Serta Big and Tall Smart Executive Office ComfortCoils, Ergonomic Computer Chair with Layered Body Pillows, Big & Tall, Black

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Product details

Color Black and Gray
Brand Serta
Product Dimensions 33″D x 27.25″W x 48″H
Style Modern
Special Feature Adjustable Height
Material Faux Leather
  • SIT LIKE AN EXECUTIVE: Enjoy the most comfortable seat in the office with the Serta Big and Tall Smart Layers Executive Office Chair
  • PLUSH COMFORT: Designed with premium Serta Ultra Smart Layers Foam, ComfortCoils, layered body pillows, and supple bonded leather
  • ERGONOMIC SUPPORT: Adjustable settings for a comfortable adjustable seating position and an elevated headrest to support the neck
  • BIG AND TALL: Supports up to 350 pounds with heavy duty components that exceed BIFMA standards. Designed to help alleviate strain and discomfort
  • SMOOTH ROLLING: Multi-surface casters make it easy to move around
  • Seat height: 21.5″ – 23.5″
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Take your office seating experience to new heights with the Serta Big and Tall Smart Layers Executive Office Chair. Featuring exclusive Serta cushions made with premium Ultra Smart Layers Foam over individual pocketed ComfortCoils, this plush desk chair provides pressure-relieving comfort. Its layered body pillows, elevated headrest, and customizable positioning offer optimal ergonomic postural support for all day comfort. Multi-surface, dual-wheel casters give you easy access to your work area. This big and tall executive office chair has a generous seating area and is made with an extra-large steel seat plate and thicker plywood construction to accommodate up to 400 pounds. Recommended daily usage: Performance (6-8 Hours)

From the manufacturer

Serta Office Chairs, comfort, serta comfort

serta office chair

serta, always comfortable

Serta has been a pioneer in comfort since we introduced our very first Perfect Sleeper mattress to the world in 1931. Now, Serta is bringing the comfort of sleep to your living room, patio and office. Feel the comfort throughout your home.

Serta Big & Tall Smart Layers Executive Office Chair

Product Description

Incorporating the same technology used in top-selling Serta mattresses, the Serta Big & Tall Executive Office Chair brings the Serta legacy of quality, comfort and style to your office.

  • Cushioned elevated headrest
  • Deep layered body pillows
  • Premium Ultra Smart Layers
  • Generous 18.25” L x 21.25” W seating area
  • Smooth bonded leather
  • 360-degree casters for all floor types
  • Supports up to 400 lbs
  • Dimensions 27.25″ W x 33″ D x 46″ H

Cushioned elevated headrest

body pillows

cushioned arm rests

Elevated Headrest

This ergonomic office chair has a headrest that extends further than other chairs. This provides neck support and comfort for larger individuals.

Body Pillows

Deep layered body pillows deliver cushioned comfort.

Cushioned Arm Rests

Hand-sculpted upholstered arms for maximum comfort.

smart layers

easy reach controls


Smart Layers

Premium Ultra foam surrounds individual pocketed ComfortCoils to provide pressure-relieving comfort and optimized support for an unrivaled seating experience.

EZ-Reach Controls

Easy to reach control arm for 2″ of height adjustability.

Smooth Rolling

Smooth rolling multi-surface dual wheel casters provide easy access to your surrounding work area.

serta more than a mattress

Additional information

Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 33 × 27.25 × 48 cm

Black and Gray





Special Feature

Adjustable Height


faux leather



Room Type


Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Included Components




Model Name

Big and Tall Smart Layers

Arm Style


Product Care Instructions

Spot Clean

Surface Recommendation


Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Item Weight

68 pounds

Product Dimensions

33 x 27.25 x 46 inches, 33D x 27.25W x 48H

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

27 inches

Assembled Width

36.25 inches

Assembled Length

19.25 inches


400 Pounds



Date First Available

January 31 2015



10 reviews for Serta Big and Tall Smart Executive Office ComfortCoils, Ergonomic Computer Chair with Layered Body Pillows, Big & Tall, Black

  1. Brevity

    Great for my lower back and Sciatica pain. Not bad for the price!I’ve only had this Big & Tall chair for sightly over a week, so this is just a first impressions review as I don’t feel it’s fully broken in yet. I plan on updating it as time goes on.It’s the most comfortable office chair I’ve ever used. Although I admit that I’ve mostly sat in cheap and ergonomically improper office chairs in the past. I’m 6′ tall and 240 lbs. and have long, skinny legs; most of my weight is in my upper body and stomach area. The only things that can be adjusted on the chair are the height and tilt. On the right side is a lever to raise or lower the height of the chair. On the left side is the other lever. It can either lock it in an upright position or unlock it for the tilt. There seems to be only a slight difference between the tightness of the adjustment knob to me. You have to push the chair with your legs to get it to tilt back and you have to hold it with some force on your toes to maintain the tilt. Otherwise it goes right back into the upright position. It gets rather tiring to keep pushing it back the entire time. I wish there was a locking mechanism to keep it in the tilt position that you want and hold it there. It’s easier to maintain the tilt with the chair at the lowest height and more difficult the higher up you go.I love the coils. It feels like sitting on a firm bed. Also, for me, the seat feels firmer at the back four inches or so and less firm in the rest if the seat, but I only feel that uneven firmness when I have my butt pushed all the way back in the seat. It’s not too uncomfortable, but it’s definitely noticeable to me. The firmness feels more even when my butt is just a few inches forward. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be like that, but I hope that firm area will soften from sitting in it over time but if not, it’s not the end of the world. The back lumbar support feels just right for me thankfully, because there’s no way to adjust it. The back of the seat feels very comfortable and supports my back very well.I love the waterfall design of the seat. It really eliminates having the front edge of the seat digging into the back of my thighs like most other flat or bucket style chairs I’ve used (no more Sciatica pain!) The arms are also the perfect keyboard height for me and they’re also not adjustable. The same goes for the width of the arms. Overall, the chair is just the right size for me. So now I realize that a Big & Tall chair is the way to go for me, I wish I knew about them sooner as I’ve never seen them being advertised before. I just happened to notice while searching for chairs with coils.I’m a bit underwhelmed by the bonded leather TBH, as it doesn’t feel as nice as real leather or even vinyl, but it’s not that bad and I’m getting used to it. I would have preferred a cloth option myself. I hope it holds up for the long haul because some reviews state that it wears quickly.The assembly was relatively easy by myself, but I can see that some people might need help as it’s pretty heavy and a bit challenging to balance the parts as they get assembled. I used a socket wrench where I could to tighten it, which I found better than the included allen wrench.I’ve sat in it a lot during the past week and it feels great even after 8 hours or more. I like this chair so much I’ve ordered a second one to have at work.

  2. Guitar Johnny

    Initial ImpressionI just got this and assembled it. I will update the review later, but this is my first impression.1) The chair was maybe a little harder to assemble than my last Exec chair. Having a second person will help. In particular properly fitting/attaching the bottom to the back can be a bit challenging.2) The seating part seems to incline forward to an uncomfortable degree. This weekend I am going to see if there’s anything I can do to adjust how the back and bottom are attached to improve this, but when you sit in a chair like this, it shouldn’t feel like it’s trying to push you forward out of the chair.3) Rocking backward in this chair is VERY DIFFICULT! Like, harder than I have ever found a chair to be. I have tried adjusting the tension control to either extreme and it’s just a lot harder than it should be.4) One part arrived broken, namely the plastic shroud that goes underneath. Now truthfully you don’t “need” this part at all. It’s just a nicety to cover up the way the base joins to the chair to make it look more attractive. In my home office it’s not a huge concern. But when you spend a few hundred bucks on something, you expect not to have any part of it defective.The back of the assembly manual gives a website. Well the URL and in fact the domain itself are obsolete. The old domain redirects to the new one, so I got an error page on a totally different DOT COM. Neither of the domains are “Serta”, but this company does support for this brand.I tried calling their toll free line and listened to their automated menu. None of the options were for “I need a replacement part” and they made it clear that you would be on hold for a long time and you’d be better off emailing your information to them. So I did.Will update when I see how they handle it.LASTLY my biggest problem with these types of chairs is that the “Bonded Leather” peels and flakes off far sooner than the rest of the chair wears out. It should be weeks and months before I know how this will hold up.UPDATE (2/9/2021): Their support people have not called or emailed me back. Starting to think seriously about returning this thing to Amazon.

  3. B.L.

    So far, So goodI am a pc gamer, and a lot of the work I do is at home online, so I needed a good chair. I had a gaming chair that was just killing my back, so much so that I actually stopped gaming and did the bare minimum for work on my pc. I started looking for a new comfortable gaming chair and just couldn’t find one that fit all my needs. I have medical problems so I needed something comfortable, and durable. A friend found this for me and I really liked the look of it. It wasn’t a “gaming style” chair, but that was ok by me.The chair arrived super quick which was a plus. The plastic part that encompasses the underside of the chairs workings came broken. One of the snap points was completely broken off. I contacted amazon about it, and they said I could return it for a refund, or return it for a replacement. I wasn’t about to go through all the hassle of packing up and shipping out a 70lb chair for a cosmetic piece. They couldn’t just send the one part out so I chose neither option. I needed a chair, this one was here, so it just wont look as pretty.Assembly was fine for how heavy this thing is. However, it seems like the left arm rest is higher than the right. Not by much but its noticeable when sitting with both arms on them.All that aside, I absolutely love this chair. It is one of the most comfortable office chairs I have used in a very long time. The seat doesn’t feel like it deflates at all even after sitting in it for hours. I can actually sit fully in the chair and use the backrest without feeling any pain, or like I’m reaching out to far. I have had zero problems with the cylinder.My chair might have some small issues, but I’m still very happy with the purchase. If anything changes, I will update this review, but like I said, so far, so good.

  4. Stephen Poulos


  5. Amazon Customer

    Beware – actual weight limit differs from listed detailsI purchased this chair for my husband who has been working from home for over a year now. He is 6 foot four and weighs right at 400 pounds so I thought this would be a perfect chair for him after reading the description. When I paid over $300 for this chair, I was hoping that it would be perfect for him since he sits at his desk all day long. However, once we receive the chair & took it out of the box to assemble it, we discovered that it is clearly labeled on the bottom of the chair “weight limit should not exceed 350 pounds“. We were very disappointed at this revelation, but decided to try it out anyway. It’s much more narrow than his current chair and did not work. Called customer service to discuss the issue and they were very helpful but unable to except the chair returned fully assembled. Chair was difficult to try to take apart to put back in the box so customer service’s solution was to give me a partial refund of the original purchase price. Although this is not ideal, it helped out in this situation. Although I was unable to use it for my husband as originally intended, I now have a very plush and comfy chair for my desk at my office. Worked out in the end but the description did not fit the actual item once it was received.

  6. DaveC

    Quality Chair, Easy AssemblyThis is an initial review after putting the chair together and sitting in it for one day.Assembly:Pros —Overall, the chair seems high quality (which it should, the prices is relatively high)–Instructions were understandable–Bolts had a form of Loctite on them (see Cons section)–Not a million pieces–Most parts seemed high quality (see Cons section)–Hex Key tool comes with the chair (See Cons section)Cons —I would still put blue Loctite on the bolts, I’m not so sure what was applied at the manufacturer will work since the bolts go in so deep. Personal preference though.–The two cable retention clips, and the plastic cover on the bottom of the chair seemed a little flimsy. Be careful, when I put the plastic cover on the bottom of the chair and pushed it in, I think a tab broke off, and I didn’t really hit it hard.–If you have a hex key set of your own it would help. I really had to use some force to get the bolts tight, and they went in really, really deep sometimes with some resistance that would tire you out using the provided hex key. The provided hex key is your standard L shaped hex key which doesn’t provide a lot of leverage.–The arm covers that hide the bolts on the side of the arms are somewhat decorative and long, but difficult to put in, at least for me, without really hitting them. In fact, I dented one.Comfort -The chair is really comfortable to sit on, but does seem a bit narrow for a big and tall chair. For my height, 6′ 3″ the chair is all the way to the bottom, and maybe still a bit high for me, I like my thighs horizontal with the floor. I have a long torso so that might be the issue, but hopefully over time the piston will have a little give and lower down a bit. Just to reiterate, the chair does feel like it is quality construction, but I’ll have to come back and edit this if I discover any problems over time.Packaging -On final note. The chair was shipped at 75lbs. The FedEx guy didn’t like that and complained to the building manager, so don’t know if it will cause you problems. Also, one of the legs had pushed through the box, was scratched, but not dented. The chair was pretty well protected internally except for the legs. I say this becasue, when I first looked at the box before opening, I thought it could be really damaged.

  7. UND3R5TAT3D

    Big and Tall For Sure!I am 6’2″ 255 and between work and gaming I spend a LOT of time at my desk. I have been looking for a REALLY comfortable desk chair for some time now. I chose this chair because often I find “regular” size to be just a bit snug and so I figured the “big and tall” would be a better fit. I have to say that it is a bit too big for me. at 6’2″ I am on my tip toes when I lean back. I am 255 and the width between the arm rests is about 1.5″ wider than natural “at your side” arm position. While it is definitely the most comfortable chair ever to cradle my back end, the height leaves a bit to be desired. It also does not push up under my desk which is a bit frustrating. On the up side the arm rests are about level with my desk so I do have a nice place to rest my elbow when gaming. Build quality is what I would expect from Serta and assembly was no more difficult than any other desk chair. (get a longer alan wrench for the arm screws or vice grips to clamp on the short end of the one provided. All around good buy for the money. GREAT buy if you are over 6’3″. If not so tall I would go with one of the Serta “regular” size chairs.

  8. BrettM.

    Little overpriced but overall it’s an ok medium-duty office chairI work a desk job in technology and recently started working from home 4 days a week. I spend a decent amount of time sitting in front of the computer. I am a big guy @ just under 6ft tall 280lbs. I have had the chair almost 2 months now and I would say it’s pretty good overall. Definitely overpriced ($248.03 at the end of March 2020) for what it is but it’s not a bad chair. The seat and back are very comfortable and the adjustment options offer a good seat height and a decent ability to lean back if you want. For me, I find the seat bottom is good most of the time. After 3 – 4 hours of sitting the back of my leg does start to get sore. I fully understand that I shouldn’t sit for that period of time at once; however, there are times when I’m coding and or in back to back meetings and it just happens. Outside of that, I find the chair to be very comfortable. The one complaint that I have is that the arms do not secure to the chair very well. Both arms have become lose and needed to be tightened twice now and it’s only been 2 months. I emailed the manufacture after the first time/month that I had to tighten them but never heard back. Overall it’s an ok medium-duty office chair, in my opinion, that should probably cost < $200.00. If the manufacture offered better support or if they redesigned how the arms attach then I would give it a higher rating and say it could be worth more. If I hear back from the manufacture I will update my review.

  9. bruce

    Very comfortable, but not level.The chair is extremely comfortable but after a few hours sitting in it I’m really noticing it’s not level. The right armrest is about 1 inch lower than the left one, so it’s a minor issue but it’s still annoying.

  10. Didi

    Height adjustment won’t holdThis chair is comfortable. But it makes a lot of squeaky noises. The height won’t hold and slowly sinks to the lowest height setting after just 2 months of use.

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