Sleep & Beyond 60 by 80-Inch Organic Merino Wool Mattress Topper Queen, Ivory

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Brand Sleep and Beyond
Color Ivory
Size Queen
Fabric Type 100% Organic Cotton Jacquard
Closure Type Pull On
Material Wool & Wool Blend
  • 100% Organic Cotton Jacquard
  • Imported
  • 100% Organic Cotton Jacquard, 1.5 inch thick
  • Imported
  • Organic merino wool mattress topper for full night rejuvenating sleep
  • Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer; Encased in certified organic cotton sateen fabric, 270 Thread Count
  • Washable cover is recommended

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Product Description





A Good Night Sleep Starts Here

We recommend you to look for a mattress pad that provides three essential benefits during sleep:

  • Body support
  • Purity
  • Comfort

Also, for many of us that are battling skin irritations, rashes, itchy eyes and other allergic reactions related to common materials used in the majority of mattress pads (memory foam, polyester, down, etc, you have come to the right place as all of our mattress pads and protectors are hypoallergenic and specifically produced with you in mind.

Perfect for all-year round comfort

This year-round comfortable topper is soothing for those who have multiple chemical sensitivities, certain allergies, and/or suffer from discomfort due to arthritis or other health challenges.

Perfect for all-year round comfort.


Quickly wicks away moisture without making you feel cold or clammy. Less time is spent tossing and turning.

Ultimate Comfort

Designed with years of research, our toppers provide super comfortable sleep.

With 700 muscles needing to relax during sleep, myMerino topper provides the most desirable comfort and relief from the pressure points because of its soft and supple, spring-shaped Merino wool fibers.


We dance our way to work because we love what we do and have been perfecting our products since 1992



  • 1st choice: Washable cover is recommended.
  • 2nd choice: Regular sunning and airing. The sun will naturally revitalize and disinfect wool bedding.
  • 3rd choice: Do not machine wash or dry. Spot clean with soft brush and mild detergent. Allow the product to air dry completely.
  • 4th choice: dry cleaning on short cycle and limited moisture.

Our Size Chart


Size: Twin 39x76in (99 x 193cm) Wool fill: 4.5 lbs. of merino wool, 30 oz. /sq. yd.; (2 kg)

Size: Full 54x76in (137 x 193cm) Wool fill: 6 lbs. of merino wool, 30 oz. /sq. yd.; (2.72 kg)

Size: Queen 60x80in (152 x 203cm) Wool fill: 7 lbs. of merino wool, 30 oz. /sq. yd.; (3.17 kg)

Size: King 76x80in (193 x 203cm) Wool fill: 9 lbs. of merino wool, 30 oz. /sq. yd.; (4 kg)

Size: Cal King 72x84in (183 x 213cm) Wool fill: 9 lbs. of merino wool, 30 oz. /sq. yd.; (4 kg)

Sleep and Beyond Topper


About Us

Sleep & Beyond is a 3rd generation family owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding factories located in Kyrgyzstan, The Switzerland of Central Asia, India and China.

Since 1992, we have been helping our customers all around the world to sleep better and healthier through the magic of wool.

Our world famous myMerino and myBedding wool filled bedding products are made with love and feel and perform like no other.

  • We raise our own Merino sheep in the mountainous lands of Kyrgyz Republic, which produce superfine organic wool for myMerino collection.
  • Our products are tested to be free of arsenic, VOCs and other carcinogenic chemicals that are used in majority of the conventional bedding such as down, polyester and silk.
  • Only the finest and purest nature created raw materials, such as organic Merino wool, natural Shropshire wool, and organic and natural cotton, are used to create each of our master pieces.

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 1.5 cm

Sleep and Beyond





Fabric Type

100 Organic Cotton Jacquard

Closure Type

Pull On


Wool & Wool Blend

Thread Count


Product Dimensions

80 x 60 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight

11 Pounds



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Sleep & Beyond, Sleep and Beyond

10 reviews for Sleep & Beyond 60 by 80-Inch Organic Merino Wool Mattress Topper Queen, Ivory

  1. Otter

    Nice Quality, Firm Cushion, CoolerI bought this to protect and add some cushion to a luxury brand, firm Bloomingdale’s mattress; it is doing just that. I’ve found it adds just enough cushion (for more cushioned comfort) but still provides a firm feel. Keep in mind putting this on a large sponge rather than a firm mattress would give you a different result. It replaced a mostly polyester and thick mattress pad that was quite warm underneath; this is definitely cooler to sleep on!Because this is not washable, I zipped it in a queen cotton allergy protective duvet cover that can be washed, and put it under my fitted sheet. Also someone mentioned in an earlier review…. something about an odor. That is completely false. There is no odor unless you are sensitive to the smell of cotton or wool which literally has no smell in my opinion.

  2. P. Linderson

    Yeah it’s expensive… but so glad I got itI was so sad because I liked our memory foam mattress but it was soooooool hot. I felt like I sleeping on lava. 🙁 So out of desperation I ordered this and finally slept cool! It really works! It’s not super soft like a feather bed but I liked that. In this case, I think you get what you pay for…

  3. M R

    Get itFirst time in years I woke up without hip and shoulder pain. Thank you

  4. kindleuser

    Long lasting, non-toxic, breathable and cozyThis has been used for over a decade. It still looks, smells, and feels great. It’s nice and cozy in cold weather and breathable and cooler in warmer months. It can be used as a mattress topper or as a quilt. Would definitely buy again!

  5. rockaline

    Perfect Solution to a Too Soft MattressI can fully understand why people dislike this product if what they are looking for is softness. It simply does not deliver on that count. It is, however, perfect for my 5 year old memory foam mattress that was giving me this incredibly creepy sinking feeling whenever I slept.I hated it, but I didn’t want to buy a new mattress. So, I bought this and I was shocked to find that my mattress perfect, maybe even better than it felt brand new. This topper offers uniform support and firmness. For those of you who are concerned about shedding, place it inside a duvet. I bought a duvet because the wool topper isn’t washable, and I thought it was more sanitary.If you want something soft, consider soft latex or a feather topper, but if you want cushy firmness, this is the ticket.

  6. P. Herd

    AwesomeSo comfy. No more night sweats.

  7. Nancy

    Good mattress padI bought this to try to reduce heat from my memory foam bed on hot nights. I think it does help. I noticed a very slight odor when I unwrapped it so I left it out overnight. It was fine to put on the bed the next day. Honestly, it probably would have been fine to put it straight on the bed without airing it out. The odor was slight and organic odors, like wool, don’t bother me. It’s about 4-5” too short from side to side but the length is perfect. Basically there is 2-2.5” on each side that the pad doesn’t cover but that doesn’t bother me. You can’t tell at all with the sheets and bed coverings on. The elastic that holds it to the bed is very sturdy. I only wish you could flip it over occasionally but that isn’t possible due to strap placement. I’m glad I bought this.

  8. Angelo’s Mom and Dad

    The Goldilocks Solution – It’s Just Right!When our waterbed sprang a leak creating a water feature in our house, we opted to replace it with a good memory foam mattress. We were used to a cooler mattress, and the memory foam was all right during the winter and spring months, but with summer temperatures over 100 degrees, and even with a room temp of 74 degrees, it was miserably hot.We researched numerous solutions, deciding on the Organic Merino Wool Mattress Topper, which has exceeded our expectations in every way.The topper arrived in record time, packaged nicely in its own drawstring bag. The bag itself is impressive, sporting a protective flap just below the drawn closure, a very nice touch that signals the high quality of its contents.The topper is beautifully made, from the covering fabric to the excellent stitching. Two elastic bands, one near the head and one near the foot, snug the topper to the mattress ingeniously! We placed the topper on the protective plastic pad that’s just over the memory foam and placed the lighter cotton protective pad over the topper. The bed was easy to make as the topper doesn’t add much height.The Merino wool topper is just right in every way. It’s light and not too thick or dense, so all the benefits and comfort of the memory foam mattress remain intact. The topper creates an ideally natural barrier from the memory foam and plastic liner, making for a cool and comfortable sleep. The best thing about the topper is the way I felt this morning when I woke up!Angelo’s Mom & Dad (He is our kitty, who is cooler on the bed, too!)

  9. Pria

    Temperature regulating and comfyThis was one of the best bedding upgrades our family made. We are using a natural latex topper which, although comfortable, makes hot spots and night sweats. This madness had to stop so I began searching for a toppers that is both comfortable and made of natural materials. I am so sick and tired of the chemical laden products and petroleum based materials, enough is enough already. Anyway 🙂 this mattress topper is fantastic. It fits our King size bed perfectly, the cotton is excellent quality, the wool is clean and very comfortable. I choose to double sheet the fitted section to add mattress protection and help stop sheet slipping. This topper has completely eliminated the hot spots while sleeping. It conforms to the body overnight and I wake up in a plush comfort. The wool loft needs to be shaken each time the bed is re-made which I do frequently. I am very pleased I found this excellent cotton wool topper and highly recommend this product.

  10. K Tim

    Comfortable organic mattress topperI bought this topper for go over my solid latex mattress. I wanted an organic topper that will warm up quickly when I’m getting into cold bed at night, help with numb hips and shoulders. This one fits the bill and is more reasonably priced compared to others. I had to buy two of these but I was so happy with the first, I got the second without a pause.Do not wash no matter what you read. One reason I had to buy a second is because the first one got washed – not only did the washing machine struggle and didn’t dry it, but after it air dried, it became a felted pad that never felt as good as when I first got it.

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