating myself through assembly, but honestly, now that I figured it out, it’s perfect and I think it will last many many good years.

  3. NY Dave

    Error prone to build; beautiful resultTL;DR: beautiful; heavy; simple yet long, error-prone assembly.Finally put this together and it’s beautiful. With free delivery and a low price, this was an incredible deal even compared to ikea.However, there are many ways the assembly can go wrong, leaving you disappointed. The dresser itself is also 70+ pounds so be careful there and have a friend help. I live on a 4th floor walk-up so it was tough getting it up there.Exercise patience while assembling and go back a step or two if you mess up. As other reviewers mentioned, make sure to be very precise with the drawer guides on the sides. I encountered a few issues with the drawers getting stuck which I fixed by making sure the guides were all aligned the same way and by further tightening the screws holding them in place. If they wiggle at all, you’re going to have a bad time.Follow the instructions to a tee and read before assembling; it’s worth the slow-down, trust me. Since I messed up in a few places, the assembly took about 3-4 hours. Set aside a decent chunk of time to get it right—you won’t regret it.

  4. Marcus

    Extreme value for the costIt hadn’t occurred to me that for the price I was paying the item was likely not assembled, so I was a bit shocked when it got delivered. That having been said, the assembly process was extremely simple. You don’t need to have a drill (the directions even say not to), but there are a handful of medium-long screws that I drove in with a drill. 80-90% of it I did with a single Phillips-head screw driver.Once it was completely put together it looks great and is shockingly sturdy. I am extremely happy with this purchase compared to spending upwards for $500 in person. I will recommend this to anyone in the market for a dresser. I bought this because my girlfriend moved in and we needed more space, so it was a nice bonding experience for us to put this together.10/10 Exceptional experience and exceptional product!

  5. Amanda K.

    Easy to assemble, beautiful dresser that is well worth it’s priceI received this dresser a few days ago. I’m so pleasantly surprised by the quality of this dresser given the price! I have been purchasing cheaper particle board dressers for a few years now, and have always become frustrated by how easily they fall apart. I can already tell by the quality of these materials that this is going to be durable. My FAVORITE thing about this though are the midbeam supports in the middle of each drawer. The biggest issue I’ve had with dressers in the past is sagging overtime, and the bottom insert falling out. Oh, and it looks really beautiful and like an expensive piece of furniture. I have also purchased the 6-drawer dresser to have a matching set, and I have high hopes for it as well.The assembly is quite easy, especially if you have two people. The instruction manual is very thorough, with excellent diagrams and very clear labeling of parts. Some reviewers have mentioned that the drawers are misaligned during assembly. I did not have this problem, and I made sure to line the side rails as straight as possible before tightening the screws. I did not detect any damage to any of the pieces either.Overall, I highly recommend this dresser, especially if you’re want something that looks nice on a budget.

  6. Mike T

    Not bad for the price.Pretty nice dresser! Some of the other reviews are right that some of the panels are not labeled with stickers. Some had the part numbers just written on the side. Those that had none at all were pretty easy to figure out. Reviewers that say it’s not sturdy must not have put it together right because mine is solid, even on carpet.Like another reviewer I decided to add much nicer, longer, self shutting rails for the drawers and that was a great call. I also added old sprinkler knobs for the pulls.

  7. SS

    If you buy this you might want to buy ball bearing drawer slides instead of what comes with itThe product is nice looking and solid.The euro drawer slides it comes with ruin the product as many 1 star reviews can attest. After being upset and calling sauder (no help) I called amazon and they were very caring and listened. I went ahead and bought a set of 5 ball bearing 14 inch sliders on amazon for $32.99. I removed the non functioning sliders that were on the drawers even using the same holes and screws on the dresser , but had to screw in 2 holes per side on the drawer no problem. Now I have a quality great looking heavy dresser with drawers that come out smoothly and all the way. It came with 12 3/4 inch sliders so some of the drawer didn’t come out. It’s a shame Sauder didn’t use ball bearing sliders because they fit the drawers and dresser just fine and then they would have 4 or 5 stars from almost everyone. If I hadn’t changed the sliders I could not push the drawers in completely because they wouldn’t open without brute force which could easily break the drawers and the whole dresser. The sliders that came with the dresser should be thrown away and replaced with ball bearing sliders. First picture is the new slider. 2nd picture is the ones it comes with (very bad).

  8. Colin Boyle

    BEST PURCHASE EVERI bought an expensive dresser from Wayfair for my baby’s nursery and it is AWFUL. Came with broken pieces, every single drawer catches, and was not worth the money. I needed more storage so I just bought this piece hoping it would be better and I LOVE IT. I put it together by myself at almost 7 months pregnant and it was pretty easy since everything is labeled. The drawers are deep and smooth sliding. It looks expensive and now I’m looking at buying the matching dresser to replace the crap one from Wayfair! It also arrived a day early. I saw some of the negative reviews and I think the unsturdiness/uneven drawers that some people are experiencing may just be from the way they were screwed in. I had one crooked drawer in the end but all I did was loosen the screws, readjust, and reattach it. Cannot be happier!!!

  9. Michael

    Good looking rustic chest that hard to put togetherIt took me a while to get this chest together by myself the hard part was getting the sides and the bottom and top panels to stay together. They should have just stuck with the pins and metal cam locks instead of the plastic garbage cams. Once that part was done the rest of the unit went to together pretty smoothly. Before I put in the drawers I noticed a slight side ways wobble in the chest due to the bottom plate. I retighen the plastic cams, but it’s still there. The drawers works just fine with no hang ups. I going have to purchase some triangle braces to place on the bottom back side to try and stiffen it up. Anyway I think it’s a nice looking rustic unit.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Great for my needSolid and sturdy. Drawers are a little crooked, but they close. Someone with patience and skill could adjust that, lol. But I’m good just the way it is. Once together and set up, no intention of moving it around often. It is heavy. I would not plan for adult clothes other than undergarments, socks, shorts. Study the measurement of the drawers if thinking for pants or sweaters.

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