Sauder Viabella Storage Cabinet, Curado Cherry finish

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Product details

Brand Sauder
Color Curado Cherry Finish
Material Recycled Material
Product Dimensions 19.81″D x 66.5″W x 6.75″H
Mounting Type Floor Mount
Style Storage cabinet
  • Adjustable shelf behind each door
  • Spacious shelves hold books, binders, framed photos, collectibles, and more
  • Curado Cherry finish
  • Engineered wood construction
  • Assembled dimensions: L: 59. 06″ x W: 14. 96″ x H: 31. 54″
  • 5 year limited
  • Assembly required

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Looking to add some storage to your life? Stash your stuff in style with this storage cabinet from the Viabella® collection. Find room for all your goodies and treasures! This storage cabinet with doors features an adjustable shelf behind each door so you can stock it full of books, dishes, bins, games, and more. The adjustable shelves allow you to customize your storage space to accommodate your specific needs. How perfect! This storage credenza can be used in the dining room as a bar cart, the entryway as a stylish accent piece, or the guest room for extra storage space. The unique look of this cabinet is sure to catch the eye of any guest and will beautify any space in your home. Finished in a stylish Curado Cherry®, this console will add some flavor to any room. We hope you like what you see. Sauder designers travel the world and bring back the best and latest in style, finish, and color trends. This inspiring world travel is evident in the cutting edge and innovative furniture solutions we offer to you!

From the manufacturer

Sauder Viabella Storage Cabinet in a Curado Cherry finish

Buy with confidence. Sauder’s Award-winning customer service will be there every step of the way.

Sauder, the inventor of ready-to-assemble furniture, is an American company with deep roots in Ohio.

Sauder was founded on the principle of stewardship, driving our sustainable efforts today.

Additional information

Weight 100.26 kg
Dimensions 19.81 × 66.5 × 6.75 cm



Curado Cherry Finish


Recycled Material

Mounting Type

Floor Mount


Storage + Cabinet

Included Components

Materials Assembly instructions Hardware

Finish Type

Curado Cherry Finish

Number of Doors




Unit Count

1.0 Count

Assembly Required


Item Weight

100.26 Pounds, 100.3 pounds

Product Dimensions

19.81D x 66.5W x 6.75H, 66.5 x 19.81 x 6.75 inches

Item model number


Material Type

Recycled Material

Number of Items



L: 59.06 x W: 14.96 x H: 31.54

Manufacturer Part Number




Date First Available

November 9 2017


Sauder, Sauder Woodworking

10 reviews for Sauder Viabella Storage Cabinet, Curado Cherry finish

  1. Joan

    Storage CabinetThe final product looks expensive and is good quality. Worth the assembly effort and will work well in living, entry, or even a bedroom.

  2. Nick

    This is solid for the price.Look – this thing, for the price, is pretty amazing. Take your time, it’ll take 2-ish hours to build, maybe longer (it took me like 2.5 -3 but I usually work pretty slow). Use a screwdriver, don’t rush, don’t get impatient, and the thing fits together like a glove. It’s frankly fairly sturdy for what it is. Don’t overload it with a ton of stuff. It’s not a piece that’s going to withstand a ton of abuse over time. No pieces that are this big at 200 bucks will. Understand that you have to sacrifice a level of quality, but for the price, this thing is 100% worth it. It feels sturdy, they packaged it well. Don’t go crazy unpacking it, just take your time. The color is pretty accurate. Over time, that veneer finish is going to weer – they all do. However, I choose to keep in mind the scope of what this product is. I didn’t purchase a $750 dollar credenza (like my signature design by Ashley that I’ve had for 10 years and is still going strong), This is a cheap storage cabinet that is large, has space, and is well put together and can last several years . I need to address the silly 1, 2, and 3 star reviews that complain about things. If you see these in any of these lower reviews, my advice is to not trust the review:1) This is a $200 large storage cabinet. If you think you’re getting anything but engineered wood, and you take stars off for engineered/press wood, Your opinion and review are not validated.. Real wood pieces cost much more unless you build it yourself. This will not win any quality awards, but please, scope your review to the price at hand.2) Stop giving product reviews for shipping issues. With furniture, it’s frankly common to get damaged parts. Get a replacement or send it back. If you get a replacement, rate that. These are product reviews, not shipping/damage reviews. Almost any vendor is going to take care of you in some way shape or form if you receive a damaged product. If your product broke from use, that is fine to review, but if it arrives damaged, and you immediately give it a 1 star, you’re not doing anyone justice.3) Do not cry about misaligned doors when there’s literally adjustable hinges. Don’t cry about split wood when you took a drill to it and the instructions told you not to. Don’t take off stars because you think the Styrofoam in the box left residue when in actuality some of the stryofoam broke off and stuck to the wood, so you had to wipe it off but you wanted to nitpick because you hate a company.3) REVIEW each and every piece prior to putting it together. If you put it together and later find out a piece was broke that’s on you. Even almost any company is going to work with you and send you a replacement. If you’re not smart enough to go ask for a replacement piece because it was damaged in shipping, that’s on you. Work with the company and try to get parts prior to getting butthurt.4) Giving it 1 star for the color is just.. bad. Your smart phone or computer display is likely the culprit at not representing the color correctly, not the company.Reading some of the poor reviews on this product just made me laugh. I can certainly agree or nod to some of the points but some folks are just nit picking the heck of a product that is pretty darn good.

  3. Wendy G.

    Arrived damagedThis piece arrived damaged so I’ve had it sitting on my doorstep for 3 days to come get picked up …. Even took today off to wait for them but, again, no one showed up. It is very heavy so I’m sure it’s pretty sturdy but I never got to see it put together to decide for sure.

  4. Marlene

    Fast Furniture. ChepI wasn’t sure what I was buying in terms of quality since this is the first time that I purchase furniture online. It came in pieces similar to Ikea furniture but even Ikea is better quality than this. All the pieces were there and the instructions as well as little tools to assemble.CONS: As I mentioned above, this is not high-quality furniture. The instructions are not well done. I am an instruction follower and I built it according to instructions and in the end, I found that the doors do not align well. So once I finished following instructions, and doing everything by the book, one of the doors scratches the bottom sections. Good thing I don’t need anything from this cabinet often so it stays closed, or else it will not last. Also, something in the instructions was backward and it didn’t specify which side but everything matters. You cannot mess up because you also can’t undo it without ruining the holes. Don’t screw in the screws too tight or you will also ruin the holes. Makes sure that the items align well with each other when screwing the screw because if the screws tilt a little you will screw it in at an angle and you will also ruing the holes. If you screw too tight you will chip off the wood-looking material around the holes and it will look ruined. If you are not someone who is very careful, I recommend that you pass. If you like to do things on the fly or “wing it”, please do yourself a favor and pass on this piece. The quality is not good enough to build and undo then build again. The back of the cabinet is very thin cardboard material so careful when shoving items in the cabinet, don’t push too hard or you will bed it. One of the reasons that I didn’t return it even though I was not very happy with it was because I spent so much time building it and I didn’t wanna spend all that time breaking it apart. Also, I really needed a cabinet during that time and I just wanted to get it over with. I’m letting this cabinet run its course and I am no longer purchasing from this company again or anything of this quality or material. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.PROS: It looks nice from a distance. it matches my furniture perfectly. It was a cheap price but so was the quality. The color was just what I expected. It is about to be 2 years since I purchased this and It is still standing. The selves can hold a good amount of weight and hold all of the books I put in it (books are heavy). Also, they may have increased the quality of the products since I last purchased.

  5. Kayley

    Beautiful Piece!When the hutch arrived I unboxed about a million pieces. Unfortunately one of the main support boards came broken, but I was able to order a replacement the arrived about a week later. It took my fiancé and I about an hour to put it together, wasn’t too terrible to figure out. I absolutely love this piece. It’s sturdy, a great accent piece and most of all affordable!

  6. Kris

    Beautiful credenzaThis is a solid piece of furniture for my office. The wood finish is beautiful. I am super impressed with what you get for the money.

  7. R. R. Peterson

    Exactly what I was looking for.This cabinet was just what I needed. It’s going into my finished walkout basement to store dishware and silverware for use on our outdoor patio. It will be placed in the basement near the French doors that open to my patio. I wanted something practical, sturdy and inexpensive. I knew the Sauder brand from previous purchases over the years. The cabinet assembly was straight forward and pretty easy but did take 3-4 hours. All of the parts were well labeled and none were missing. Only a Philips screwdriver and a hammer were needed. I took my time and followed the well written instructions. All of the pre drilled holes were perfectly aligned. The result is a good looking, sturdy cabinet. Sauder is an American company in Ohio and they do a nice job. Much better than work I have seen coming out of China.

  8. P. Whitted

    You get what you pay forI haven’t bought anything made by Sauder since I was just out of college and it was all I could afford. They were the kings of cheap, pressed wood with veneer long before Ikea was a thing. Their furniture was somewhat sturdy, but don’t dare try to move it more than once or twice, because it will NOT hold together well. I had been looking for a sideboard for my dining room that would go with my dining room table, and this one LOOKS good, like it would go well with what I have. I passed it by several times because it is made by Sauder and my previous experience. After reading the reviews, I finally gave in and bought it. The first thing I was struck by when I opened the box was that this still LOOKS like Sauder – it is SO obvious that this is veneer on “engineered wood” (as Sauder is calling it these days). The second thing was that the styrofoam packing material left residue over everything. After trying unsuccessfully to just wipe it off, I started vacuuming it. So, each piece that came out of the box had to be vacuumed and then wiped down before assembly – which obviously increased assembly time, but ensured that every piece had been cleaned before final assembly, so I could easily reach it all. This thing took FOREVER to put together. The hardware was packaged and labeled very well, and I found the instructions easy to follow. There are just a LOT of steps, and it takes a lot of time. As I assembled it, I was extremely careful to make sure to use the pilot holes, and to center and square things up as much as possible. You get ONE chance with this “engineered wood” – I guarantee that every time you retract and re-drive a screw the fit will become looser, and your piece of furniture will become less stable. The most difficult thing to assemble was the European style hinges on the doors. I’ve assembled many pieces of furniture that utilized this style of hinge, and these have to be the cheapest I’ve ever seen. Most of the ones I’ve assembled before are installed in two pieces that snap together, and that are easy to adjust. Not the ones provided by Sauder. They’re one piece, and they either want to be fully open or fully closed, and either position is extremely difficult to complete installation in the order of the assembly instructions. In spite of all my care in assembly, the doors CANNOT be adjusted to be square and flush. I suppose most casual visitors won’t notice that the doors don’t line up, and aren’t square to the casing like they should be. But I know, and will think about it every time I look at this cabinet (OK – I may be a little OCD about these things!). So, the only reason I gave this thing 3 stars instead of 1 is because of what my headline says – You get what you pay for. If this had been a $300 or $400 piece of furniture, I would have given it 1 star. But at the price point, and given that it’s Sauder, you really can’t expect better. So, I’m now twice bitten by Sauder – never again will I be taken in by favorable reviews for their products, nor will I ever buy another piece of furniture they make.

  9. diditKJ

    Beautiful cabinet and cherry finishIt’s beautiful.I am 63 and found it easy to put together, although I have been putting furniture like this since I was 20. Just follow the instructions, Sauders always has good instructions.I did make one addition; I reinforced it by added L-brackets where the sides connect to both the top and bottom.

  10. DBMc

    Nice product for the price.What I love most about this purchase was the response to the buyer from the seller regarding the shipping dents and broken pieces. Our cabinet arrived with broken support boards and scratches. We contacted the company and within a day they responded to our request for replacement. No questions asked, outside of what parts needed to be replaced. Everything went smoothly and professionally. Within a week the replacements were delivered. I recommend this manufacturer, it has been in business for a good many years! Family owned.The quality of the cabinet was average for these reasons; made of particle board with wood like grain finish. It is a paper like application, some of the corners are lifting. The particle board is of sturdy quality, just sub par on the finish. The back to the cabinet is made of a heavy cardboard material, not particle board and is attached with tiny finishing nails. Some of the nails did not line-up with the pre-cut holes and particle board when attached.Building the cabinet was fairly straight forward and simplified. Everything was pre marked and labeled. The cabinet came with very clear directions. It took about 2.5 hours from start to finish. But plan to sort out pieces, look them over, and pre-read instructions before start.Overall, the cabinet is nice looking, sturdy, has ample storage space, will last with given care. If you have children, and you have it in a room with activity and frequent use, it may not last as long. It certainly will not taken to bangs and being bumped into. It’s particle board with a finish not made of wood. : )I am storing kitchen appliances in it, it will serve me for many years. I am satisfied with the purpose behind my purchase, and the manufacturer.

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