SEI Furniture Sliding Window Pane Door Display Cabinet, Espresso

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  • Holds up to 248 DVDs or 536 CDs; 3 fixed shelves; 4 adjustable or removable shelves with 3 inch increments for maximum flexibility
  • Materials: MDF with birch veneer, 5mm tempered glass door, ball bearing mechanism for sliding doors; Supports up to: 15 lb. (each shelf); Approx. weight: 72 lb.; Overall: 31.75″ W x 9.25″ D x 48.75″ H; Top surface: 9.25” W x 31.75” D
  • Shelves: 28″ W x 5.75″ D (each); Space between top and 1st fixed shelf: 5″ H; Space between 1st and 2nd (center) fixed shelves: 16″ H; Space between 2nd (center) and 3rd fixed shelves: 16″ H; Space between 3rd fixed shelf and bottom: 4.75″ H
  • Contemporary espresso finish
  • Features tempered glass, window paned sliding doors; Doors with glass: 15” W x 6” D (2 doors)
  • Espresso Sliding Door Window Pane Media Cabinet has sliding doors for easy access to your movies and music.
  • Meticulous detail was taken in all aspects and the unique sliding and window paned doors add that final touch of excellence.
  • Holds nearly 330 CDs or 166 DVDs.
  • Measures 31.75-inches wide, 9.25-inches deep and stands 48.75-inches tall.
  • Designed for use in any room of your home or office. Lots of functionality and it takes only a small amount of floor space!

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A rich espresso finish enhances this stylish sliding door media cabinet. Each door slides open to reveal the spacious and versatile interior. While the top, center and bottom shelf are fixed, 4 adjustable shelves combine to create unlimited options for your media storage. Window paned sliding doors, adjustable shelves, and contemporary elegance all combine to create an excellent addition to your home. This item includes 3 fixed shelves, 4 adjustable or removable shelves with 3 inch increments for maximum flexibility. In addition to that, it holds up to 248 DVDs or 536 CDs. Dimensions include: Overall: 31.75″ W x 9.25″ D x 48.75″ H; Top surface: 9.25” W x 31.75” D; Shelves: 28″ W x 5.75″ D (each); Space between top and 1st fixed shelf: 5″ H; Space between 1st and 2nd (center) fixed shelves: 16″ H; Space between 2nd (center) and 3rd fixed shelves: 16″ H; Space between 3rd fixed shelf and bottom: 4.75″ H; Doors with glass: 15” W x 6” D (2 doors). This one-of-a-kind item approximately weighs 72 pounds. Support: cabinet top for small decorative items only, 15 lb. (each shelf). Only quality materials and manufacturing will do. Product materials include: Materials: MDF with birch veneer, 5mm tempered glass door, ball bearing mechanism for the sliding doors. Assembly: Required. Made in China.

Important information

Safety Information

Items with anti-tipping hardware restraints must be secured to the wall. Please contact the manufacturer immediately if anti-tip hardware is not included

Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 31.75 × 9.25 × 48.75 cm
Item Weight

70 pounds

Product Dimensions

31.75 x 9.25 x 48.75 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

48.75 inches

Assembled Width

31.75 inches

Assembled Length

9.25 inches


75 Pounds



Date First Available

March 14 2005


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10 reviews for SEI Furniture Sliding Window Pane Door Display Cabinet, Espresso

  1. hung nguyen

    Sturdy and ShallowBeautiful cabinet that worked for my liquor cabinet. I eliminated one screw in shelf and two adjustable shelves so I could accommodate my tall bottles. Still very sturdy in a corner. The color is hard to tell by reviews. In my dark dining room it looks expresso but as I built it in my bright foyer it has reddish tone and looks much lighter. Sliding doors are amazing. Just add some cabinets tabs as it does slide really easy and will break if slammed.

  2. Wayne N

    Quality FurnitureVery beautiful. Sturdy.

  3. Slipstreampilot

    Incredibly bad chemical odor and poor quality controlI used to write reviews frequently, but now only provide feedback when a product is great – or on the opposite end of the spectrum. This product unfortunately falls in the latter category.The first thing that becomes painfully obvious (even before you open the relatively flimsy shipping box) is the STRONG chemical smell. The off-gassing of volatile compounds from this product is so bad that it is in your face even before you get the box open. And as you might imagine – it gets significantly worse once you get the box open. I don’t know what they use for a stain and in the manufacturing process, but it can’t be good for you. American based company with offshore production in China at its worst. Perhaps they found a way to save in production costs by recycling chemical weapon compounds and converting them into a furniture stain – anything is possible. But using a stain with such terrible chemical compounds is not only undesirable – it’s unnecessary and irresponsible. The chemical odor is so bad I had to move the product into my garage to try to fend off the massive headache it caused.The second set of negatives (after the hazmat chemical odor issue) has to do with quality control. The decorative top portion has long linear marks that are very noticeable. It appears that something contaminated a roller or conveyer along the production process for this piece and it marred the top.The second quality control issue is with the back panel. The back panel is typically the cheapest part of any furniture – and this is no exception. The panel is two pieces of some kind of cardboard-like pressed board, joined together by what appears to be packing tape on the back. The part comes folded, with the side that will ultimately be visible on the inside. I opened the part at the appropriate time in the assembly process, and due to the slightly awkward size and attachment method, I really did not inspect the inside portion. The exposed portion was in good shape, so I assumed the inside visible portion would be too. I just started screwing in the dozen or more annoyingly tiny screws (that are not pre-drilled on the receiving portion of the back of the shelves BTW). For note: Two people would make this part of the assembly process much easier. Once the multitude of screws were installed and the back panel was in place, I turned the shelve around to check the visible side. To my dismay, there is a near perfectly straight diagonal scratch on one side of the back – and a haphazardly placed warning sticker on the bottom of the other side. As you might guess, the sticker is not supposed to be on the visible side of the back panel, but on the non-visible wall-facing part of the back panel. Clearly someone didn’t train the warning sticker guy which side the sticker goes on, or how to put the sticker on neatly. The tip-over warning sticker is obnoxiously large and easily visible even with discs on the shelf. Any attempt to remove the warning sticker results in the cheap, fake wood grain being removed. My theory is the company got dinged for the unit falling on someone, and the sticker was a last-minute add-on. Who knows – it’s just terrible quality control any way you look at it.This brings me to another detractor for this product: this unit is very tall, narrow, unstable as a result and you will need to attach it to a wall to prevent it from falling over. You can imagine the scenario: this falls on your child or pet with glass shattering all over the place. Needless to say, they should make the wall attachment known in the product description. I needed a shelf that I could optimally move periodically. Attaching this to a wall makes this a more difficult process.Right now, I’m waiting to hear back from their customer service… and waiting…

  4. Brent Weitman

    Glass doorsUsed this as a curio for war memorabilia and it is great

  5. Laura B

    Nice Media ShelfFound it pretty simple to put together. Seems to be well made and sturdy. I only wish that the shelves were installed differently. There is a small shelf on the top and one on the bottom. But if it were rearranged may have had another (5th) shelf for dvds/blu rays. Otherwise happy with this media case.

  6. Sarah Roberts

    Too many safety stickersWell packaged and only a few minor scratches. The screw holes for the support were not straight and wish they would have used all screw supports for the shelves instead of half of them being wooden dowls. My biggest complaint would be all the safety stickers.. The one on the back piece should have been on the other side of the piece because it can be seen through the glass doors.

  7. BBostonTN

    It was as advertised.We are very happy with the product. It looks great in our house and is holding almost all of our DVDs and CDs which is why we purchased it.

  8. Tos

    Great Media CabinetWe have a rather small family room so these cabinets are perfect because they don’t stick out in the room. They were easy to assemble and SEI has great customer service. When we put them together, one of the doors was cut just a tad short on one end so it wanted to fall out of the runner. I called SEI and they sent a replacement door which arrived in 2 days. They were courteous and very sorry for the defective door. They are well made and look great.

  9. L. SVAC

    Nice, sturdy cabinet; could use better instructionsThis is a very nice, sturdy, and good looking cabinet for the price. That being said, the instructions for assembly were very sketchy, and two of the shelves were incorrectly labeled, with the tops labeled as the bottoms. By the time the mistake was noticed, the shelves were installed upside down and could not be flipped without damaging the cabinet. Fortunately with the DVDs in place on the shelves, the problem isn’t very noticeable. We are still happy with the product.

  10. Norberto Rodriguez

    It’s just ok.Looks really nice, but it’s not worth the $180.00 they’re asking for. It’s tiny, and horrible for books. You won’t be able to fit an average size hardcover book. Not deep enough, and the rear sliding door will hit the books and you won’t be able to slide the door all the way. Also, you will have only two rows to store standard size books. So must of the rest of the shelves are useless, unless your storing CDs. This is more like for CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. Horrible for books, unless you own a bunch of tiny books. Over priced as well.

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