Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair with Smart Layers Technology | Leather and Mesh Ergonomic with Contoured Lumbar and

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Product details

Color Black
Brand Serta
Product Dimensions 30″D x 26.75″W x 45″H
Style Contemporary
Special Feature Adjustable Height, Recline, Tilt-Tension Settings
Material Leather, Mesh
  • PROFESSIONAL AND COMFORTABLE: Ergonomic desk chair great for home and professional offices
  • 5-LAYER CUSHIONING SYSTEM: The comfort you know and love from Serta mattresses in an executive office chair
  • HELPS IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE: Easy-to-reach adjustment controls let you customize the chair height and contoured lumbar zone
  • EXECUTIVE STYLE: Black bonded leather with contrast stitching and white mesh
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: Fully adjustable height, recline, and tilt-tension settings
  • Seat height : 19″ – 21″
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Find a reason to relax during your workday with the Serta Executive Office Chair from Serta, a brand known for quality and comfort. This ergonomic desk chair has layered body pillows and a pillowed headrest to provide ease while seated for long periods of time. The hand-sculpted arms and smooth bonded leather upholstery have a sleek, professional look that stands out in any work environment. Fully adjustable, this executive office chair allows the user to customize the height and lumbar zone for optimal comfort. This desk chair has a five-layer cushioning system for all day comfort and support.

From the manufacturer

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Serta ashland home office chair with silver base button tufted back and memory foam seat cushion

Serta sofa sectional with reversible chaise ottoman modern gray couch for apartment living rooms

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Home Office

Whether you work from home or need to upgrade your gaming chair, home office furniture is a must-have these days. Feel energized and stress-free to get your to-do list checked off with a comfortable Serta office chair. Whether you need an ergonomic leather executive chair, or an armless task chair and standing computer desk to maximize your small workspace, Serta has found the best home office furniture for all day comfort and productivity.

Living Room

Looking for living room furniture? Create a seating area with a sectional sofa, or a loveseat and couch combo. For a cozy conversation area, set up those sofas around a wood coffee table or tufted ottoman. Fill in the space with plush accent chairs like a luxurious chaise lounge or a couple cozy recliners. Finish the area with a few end tables. For easy television viewing, add an entertainment center or TV stand against the wall. Serta offers something for every room in the house.

Outdoor & Patio

A new patio furniture set is just the thing to refresh your backyard, balcony, or garden. Chairs and an accent table made of resin wicker or aluminum metal will hold up to the elements year round. Explore our chaise lounge chairs and be sure to claim one just for yourself. Entertaining with friends is effortless with a storage coffee table and conversation set or waterproof sectional sofa. Cheers to that (with an umbrella in your drink, of course)!

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About Serta: Making the World Comfortable

Since introducing the Perfect Sleeper mattress to the world in 1931, Serta has been the name behind many firsts in the industry and has gained a reputation as a pioneer in comfort. Today, Serta is proud to be the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States and has grown to become a world-class innovator and manufacturer of home, entertainment, and office furnishings. Offering a variety of product lines that are rich with innovative features, functions, and design elements, Serta strives to bring comfort to everyone by producing stylish products that improve the way people live and work.

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Additional information

Weight 46.08 kg
Dimensions 30 × 26.75 × 45 cm






Special Feature

Adjustable Height Recline Tilt-Tension Settings


Leather Mesh



Room Type


Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Office Chair

Included Components

Office Chair



Model Name

Smart Layers

Arm Style


Product Care Instructions

Spot Clean

Furniture base movement


Item Weight

46.08 Pounds, 46.1 Pounds

Product Dimensions

30 x 26.75 x 45 inches, 30D x 26.75W x 45H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

45 inches

Assembled Width

26.75 inches

Assembled Length

30 inches


46.08 Pounds



Date First Available

January 31 2015



10 reviews for Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair with Smart Layers Technology | Leather and Mesh Ergonomic with Contoured Lumbar and

  1. S.L.

    This is a very good chair, so farIf a chair lasts me 5 years, it’s a good chair. I can spend upwards of 14 hours a day, seven days a week in my desk chair. I do IT support and even when I’m not working I’m sitting in my chair at my desk waiting for a call. I own the company and I own the office and my office is pretty nice so I spend a lot of time in it working or not. It’s on my property in a detached building and I serve all the network, entertainment, etc. stuff for the main house from there so while I may not be working I’m often at my desk watching a movie or TV show on a 60 inch plasma monitor. I also have two crushed disks and two herniated disks in my back from an offshore accident many years ago. It is vital that I have a very good chair at my desk. I’m in this chair a LOT. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 230 lbs so that is a LOT of wear and tear on a chair over time. The last chair I had was an Office Star Space Chair and it was a good chair, for about 2.5 years. Then it started falling apart and I started filing warranty claims to get the parts replaced that failed (it was warrantied for 5 years). The vinyl arm pads deteriorated twice and the seat/pedestal plate that holds the seat together snapped in half. It made it the whole 5 years with warranty replacements, but the Office Star manufacturer wised up and cancelled the warranty (just flat changed it and refused to honor the original warranty) on all padded and vinyl components so when the arm pads fell apart again it was time to go find a new chair that is NOT an Office Star product …I did a lot of shopping. I don’t like buying chairs and I don’t want to get a chair that won’t fulfill the things I need it to do. It took almost two months from the time I decided I needed a new chair to the time I ordered this Serta. I went to office furniture stores, I pored over online office furniture sites, I sat in chairs and I did just about all the due diligence a person could do in choosing my next chair. The reason I told you all the things in the first paragraph is so that you’ll understand how important having a good chair is to me. The reason I’m telling you these things is so that you’ll understand how careful I was in choosing this chair.I ordered this chair, it came and I put it together today. I knew it would be comfortable because I sat in the same chair at an Office Depot, but they wanted $100 more for that chair than I paid for this one. If I hadn’t found this one on Amazon (or other online vendor) cheaper, I was going to go back to the store and pay that $100 more because of all the chairs I had sat in, that Serta was the most comfortable.I love this chair. It is one of the very most comfortable chairs I have ever sat at a desk in, maybe even THE most comfortable. It adjusts for tilt tension, tilt lock, height and lumbar support plus it swivels. The lumbar support is especially nice, it’s a little knob on the right side of the seat that you can turn to increase or decrease the support mechanism in the backrest.I’m a pretty big guy and this chair is solid as a rock. There is no wobble or shift or anything wrong with this chair. I can only think that the reviewer who reported that the chair was “flimsy” was either too heavy for what this chair is rated, put it together wrong, or got a lemon. Or any or all of those faults combined. There’s nothing flimsy about the construction of this chair when it’s assembled correctly.Regarding correct assembly, follow the instructions included. The instructions are easy to understand and they’re easily adequate to correctly assemble the chair. I had to use a magnifying glass but my eyes aren’t what they used to be, most people can probably read the instructions just fine. They’re clear and in proper English so the Chinese or whoever is responsible for the instruction booklet got it right. Which is unusual for things being made in China these days.Tighten up the screws as much as you can without stripping the threads or torquing a head off. It is vital with any chair that it be assembled as tightly as possible to prevent undesirable play in the parts. Things should not wiggle when you put a chair like this together, they should never wiggle after you assemble and use the chair. If you get wiggle or wobble then tighten it up again or it will break. I used a wrench, a ratchet with the proper sized hex driver — not the little wrench that comes with the chair. There is locktite on the screws that will activate when the screws are good and tight, the more tension on the threads the more solid that locktite will be. I don’t know if they used real “Locktite” brand thread locker but the color of this locker is red. If it’s real Locktite, red is a permanent thread locker that requires heating with a torch to get it to release. Basically you have to melt it to free it. If that’s what this thread locker is, then make sure you get everything tight the first time or you’re going to have problems sooner or later.One of the main reasons I bought this chair, besides the comfort factor, is the 10 year warranty. Comfort is nothing if the chair doesn’t last, durability is nothing if the chair isn’t comfortable. It does no good to have a sturdy chair that’s not comfortable or a comfortable chair that’s broken. Those two things, comfort and durability, are the mark of a really good chair. Those two features are what will make this chair worth it’s cost or not. I don’t write a review on something like this and then forget it. If there’s anything to add I’ll come back and edit this review so if it doesn’t last, you’ll know it from reading my edits. If you don’t see any edits to this review then you can assume all is well with the chair and it has held up well from the date I posted this review to the date you read it.

  2. Antonio Anza

    Funny arms to assemble, has a good seat cushionWelcome to the wonderful age of do it yourself. First one came thrown in box with parts missing and in shambles (someone’s obvious return. So we returned it too.) The second one arrived as intended. One person could put it together but I’d recommend two.The Allan wrench that comes with it is a sad affair, still, was usable. The thing brings extra nuts and bolts, but it’s easy to figure out how many it will use. Was bought for it’s seat cushion. I have the bigger iCloud 5000 Serta and aside from pins falling off of it, it’s still pretty comfortable for a man who stands 6’2″ and weights in at over 250lbs (I’m not telling how much over, surprised you got this much :)This item held me up just fine, the iCloud 5000 doesn’t even break a sweat but costs about 2.5 times what this one does. Of you are heavier or bulkier, go with the other.This one’s cushion cannot be beat. If you can afford if, get it. Good for sitting for hours. Decent recline but not an all the way back type recliner. Doesn’t look like it would put up with abuse, but extended use should be a cinch.Would recommend for the stated reasons, but if at all possible, get the Serta iCloud 5000 and put an insurance on it for a few extra dollars.This one is recommend and more economical. Does the job which is to hold you up.

  3. Amazon Customer

    In the boxThis is a great chair, but consumers will leave them wanting more. Its one of those chairs you sit in and are instantly comfortable.The arms of the chairs do slide under the desk for me. So I can get really close to the keyboard. This is a feature often overlooked on other models. I think because the base you sit on is so large, they can do this.The back is really comfortable and the base is a coil spring model like a bed.The downsideBonded leather won’t last very long and this chair is 250$The whole design is compromised by the arms. Nothing attaches underneath the base of the chair where most of the strength is . They simply attach the arms to the side and the back of the chair to the arms. Meaning if your arms break the chair is no longer usable.I only had this chair for a day, but arms are a common review issue .

  4. DrowsyKitten

    Really comfortable chair, questionable durability, terrible hydraulic postUpdate: After a month of ownership I can 100% agree with the reviews that say this chair sinks. Every single time I get up and come back the chair is back in the lowered position. It’s not super noticeable because the chair is already so much shorter than the average chair…but I’d definitely plan on buying a non-OEM hydraulic cylinder if you buy this chair….so maybe buy the chair on deep sale to make it comparable in price to other chairs once you’ve added in the cost of another cylinder.If this chair had slightly better construction this would have been an easy 5-stars. The chair is incredibly comfortable (though shorter than other office chairs I’ve used, even fully extended). The back and seat seem reasonably well constructed, it’s the details/decorative elements that I find questionable. There is a gray mesh fabric covering the sides of both the seat and the back, where the fastener anchors poke through in some places it’s really well done with a tight mesh opening and melted slightly to prevent fraying. Out of 8 such openings only two were adequately cut/melted. The remaining 6 have been cut too large and not melted, they are almost certainly going to fray upward with use. There is a similar hole in the gray mesh for the lumbar support cord, it’s more like a flap and will for sure fray.There is also a weird black plastic detail panel on the outsides of the arm wrests, these are very loosely attached and only barely hold themselves in place. These will for sure fall off as they fell off multiple times during construction. There is also some piping issue on both sides at the backs of the arm wrests, the piping everywhere else seems fine so I’m not super clear on why it’s all mangled and weird there, but it it like that on both sides.Another interesting design feature is the way the seat back is connected to the seat pan, there isn’t the usual metal flap most chairs have that you would screw into the underside of the seat pan. Instead you connect the back to the seat pan via the chair arms. As such, this is NOT a chair you can use without the arms installed. I generally do not install chair arms, so I might not have bought this chair if I had known they were a required element. However, I am interested to see whether this results in more long term stability, I’m skeptical because the arms feel a little loose at their attachment points, but the two opposing back/butt forces will probably result in better long term stability.The tilt feature is not great, there is no positional tilt lock at all, you can lock it in the completely down position only. When unlocked, the tilt is very smooth with a decent amount of resistance, but it will definitely fight you to return to the neutral position. The lumbar support dial works exceptionally well, with the lumbar support itself alternating between pretty much no support to quite a large bump.Because the seat pan is SO COMFORTABLE (the back head rest is super comfortable too) I will not be returning this chair, even though I expect it to degrade in appearance rapidly. I will, however, need to replace the hydraulic bar with a longer one cause this chair is SUPER low.As a final note, the Amazon advertisement for this chair straight up misleads when it says this chair is leather. If you read specifications on this exact same model on other sites it says “Finished in Puresoft faux leather for a comfortable seating experience”. The box says, “Upholstered in tranquil black bonded leather on all seating surfaces with matching vinyl and contrasting bonded leather and mesh”. The booklet in the box and the materials on the underside of the chair do not use the term “leather” at all. There are places where the backing of the “leather” material is visible and in those places it is for sure faux leather. It is possible there is leather somewhere on this chair, but I highly doubt the majority of it is leather.

  5. Rhiannon

    Very Comfortable Reasonably Priced Chair, Not For Super Tall PeopleI bit the bullet and decided to replace my worn out office chair. I work from home and spend about 12+ hours a day in my chair. If I had it my way I would have a recliner bolted onto an office chair base/wheels. But alas they make no such chair, at least not one that I could afford, and isn’t thousands of dollars.So after weeks of searching I settled for this Serta chair. This is a really nice chair, the bottom cushion is very cushion-y and I don’t feel like its bottoming out when I sit in it. The only down side I have found with this chair is the back does not recline independently from the base. There is an adjustment so the whole chair will tilt back kind of like a rocking chair. For how comfortable this chair is I’ll happily sacrifice the reclining function. Additionally, the chair has adjustable lumbar support. Lumbar support wasn’t the main concern for me, it was more the bottom cushion of the chair that I was interested in. But it is there if you want and/or need it.Now, on to the “Big & Tall” part of the chair. I don’t see how this chair could support a tall person. I’m 5’6, female and weigh about 165lbs. I sit cross legged in my chair a lot, so I specifically looked for a big and tall chair so that I could sit cross legged somewhat comfortably. The problem I see arising for a tall person sitting in this chair is the back portion of the chair. At 5’6 the back of the chair comes up to the middle part of my neck. My husband is 6’0 and it comes to just below his shoulders, any taller and I don’t feel like the back portion of the chair would be comfortable.Would definitely recommend this chair for this price point. I’m sure there is better, but your going to pay for it.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Very well madeThe chair seems very well made but I was hoping for more comfort. I sit at a computer for 10 plus hours, I have back and joint issues so I was hoping for more pain relief than I get with this chair.

  7. r. canterbury

    Honest ReviewI received this chair 2 days ago and here’s my opinion.I had to replace my previous chair because it had broken but even with it broken it took me nearly 2 month’s to find a replacement. I was looking for a high back chair, NOT memory foam in the seat and the rest didn’t really much matter to me. I’m pretty handy with tools and have put multiple other chairs together so i wasn’t worried. I’m 6’1 240 lbs. I’m a gamer and have been for a long long time, and lately with tv being as horrible as it’s been i’ve found myself watching anime and sports on my computer instead of the TV. This puts me in my office chair for about 8 hours a night and even more so on the weekends. I bought this chair for 2 main reasons. 1 my other gamer buddies recommended it, they have the chair and said it has lasted well. and 2 It’s one of the only chairs on the market where the seat isn’t a thin piece of memory foam. The video showing the box spring seat sealed the deal for me.Pros:Assembly took less then 30 minutes for meComfy seat cushionSit’s higher then most chairs (fully lowered) and is comfortable for me at 6 ft but probably not for anyone shorter)The leather it’s made of seems well sewn together.The width of the chair (arms included) isn’t as wide as other chairs so it fits my desk well without hitting the drawers when the chair is pushed inCons:It leans to the left. I read the reviews prior to buying it and like their reviews mine also leans left, this has to have a design flaw for so many people to incur the same problem.When you lean back, even for me at my height, my feet swing free causing some stress under my kneesThe seat doesn’t float forward and back so when you lean back the seat doesn’t move causing it to be less comfortable then it could beThe arms don’t go up and down nor do they lift back to be out of the wayit’s not quite as high backed as i’d like it to be.Overall for an office chair (in an actual work office) this chair would be great. For a home office/gaming chair it’s so so. Had i sat in this chair in a store i doubt i’d have bought it and honestly, it’s not worth the price paid. I understand, companies gotta make money but this $250 chair isn’t worth the cost. I’d say $50 to $100 less is about the right range for the chair as is. I’m still considering returning it.

  8. Christina H.

    Comfortable for 8 -10 hour shiftsHighly recommend. I’m sitting in this chair for 8 to 10 hours, 5 days a week. My back hasn’t hurt since I started using it. Only time will tell how long it lasts, but I’m at about 2 months now and I love it.

  9. B Tyler

    Outstanding Office Chair (except for the arms)This chair fits very well for a 6 foot, 170 pound man. It’s actually quite wide at the seat. It does sit a little low, but I have a pull-out keyboard at my desk so it’s the perfect height. The seat and back are very comfortable, a lot of padding. The back of the chair seems to angle back a little too far, but I’m getting used to it. The lumbar support adjustment is nice, excellent back support. My only issue is that the silver paint on both arms was scratched/gouged in many places and there were numerous paint chips on the arms. Didn’t want to go through the return process. Otherwise, I would have given the chair 5 stars.

  10. Kai

    Best EverBest Work from Home Chair 🪑

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