Sauder Edge Water Entertainment Credenza, For TV’s up to 55″, Estate Black finish

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Color Estate Black Finish
Brand Sauder
Size For TV’s up to 55″,
Item Weight 112 Pounds
Style Transitional
  • Accommodates up to a 55″ TV weighing 95 lbs. or less
  • Adjustable center shelf holds audio/video equipment
  • Two adjustable shelves behind each framed, safety-tempered glass door
  • Drawer with metal runners and safety stops features patented T-lock assembly system
  • Estate Black finish

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Time for an entertainment upgrade? Freshen up your living room with this modern cottage inspired entertainment credenza from the Edge Water collection. It accommodates up to a 55″ TV, great for a movie night or game day. It includes an adjustable center shelf for video/gaming equipment, two adjustable shelves behind each framed glass door, and one drawer with smooth metal runners. Finished in a striking Estate Black, this stand with give your home that authentic style you’ve been looking for.

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Additional information

Weight 112 kg
Dimensions 58.82 × 18.03 × 26.81 cm
Product Dimensions

58.82 x 18.03 x 26.81 inches

Item Weight

112 pounds



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Finish Types

Estate Black Finish

Assembly Required


Number of Pieces


Warranty Description

5 year parts.

Number of Shelves


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Materials Assembly instructions Hardware

Import Designation

Made in US


Sauder Woodworking

10 reviews for Sauder Edge Water Entertainment Credenza, For TV’s up to 55″, Estate Black finish

  1. heather

    Great item for the price!I didn’t want to spend hundreds (to thousands) on an entertainment stand. This is great quality for the price. It had a couple of dings but I just used a furniture pen. Not worth returning and you can’t even see them. The instructions were some of the best I’ve ever had for any assembly I’ve ever done. Looks nice and it’s a pretty substantial size which I also wanted to go underneath a 70 inch wall-hung TV. Cabinet doors were a little tricky but they’re adjustable so it worked. Item is super heavy and I assembled alone, so I just unpacked the box right from the front porch and brought each piece inside. Worked just fine!

  2. J McAfee

    An Excellent ValueThe 5-star rating is a reflection of the relative VALUE of the product, and the great customer service by Sauder. Nobody would equate this to a $2500 piece of fine furniture made with hardwoods, which we looked at, but could not swallow the price/value ratio. This is made mostly with particleboard with a vinyl print which has limited durability. Used in the right setting, this could last for years.Pros:* This ships in one box. I’m impressed with the quality of the packaging to protect the contents.* Sauder customer service is excellent. One part had a cosmetic flaw on the exterior surface, more likely from manufacturing rather than shipping. Several hinges for the doors were bent to a variable degree up to 8 degrees less than the 90 degrees required in the closed position (strange), thus the doors would rest in a partially open position that could not be corrected by the hinge adjustments. Sauder instantly replaced these parts without question.* Assembly instructions are excellent, with all parts labeled. Hardware is simple and very ingenious.* The unit seems structurally rigid despite the limited points of fixation where parts join. Only one part was glued.* It is very functional, with usable space for your components.* I appreciate the high center shelf for the dialog (center) speaker.Cons:* The shipping box is very heavy, over 100#. The UPS driver was dragging it on the ground to my door. Fortunately, nothing was damaged. I suggest meeting the driver to give assistance. It shipped by Air, rather than Ground, which probably gives better treatment en route.* The holes in the back panel through which the cables are fed are too small. A hole saw fixes that problem!* Standard width A/V components, such as a receiver, measure 17 -17.25″ wide. The door must be removed to insert the component into the left/right sides of the cabinet, and the hinges will completely block placing the component on a shelf at the same level. Plan accordingly; I had to place the receiver on a shelf above a hinge.* Ventilation is almost non-existent behind the doors. Not a problem for most components, but a high power receiver/amp could potentially overheat. A hole saw will be your friend.* There are no pass-through holes between the outer and center sections, or through the shelves. Thus cable routing between components must pass out to the rear of the cabinet. You know of a familiar tool to mitigate this…* This is not durable against physical damage, and repair options are limited. It may not survive multiple moves, and be careful in the handling.

  3. Maubetha

    Had to request replacement for bottom because it was reversed…in other words did not line upVery elegant.

  4. Rebecca Charlotte Burns-DiMarino

    Good Product, Good ExperienceFirst time purchasing an assembly required piece of furniture through the mail, without having an option to just pack it up and haul it right back to the store if pieces were missing or broken, so I was a little apprehensive. The piece (in my mind) was exactly what I was looking for at a price I was willing to pay, so I risked it. When the box came it was slightly damaged, so out of fear that I totally made the wrong choice in purchasing it, I took pictures every step of the way. After carefully reviewing all of the pieces I found various kinds of damage. Some damage were small, or I speculated would be hidden after assembly, but some damages were front facing, so they would need to be replaced. Following the directions on the assembly instruction booklet, I called the company for a replacement. Someone actually answered the phone right away ,and that someone was nice. I was expecting the worse, thankfully the process to get the replacement parts was easy. They even threw in a marker for the Damaged pieces that I just figured I could hide. I confirmed with the gentleman on the phone if it was okay to put it together even without the pieces (a door and the header board) and he said it was fine. It took my daughter and I 4 hours to put together what we could. Please take note that I was physically in pain due to a muscle I pulled in my back. I have experience in putting together furniture so when carefully reading the instructions and positioning the parts like in the picture, we were able to do a great job with minimal frustrations of the instructions. When the replacement pieces came in the mail a couple weeks later, it took me 2 more weeks to find the time to complete the work, but it was easy for me to do so (with the exception of adjusting the doors). When thinking about it, I realized that even if I had purchased it from the store down the street, I could still end up with damaged pieces…but then I would’ve had to lug this thing around in and out of my car and in and out of the store. Maybe I am lucky because the company who manufactured the product actually cares. Regardless I had a good experience and have already purchased another assembly required piece of furniture…let’s see if my luck holds out.

  5. Dave J

    Great product, shipping not so much…First of all, let me say this is a very good product. That said, they need to get the apes out of the shipping and packing departments. The process of getting a (relatively undamaged) delivery took 3 tries. The 3rd delivery had only minor damage, which I attribute to the packing process, addressed easily with a sharpy. Sauder was kind enough to work with me through this process.Past the delivery issues, the product per se rates very highly in my book. The visual design is a good step above your run of the mill flatpack, and the quality of the workmanship is high for something made with HDF. The assembly instructions are excellent – unmatched for clarity and simplicity. And, unlike most, Sauder has gone to the effort of consolidating all of the screws, knobs, and other fiddly widgets into a single bubble pack, relieving you of the grief of finding you’re missing some small-but-essential part as you near the finish line…It took a couple of frustration-free hours to get everything assembled, requiring only a Philips screw driver. The fit of the framed parts was easy but snug. And the doors and drawer all have adjustments to dial in final fitment.The sizing of the shelves was good for both the older and more modern components that comprise my system, and routing the connections between them was easy. The center shelves have proper clearance for the air flow required by the power-hungry parts of the setup, and there’s plenty of room to store accessories and hard media. My TV sits comfortably on the top of the credenza, where I expect it will be for many years to come…

  6. Angela

    Perfect stand!!!I am giving 4 stars only because Amazon said it would be here Wed Dec.19 and it was after 8pm and I contacted Amazon. The guy told me wait until nine sometimes they deliver that late( never out here) anyways later that night I looked at my purchase online and it said will be delivered as expected on Thursday Dec 20th. So we waited and waited finally at 630 pm the package arrived and we knew it would take some time to put this together we decided to wait until Friday to put it together.The product is exactly like the picture. I give the stand 5 plus stars.We laid the heavy box down and opened it. We sorted out all of the parts and it was a little overwhelming and I was a little nervous about my husband and I putting it together. However it went together easily but it did take us 2 hours to finish it plus another hour getting it set up and all the crazy cords for all of the devices straightened out.My only tip is pay attention when putting the back piece on it is a one shot deal because of the little nails we did mess up ( my fault for not looking real close at the picture on the directions) we put it on upside down not a big deal at all in my eyes but it was not on correct and it did not make a difference to us.The stand is heavy and sturdy and I love the glass doors in them to show pictures of the family. The drawer is a big plus one drawer but looks like 2 by just looking at it.This will last for years and years thank you so much for a beautiful heavy and sturdy stand!!!I would recommend this to anyone.

  7. Bob L.

    4 and 5 star ratings require some perspective.I have to admit, I was skeptical when I read some of the 4 and 5 star ratings, but was hopeful that Sauder had stepped up its game a bit. This TV console is the same quality we have come to expect from Sauder…highly functional, cheaply made furniture with a poor finish. Some perspective is required, though. If most of the furniture in your home came from WallyWorld, this product probably warrants 4 stars. But even Target furniture, which we have our fair share of, is a significant step up in quality and finish (in fairness, Target furniture is a price point higher). One reviewer stated he paid $130 and thought that it would have been a steal at $200. I paid $223 and feel I paid $50 too much.As the aforementioned reviewer noted, much of the console has sharp corners which reveal the light colored, unsightly edges of the cheap laminate finish. He colored these with a furniture marker…I might follow his lead. Much of the stand is made of course particle board which has a tendency to chip or break out at the unfinished edges and cut-outs. The only wood I noticed during assembly was the particle board. I think the finish might be a printed vinyl or plastic film.If the TWIST-LOCK and hidden cam fasteners were of any lower quality, they probably wouldn’t function. The instructions state to “Tighten the (TWIST-LOCK) FASTENER with a Phillips screwdriver as tight as possible.” Beware, anything more than snug may result in a stripped fastener. Also worth noting, because of the cheap particle board construction, both types of fasteners have a tendency to slip out of their sockets as they are tightened. Make sure you firmly hold the panels in place as you tighten these connectors. The rest of the hardware is fine and the hinges actually seem to be of very good quality. Assembly was straight forward and took a couple hours.So why did we buy it? We are looking for a TV console with pretty specific dimensions and have concluded we should hire a cabinet maker to build what we want as we update our house. This Sauder Edgewater unit fits the dimensions quite closely so we decided to purchase it as a substitute in the interim. The 4 and 5 star ratings left me with a sense that Sauder may have improved its quality, but I didn’t have high expectations that this would be an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture. And, it isn’t. But it’s functional and will serve the purpose.

  8. C.Cooley

    Nice, but could have arrived in better shape…I must have looked at hundreds of entertainment centers before deciding on the Sauder Edge Credenza. I chose this one because my 60″ would fit on it comfortably and the color is a match for my room, but more importantly it has eight places for components, which I needed badly (and is hard to find). I also liked the idea of having an actual drawer to place all the small stuff, extra batteries, charging cables, and XBox and Wii remotes in and out of sight.I read where there were some problems in customers receiving damaged goods, but I never have before so I thought I would take a chance. Well the box arrived looking fairly decent from the outside. Upon opening and beginning the assembly I found the main top piece had a superficial crack across it. Later I found another side piece with a crack as well. The veneer must be really thin and frail. The main piece also has a large dent in the front which obviously didn’t come from any amount of rough shipping and must have been packed that way. I wonder what goes on at this factory…I remembered a customers tip about using a black marker to fill out the crack and it almost disappeared. I used this trick on a couple other areas and its looks pretty good overall now.The unit went together easily and is very sturdy. I measured all my components prior to buying and checked to make sure they would fit, however I didn’t account for the inset of the hinges. Therefore I had to cut the back to get them in enough. I also had to take the doors back off to be able to slide anything wide in (every component I have). So to mitigate this in the future, I carefully measured where the connections were for my components and cut those areas out as well. Now I should never have to move the components again, even when changing or adding connections.Overall, I’m happy with the purchase, especially for the price. Could have arrived in better shape though….

  9. Rick

    Very nice piece of furnitureI was nervous with the other reviews that indicated that the unit arrived with damage. I did notice it was going to be quite heavy (124 pounds) so it seemed like the risk of damage was great. It arrived and was left on the front porch. I could have gotten it inside the house by myself but it was nice to be assisted by my wife. Even at that, it was a haul getting it in the house and in the room to begin assembly. Sure enough there as some damage. One of the interior vertical shelves was cracked and on of the end pieces had some damage. It was packed fairly well but it seems almost impossible that something this big would arrive without any issues.I made the assessement that I would move forward with assembly as I was under some time pressure – the TV was arriving soon. It took me 2/3 hours to assemble. I took my time and followed the instructions and they were great. No problems. It went together amazingly well and it’s very nice. Once it’s together it is a lot easier to lift or move. The damage (cracked interior wall) is not visible and we touched up the end. All in all, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture added to our FR and our new 65″ Samsung Ultra HD Curve.My wife thought I should buy something locally to avoid the potential damage in shipping. I looked around and couldn’t find anything I liked better. I also think there would have been a high probability that it would have gotten damaged between the store and our house – they’re all heavy!If it arrived without damage I would go with 5 stars. So let’s just say it’s 4 1/2 stars. For the price (around $200) very satisfied. Again the directions were awesome and easy to follow. Highly recommend the unit.

  10. Joey scully

    It’s great! Huge and looks nice, a few problemsI got this today, and built it. It is MASSIVE, especially compared to my old one. Comes to near the top of my thigh and I’m 5’10”. My old one came to my knee, but just barely.The edges of this on most pieces are not what I would call cleanly finished. Not noticeable really, but enough to where I just felt like it wasn’t “sealed” so I ran over the sharp edges of the shelves, and sides with a furniture marker to make it a smoother looking finish. Even though it made no difference unless you’re me!A few pieces were a little damaged on arrival, the worse being one of the sides, a chip was out. All and any of the other damage is only noticeable if you were to take it apart and search for imperfections.Super easy fix though! Go online to Sauders website, go to replacement parts, put in your info and they will send up to six pieces for no charge at all. I’m getting mine in 5-7 business days, but I built the stand anyways because I couldn’t wait.This 100% looks much more expensive than it is, I wouldn’t go as far to say it looks like real wood, but some would think it is. I got it for $130, but normally it’s around $200. It’s a steal at $200 and I personally got a major steal!It’s true to color, it’s black for sure. The distressed parts are a more brownish color but mine doesn’t look brown at all. It looks what it is advertised as.Overall a fantastic piece! It’s big, beautiful looking, will hold many things. A little damage is honestly what I tend to expect when ordering massive furniture online. It’s over 100lbs, and the box is shaped awful for carrying, and a lot of the time one person is lifting it during delivery.I put the whole thing together alone in about 2 hours, with a few breaks.It’s worth it, go for it! I spent months looking for the perfect stand, this is a really amazing stand, minus the little damage which was quickly and easily resolved.I haven’t cleaned it up or decorated in the picture, but it still captures the point!

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