Serta Carbon Dream 3″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Product details

Brand Serta
Color Carbon Dream
Size Queen
Fabric Type 100% Memory Foam
Material Carbon fiber
  • 100% Memory Foam
  • COMFORT: Serta iComfort provides unparalleled comfort, conforms to the curves of your body, and helps you sleep cooler by channeling heat away from the body
  • SUPPORT: Lightness, flexibility, strength, and durability of carbon microfibers combined with the pressure-relieving comfort of breathable memory foam technology
  • PRESSURE RELIEF: High‐density design provides a superior support curve, with pressure relief in low compression zones and added support in deeper ones
  • DURABILITY: High‐quality foam reinforced with carbon fiber provides superior durability for years of use
  • Made in the USA
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Sleep like you’ve never slept before on this mattress topper from Serta. As part of the Serta family of comfort solutions, this Carbon Dream memory foam topper can improve any night’s rest on top of virtually any mattress. Designed specifically to conform to the curves and contours of your body with various compression zones, this luxury mattress pad will provide you the support and pressure relieve you need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

From the manufacturer

Memory Foam mattress toppers

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Sometimes your mattress isn’t enough. A Serta mattress topper adds an extra layer of comfort, extending the life of a mattress and improving your quality of sleep in the process.

Conforming Comfort


improved air flow

Conforming Comfort

A Serta mattress topper adjusts and conforms to the individual contours of the body, making it great for all sleeping positions – side, back, and stomach.

Pressure Relief

This mattress topper features pressure-relieving memory foam for an enhanced feel and greater night’s sleep.

Improved Airflow

This mattress topper offers greatly improved breathability while also providing superior heat dissipation.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 3 × 59 × 79 cm
Product Dimensions

3 x 59 x 79 inches

Item Weight

32 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Fabric Type

100 Memory Foam

Assembly Required


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10 reviews for Serta Carbon Dream 3″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  1. Matt

    Supportive and comfyI have a Serta iComfort memory foam bed that has lost support. I’ve turned it around but then it felt like I was sinking to the other side that I had first slept on. I was going to buy a new bed, a Serta iComfort Hybrid but decided to try this first. I got this 3-inch Carbon Dream because it seemed to be more firm than the other toppers and it worked! I wasn’t sinking to the other side anymore. How long will this hold up? I don’t know…but for now I can put off buying a new bed. It’s not as cool as laying on the mattress itself but it’s very soft and comfy. I’d like to try Serta’s Pillow-Top topper when I get the new bed. Yes, these memory foam toppers and pillows and boxed-by-mail mattress like the Casper stink like chemicals but you have to let them air out for at least a few days before you try sleeping on them. I let this one air out for a week before I put it on my bed and it still smells like my Serta chopped up memory foam pillow did for a while, but that goes away eventually. I haven’t found a memory foam that doesn’t stink in the beginning.

  2. Jessica Laird

    AmazingI have a mattress that is over 10 years old and is falling apart. I wanted something cheaper then a new mattress. This mattress topper fixed my messed up mattress. No more back pain and i sleep better.

  3. Maria

    ExcellentSerra Carbon Mattress TopperI love my new “Made in the USA” Serta Mattress memory foam topper.I chose a Serta because Serta is a USA company, plus it is a well known brand with a great reputation in the bed business. I wanted a product I could trust !This mattress pad is Awesome. It conforms to my hips when I lay on my side, and provides amazing support when I roll on my back. It relieves the pressure on my sore joints and now I can finally get a good night sleep!Not only do I feel great about supporting the USA but I also feel great when I wake up! I highly recommend this memory foam mattress topper.

  4. sshogun

    Good short term solution for a bedI bought this for guest instead of an air mattress. It is comfortable and soft. Offers great support. My only worry is the durability of the pad. Moving it can stress the foam and some portions seem worn and may tear if moving around.

  5. 77targa

    Strong order and poor qualityEven after one week under a ceiling fan uncovered it still smelled so bad we couldn’t sleep on it. It also had a lot of air bubble voids and some kind of yellow sticky residue all over. The box was in such bad shape I believe it was very old stock. It was also very firm and uncomfortable if you attempted to lay on it.

  6. D. Morgan

    “Gassing”I “aired” it out over the 1st week and now I’ve had it over a month and it still reeks of a paint like smell. I can’t give it a review on if its soft, helps with sleep because of the harsh smell making it hard to even want to sleep on it because the smell is so loud.

  7. Peter A. Ripin

    Fit perfectlyNot a bad price, arrived well packaged, and it changed a cheap old mattress into a comfortable bed.

  8. H. Hill

    Thinner might be betterComes super compressed but will expand perfectly to the product specs. EXTREMELY smelly (petroleum-like) and takes weeks upon weeks to mostly dissipate. Also, very hot to sleep on. Likely great for winter months. Also very very heavy and difficult to move by oneself. If a thinner version

  9. Rose A

    What did I buy?My foam mattress was white with gold specks in it. Doesn’t not even look like I order. Is this foam mattress worth more than I order? Seem I got the cheaper mattress. Not a happy camper at all. I was looking forward on this pad for back. Still have to sleep my granddaughter bed until someone correct this.

  10. M0053

    Overwhelming toxic odor!What was I thinking buying a matress topper made of toxic chemicals! This thing stinks! Instruction said to air out 24 – 48 hours. Still smells as bad as when I first removed the suran wrap packaging. I will never feel safe sleeping on this thing even if it stops smelling toxic…Update: after 10 days in my garage with a big fan blowing on it the smell is almost gone. Slept on it last night (with 3/4 cotton pad on top). It was comfortable and the smell didn’t bother me. I think the odor might be objectionable to some people and not to others. I couldn’t stand it. It didn’t bother my wife…

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