SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 55 x 28 Inches, Maple

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Product details

Brand SHW
Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 28″D x 55″W x 28″H
Color Maple
Style Desk
  • Digital Display Handset – 4 memory preset options for easy adjustment.
  • Electric Lift System – Fully motorized lift from 28 to 45 Inches height.
  • Telescopic Height Adjustment – The strong legs use telescopic adjustment transitioning from sitting to standing from 28″ to 45″.
  • High-grade industrial steel, Desk Top has the grommets to organize you cords.
  • Measures – 55″ L x 28″ W x 28-45″ H ; Patent No: US D934,012 S

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Product Description

OD-93A Controller

Smart Technology

Initialization / Reset Process

  1. Press and hold the “ DOWN” key until the display shows “RSt”.
  2. Hold the “DOWN” key as the desk lowers to the bottom and back up a little.
  3. Release the “DOWN” when the display shows “70.5”.

The Initialization Process is now completed.

Smart Memory Height Function

4-position memory height function enables a customized comfortable office experience. To save current height setting: Press and hold your desired number key (1, 2, 3, 4) until the LED flashes twice.

Key Features

  • Large Desktop Space – 55″L x 28″W
  • Telescopic Height Adjustment – 28″ to 45″
  • 4 Memory Preset Options
  • Simple Easy Assembly


Height Adjustable

OD-93A Hardware Comparison

Multiple Color Designs

We provide a variety of unique color designs to harmonize with your workspace.

Ergonomically Designed

Adjustable Height – Sit to stand in matters of seconds.

Benefits of Standing :

Reduce lower back pain, Improve mood and energy levels, Boost Productivity and MORE!

Simple By Design

Easy Assembly – Intuitively designed to use the bare minimal amount of hardware to ensure simple and easy assembly.

REST ASSUREDNEVER get frustrated from installing the wrong hardware ever again.

Oak Grommet


Cable Clamps

Wire Management

Grommet available to keep your desk clean and organized.

Hooks (set of 2)

Organize your headphones and backpacks to enable a clutter free space.

Cable Management Clamps (set of 4)

Organize and declutter any unwanted hanging wire cables from your desk.



Sturdy Telescopic Desk Frame

Solid steel frame allows for smooth and stable height adjustment, transitioning from sitting to standing from 28″ to 45″.

Screw-in Leveling Glide

Once the desk has been assembled, adjust the bottom glides to stabilize and level your desk.

Additional information

Weight 81.8 kg
Dimensions 28 × 55 × 28 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk





Top Material Type

Alloy Steel

Special Feature


Room Type


Mounting Type


Furniture Finish



55 Inch

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

27.95 x 55.12 x 27.95 inches, 28D x 55W x 28H

Item Weight

81.8 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

April 1 2019



10 reviews for SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 55 x 28 Inches, Maple

  1. A. Polich

    Better Than I ExpectedThe packaging keeps the components well protected. The instructions are clear & easy to understand. This is one of the easiest pieces of furniture I’ve put together. It was unpacked and fully assembled within 30 minutes, and I was able to do it by myself. One note, this will not fit through a standard doorway with the top on it. You will have to wait to screw the top in place until after the base frame is through the door. The variable height options make every day customizable to mood or physical limitations/requirements. All in all, this is well worth the price paid.

  2. Name

    Great desk for the priceThis is a solid desk. The frame is well built and sturdy and the top is well made for what it is (particle board with laminate).I bought this same desk a few years ago and liked it enough that I ordered another when I needed a second, rather than taking my chances on another semi-no-name brand. I’d buy it a third time.I was a little bummed they changed the top. The first desk I bought had a faux-wood style black top and now it’s solid black without the wood grain, but it still looks nice.They also didn’t include the two side hangers on the first desk, so receiving them with the second was a nice surprise!This motor seems a little more rough/noisy than the first but it works well.Very nitpicky: The instructions state you only need the provided allen wrench to get this set up, which is 98% true. If you want to attach the controls, you’ll need to get a phillips head. Not a big deal, but would have been nice to know ahead of time so I didn’t have to stop and find mine.

  3. Jared B. Faurschou

    Great deal, great value!I have used this desk for about two months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. When I first looked at standup desks I thought I would use the standing position occasionally. I was wrong, I stand for about 75% of the day, and it has been a breeze to be able to raise and lower this desk with the memory presets. I was skeptical at first from some reviews, about it’s sturdiness and durability. The split top had me concerned but it has been very durable with all my work equipment on it. While it’s raising or lowering it does so smoothly and fairly quietly. The overall construction is great, it’s a very well built desk when assembled correctly. I have been working from home since 2010, wish I would have bought something like this way earlier.

  4. snymtns4

    Perfect so farI’ve worked from home for 14 years and developed the same old same old things you get with a desk job. A few months ago, from an exercise machine, I got Sciatica, and a regular desk was not working due to the pain. Right before i started physical therapy, I bought this desk. It has been a great help if there is a shift that the pain kicks in with because I can switch from standing to sitting at any time and it has helped with the regular things you get with desk jobs.

  5. Larry T. Fasick

    (Updated review) Great desk with one major flaw1/29/21 UpdateThis is my third update after owning 9 month. During my first review, i gave 5 stars, then lowered to 2 stars on my second update, which, in hindsight was a bit harsh. Now I’m raising to 5 stars again because after only 1 minor cosmetic issue, this is still the cheapest option for this type of desk. So here’s my quick thoughts after 9 months.-Still love it, the motor works fine-The desk material is not too durable, but as long as you are gentle, it should be fine. for everyday typing and writing.-Some people seem to have issues with the motor burning out. This didn’t happen to me, so I can’t speak to that, looks like just unfortunate luck for some people-some people complain about the desk wobbling when you type but this doesn’t happen for me, but I’m also a light typer————————————-7/1/20 Update, 3 months later – I’m leaving my original review below, because everything is still true. This is a great desk for the most part, however, there’s one huge flaw that happened today. I was taping a package and left a piece of packing tape attached to the desk. It wasn’t even attached that firmly. After a few minutes, I pulled the piece of tape up and it took the whole corner of the desk laminate with it. As mentioned below, I was ok with a laminate desk for the price, but was shocked by how outrageously thin the laminate is. It’s like… thinner than a piece of paper (view photo). It makes Ikea quality look like West Elm. Otherwise great desk, but because of such a huge flaw, i’m bumping it from 5 to 2 stars since it’s still usable. Just be really careful about putting anything with a slight adhesive against the surface—————————————————–As a tech employee who has used many standing desks, I really like this, especially for the low cost. Instead of pros-cons, I though I’d address all the complaints in other reviews and give some insight to help buyers make a decision. The only thing I can’t speak to is the longevity since I’ve only had it about a month or the customer service since I haven’t needed to contact them.Concerns found in other reviews:Desk is cheap material – Ok, please be realistic. for sub-$300 you are NOT going to find a sit/stand desk made out of solid wood. You’re not even going to find a standard desk made out of solid wood. Get over it. As of May 2020, my color doesn’t appear available anymore, but it’s a white frame with a ashy grayish beechwood that looks good for being synthetic. Yes, there are a lot of 1 star reviews of the outer layer arriving damaged. I mean, if your desk arrives damaged, not really the companies fault. And unfortunately, once particle board is damaged, it’s looks pretty bad. Just return yours if it’s damaged and be extra careful not to scratch it once it’s built. You should be using this desk for computer work, not home improvement projects.The edges of the desk are sharp – yes that’s true, but it only hurts if you rest your arm for like 30 seconds or more. But for real, it’s really bad posture to rest your arm on the corner of a desk so maybe don’t do that.Parts missing/difficult to assemble – Missing parts are unfortunate but it happens sometimes with Amazon orders. As far as difficult to assemble, if you’ve put together a piece of ikea furniture, you’ll be fine. 95% of it can be assembled with included allen wrench. I did it alone in about 40 minutes.Exposed motor – Some of the more expensive desks do a better job at hiding the motor. but who cares. Nobody has mentioned anything on mine.It’s loud – I’ve used several sit/stand desks. Most of them make noise. This one is not loud. Not sure how I can describe it. Maybe like an electric toothbrush while it’s adjusting.Programmable settings don’t work – as of 5/1/20 the instructions on the listing appear to be incorrect, but after you create a setting, you have to double-tap the number to make it adjust. pressing it once won’t do anything.Desktop comes in two pieces and looks cheap – Yes, the desk comes in two pieces, but no one has noticed at all and it doesn’t bother me. Would prefer one piece, but hey, this is by far the least expensive sit/stand desk so it’s not really a big deal. Besides, most of your monitors or other equipment should be covering the crease.

  6. J. M. T.

    Won’t last forever, but I’d buy againI’ve had this since Feb 2021 now. A short my power supply gave me my first error message today, but the Q&As above have the answer. Just hold the up/down buttons until it goes all the way to the lowest point. Then you’ll be fine. Or at least I was.Overall, it’s a great desk at a great price. I’d probably go for the bigger version of this desk in hindsight. This does force me to keep a tidy desk, but I have a lot of peripheral equipment for my setup that needs to be on the desk. Because the desk is adjustable, I’ve actually set a slide-out keyboard setup underneath so that I can raise the desk higher putting my monitors at a more ergonomic viewing angle.It goes up, it goes down. It can be programmed, and it costs a lot less than some of the craziness out there. My partner got the bigger desk, but they have the same footprint so if I’m ever inclined, I’ll just buy a bigger board to put on top.

  7. Ty

    Multi function deskI was recently diagnosed with hip problems and this desk was recommended to me by my co worker. It was very easy to put together. Very sturdy. My dislike is it stains easily with fingerprints.

  8. Aissa M.

    EngineThis desk was was delivered to me on May 14th 2020 and 46 days later, the electric motor stopped working, despite the fact that I didn’t use it much.I am extremely frustrated and disappointed with this purchase.

  9. ReviewGuy

    *CAUTION* VERY WIDE GAP ON TABLE TOP BE VERY WEARY.For me, this is officially a waste of money. Table has a gap down the middle of it making it unusable for any drawing or writing without placing another surface.The middle wooden pieces that are used to keep table top were also not as big as the holes so the table top is very hard to keep together when placing during installation.Also showed up 2 weeks later than the “scheduled delivery date & time” that I stayed home for.Not happy with this purchase at all.The gap is so big I can fit the instructions manual in it without any resistance.I know the pictures may not do justice but I cannot believe this has such positive reviews if they are all built like this.

  10. Nikolai Grigoriev

    Nice table with a few gotchasOverall, a small but solid desk. Heavy enough not to worry about the expensive laptops/monitors. Assemly takes 15 minutes and goes by the book. Initially it woked out of the box, goes up and down. I guess the time will show how reliable are the mechanical parts and motor.However, there is a couple of things to mention. First, something you will not see on any of the photos or even on the box, until you actually open it or look at the assembly manual. The desk top is NOT one single piece. There are TWO of them. Two parts that connect to each other. This does leave a gap on the table, not very large but still visible. Each part is screwed to the side arms with 2 (on each side) screws. For some people it may be estetically unpleasant. For this price I think that’s too cheap of an “optimization”. Next, the grommet hole. It is huge. It is actually a rectangle about 2x4in with a plastic inset. If you intend to install a monitor mount through this hole, it may be challenging as the hole is simply very large. And finally, another thing to mention. In US the identical table apparently comes with the cable organizers (baskets), but not this one. And for such a table these cable organizers are needed 100%.

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