SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair, Big and Tall Office Chair, Adjustable Headrest with 2D Armrest, Lumbar Support and PU Wheels,

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Color Black
Product Dimensions 25.59″D x 23.62″W x 51.2″H
Style Modern
Special Feature Adjustable Lumbar, Cushion Availability, Adjustable Height, Head Support, Swivel, Arm Rest, Ergonomic, Rolling See more
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • 【ERGONOMICE OFFICE CHAIR】- The ergonomic chair provides 4 support points (head/back/hip/hands) and proper lumbar support. SIHOO designs ergonomic chairs to meet different needs, with seat height, headrest adjustment, lumbar support and back support adjustment, suitable for long sitting and reduce your pain. Suitable for people 5’6″ to 6’2″ tall.
  • 【For Home and Work】 SIHOO chairs can be applied in different scenarios according to the needs of different consumers in needs. Can be used as student office chairs, computer chairs, ergonomic chairs, desk chairs, gaming chairs; not only can sit comfortably, but also save money;
  • 【Breathable Mesh】 Mesh Office Chair Premium Backrest features flexible non-pattern mesh fabric while keeping your back cool and comfortable, allowing you to sit focused and relaxed at the same time.
  • 【High Quality & Easy Assembly】This home office desk chair passed the BIFMA test and the 1136kg static pressure test. Our ergonomic office chair can support up to 330 lbs. Simple instructions allow anyone to put the chair together in eight easy steps.
  • 【3-Year Warranty】If there are any quality problems, Sihoo Home Office Chair promises to provide you with zero-profit product accessories within the three-year warranty period

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sihoo ergonomic office chair

ergonomic office chair

office chair

home office desk chair

big and tall office chair

ergonomic chair

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 25.59 × 23.62 × 51.2 cm






Special Feature

Adjustable Lumbar Cushion Availability Adjustable Height Head Support Swivel Arm Rest Ergonomic Rolling


Aluminum Stainless Steel

Room Type


Frame Material

PPAluminum alloySpongesMesh

Age Range Description


Back Style

Cushion Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Model Name


Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Product Dimensions

25.59D x 23.62W x 51.2H, 27.56 x 27.56 x 42.13 inches

Item Weight

17 Kilograms, 37.4 Pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

May 20 2020



10 reviews for SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair, Big and Tall Office Chair, Adjustable Headrest with 2D Armrest, Lumbar Support and PU Wheels,

  1. StevenR

    3 Year Review – Not For MeFor a quick summary so you can move on to the next review:The seat cushion bottom’s out and you can feel the wood/plastic base. My model came with a foot-rest extension. The foot-rest is too short for me when fully extended and digs in to my ankles. The back rest has some “play” when fully upright and never gives you a truly upright seated position. I’ve owned it for 3 years and it’s just not for me.Details:For some background, I’m a 6’0 tall 180lbs male and I work from home. I also spend a lot of non-working hours on this chair because gaming is my preferred pastime activity. I need a chair that can handle 8+ hours of use.Seat: From the day this chair arrived I’ve had issues with it. My biggest concern was with the seat cushion. I immediately felt the bottom of the base when I sat on it. My wife, who’s considerably lighter than me also mentioned that the seat was too uncomfortable for her. I’ve just dealt with the uncomfortable seat until enough time went by where it felt like all cushion was completely gone. From that point forward I’ve used a pillow to add comfort.Backrest: The backrest has some “play” or wiggle room when in locked positions. When fully upright, I want a backrest that stays in place so I can sit back, upright and get to work. This was never the case with this chair. When in the fully upright position, if you lean back into the chair you’ll feel the backrest give in slightly putting you in a posture that’s slightly off from upright causing you to tuck your chin in a bit to accommodate. This wiggle room is enough to where I keep my lower back resting on the backrest but I can’t lean my upper back into the seat. It’s annoying but not unusable. When fully leaning back to lounge and watch some videos I find my shoulders coming in contact with the chair frame. This means I’m never fully comfortable when fully leaned back. I do love the mesh material though. The breathability is great and allows my body to naturally cool.Foot-rest Extension: The foot-rest extension (included with my model but possibly discontinued?) is too short for me. In the fully extended position it’s constantly digging in to the back of my ankles to the point where I slightly bend my knees and just place my feet on the foot-rest instead. My feet extend over the edge of the foot-rest a good 6 or 7 inches. If you’re shorter then maybe you’ll be fine.Build Quality and Customer Service: The build quality is decent and lasted a good 3 years before things started to break. The first item that broke was the locking mechanism for the foot-rest. My customer service experience with Sihoo was great. A quick message via Amazon or Email and somebody quickly got back to me and sent a replacement foot-rest at no cost. The second part to break was the metal bracket that holds the backrest tilting mechanism. This would probably mean the entire backrest needs to be replaced. Instead of going through the hassle of dealing with any replacements, I’ve decided to move on and purchase a new chair.Misc: The remaining parts of the chair are fine. The armrest is comfortable enough to rest your arms but not modular enough to adjust to your liking. The headrest is comfortable enough to use while lounging back into the chair but not usable when in an upright position. I replaced the original caster wheels to work better on my solid floor.Final Thoughts: At close to $300 I got about $100/yr use out of this chair but didn’t enjoy the experience very much. The main components that should provide comfort were not fully there. All in all, I stuck with it and made modifications as needed to “get by” but I can’t fully recommend this chair for anybody with a similar build or need.

  2. JapMan

    Just a really cool chair I use for hours every day and enjoy.I believe this is one if the best chairs for working you can buy. But it did have some quality control issues. I did have a problem with the first chair I ordered where one of the screw inserts on the seat for the arm rest had the metal insert missing. I could only put two of three screws. I got Amazon to exchange it for free and simply used the seat from the new chair and sent the rest back as it arrived. I have been using it for a while now over eight hours a day and love this chair. I deducted one star for the quality control issue on my first chair, otherwise I would have given it five stars. It’s a bit pricey for being made in China. But overall a good value. Will see how durable and will update my experience here.

  3. Reader of the Free World

    It’s giving Aeron chairGot this in a lighting deal for a steal. The lumbar support plus the headrest does a lot to alleviate tension and discomfort from sitting too long. I suffer from lower back and neck pain and sciatica so sitting for long is usually torture for me. I also use a foot rest with it (not the one that comes with the chair). It’s very easy to assemble. The tilt is good, too. Pretty deep. Very comfortable chair for the price.

  4. Jon

    Good chair with some quality issuesI’ve been using this chair for 12+ hours a day for the last 5 or 6 months and so far it is much better than my last chair I bought at Staples with a few problems.First, overall the chair is still comfortable when set properly, the cushion on the bottom is a little worn out but is still comfortable and I find the backrest comfortable except for the lumbar support which has very little cushioning and feels like a plastic brick being pushed into my back, however I find that I can keep it mostly out of the way most of the time and it isn’t noticeable when I carry most of my weight on my upper back area while reclining.The reclining angle is super comfortable and the mesh on the back is not noticeably worn out. I like the headrest which is made of a cushioned mesh, its not better than a pillow but it’s very comfortable to be able to rest your head in a chair you are going to sit in for long hours and gives good support.The arm rests don’t feel amazing, they have a very stiff plasticky cushion feeling that I’m not much a fan of in terms of pure comfort but they get the job done as I mostly only rest my elbows on them when typing. The arm rest adjustment has a pretty good height range and I keep them at the highest settings and set as close to the chair as possible.While the chair may be comfortable, I have had some quality issues that bring down my opinion of the chair.First, my right arm rest does not go as high as my left arm rest and I have to set the left one down two positions to match the right oneSecond, the back rest locking for the upright position is broken but I can rarely get it to work as long as I don’t put much weight on the back. I would imagine that most people would want to lock the chair upright as opposed to the other positions.Third, the 3 screws holding in the backrest untighten themselves over time, causing the backrest to move to its furthest back position and rock left or right if I lean on either side. When I tighten them again they will usually last about 1-2 weeks before becoming mostly loose again. There is no danger of the screws completely falling out though, just losing their tightnessLastly, I’m not sure how stable or secure the wood panel at the bottom of the seat that everything attaches to is strong enough, I used to have my armrests adjusted out further from the center but when I would lift up on my arms to adjust my seating position I would occasionally hear a sound of the wood stressing under the torque from the armrests. since I moved both armrests as close to the center as I can this has not happened; I would like them a little bit wider but I don’t want to risk breaking the chair over it. Also, one of the factory-installed screws in the bottom seat panel fell out and wont stay back in but I haven’t noticed any problems other than the risk of stepping on a screw caused by itWhile this is likely the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in, I have to give it 3 stars for the uncomfortable lumbar support and the quality control issues. If the QC issues were fixed I could easily give this chair a 4 star review

  5. John Hawk

    QualityMy wife has a lot of lumbar and spine problems. This chair is so comfortable for her because the flexibility with adjustments needed to fit her spine. She loves it! I’d buy it again.

  6. Ryan Mills

    Easy to put together and very comfortable!I really enjoy the lumbar support in this chair. Also, all the settings to get it just the way I want. Only gripe is I wish the head rest could go a bit higher. I’m a taller fella and it would be nice for that headrest to use.Very comfortable and provides a lot of support for the bigger guy like myself.

  7. Justin

    Hard cushionsNice chair, cushions are a bit too firm for my liking, but overall worth the price when compared to competitors

  8. Bernde

    Nicht zu empfehlenLeider entspricht der Stuhl nach Aufbau in keinster Hinsicht meinen Qualtätserwartungen:Die Schweißnäte sind unsauber ausgeführt. Sehr viele Teile sind aus Plastik, dass sowohl optisch als auch haptisch keinen guten Eindruck hinterlässt.Zudem sind bereits Kratzer im Plastik und dem Stahlfuß. Die Rollen sind sehr hart und minderwertig.Sitzkomfort scheint in Ordnung, allerdings habe ich kein Vertrauen in eine lange Haltbarkeit.250 Euro für diesen Stuhl sind definitiv zu viel. Ich werde den Stuhl zurückschicken und kann ihn auch nicht weiterempfehlen.

  9. Snowers

    Silla muy buena para estudio y trabajo He comprado esta silla de escritorio tanto para mi hijo para estudiar como yo para los días que tengo que trabajar desde casa, que son bastantes, así que buscaba una silla que fuera bastante buena y cómoda ya que le vamos a dar bastante tralla y creo que la he encontrado. Cuando llego el paquete me sorprendí por las dimensiones, peso y robustez. La caja incluye una especie de cuter para poder abrir todos los paquetes sin tener que usar cuchillo. Los puntos que destacaría de la silla son los siguientes:1. Muy cómoda y ergonómica2. Robusta3. Juego de ruedas muy bueno4. Incluye un set de montaje perfectamente preparado, hasta con sus guantes5. Materiales de buena calidad6. Fácil de instalar7. Soporte lumbar8. Tanto el respaldo, cabecero como el asiento son transpirables, genial para no sudar mientras estas sentado en la silla9. Tiene muchas funciones de ajuste para poderla ajustar lo máximo posible a las necesidades de cada persona hasta encontrar la posición adecuada. Posiciones de ajuste: a. Ajuste de los reposabrazos, hacia arriba y abajo b. Soporte lumbar c. Reposacabezas, hacia arriba y abajo y también se inclina d. La altura del asiento e. Inclinación del respaldo de la silla10. Relación calidad-precio bastante buena11. Robusted del sistema de sujección inferior de acero12. Comodidad del asiento, firme y adaptable al pesoDespués de unas 2 semanas de uso, en general estamos muy contentos con la silla y no tengo ninguna queja. Os dejo un video y unas fotos para que veáis con más detalle como es la silla.

  10. Antonella Matrone

    Life changerI’ve been experiencing back pain for the last few weeks due to home working for corona virus pandemic. My chronic scogliosis is certainly the main cause and eventually the lower back pain moved into my left sciatic nerve. The sharp and deep pain of the longest nerve in our body is unbearable. I could not lift my left leg, struggled to sleep or bend. I’ve moved from one chair to another to the sofa or a soft ball but nothing would release my pain. Then this chair arrived and alongside a Tanness Comfort Therapy Orthopedic Gel Seating Cushion bought on amazon a few weeks before, my back pain is close to none now. Home working would not be possible without this chair. Sometimes I sit on it to watch TV too because it’s the most comfortable seat in the house now. It was extremely easy to assemble, done by myself. I’ve adjusted it to my desk (armrests, lumber support, hight and back support). You can adjust the back bouncing and it’s just perfect for a long office day at home! Very happy with my purchase. Good value for money (just over £200)

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