SIMPLIHOME Draper SOLID WOOD Universal TV Media Stand, 60 inch Wide,Industrial, Living Room Entertainment Center, Storage

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  • Solid Wood
  • DIMENSIONS: 18″ D x 60″ W x 26″H
  • SOLID WOOD: Handcrafted with care using the finest quality Rubberwood Hardwood
  • HAND FINISHED with a Medium Auburn Brown stained and glazed finish with a protective NC lacquer to accentuate and highlight the grain and the uniqueness of each piece of furniture
  • MULTIPURPOSE CABINET can be used as a TV stand for TV’s up to 65 inches, as an accent storage cabinet. Looks great in your living room, great room or bedroom
  • Features one adjustable shelf in the middle with cable management and two (2) side cabinets with adjustable shelves & recessed door pulls in an Antique Brass hardware finish
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Your TV deserves a stylish and sturdy stand. The Draper Mid Century modern Low TV Media Stand is a well-designed piece of furniture. The center features two shelves with cable management cutouts for your electronics. Two side cabinets each have one adjustable shelf for your DVD or game collection. This 26” high stand can accommodate a TV up to 65”. Cord Management Cutouts to allow for neat & organized look for the wires from all your devices. Mid Century Modern style evokes a time long past with its clean lines, elegant sensibility and tapered legs. Efforts are made to reproduce accurate colors, variations in color may occur due to computer monitor and photography. At Simpli Home we believe in creating excellent, high quality products made from the finest materials at an affordable price. Every one of our products come with a 1-year warranty and easy returns if you are not satisfied.

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Draper Mid Century Medium TV Media Stand

Medium Auburn Brown

Your TV deserves a stylish and sturdy stand. The Draper Mid Century modern Medium TV Media Stand is a well-designed piece of furniture. The right side features two adjustable shelves with cable management cutouts for your electronics. Two sliding doors open to reveal a roomy storage space for your DVD or game collection. This 30” high stand can accommodate a TV up to 66”.

  • Cord Management
  • Tapered Legs
  • Mid Century Modern
  • Antique Brass Hardware
  • Antique Brass Hardware

It’s All About Details!

Galvanized Steel Hardware

Antique Brass hardware adds a classic accent and timeless appeal to this collection.

Cord Management

Features cable management for your electronics and a large storage space for any media collection.

Medium Auburn Brown

Rich Medium Auburn Brown stained finish. Sealed with a premium NC Lacquer Coating.

Tapered Legs

Each well-designed piece has angled tapered legs, clean lines and smoothly beveled edges that so many Mid Century pieces feature.

Plenty of Storage for all Media and Gaming Devices

The Draper Mid Century Low TV Media Stand features one shelf with cable management cutouts. Two side cabinets each have one adjustable shelf.

Low TV Media Stand

The Draper Mid Century Low TV Media Stand was designed to blend into a variety of living and family room settings. With its modern contemporary style, the Draper Mid Century collection is a relaxed, timeless look that fits in any decor.

Mid Century Modern

The style is reminiscent of pieces from the Mid Century Modern era of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Perfect for TVs up to 66 inches

Extra wide, the Draper Mid Century Low TV Media Stand will accommodate TVs up to 66 inches. Generously proportioned to fit all media and gaming devices.

Media Stand

Your TV deserves a stylish and sturdy stand. The Draper Mid Century modern TV Media Stand is a well-designed piece of furniture. The center features shelves with cable management cutouts for your electronics. Cabinets have one adjustable shelf for your DVD or game collection. Features recessed door pulls in an Antique Brass hardware finish.

Dining Sets

The Draper Dining Set meets your entertaining needs. Extra large and in a dark Java Brown wood color, the Avalon Dining Set makes your dining room or breakfast nook comfortable and inviting and adds a touch of style to your home.

Tufted Ottoman Benche

Update your space with the Draper Mid Century Tufted Ottoman Benches. There modern style will add a fresh on trend look to any space in your home. Made with solid wood and Stone faux leather & linen look fabric. for stylish durability. Whether used in the entryway, living room or bedroom, it will be the showpiece that completes the room.

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Weight 98 kg
Dimensions 18 × 60 × 26 cm
Product Dimensions

18 x 60 x 26 inches

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98 Pounds



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Solid Wood

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10 reviews for SIMPLIHOME Draper SOLID WOOD Universal TV Media Stand, 60 inch Wide,Industrial, Living Room Entertainment Center, Storage

  1. Nicholas D.

    Great piece for the priceI was fortunate enough to get several pieces of mid century modern style furniture a while back. When I needed a media console, it wasn’t easy to find one for a reasonable price that fit with the look of the real deal stuff I had from the 50s/60s. The finish of this console matches very closely with the old stuff and the style is definitely good enough to blend in. For the price, it definitely exceeded my expectations.

  2. Mr. Furkins’ Human

    Solid wood, good quality pieceI went with this entertainment bench because the color and leg style was close to the wooden legs on my leather family room furniture. I had also purchased a different furniture piece from Simpli Home a couple of months ago and had been happy that the piece was all wood construction and was a decent quality piece. This entertainment bench arrived ahead of schedule. I ordered it on a Sunday and was given a delivery date that was ten days away only to be surprised when the package was out for delivery five days ahead of schedule. The product comes well packaged and everything arrived in tact with no damage outside of a small ding on the surface of the unit’s top, but I suspect that wasn’t from shipping based on how it looks.The media bench was pretty easy to assemble. Everything you’ll need to assemble it is included except for a Phillips head screwdriver. From unboxing to fully assembled it took about an hour to have it assembled. There was only one screw that didn’t tighten well, but all the rest came together nicely. It’s a softer wood, so make sure you don’t over tighten. I suspect that that the one screw that isn’t nice and tight might have been turned a bit too much causing it to be a bit loose.The unit has adjustable shelves in the center as well as inside each of the cabinets. The center portion of the cabinet has two pre cut holes for cords. The unit sits high off the floor so you’ll want to make sure you have your cords tied up neatly so it doesn’t look sloppy.My only criticisms of the piece are there are a few areas where the wood is a bit rough, but they aren’t in noticeable areas. There are also a few areas where the finish looks like it was applied a little too thinly (mostly on corners or edges).I like that this piece was a lot easier to assemble than the Ikea media center’s we have had in the past. The unit can store a good amount of stuff in the cabinets. I also like that this isn’t super short like another media center we had gotten for our family room that ended up getting placed in the basement playroom because it was too short for my liking.Overall, it’s a nice piece of all wood furniture. For a piece of furniture that you assemble yourself it’s nice quality. I feel like it’s better quality than the all wood Ikea media centers we have had in the past. I think it is worth the price I paid for it ($340) and I’m happy with how it looks in my family room.

  3. internet-yo

    Mid Century StunnerSo we were unlucky at first attempt as the box arrived in a timely manner with no noticeable marks on it whatsoever. When we began to unpack it, we found that one of the main pieces (top or bottom) was missing a corner. It looked like it had been whacked with a sledge hammer, yet the box was unscathed. We painstakingly repackaged the piece and reported to Amazon. Two things of note here. Amazon was super easy to return the unit and get another one; and, take careful notes on how it is packaged in the event you get a damaged one and have to put it back in the box. This was not easy. Once we got the replacement 3 days later (amazing Amazon) we again proceeded (much more carefully) to remove it from the box noting each piece of styrofoam and where it went. Unit number two was undamaged. Now, I am a handy guy, maybe even more so than that. It took me a good 2 hours to assemble. It should not have, but I used a screwdriver and not a screw gun initially. There are several 10s of little screws need screwing into the wood, which is solid hardwood (not laminated MDF), which when using a screwdriver takes the patience of Job. When I got to the end and was trying to screw the magnetic door catches to the doors, I went and got my screw gun (drill with a phillips bit). Set the torque to minimum, and zip zip zip finished the last 8 screws in seconds. Man, should have done that with the back cover board where it was 5-7 minutes a screw!!! Lesson here is the screw gun is your friend as long as you are very careful and you set the torque to low so you dont strip the heads of the zillion little itty bitty screws. If you use the screw gun, you can cut assembly time to less than an hour. When it was all said and done, the piece is beautiful, heavy, and looks like it costs a lot more than what I paid on Amazon. I did find the exact same piece on Wayfair for $250 more, it had a different brand name but was the exact same thing. I love this piece and let me tell you, I would buy the other matching bigger one for the room should I need more storage at any point. This is in our loft where I mostly exercise and I like the low slung sleek lines of it that remind me of Danish furniture. The picture shows a 65 inch wall mounted sony tv above it and a 6’0″ surfboard (to give you a feel for scale).

  4. ksmack

    Beautiful but beware assembly challengesI recently purchased this TV stand for my living room – I love the teak color and the mid century style is perfect for my 1940s-era home. The stand is sturdy solid wood, and really heavy.I’m a woman in my mid-40s, and I was able to assemble this alone in about 4.5 hours (though actual assembly time was probably closer to 3.5 – I took several long breaks to rest, strategize, and swear during the process).The instructions are clear and the parts are well organized BUT if you’re assembling this alone you’ll need to get a little creative. Power tools help a lot.I found that resting the stand on its front during the initial assembly to attach the side and interior panels was the easiest way – any other way required too much effort to balance the base. Once I attached the legs, I stood it up to attach the top. This part went surprisingly fast.The left door went on perfectly – the pre-drilled holes were perfectly aligned BUT were not well drilled, so I inserted the screws first, reversed them back out, and then installed the door.Same issue with pre-drilled holes on the right door BUT the holes weren’t aligned correctly and even following the instruction of inserting the middle screws first to adjust the alignment didn’t work. I ended up having to stand the unit on its end and rest the door on the ground, and use a ruler to align the holes for the door on the right. It still doesn’t hang perfectly but it’s much better, and fatigue beat out my OCD after about 1.5 hours of trying to get it perfect.I also accidentally reversed the interior panels for the shelves, so the predrilled holes for the magnets were on the wrong side. I was able to remove those without having to disassemble the unit and reverse them once I realized my mistake. Definitely pay attention to the instructions here – I didn’t and paid for it.I didn’t install the backboard at all. I like it better open, but was planning to install it anyway. The fact that there was only ONE predrilled hole in the back to secure the backpanel was the deciding factor in leaving it off. I just didn’t have the energy to try to force in the other 14 or so screws required to hold the back panel in place at 1:30 am.Having a friend help would definitely have made the job go easier and faster, but it CAN be done alone. Just be prepared for some challenging moments and colorful language. And watch your toes as you’re moving it around.In the end, it came together beautifully and looks fantastic in my living space.

  5. Greg

    Outstanding ValueI’m a retired professional woodworker. Over the years I’ve assembled hundreds of units like this from whole store interiors that arrive in tractor trailers to 6 or 7 Ikea kitchens. This Vietnam-made piece is unique in that it’s solid wood unlike the vinyl covered particleboard used by most other KD manufacturers. It should last a good long time.After unpacking and assembling tools, it should’ve taken me less than an hour to assemble but I made the mistake of following the directions. Unlike Ikea who gets this part right, the Simplihome directions ended up with a cabinet 3/16″ out of square, leaving doors that don’t close cleanly. Here is the right way to do it:1) Attach the doors to the two outside verticals. (Step 5)2) Working from the back, lay the top upside down on a flat surface (I used the coffee table) and attach the four verticals to the top using the 4mm Allen screws (#1). Do not tighten. (Step 3)3) Attach the bottom to the verticals using the same screws. Do not tighten. (Step 1)4) Check the swing of the doors. Gradually tighten the top and bottom screws so the verticals are positioned properly to allow the doors to swing freely without rubbing either the top or bottom. Also make sure the back edges are aligned so the back sits flat in its rabbet. (woodworking term)5) After all the Allen screws are tight, and doors swing freely, screw on the back panel. (Step 4)6) Before turning the piece upright, attach the legs. (Step 2)7) Attach catches and install shelves.I skipped (Step 7). This piece is so heavy and squat, and since it lacks drawers, screwing it to the wall is unnecessary. You can speed assembly with a cordless drill/driver equipped with a Phillips tip, 4mm Allen tip, and 6″ extension holder. There were a couple finish blemishes that I touched up with a stain marker. It would be nice if Simplihome included one in the kit like some manufacturers do. The shelves should be deeper, too. Other than these few picky items, I would rate this 5 stars. It’s as good as it gets.

  6. Kendra

    Will need a drill with Allen and Phillip bits. Helps to pre-drill holes yourself.Directions are great and everything is well labeled. Quality piece.

  7. Kenny

    The Real DealI don’t normally leave reviews but this purchase made me want to. The Draper Low Console was a pleasure to work with because it’s really wood. I know I’m not going to get a quality hardwood piece at this price but I’m happy with what I got. I’m so tired of trying to find something affordable that isn’t particle board or MDF with a micro-thin faux wood plastic laminate that scratches off it you look at it too long. I’m really happy with the vintage look of this piece too. It’s perfect for my record player stand with plenty of room for albums, standing on edge, in the side compartments. I used a power drill to assemble it but when attaching the top, the screw heads are hard to get at so use the included socket head wrench with a ball end – the ball end helps a lot. A couple of the screws wouldn’t tighten down because the pilot hole was a little large or the wood a little soft. I just replaced them with the next larger screw from the hardware store. I tightened all of the preinstalled screws too and found a couple of those “stripped” as well and stepped up the size for those. Not a problem. When installing the doors pay close attention to get the hinges high enough so that the bottom of the door doesn’t scrape when it’s closed – you’ll only get one shot. I found the factory marks to be spot-on but it helps a lot to use an awl to make a little pilot holes for the screws. Also, do yourself a favor and have someone hold the door for you. I did it by myself but it was frustrating (the pilot hole with an awl helped a bunch). Anyway, I like this piece a lot and will go back to Draper products in the future. If this is the look you are going for, look no further.

  8. Dee

    Buy it!It’s very nice and made very well. I highly recommend.

  9. SF Shopper

    Nice Furniture/Some Quality Control IssuesThis is a nice, sturdy, moderately priced media stand. Assembly was not too difficult. It was well packaged, but the box arrived with damage to the exterior.When I had finished putting it together I noticed that there were two small dents on the front of the bottom section. They are not noticeable enough for me to send it back, but I would encourage buyers to carefully check all pieces before putting the furniture together.

  10. Amazon Customer

    AwesomeA great mid century modern design. Soft caramel color, and solid wood that will last a very long time. No mdf or particle board. Got the MCM look without paying expensive antique prices.

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