Signature Design by Ashley Chime 10″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress, CertiPUR US Certified, Queen

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Size Queen
Item Firmness Description Firm
Fill Material Memory Foam
Brand Signature Design by Ashley
Product Dimensions 79.5″L x 60″W x 10″Th
Top Style Euro Top
  • General Note: Please allow 24 – 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. In cold temperature, at delivery, your mattress may take a bit longer to return to full sized from its compressed state.The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the surrounding
  • QUEEN SIZE BED IN A BOX. Restful slumber simplified; This mattress has a heavenly balance of comfort and support that contours to your body, and leaves you recharged every morning
  • SUPPORTIVE MEMORY FOAM. Mattress is designed with memory foam that contours to your body, while support foam relieves pressure points on your body. Premium stretch knit cover is a dream
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Made of safe material to keep out pollen and pet dander—perfect for kids or adults who suffer from allergies
  • QUEEN SIZE: Measures 60″ W x 79.5″ D x 10″ H and is compatible with most queen bed frames
  • READY FOR INSTANT ENJOYMENT: Arrives in a box. Simply unbox, cut the protective wrap, unroll and watch the mattress expand. Mattress is safe to sleep on immediately but can take 72 plus hours for any risidual scent from packaging to dissipate and for mattress to completely expand based on ambient room temperature, humidity, air pressure & ventilation.
  • DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER: Ashley Furniture goes the extra mile to package, protect and deliver your purchase in a timely manner
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Designed and manufactured by Ashley Furniture Industries. The trusted source for stylish furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories and mattresses. For every taste and budget
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Why worry when you can chime? With the Sierra Sleep Chime Express queen mattress, you have endless possibilities for restful sleep. Soothing memory foam contours to your body, while a thick layer of firm support foam provides plentiful support and pressure relief of your body’s major pressure points. The hypoallergenic material makes it ideal for sufferers of allergies for ultimate undisturbed sleep–not to mention peace of mind. Plus, this mattress arrives in a box for quick and easy setup. Simply bring it to your room, remove the plastic wrap, and unroll. You’ll be amazed at how it fully expands within minutes. Foundation/box spring available, sold separately. Care Instructions: Product Care| Mattresses:| Rest easy with the fact that your Ashley-Sleep mattress doesn’t require much care and maintenance. For starters all Ashley-Sleep mattresses are designed to be no flip—now isn’t that a relief. | How to care for your mattress: | To help keep your Ashley-Sleep mattress clean a thin mattress protector is recommended so it breathes to allow airflow and heat dissipation. Ashley-Sleep does not recommend you use a quilted mattress pad as it will change the feel of the mattress you selected at the store. It may also trap heat that needs to escape. Don’t use dry cleaning fluid of any type on your mattress. These chemicals could damage some of the comfort and upholstery materials. Vacuuming is the only recommended cleaning method. If you must clean a stain use mild soap with cold water and apply lightly allowing the mattress time to fully air dry. Please remind the kids not to jump on their Ashley-Sleep mattress as doing so can break down the inner construction and materials.

From the manufacturer

chime memory foam 10 inch header mattress

bed in a box easy to use

easy mattress shopping

chime 10 inch mattress breakdown memory foam

compatible with all bases and frames

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Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 79.5 × 60 × 10 cm
Product Dimensions

79.5 x 60 x 10 inches

Item Weight

53 Pounds



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Memory Foam

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Queen Mattress


Ashley Furniture

10 reviews for Signature Design by Ashley Chime 10″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress, CertiPUR US Certified, Queen

  1. Amazon Customer

    Reasonably firm and inexpensiveI was looking to replace an innerspring that had gotten a little too soft and started dipping too much. This seemed to fit the bill as one of the few that were actually stated to be firm. It arrived brand new in box as expected, I left it out to air up overnight. No smells or anything weird. The covering is nice and soft.It is definitely on the firmer side to start, but could be firmer. After sleeping on it a few months it has gotten a little softer where I sleep and you can tell the difference when you move to spots that aren’t slept on. This is my first memory foam mattress and I figure that’s to be expected but it is still about as comfortable but time will tell if it gets any worse. If you want extreme firmness then you would probably need to stick to an innerspring I guess. I sleep on my stomach a lot so lower back pain is an issue if you sink too much. Overall for the price I am not complaining. Perhaps once I start rotating it the old spots will come back to like new. If not I’d say it is closer to a firm-ish or average firmness after a few months basically but you don’t sink much and it’s quite comfortable. Time will tell, but the good thing about these is you could also technically flip them over and sleep on the harder foam and put the softer layer on bottom which you can’t do with a spring. If there are any dramatic changes I will update this but if you need a cheap average-to-firm low profile mattress quick then this should be just fine!

  2. Hope

    Pretty firm mattressI’ll say overall, the bed *itself* isn’t a bad bed. Came as described, gave it the 24 hours it needed to do its magic out of the vacuum-sealed bag, no defects or blemishes. The bed as is, for the price point, a solid 4 stars *if you want a firm mattress*.With that said, as a side sleeper, this bed doesn’t cut it for my personal needs, and to all other fellow side sleepers that are on the fence while combing over reviews, I would exercise caution. I’ve given this bed roughly 6 months of use before writing this review.I have a bamboo mattress topper on this bed, which doesn’t do much as far as decreasing firmness, or the temperature. If you’re a hot sleeper, or sleep in a room that gets warm, this bed will amplify that. As a side sleeper, I have a permanently angry left shoulder that persists throughout the day since acquiring this mattress, and I often toss and turn in bed to find a spot and pillow arrangement that will give some modicum of relief. The hips aren’t sore from sleeping on this mattress, thankfully, but I personally find there to be a supreme lack of cushion at all with this mattress.With all of that said, I can see this being a decent bed for a back sleeper, absolutely.

  3. John McCormick

    Overly Satisfied with this mattressI was hesitant about buying a mattress online, without having the ability to touch and feel before the purchase. Made the jump and I am thoroughly satisfied with this mattress. I allowed it to open up for 48+ hours before first sleeping on it. When I went to jump into the bed as I am used to doing with my old mattress with a foam memory topper, there was no bounce to it, and then I was like Uh oh.. .what have I done. I laid down for the first nights sleep and though, WOW, this is really firm, and I slept ok the first night. 2nd night was much better as I continued to get comfortable, and by the third day I was ready to get home from work and crawl into my bed to just watch TV, I was that comfortable in it. Even my 25# Schnauzer sleeps with me and he doesn’t get up and move around at night and try to get comfortable as he did on my previous mattress. He too sleeps through the night. I do feel warmer than I have before at night with this mattress, and I also tend to produce a lot of body heat, but I just use less coverings over me than before. Even my partner that just visited me for the weekend enjoyed it so much more as he doesn’t feel me get up in the middle of the night and there is no dip in the middle of the bed that he rolls into. I do recommend this mattress if you are looking for a replacement and want to get into a memory foam with out breaking the bank or your budget, it was been worth the money that I spent and considering on buying another for the guest bedroom.

  4. Corey

    I love it!I have to admit, I only purchased this mattress because I applied for the amazon credit card to get $200 off. Even though I was getting a mattress for a great price I was skeptical if it was worth it. After receiving the box it sat unopened for a good 2 weeks because I was still thinking a mattress for under $300 it’s probably not going to be that good. Boy was I wrong. Let me tell you, I LOVE this mattress. I was so amazed. My husband and I took it out of the box, cut the plastic packaging and within minutes it was a full 12” mattress. I was in awe. At this point I was so excited, I couldn’t stop talking about this mattress. How could it come in a box and be such good quality. Now let me tell you, it is a hard mattress but I like it and I sleep good. I recently visited my mom and slept in her bed with a softer mattress and Inwoke up with a back ache. So was was the first thing I told her about the next morning…how I ordered this mattress on Amazon and I loved it. I read reviews and some people talked about the quality not being good and I haven’t had any issues. My husband says it’s a little to hard for him, I told him it might soften up give it time. I have to say this was well worth the money and it being delivered to my door made it even more with it.

  5. Jesika Edgy

    So far BEST PURCHASE I’VE MADE…Outside of food!! 😂Ok First: I’ve done extensive research on mattresses, what kind of mattress does better holding up, what to look for in a mattress and what mattress firmness does better for different people and how they sleep ect. Ect….. After paying for an over thousand dollar “hybrid” mattress in store, touching, feeling, testing and being reassured by a “professional mattress store owner” that hybrids are the new elite premium purchases of all mattresses and worth their extremely high price tag, I was at a loss, three months in with my king of all kings mattress and it’s already large dips on both sides of the bed from myself and my husband alike, even though we’re two very very different people in size, height and weight! Now my husband is a 6’2 160 lb man and I’m a 5’9 240 lb woman, that’s a fairly large difference, yet we both caused dips in that mattress within the same time frame. So yeah I’ve got some trust issues 😂. Trust me sleep has been unbearable….Second: I needed a mattress that I could buy that was affordable and that was going to do its job! So I began reviewing mattress after mattress, ones best for heavier set people and ones that were reliable. I looked both on and off of Amazon. There are countless ones just like this one that come up, ranging from a little cheaper than this too a little more, but the reviews for me on this one and of course that steal of a deal price tag. Can a sounds too good too be true, be real in this world? Yes. Now I’ve only had this mattress for coming up on 2 weeks but following the recommended two days set time before using, when I first laid on this bed….I knew instantly that top dollar, premium hybrid was an Elite lie! I’m talking instant comfort that I’d been denied the luxury of having, because of a top dollar investment I was stuck with. This mattress has already in the time spent on it, started to relieve my siatica nerve pain that the last ugly sinful bed had caused me to have. Back pain solved (mind you, I have no extensive issues with my back, only an out of alignment hip) instant grogginess and tiredness gone in the am, I’m able to get myself out of bed because I actually slept with optimal comfort and actually get deep rest…. Go figure, you really do need restful sleep too cure most simple things that ail you 😬…. Gone fatigue and achy tired muscles, gone pinched nerves, and feeling like I’m 8 years older then I really am!Now am I getting ahead of myself? Maybe! But honestly just the two weeks that I’ve gotten was actually worth what I paid for this mattress already 😂😃😂.. see that tells you just how bad my “premium hybrid” really was!Alas….I know that things could change in a month or maybe even less….So I solemnly vow to come back in a month and give an update and then also at the 6 month mark and give another update and then we’ll see if we make it to the 1 year mark to see what we got going on then! That way you can feel better about making an actual decision, incase you got trust issues or mattress ptsd like me, or have a similar story and have searched ruthlessly hoping to find something that’ll give you and your wallet piece of mind!! I got you boo! 😂 I’m taking one for the team!! So Until another 2 1/2 weeks…..take care knowing someone out here is rooting for you to get the sleep you need!! Sincerely, a previous tired, grumpy and hurting mattress grinch!I’m late lol…. Don’t judge me! I got a life outside of mattress reviews 😂. I’ve now had this mattress for around 7 months….. Wait for it……. Wait for it…..It’s still AMAZING… Best overall purchase I’ve ever made!!! No dips….No sag… Just amazing quality….I will be buying more of these mattresses for my other rooms throughout the house!If you’re looking for a slightly firm but still feels soft mattress then look no further! Buy it! If the firmness part scares you…. I’ll tell you a lil advice my nana gave me lol …. You can be soften a bed but you can’t harden a bed! So always opt for firmer and soften too your desire!!!But this bed really has made a huge difference!

  6. Kari

    Exceptional Value*All attached photos were taken within 4 hours of unpacking*Only time will tell how this mattress holds up but I am very pleased thus far. I bought two 12″ full size for my kids (this listing) and a king size 12″ Elite for myself & spouse (separate listing) all on a Cyber Monday sale. These are our first memory foam mattresses and I completed an exhaustive amount of research for the better part of a year before settling on these.Upon delivery, these were well packaged. The mattresses each came in a clear bag which was shrinkwrapped around them. They were then rolled and covered in a durable milky-colored plastic and finally boxed in a clearly marked manufacturer’s box.We brought the kid’s beds in to sit at room temp for a day before unpacking. Each came with clear (albeit unneccessary) instructuons on how to set up. I would highly reccommend if you bought the bed in winter to let it get to room temp before unpacking. It speeds up the recovery proccess tremendously. The kid’s beds were up in a matter of minutes with the corners lagging slightly. Ours, which sat in my car in the cold a few days, took longer. Regardless, none of the three took the full 48 hours which is referenced in the packaging.I read a lot about foam beds having an odor. I did not experience an odor with any of these in the slightest, even when first opening.You will want deep pocket sheets/pads/protectors. We have a variety of linens and regular sheets just do not cut it with these. Ashley did not cut any corners on standard bed size measurements and all of these fully fit the frame they are on, one is actually slightly too big. That coupled with the height, you need deep pocket sheets.The beds offer pressure relief but don’t suck you in. I like a firm bed and I would classify these as firm. It’s my hope that a firmer bed will last longer. The beds do respond to more weight/pressure but certainly aren’t pillowy soft. I felt like I was able to change posotions easily. A parter’s weight/movements can still be felt but not to the extent of an interspring. Choice of foundation will probably impact this as well.These do not sleep too hot for us. However, being children’s beds, they are not loaded down with heavy blankets and comforters so I can’t speak to how they might retain heat if that was the case.As I said, time will be the biggest test. Our previous $1,200 mattress lasted less than 4 years. Hell, for $150/bed this was worth the gamble. Comparatively, these only have to last 6 months to be equivalent in price longevity.TL/DR….Reasons for buying: Price, brand/company I have heard of, all foam construction with thick dense base.

  7. Alexis

    2 year review!!I was soo skeptical of this bed because I couldn’t feel it before I bought it, but I am so glad that I made this purchase! I’ve officially had this mattress for two years and me and my husband have always slept on it together. We are both bigger than your average size person and we never sink in the middle or anything. The mattress is pretty firm but it also feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud from how soft it is! This bed has got me through a pregnancy and I have no complaints at all! The quality feels as good as it did the first night I slept on it. Worth your money!!!

  8. C.J.

    I usually hate firm mattresses but love this oneI normally do not sleep well on firm on a firm mattress but after experiences with buying a different mattress for my mother months before I needed a one. I knew going firmer than I usually would buy is a better plan simply because of the fact that is is FAR EASIER and cheaper to make a mattress softer with toppers than it is to make them more firm. A different memory foam mattress I got for my mom ended up being a bit too soft for her preference because it made it harder for her to get out of bed. I set out to find a firm mattress topper only to end up spending almost $200 on a latex one. She loves her bed now but in the end it cost me way more than if I started with a firmer base layer.I’m 125lbs with wide hips so I generally sleep better with some cushion for curves to sink in to, but I sleep fine so far after over a month of having this mattress. I can’t say I won’t need some sort of 2 to 3 inch topper in the future, but I know that one they’re inexpensive fix to finding that perfect balance of density for your sleep.

  9. Dana Darko

    4 stars until I’m sure*3 wk-Update*: I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for three weeks and honestly, I just can’t seem to get comfortable and I think it’s because it’s just too firm. I think it feels like it’s an extra firm mattress that has a little layer of softer foam right on top… which accounts for the bit you do sink in, but when you do sink in, you inevitably hit the firmer foam below it. I’ve been having some back discomfort while trying to get comfortable on this mattress. I’m not saying the mattress is causing any further back pain, but it’s not doing my existing back pain any favors or affording me any relief. I already ordered a different mattress from another company to try that out, and if I get better sleep on that one, then I’ll be returning this one. I hate to do that as it’s a mattress and I don’t think they can resell it. If I do initiate a return, I’ll update the review to reflect the returns process. I don’t mean to dissuade anyone from purchasing this mattress. I should note that there are plenty of “pros” such as… the mattress arrived very clean and without much of an “off-gassing” odor. It’s fairly easy to get in and out of the bed, and I don’t feel like I’ll fall off if I’m near the edge. I really believe this might be a terrific mattress for someone who likes a really firm bed with a bit of a soft top.*(initial review)*I didn’t take any photos because there are already a lot of photos of this mattress. I’m just here to give my opinion. I got this mattress on 10/26 and today is 10/29, so I’ve only had 3 nights on this mattress so far. The mattress arrived clean and in perfect condition. I let it inflate most of the first day and then put a zippered hypoallergenic mattress cover on it, then sheets, bedding,etc. before jumping into bed. Lesson learned, don’t jump… this isn’t a bouncy bed! It is firm, but the top layer has definite sink to it. Not too much though, just enough. The bed I frustratingly threw out just days before getting this was a Beautyrest Recharge. It was the most horrible bed I ever had the displeasure of wasting hard-earned money on. I was waking every morning feeling like my spine had been twisted into a pretzel shape! I’m sure those of you out there suffering the same fate know exactly what I mean. That mattress was a pillowtop hybrid and the materials broke down so fast. I couldn’t take it anymore and went to take it off my bed to toss it outside onto the porch, and it wouldn’t even stand upright. It kept trying to fold in half like a taco! Mattresses shouldn’t do that!This one seemed to have decent reviews which is why I purchased it. After only three days, I’m not yet sure whether I love it or not. I definitely don’t hate it. It may just be that my body needs to get adjusted to it. When I get off the bed, I can see and hear the mattress re-inflating and filling in where my body imprint was.The reason I only gave this bed 4 stars is because it’s only been 3 nights so far, and I need more time to make a decision. I found this bed to feel firm, but more on the medium-firm side and not plush at all. I had my little brother lay on it (ok he’s a grown man about 5’7 155lbs), and he thought it felt “hard”. I definitely think that a person’s weight can have something to do with their perceptions regarding the firmness level of this mattress. Keep that in mind if you’re think about purchasing. I’m going to give it a couple more weeks to truly decide if I love this mattress. I’ll update this review in a week or two in case anything changes. Fingers crossed. I want this mattress to be “the one.” One last thing, the bed only inflated to 11 inches, not 12, but maybe it’ll get there one day, and if not it’s no big deal. I’m more concerned with comfort rather than height.

  10. Miller

    The bed is fantastic compared to my old oneI went from a bed with springs to this and I can’t tell you the amount time I’m able to save when sleeping. I fall asleep right away due to the amount of comfort the bed provides. The bed is quite firm which I like but overall if you have an old bed I would highly recommend this for the price.

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