Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Motion Technology, Adjustable Mid Back Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Black Bonded Leather

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Color Black Bonded Leather
Brand Serta
Product Dimensions 30″D x 27″W x 41″H
Special Feature Adjustable Lumbar, Adjustable Height, Head Support
Material Nylon, Leather
Pattern Solid
  • COMFORTABLE AND SUPPORTIVE: Ergonomic office chair maximizes lower back support and comfort while seated. Min/Max Seat Height : 21″ to 24″
  • BACK IN MOTION TECHNOLOGY: Tilts the seat forward to promote strength and flexibility in your core
  • PERFORMANCE FEATURES: Push-button adjustable armrests and convenient cable-actuated levers
  • GREAT FOR WORK OR PLAY: Helps keep you comfortable and relaxed whether you’re working or kicking back
  • VERSATILE AND MOBILE: Adjustable height settings, convenient swivel design, and large-diameter rolling casters

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Help promote strength and flexibility in your back while you work with the Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair. This ergonomic office chair helps users become more productive and efficient by maximizing lower back support and comfort while seated. Its unique Back in Motion Active Seat Technology swivels the lumbar forward, providing the same effects as a pelvic tilt exercise by promoting spinal movement and flexibility in your core. Push-button adjustable armrests and pneumatic height adjustment allow the leather office chair to be quickly and easily customized to find the right fit for you. The multilayered cushions are soft yet supportive, so you’ll feel refreshed even after a long day.

From the manufacturer

Serta, Always Comfortable, Easy Assembly, Heavy Duty, Back in Motion, Supports 250 pounds

Serta, Comfortable, Premium, Ergonomic Chair, Desk, Task Chair, Office Chair

Serta, Office Chair, Back in Motion, Comfort, Support, Headrest, Foam, Safety, Padded, Adjustable

Serta, Office Chair, Comfort, Control, Ergonomic, Adjust, Back In Motion, Armrest, Posture, Strength

Additional information

Weight 51.36 kg
Dimensions 30 × 27 × 41 cm

Black Bonded Leather



Special Feature

Adjustable Lumbar Adjustable Height Head Support


Nylon Leather



Room Type


Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Office Chair

Included Components

Office Chair



Model Name

Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Arm Style


Product Care Instructions

Spot Clean

Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

30 x 27 x 41 inches, 30D x 27W x 41H

Item Weight

51.36 Pounds, 51.4 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Fill material Type


Form Factor


Assembly Required


Number of Pieces


Warranty Description

1 year limited warranty.

Batteries Required


Import Designation



Millwork Holdings Co. Inc., Serta

7 reviews for Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Motion Technology, Adjustable Mid Back Desk Chair with Lumbar Support, Black Bonded Leather

  1. Malissa Atkins

    This is a great chair!I have personally researched several office chairs before deciding on this specific chair. I was really mixed with the reviews that many have left about this chair. I had to remember that many people are quick to give a bad review and slow to give a good one. I am very happy that I gave this chair a try because it has already impressed me in several ways.With my previous chair, I could not sit in for long periods of time without back pain. I have been able to sit in this chair for 8 hours, without any pain at all. I will update my review after some time has passed and it is used more. There are 3 of us that have tested this chair in the few days I have had it.Me (5’8”, 175 lbs), my husband (6’1”, 295 lbs.), and my son (5’8” 150 lbs.)I will cover some of the points, as I noticed these were mentioned in the reviews.1. If you are tall, you don’t need to look for a different chair. Some complaints I read were about the size of the chair. The seating area is not smaller than most chairs. In fact, it was several inches wider than my previous chair and others I have in my home. The length of the chair seat from the back to the front is also a few inches bigger. My husband is not a small man and he felt comfortable in this chair. Everyone was able to adjust the height of the chair to have our feet flat on the floor.2. I currently am a college student online for graphic arts. I always sit at my desk with homework or drawing. My previous chair was worn out and I often put pillows on my chair for padding or to support my lower back. The lumbar support with this chair is perfect for me. It has been mentioned in other reviews that this lumbar support is not a benefit for them, and it is rather awkward. The chair is not the issue, it is more of the way a person sits in the chair. This has been a learning process for me, as I want to slouch over my desk. If you will pull the chair closer to the desk, you will feel the support from the lumbar system. It is a small area of the chair that pivots when you move.3. The chair gives me great comfort when I am sitting in it. The padding is nice, and the back of the chair gives me support when I lean back. There is a lever that allows the back of the chair to stay in place, which I do not use. There is a tension adjuster under the seat that will allow you to adjust the resistance of the chair leaning back.4. The lumbar support is not something well explained in the description. I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. It does not push up against your back, it gives only slight support to your back when you lean forward. The seat does angle slightly down, but I do not feel as though I am falling out of my chair. Again, I feel some reviews here are simply people that are not properly sitting in the chair. I do agree with some reviews and wish it did offer more support. Maybe the lumbar pillow should be larger or pivots further into a forward motion.Good Points:The chair is comfortable and provides ample padding.I like the smooth rolling of the chair.I totally like the lumbar support, it pivots very well to adjust to your movements.I personally didn’t find the chair to be difficult for height and keeping my feet flat on the floor.It was easy to assemble, everything had a letter or number and simple steps to complete.Assembly took a very short amount of time and I was able to do it myself.Bad Points:The lumbar support does take some adjusting to get max benefits from it.I would like to see the base of the chair be constructed of metal or better materials.The arms of the chair could use some work. The pushbuttons to change the height can be tricky based upon where the arms are fixed to the chair.I also do not like the push buttons on the outside, as they can easily be pressed by animals rubbing against them or small children in the home.The arms also have a weird position. When you attach them, there is a cut out on the bracket, as though they are adjustable to position where you need them. It didn’t work for me, as they would not adjust the arms in, just allowed you to adjust them out further from the seat edges.Where improvements could be made:The arms of the chair would be better if you could pull them up and out of the way.Make the arms of the chair more adjustable, where you can have them closer to the seating area, not further.Allow adjustment for the lumbar pivot to come forward more.Change the base of the chair because the faux metal covering on the plastic makes the chair look cheap.I also do not prefer the white stitching on the chair. It would be nice to have the option of black stitching.I give this chair 5 stars because it is the most comfortable chair that I have owned in years. The padding is enough to give comfort, but not over-padded to make it bulky.

  2. Patricia A Faciane

    Really Nice ChairI almost denied receipt of the box due to the condition it arrived in. Clearly someone bought this chair and returned it and did not repack it correctly. Loose items in the bottom of the busted half-way tapped box and zip lock bags of screws with some of the hex heads stripped out. The vendor should have repacked the box correctly before resending it out. After I verified that all the parts were there, I started the assembly. Very easy to assemble and I am so glad I kept it. Very comfortable chair for a 5′-2″ woman. Grant you the chair does not lower enough for my feet to be firmly on the floor, but I have yet to have a chair that did. The pivot seat base will take some getting used to, but overall happy. I bought the dark gray fabric model, and the fabric is so soft against the skin. Not scratchy at all. Chair is well built and comfortable.

  3. Twistedben

    Near perfectI started my search for a new chair and did about a month of research. I had already owned a ~$150, rather nice Office Max chair. It was a decent chair, but a chair’s comfortability is more important to me than most people, sans a few who may be in a similar boat as me. I suffer from RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), and it is a degenerative, disabling disease that causes chronic pain in limbs; in my case, I suffer from nearly constant burning pain down my left leg, blow-torch burning. I’d rather be water-boarded than spend an hour in an average high-school metal chair. Now that I have stated that, you know how important a good chair is for me. I happen to spend several hours a day at my home office, sitting for more than half the day working, playing, et cetera. In the beginning of my research, I debated between those high end Mesh chairs, high end Gamer chairs like DXRacer, and this Serta chair. I was really torn between the three. I was afraid the Mesh wouldn’t be comfortable enough, and feared the DXRacer would be geared more toward young adult gamers than office workers (though I am a gamer as well). So, knowing Serta has a good reputation with their products being comfortable, I took a good look at this chair and purchased it after watching the Amazon Video on it. I took a gamble, telling myself I could always return it. My uncle helped me assemble the chair. It took us about 20 minutes tops, me being skilled at assembly and he a little less so, but I imagine most people can assemble this chair without issue and within reasonable time. The instructions were fine, but looking at the box’s chair picture also helps. The Serta has all the stock, expected features and then some. It has height adjustment, with an above average max height. Me being six foot one, at full height extension, my lanky legs can’t reach the ground, which speaks to its scope. There’s only one other lever beneath the seat, so it’s unlike many higher end chairs that have a gamut of confusing levers. The lever on the left side will lock and unlock the reclining feature. When unlocked the reclining extent goes pretty far back. Let’s put it this way, I have yet to hit the max reclining position in a real life scenario. The last adjustable feature is the arm rest height. It works well, offering many different ranges of height. This feature in particular was one that I never knew I missed or needed. It helps improve ergonomics drastically. I tend to like the armrests high, subsequently my shoulders relax and experience less neck and shoulder pain at the end of the day. One downfall with the arm rests—this is likely true for only my unit though I’m not positive—is that the right one wriggles and doesn’t feel sturdy. It doesn’t impact my everyday use, but when wiggling it, it moves loosely. The left suffers from no such defect. In terms of comfortability, long-term sitting, and overall feeling, it is by far the best office chair I’ve sat in. In all my previous office chairs, of which I’ve owned many (eight?), within a certain time frame, possibly minutes or hours, I’d start to hurt. My chronic pain would flare up after hours of sitting or even just a few minutes. And my chronic pain wasn’t the only thing that would bother me. Sometimes my back would ache, my knees would hurt, and my neck and shoulder area would become particularly obstinate. The Serta has terrific lumbar support. Instead of a flat back, a gaping hole where your back would naturally slouch, the Serta comes in to support. It curves naturally with my back and holds me up well despite bad scoliosis. It’s not a full backed chair, for there is no head support, but I never found myself needing head support. I don’t sit in my office chair to rest me head and, unless your job is extremely boring, I imagine you don’t either. This is the first chair I’ve sat in that contours to my entire back. It feels as though every nook and cranny is molded to it. The seat’s width is nearly sized to my exact preference. If you’re a little… bigger… on the backside, it may be too narrow. I can say myself, I very skinny and there is about an inch and a half left on either side of the seat. For this reason, it may not be suited for larger people. Speaking of butts, after prolonged periods of time, my butt never goes numb sitting on the Serta, which happens to be a first concerning my experience with chairs. Also, unlike those faux padded sub-$150 chairs, my weight never pushes me past the cushion on the chair’s seat. I’m light, but I do believe this is just superior craftsmanship and is the reason no butt-numbing ensues. On carpet the castors are extremely stubborn. The Serta is a hard chair to move when over carpet, especially when sitting in it simultaneously. The chair’s biggest selling point is its biggest downfall. The Back-in-Motion pivot design simply doesn’t work well. It can even be uncomfortable in some positions. I don’t know if this is the case because I am a mere 140 pounds, but the back in motion technology fails to move with me when I lean forward. The only way I can get it to move with me is by kicking my legs out forcefully, and then it fights with me until it reverts back to its natural position. Also in my office it’s difficult to kick my legs out—not to mention awkward—because my leg room is restricted by the computer and desk in front of me. I would have returned the chair for this sole reason if it wasn’t perfect in nearly every other category. Having been a person with back problems, multiple surgeries, and chronic pain, I can overall strongly recommend this chair. If you’re in a similar situation to mine, the Serta just may be the answer to your problems.

  4. Suzanna Ritter Mruk

    Supportive, heavy duty practical buyPlease note, I have used this chair for less than a week, however, I’m already appreciating the lumbar support.The chair was assembled in less than 15 minutes, no problems whatsoever. My only complaint is that my feet cannot touch the floor, I’m 5’1″, so I will just use a foot riser. This chair is heavy duty and supportive. Not exceptionally pretty in my office, but extremely practical for 8+ hour work days.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Very comfortable, with a unique lumbar supportThis chair seems to be of good quality. It was easy to assemble and looks very good. It has a seat that functions in a way that I have never seen before; the part you sit on pivots freely, and it is connected to the lumbar support, so that when you lean forward at your desk it tips and the lumbar support tips with it, keeping pressure on your lower back. I don’t know if this is for everyone, but I really like it. The rest of the chair is fully adjustable in the normal ways. I would recommend this product.

  6. Pb

    Comfortable chair for long hours in sitting position with low back painThe chair was used for office work to support low back pain. It is supportive for the low back. The chair is sturdy and heavy. It was easy to assemble with instructions but may take some time depending on how handy you are. If the chair is placed on wood flooring will need a pad or a carpet for the wheels not to move. But it is a good chair for long sitting position and at a reasonable price.

  7. André

    Five StarsGreat chair very comfortable

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