SIMPLIHOME Artisan SOLID WOOD 38 inch Wide Transitional Medium Storage Cabinet in Tobacco Brown, with 2 Tempered Glass Doors, 4

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  • DIMENSIONS: 16.1″ D x 38″ W x 40.6″ H
  • SOLID WOOD: Handcrafted with care using the finest quality Pine
  • HANDFINISHED with a Tobacco Brown stain and protective NC lacquer to accentuate and highlight the grain and the uniqueness of each piece of furniture
  • MULTIPURPOSE CABINET offers plenty of functional storage. Looks great in your living room, entryway, bedroom ,dining room, condo or office.
  • Features 2 tempered glass doors that open to four adjustable shelves for versatile storage
  • Style includes clean angle edged table top with distinctive contemporary look, mullion framed tempered glass doors, square and slightly tapered legs and rectangular Antique Bronze knobs.
  • Assembly Required
  • Efforts are made to reproduce accurate colors, variations in color may occur due to computer monitor and photography
  • At Simpli Home we believe in creating excellent, high quality products made from the finest materials at an affordable price. Every one of our products come with a 1-year warranty and easy returns if you are not satisfied

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You hate clutter and mess that’s good, so do we. It is for this reason we designed the Artisan Medium Storage Cabinet. It organizes your clutter and makes your home neat and tidy. Two tempered glass doors open to four adjustable shelves allowing you to reconfigure the layout to suit your needs. Display your fine china, decorative accents or even movies on dedicated display space for a clean, distinctive look.; Assembly Required

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Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 38 × 16.1 × 40.6 cm
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65 Pounds

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38 x 16.1 x 40.6 inches

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April 1 2020



10 reviews for SIMPLIHOME Artisan SOLID WOOD 38 inch Wide Transitional Medium Storage Cabinet in Tobacco Brown, with 2 Tempered Glass Doors, 4

  1. Charlie Dean

    VERY POOR INSTRUCTIONS — BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF FURNITUREBeautiful piece of furniture. A shame that makers took shortcuts on hardware, instructions, and other details.Pros:All parts were in the box.Some extra hardware was provided.Beautiful piece of furniture.Cons:Parts B (Side) should have labels to indicate front/back.Part E (Bottom Shelf) should have label to indicate front/back.Parts F (Cabinet Shelves) are notched to match Parts 9 (Shelf Support. One side does not line up. This is a problem for all four shelves.STEP 1:The picture is correct, but it is not clear how to turn the pieces. It is unclear whether you are looking at the front/back. Even if looking at the front, the two sides could be swapped; only one combination is correct. This step is easier if your lay the sides on the floor or their edges; you can use books on either side the keep them balanced. One of my Cam Locks fell out while I was installing the doors, having cracked and broken in two. Poor quality hardware!STEP 2:The Center Support (Part C) should be set atop a thin book bring it up to the same height as the Allen Key Screws (Part 1). There are two reasonable ways that Part C could be placed; only one is correct. The maker could easily put little tags on the pieces indicating where that spot fits against another spot.STEP 3:Part A (Top) could reasonably be in two positions; only one is correct. The Top (Part A) is taller (if you have it laid out on the floor) than the rest of the cabinet. So you can but a book under the Sides (Part B) to help the holes line up. Part A (Top) has a notch that is almost impossible to see on the picture and this accommodates the Center Support (Part C). The notch is at the back of cabinet. It is difficult to know where the front of the cabinet is. It helps to use a punch to make a good hole to get your screws started.STEP 4:In spite of the picture showing a front view of the cabinet, you may be still hoping you are looking at the front. Obviously the holes for the hinges and the magnets are at the front of the cabinet. The holes are lightly punched and may be difficult to find. I knew the holes were supposed to be there so I felt for them and could not feel them. I had to use a flashlight to find some of the holes.At this point the cabinet is supposed to be a rectangle, but it is a wobbly parallelogram. The maker could easily alleviate this problem with basic knowledge of triangles. Junior high math would be adequate.At this point (contrary to the instructions) attach the magnets and magnate plates. If you do not see the plates, they are probably stuck on the magnates. Installing this early will allow you to lay the doors on the floor to put in the two Phillips Screws.Now at this point (contrary to the directions) attach to door handles. The handles fit a little above the mid-point of each door. There is a right door and left door. The right door can reasonably fit two ways, considering the poor instructions; only one way is correct. The left door has the same problem. Now that you have the handles on you will not make this mistake.Punch the holes deeper for the hinges, otherwise it could take you 30 minutes per screw. The screws should be at least twice as long. Skimping on hardware. Put some books under each door (one at a time of course) to raise it to where the hinge holes line up with the holes you punch deeper a while ago.STEP 5:If Parts G (Back Panels) have a front and back, I am not aware of it. This is where the rectangle/parallelogram dilemma become noticeable. Look at the front of the cabinet. Notice whether the doors are even or scrape at the bottom or top. I used a “shim” under a door to make the parallelogram be more like a rectangle. It helps again to punch out the holes before you start the screws. My two Parts G (Back Panel) could not completely fit (couple of inches from the bottom). It is almost not noticeable from the back of the cabinet. In order to get a right angle (90 degrees) for one part of the cabinet, you might end up with an obtuse or an acute angle somewhere else.STEP 6:Part G (Shelves) have two notches on each side. I suppose they are supposed to line up with the Shelf Support (Part 9). Two holes on one side do not match. But the Shelves seem to work OK.Again, it is a beautiful piece of furniture.

  2. Photobuf

    Curio cabinet disappointmentI was excited to get this cabinet but am not happy with it. I got it put together but the front doors do not look like the pictures on the site. The pictures on the site show the doors fit evenly at top and bottom. That is not the case with mine. The doors on mine have spaces on top and bottom. My cabinet is squared up but the doors don’t fit like the picture. And since I look at it every day, its very disappointing for the price and time it took to assemble.

  3. Aivlvia

    Hardware had alarming failures, but seems to hold togetherThis product manages a 3 star rating, because the flaws are not sufficient to prevent complete assembly and, hopefully, regular use. It looks great, but the quality of the parts leaves me worried.The packaging of the parts was excellent as was the labeling on each individually bagged set hardware, such that the finish looks good and it only took a few hours to put together by myself. (Needed a second person to move it across the room once assembled.) If not for the following issues, this would have been a 5 star product at a value where I would have strongly considered a second one.As other reviewers mentioned, there is a strong scent to the furniture that lingers well after it has been opened and assembled. The warning labels about formaldehyde, phthalates, and lead made me worry about ventilation, so I turned on a fan for the first 12 hours or so. Also as noted by other reviewers, the wood is quite soft. It made assembly less effort, but might not hold up to forceful use. There was a typo in one instruction where the number for the hardware needed was incorrect. (Another review has detailed steps that may help, if you have trouble.)What I did not see in other reviews was my experience with the hardware. Three screws broke off after being almost completely installed. This makes them nearly impossible to remove and not holding it together in those three spots. These were 2 part 5 items and 1 part 7. The 2 part 5 are the alarming ones, as those were for the hinges of the front doors. I was fortunate as to the placement of that hardware failure. There is possibility to get the side panels completely replace,d and new screws, to resolve it, but if it holds, I would rather avoid the hassle of completely disassembling and reconstructing.Overall, an acceptable product, at just under $300 price, if you are prepared for needing to get replacement parts or are ok with significant flaws.

  4. Neil

    Great piece of furniture!This is a beautiful cabinet, well-built from solid pine. It seems to be yellow pine, which is a harder variety of pine. We bought this cabinet because we liked the Simpli Home Artisan Wide TV Media Stand so much that we wanted a matching piece. The finish is opaque with variations in color that resemble a fine brushed-on faux wood-grain. The top does scratch a little more easily than I had hoped, but it may be the best you can expect with pine and an opaque finish. The glass is tempered and each door contains two long sections of tempered glass installed vertically.My first impression was that it was very well packaged for safe shipment. Nice thick cardboard, a layer of styrofoam sheets with moulded corners, and a layer of soft wrapping around and between the parts. See photo.It was reasonably easy to assemble. When you’re installing the back panels, look at the spacing around the doors to set the cabinet square before you install the screws. Once you’re done assembly, if you find that your doors rub at one corner, it means the cabinet is twisted (probably from sitting on or being assembled on an uneven floor) and you should put a shim under one corner as needed. I have two recommendations: If you install the magnetic catches up high on the doors instead of at the bottom, they won’t be in the way as much. Use a drill bit with a depth stop (set it deep in the chuck or put small washers around it if you need to) to make new holes to move the latch and catch plate. Second, if you will be storing heavy items in the cabinet, I’d recommend adding a small block of stained wood under the bottom panel, below the upright middle panel, the same height as the legs, to prevent the center from sagging over time. A screwdriver with a hex bit will make some of the assembly much easier than using the manufacturer-supplied allen wrench.If you’re interested in storing 33 rpm record albums, this cabinet is exactly the right depth for that. But you’ll want to move the magnetic catch from the manufacturer recommended position, or it will be in the way of some of your albums on the bottom shelf.The top panel arrived warped and I contacted the manufacturer with some pictures, and they mailed a replacement top without any hassle. I was very impressed at how the manufacturer was willing to take care of their customer and stand behind the quality of their product.I’m sure that we will be happy with this cabinet for many years.

  5. J. B. Morgan

    Looks are not everything, unfortunatelyWow. What a true disappointment.UPDATE #2: It is now a full SIX WEEKS later and this cabinet, no matter how beautiful it is, has to go. The entire dining area smells so bad we can’t sit there. Now my dishes inside the cabinet have also picked up the same smell. If I could send it back, i would but it’s assembled. Giving it time to air out or gas-off or breathe did nothing. Apparently the manufacture doesn’t care either, because this poor review didn’t matter to them. Nearly $300.00 US dollars thrown away. I’ll never buy furniture online again. In person at a reputable furniture store, smell the darn thing and make sure it’s not a dangerous odor. Lesson learned – the hard way.1. First lets start with the color – for sure not russet brown.2. Next – assembly. Ok, I personally, single handedly put together every single piece of unassembled furniture in my 50 years of marriage – so I have experience. This was brutal and took two solid days.3. Regarding the stickers for which people have complained – in my case they were actually CORRECT! Well that’s about all.4. Next let’s talk about the ridiculous order of assembly. No way can you put these doors on by yourself, unless of course you have three hands.5. Now supposed ‘pre drilled holes’, which were non existent on one of the doors.6. The finish on the top (of course, the side facing the main area of the room) is missing in the grooves so I have to mix up some paint eventually to fill in the white spots.7. Ok – now SMELL. O M G! The entire house (all 1600 sq ft) stinks to high Heaven. I’ve had both doors open trying to air it out for days. I’ll try soaking it down with furniture polish or something to ‘change’ the horrific smell to something more pleasant.I don’t write too many critical reviews, but this caused much unnecessary aggravation. Simple quality assurance at the manufacturer could have picked up the missing drill holes, and out of line and inconsistentON THE POSITIVE:1. I didn’t find the instructions too bad and all the hardware was there, and labeled properly, so that made it easy.2. It looks very nice (even with uneven doors because of missing drill holes). It’s cheaper than a divorce.UPDATE: The house still stinks of this horrific strong acidic smell – even after airing the cabinet out and trying to use Orange Glo to change the smell. It’s awful. Still no idea how they can sell something like this.UPDATE #2: One year later and it still stinks but I can’t afford a new one. No word from the manufacturer either. Do not recommend at all!

  6. Timothy

    Great cabinet and good designSo I bought this a little over a year ago and have to say it’s a great piece.Assembly was tough for one person. The old adage “measure twice cut once” applies similarly here where you need to read the directions a few times and look at the pictures and even move the pieces around until it all looks finebefore committing to an assembly step. Two people are recommended for assembly and I can see why. Most of it is straight forward but I will say a key point for future references is when putting on the top piece don’t forget to point the arrow upward on the little metal brackets that will hold the pins on the middle wall and then tighten them 3/4 turn clockwise. The top will slide right in once you have it properly aligned and unlike when I assembled it you should not need to hammer down the top.Where these guys really win me over is in customer support. I hired a moving company that visibly damaged the top of the piece to the point where even the handyman they hired couldn’t fix it he could only disguise it. Simpli sent me a new top, free of charge, and helped guide me through the process of replacing it. I somehow lost the directions so I forgot about the little metal brackets that hold the center pins and spent a week trying to pry off the top. When I finally succeeded with the help of some friends the piece was so well made that the walls of the cabinet were undamaged and the top I was taking off to replace escaped with minimal damage. I take that as a sign of smart design allowing for people to be forgetful.All in all the quality is great. Love the look. I highly recommend this piece and this company.

  7. Movie fan in SF

    Delicate finish chips and scratches very easilyIt wasn’t easy to put together, had to drill a couple of holes that were in the wrong place, and it’s quite wobbly now it’s finished. To get the doors to line up, I had to put shims under the feet – and if you move it at all, on my somewhat uneven floor, you have to repeat the process as the doors no longer line up. I expected better structural integrity.The worst feature though is that the finish is very delicate – almost soft. After a couple of months there are multiple chips and scratches from normal use. You can actually scrape the finish off the top with a fingernail.Going to give the top a couple of coats of PU varnish.

  8. Geri Hicks

    You Need More than a ScrewdriverThe predrilled holes were not deep enough, nor did some of them align with where the shelve was supposed to go. New holes needed to be drilled. Instructions need to be simplified so you’re not standing on your head to reach some of the areas that needs fastening. Took much longer to put together because of this. Other than that, the piece of furniture was worth it’s price and is very attractive.

  9. terpfan88

    Overall easy to assemble but a few minor quality problemsFor the price it is a nice piece of furniture. You definitely need two people to assemble. Noted above the directions are a little unclear. I made the same mistake as the review above and used the 5 screw instead of the 7 for the back. Overall pretty easy to assemble with two people except for the hinges for the door. The holes were a little off and the doors are. It perfectly level but you would gave to be looking to notice. I did not like that the back piece is a different color from the rest of the cabinet (see pictures). Those of you who think I put it on backwards, I did not as the label is supposed to be on the outside. I am going to use it for linens so it won’t be noticeable but if it would bother you, this is a heads up

  10. vicki

    SIMPLIHOME Bedford SOLID WOOD Universal TV Media StandWrong color was shipped. But, we decided to keep it. Unit was relatively easy to assemble (with 2 people). Very handsome bookcase with sideboard. All the parts fit well and make it doubly solid.

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