Sauder Select Collection 3 Shelf Bookcase, Select Cherry Finish & Heritage Hill Library – Classic Cherry Finish

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Product details

Material Cherry
Mounting Type Found in image
Room Type Library
Number of Shelves 8
Product Dimensions 35.28″D x 13.31″W x 43.78″H
Shape Rectangular
  • Two adjustable shelves for flexible storage options
  • Quick and easy assembly with patented slide-on moldings to save you time
  • Assembled dimensions: L: 35.276″ x W: 13.307″ x H: 43.78″
  • Weight: 62.9 lbs (28.5 kg)
  • Three adjustable shelves
  • Enclosed back with cord access
  • Overall Dimensions: 29 3/4″ W x 13″ D x 71 1/4″ H | Weight: 81.9 lbs
  • Three adjustable shelves.
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Additional information

Weight 62.9 kg
Dimensions 35.28 × 13.31 × 43.78 cm


Mounting Type

found in image

Room Type


Number of Shelves




Finish Type

Select cherry



Furniture Finish


Back Style


Product Dimensions

35.28 x 13.31 x 43.78 inches, 35.28D x 13.31W x 43.78H

Item Weight

62.9 pounds



Finish Types

Select cherry



10 reviews for Sauder Select Collection 3 Shelf Bookcase, Select Cherry Finish & Heritage Hill Library – Classic Cherry Finish

  1. Tamara Taysom

    Very nice shelf, but a little trouble assemblingThis shelf is very beautiful. The shade of the “wood” is gorgeous and once assembled, it is sturdy and solid. I do not worry about it falling over even if it sits on carpet. Assembling the shelf, however, was more difficult than I expected. You need a hammer to finish it, which I did not have and did not know I would need before I ordered it. It would also be much easier to assemble it if you did not have to do it alone. I did it alone and I managed, but it took a lot longer than it should have and was more difficult than it would have been if I had had some help. There are also a few assembly instructions that were extremely unclear. All furniture assembly directions should be more explicit and be printed in larger print, included the ones for this product.

  2. Ashley Horwitz

    Looks Good for the PriceI wasn’t in the market to spend $500-$2000 on a bookshelf for my son’s room but I did need it to coordinate with his gray Restoration Hardware furniture. For the price, it looks decent. Can you tell it’s engineered wood up close? Absolutely. But from a distance, it’s just fine. Would I use this in my living areas? Absolutely not. Assembly was easy but it takes a good hour. I decided not to put the backing on because that part does look incredibly fake. This is not a stable piece of furniture by any means so don’t think you’ll be able to put a heavy load on it. It works for what I need and I’m satisfied with the purchase.

  3. A. London

    Excellent packagingI could not believe how well these shelves came packaged. The sturdy box has hard corner guards and comes wrapped in heavy duty shrink wrap. Very impressive. These are heavy shelves. The box weighs 65 pounds. I assembled them by myself. It would be easier with a second person. The instructions are easy to follow. You need a relatively large area, preferably carpeted, to assemble the bookcase. All the holes etc. lined up perfectly. I wasn’t in a hurry and it took about 45 minutes to assemble. Once assembled, I noticed some very small white lines along the edges of the top piece and where some of the pieces joined together. I used a MinWax red mahogany stain marker to go over the white areas and they disappeared. The bookcase looks awesome.

  4. Apoh

    BEAUTIFUL!Very sturdy, lots of room, easy to assemble, and the finish is very very appealing in estate black.Worth the money, if you treat it right it should last you years and years!Recommended purchase!

  5. June T.

    Fairly easy to assembleLooks great; just as advertised. Some areas cumbersome to assemble, took four hours, but not hard for this grandmother. 🙂 One shelf molding does not fit as instructed but not a deal breaker. For the price and look, I definitely recommend.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Beautiful bookcase!I would have given this beautiful bookcase five stars; however, the top piece had a large, very noticeable crack in it, which we didn’t notice until we were almost finished assembling the unit. We covered the top of the bookcase so we don’t see the crack. NOTE: Check all pieces BEFORE assembling!

  7. Jayanta Sen

    This is a sturdy piece of furnitureI really like this furniture, because of its sturdiness and also its whole look which is very appealing in my eyes. The color is very complementary in my bedroom where i have been using this as a small shrine for my puja.Really good purchase 👍

  8. JAZZY

    BooksThis is a composite wood item. It is sturdy and heavy but not solid wood like I expected. It does hold the books ok

  9. Linda L Isler

    Great BookcaseI looked long and far to find a sturdy bookcase to hold books, not just decorations, going to furniture stores and online. I should have shopped here first. This isn’t the Sauder product of my past. This looks like a piece of furniture. I love the color and the decorative finishes. It was easy and fun to put together. Will buy more pieces from them.

  10. Voyager

    Not like the old Sauder bookcasesI’ve owned several Sauder bookcases over the years. I still have most of them today. They have survived multiple room changes and home moves. Overall I have been more than impressed with the quaility and durability of their products. I needed a short 3 shelf bookcase for my office, and figured I would buy another Sauder bookcase. Boy was that a mistake.First off the quality of Sauder products has dropped significantly. The wood panels aren’t as thick as my old one. The fit and finish is nowhere near the same. The assembly method is more complicated and not as sturdy.Let’s start with the quaility of materials. They used to use a pretty robost locking cam mechanism that was made of metal. Now the cams are made of plastic, and are meant to stretch out to fill the hole they sit in. This is in no way as sturdy or depenable as the old metal cams. I do not expect them to last more tham 5 years tops. The particle board is a much lighter material. the sides and shelves do not feel as strong or solid as the old one. The laminate covering it looks more like a laminate than wood. It almost has a vinyl look to it. The top is already starting to sag even though I don’t have anything sitting on it other than an empty coffee mug. The parts that cover the sides have already fallen off, and I’ve only had this thing for a few months now.Next we have the fit and finish. I remember the old Sauder furniture, I never had an issue with parts fitting together accurately. On this piece there are misaligned parts, gaps and sections where you can see areas that are supposed to be hidden by finished parts. It makes it look cheap and unfinished. There are gaps where the front facia parts meet the side panels and are just a bit to short. Since the edges of the side panels are not fished, they stick out like a sore thumb. There are 2 side rails that are supposed to cover the unfinished front of the sides. They use a tounge and groove channel to fit on. Unfortunately the tounge is made out of particle board and tears apart as you try to slip it all together causing a loose fit. I’ve had the side covers fall off several times already.Assembly has taken another step backwords. The old cam and pin method worked great, the new plastic cams and tounge and groove assembly just isn’t as solid or as reliable. This piece has already started falling apart only 3 months after assembly. It’s bit sitting untouched and it still falls apart on it’s own.Now there are some pros to this thing. Overall it looks better than some of the really cheap stuff out there. I was able to assemble it with just one person, although having a second set of hands would have made it easier.Unfortunately I most likely will no longer purchase Sauder products. It’s clear that they have made changes to reduce costs which in turn has leader to a much lower quality product. If I were to purchase another 3 shelf bookcase, which I expect I will once this falls apart. I would either spend considerably more money on a pre-built bookcase, or just spend much less for something of similar quality.If you can find this bookcase on sale for a few dollars more than the cheaper once, go ahead and get it. It will last about the same as the cheaper ones, and look a little bit nicer. That said for the regular price, it is just not worth it.

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