Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser, L: 54.65″ x W: 18.43″ x H: 33.03″, Soft White finish

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Brand Sauder
Material Recycled material
Finish Type Soft White Finish
Product Dimensions 18.43″D x 54.65″W x 33.03″H
Number of Drawers 6
Color Soft White Finish
  • Safety tested for stability to help reduce tip-over accidents
  • Drawers with metal runners and safety stops feature patented T-lock assembly system
  • Quick and easy assembly with patented T-lock drawer system
  • Four lower drawers are extra deep for storage of bulky clothes
  • This dresser has been thoroughly tested in an ISO 17025 accredited lab that is Underwriters Laboratories certified
  • It meets ASTM International’s industry standard ASTM F2057-19 Safety Specification for Clothing Storage Units, which is intended to reduce hazards to children 5 and under due to tip-over of furniture
  • Soft White finish
  • Engineered Wood Construction
  • Assembled Dimensions: L: 54. 65″ x W: 18. 43″ x H: 33. 03″
  • 5 year limited warranty

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Add some classic beauty to your bedroom décor with this dresser from the Shoal Creek collection. It features six drawers that open and close on smooth metal runners. The four lower drawers are extra deep so you can store shirts, slacks, shorts and more! Finished in a sleek Soft White finish, this eye-pleasing dresser is sure to dazzle and keep you organized.

From the manufacturer

Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser in a Soft White finish

Buy with confidence. Sauder’s Award-winning customer service will be there every step of the way.

Sauder, the inventor of ready-to-assemble furniture, is an American company with deep roots in Ohio.

Sauder was founded on the principle of stewardship, driving our sustainable efforts today.

Additional information

Weight 135 kg
Dimensions 18.43 × 54.65 × 33.03 cm



Recycled Material

Finish Type

Soft White Finish

Number of Drawers



Soft White Finish


Country Rustic

Furniture Finish


Product Care Instructions

Wipe with Dry Cloth

Assembly Required


Model Name

Shoal Creek


L: 54.65 x W: 18.43 x H: 33.03

Warranty Type


Number of Pieces


Product Dimensions

18.43D x 54.65W x 33.03H, 54.65 x 18.43 x 33.03 inches

Item Weight

135 Pounds





Country of Origin


Item model number


Finish Types

Soft White Finish

Warranty Description

5 year parts.

Batteries Required


Included Components

Materials Assembly instructions Hardware

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10 reviews for Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser, L: 54.65″ x W: 18.43″ x H: 33.03″, Soft White finish

  1. Buckeye Baby

    DETAILS W/ PHOTOS – WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE PURCHASING! 🙂UPDATE 01-16 -22 – The odor and smell never left his unit. I let is air out in another room for two solid weeks and the smell would not go away. Windows open, cleaned with vinegar solution inside and out twice — nothing – smells horrible – so bad it makes you cough and sneeze. On top of that attempted to move this dresser tonight to another room and it virtually “fell apart” this is with taking the drawers out in advance and being extremely careful – it completely fell apart – by the end it was in complete pieces except the drawers and it is now leaning up against a wall ready to be taken to the the dump. A complete and total waste of TIME and MONEY — bummer!! $254.00 down the drain for nothing! Please note – on this review I attempted to stay upbeat, positive and gave this product every possible benefit of the doubt – to no avail. I am also not a “complainer” — I have purchased tens’ of thousands of dollars in merchandise from Amazon through the years — literally — as I am a buyer for companies as well as my personal shopping and gifts – I have only left a MAYBE a handful of negative reviews in all those years. This is hands down the absolute worst product I have ever purchased – do not buy this you will be sorely disappointed and although some reviewers had “good” experiences — mine was a horrible one and would never recommend. See initial review below –Details you need to know before purchasing! First, the package itself weighs 170 pounds when delivered – so – if you don’t have someone to help you will need to find someone! Second, when they say “assembly required” this dresser takes assembly to a whole different level! Assembly required on this dresser means there is not one single piece of this dresser, not even a simple screw that is assembled! You will quite literally be “building” this dresser from scratch and the process for “one” could easily take 4 hours or more. The process for “two” may be a 2 to 3 hour job. You will need a hammer and a Philips screwdriver and I highly recommend an electric or battery operated drill for your screwdriver – or – you will be into a fifth or sixth hour of putting this dresser together! You will need a large space to work in as there are many, many pieces! ( see photos ). You will need a great deal of patience, you’ll need to focus and you will need to read the instructions at minimum in some sections 2 to 3 times and you definitely should use the photos and diagrams to help! It’s likely you will need to do at least one section “over again” even with the great instructions – which section – the drawers! The instructions while well written are difficult to decipher when installing the tracks for the drawers and you like myself and others may find yourself “redoing” them. All in place and finally assembled – I am still “tweaking” those dog-gone drawers ( see photos ). The sturdiness of this dresser is “decent” but, again that all depends on how meticulous you were with assembly and following instructions. The absolutely WORST part of this dresser other than the mind-numbing assembly is that while “shipped” from an American company this product is indeed made in China and with that comes a nasty chemical odor — there is only a slight smell when you open the box initially – but, after fully unboxed I had to open all the windows in the room before working to get the smell to dissipate! After assembly I had to move this very heavy dresser to another room because the smell permeated the bedroom it was in. I opened the windows all night in the room the dresser is now located in and still in the a.m. the smell was there. I recently wiped the entire dresser down with a warm water / vinegar mixture to get the smell to go away – but – it remains to be seen if that works or not? If you read a review that says there is “no odor” – I am sorry – but, that is not correct – there is indeed a chemical smell and this dresser is “not” made in America. This dresser is also “not” real wood it is particle board – MDF ( i.e. an engineered wood product ). The outer white layer of this dresser is simply a pasted on veneer covering and the handles are a satin style silver. The height, depth and width of this dresser are not “child” sized – this dresser could easily be placed in an adult or teenage bedroom – this is a standard size dresser ( see photos ) and the measurements on the advertisement are correct. The storage capacity of the drawers – top two drawers are “sock and underwear” style drawers and the bottom four drawers are deep and spacious for jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts etc. So, would I recommend this dresser? That depends – if it’s all you can afford because you are on a budget and you can deal with all the many “issues” listed in this review – go for it – but, I personally paid $254.00 for this unit including tax and shipping a few days before Christmas 2021. I noticed recently the price has increased to nearly $350 ( at the time of this review ) and I personally would “not” pay that price. I wish all these details would have been in someone’s review prior to me purchasing – and I hope this helps someone else – if it does – give it a thumbs up!

  2. Nmak

    Assembly the drawers first.Two phase projectMake sure you have an hand-size battery powered screwdriver or a drill set to a minimum setting , a small hammer too.Phase one 1 hour 15 minutesAssembly the drawers first, I brought all the pieces and placed them on my King sized bed and arranged them accordingly: fronts, sides, backs, and bottoms and got all the screws arranged, essentially creating 6 small projects. Make sure that the bottoms are fully in place before tightening the corners. This is an important step, also make certain you have the correct drawer side attached to front side drawer and do not force them into place, the drawer side bottoms are cut at an angle so once they’re inserted will stand upright, insert the bottoms, then back side. double check the drawer side numbers. Once the first one is completed properly ( about 20 minutes) you can move onto the next five with confidence. The remaining five shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes a piece. This first phase should take about and hour to do all 6 of them.Take a break, eat something have a nice glass of lemonade and baskPhase two: 2 hoursOnce the 54 drawer pieces are out of the way, you’ll get a better mental picture of what lies ahead. Therewill be bigger pieces left over forming the skeleton of the dresser. Take your time, remember there is noprize for finishing fast, the prize is assembling a solid dresser no matter how long it takes. Have a goodattitude.Take the remaining pieces and stand them upright on a wall labels out so you can read them. Put the cams in all the dime sized holes now to save time, make sure the opening of the cam faces outward so it can receive the locking pin ( there is an arrow on it so don’t worry). For every cam there is a locking pin ( can’t remember the name of the top of my head) that will be inserted and tightened. You will know exactly what these holes are for and how they interlock because you just had 6 drawers to practice on.Helpful Hints:When attaching the drawer tracks to the drawer side panels make the screws are centered in their holes before tightening 100%. VIPThe “lip” of the track is always on top.The wooden drawer track on the bottom of the drawers wont be centered on all drawers, just tighten thescrew in the center hole and you’ll be fine. Some drawers on left side and some right side.When attaching the Drawer tracks to the interior dresser panels follow the same method of centering the screws in the holes, the tracks come with set pins to help too.When assembling the skeleton, make sure all the finished edges are facing outward, facing the drawer side or front of dresser.When inserting finished drawers, remember some drawers are left and some are right so if they do not fit flush, don’t panic just try inserting the drawer on the opposite side.Good Luck

  3. Cheryl D.

    Would buy againThis was easy enough to assemble, it took 3 hours for me to put it together. Some of the drawers bump each other and should be adjusted, but I just needed something for a guest room that’s rarely used. I would have wanted something off better quality for a dresser that would be used all the time, but this was a good purchase for what I needed.

  4. T. Campbell

    Pleased with this dresser but it takes TIME to assemble.We are experienced at putting furniture together but this still took us 4 hours! Additionally, we needed washers in order for the pulls to be tight on the drawers (not provided). I was aware fromother reviewers that this was not going to be an easy project but I will say, we are pleased with the finished product. Also – it arrived undismayed.

  5. Marie

    Wow!This is amazingly sturdy! So pretty too. Took me several hours to put together (I did the dresser one evening, and the drawers another evening), but the instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. Even had funny little comments in them. I love everything about this dresser except the top drawers don’t come out all the way so I have to reach in a little to put things away. Minor inconvenience. Anyways, great dresser and great price!

  6. Brian

    Good for what it is. Assembly is a painWe tried to match our existing $3000 bedroom set that is no longer made, this was the closest we could find. It doesn’t look as nice but for a $300 set it was worth a try.The assembly is a pain, there are steps where they don’t explain you have to insert the sides panels of the drawer at an angle then bend them outwards during assembly to get them fully into the pre-made slots. Pictures of gaps and things gone wrong in reviews are due to people trying to insert parts at regular 90 degree angles…and it doesn’t work because they will be slightly misaligned without the exact procedure. Found myself having to wiggle and finesse the pieces far more than I should have to. That’s said, taking great care (and time) pays off. DO NOT RUSH.Overall, I got everything to fit perfectly. Just had to put more effort into it than expected. Wife really likes it, so that’s all that matters in the end.Advise to Sauder: the top board looks kinda cheap, could use bezeled edge to look more classy.Defiantly worth $300. But you’ll put about $300 worth of labor into it as well lol

  7. Ron B.

    Pretty good, very heavyFor an assemble yourself furnature unit its good quality and reasonable finish. Took 3 to 4 hours to assemble by myself. Drawer slides are reasonable quality and capacity. Everthing fit without modification and drawers work well. Assembled unit is very heavy due to fiberboard materials used. Good for clothes and light items. Would give 5 stars but not nearly as good quality as a professioally assembled furnature piece with furnature grade joinery and heavy capacity slides.

  8. Tami Streby

    If you’ve got the time….Where do I begin…First the box was extremely heavy! EXTREMELY – so be careful when bring it inside.When I say this dresser took me 5 days to assemble, it took me 5 days roughly 2-3 hours each day. With help from my brother at every step.Next, the instructions were easy to follow to an extent. They were easy until about half way through. Then I ended up assembling the dresser backwards. Which meant I had to unassembled and reassemble on day 3.Finally, the drawers. I should have know from reading other reviews they would be a problem. While I did get them into the dresser at the end (and three trips to Lowes for extra parts later) get the dresser assembled and it is VERY sturdy when assembled. But the top dresser drawers stick and are hard to slide. Manageable but annoying for the price.Overall, I would recommend this dresser it’s very sturdy and cute when assembled. But pay for the expert assembly if it’s an option for you!

  9. Angie

    Please follow instructionsLoos very nice in my moms room. Took a while to assemble because of the many pieces. Instructions were fine. Only thing when Assembled there was a gap in the middle. I called for support and didn’t realize that each drawer is marked on what side to be placed. Once I switched the drawers the gap was gone. Great for the price. No issues.

  10. Brad M.

    Fairly easy to assemble, but I would recommend two people do this….I needed a chest of drawers. This one caught my eye. It was under three hundred and seemed to be the right size for me. It came well packed and there wasn’t any damage when I opened it. It’s too heavy for one person to move, so you should have a buff buddy help move it. I put it together on my own, and it took about four hours. There are lots of screws and nails to attach so have a good hammer and I’d recommend a drill to speed up the assembly. The color is rich and dark. It’s uniform over the piece. It comes with a anti-tipping strap. The one I put together is stable and I don’t see it tipping over. The upper drawers can hold 20 lbs. The lower ones 30 lbs.

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