Sony SU-WL855 Ultra Slim Wall-Mount Bracket for Select Sony BRAVIA OLED and LED TVs

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Product details

Mounting Type Wall Mount
Movement Type Swivel
Brand Sony
TV Size 77 Inches
Color Black
Compatible Devices Televisions
  • Hang your Sony TV flush to the wall
  • Swivel your TV left to right to adjust the screen angle
  • Magnetic lock system and lateral shift bracket for safe and easy installation
  • Compatible with XR75X90K, XR65X90K, XR55X90K, KD75X85K, KD65X85K, KD55X85K, KD75X80K, KD65X80K, KD55X80K, XR65X95K, XR77A80K, XR65A80K, XR55A80K, XR48A90K, XR65A95K, XR55A95K, XR-77A80J, XR-65A80J, XR-55A80J, XR-65A90J, XR-55A90J, XR-65X95J, XR-75X95J, XR-75X90J, XR-65X90J, XR-55X90J, KD-75X85J, KD-65X85J, KD-55X85J, KD-75X80J, KD-65X80J, KD-55X80J, XBR-48A9S, XBR-55A8G, XBR-65A8G, XBR-55A9G, XBR-65A9G, XBR-77A9G, XBR-75X950H, XBR-65X950H, XBR-55X950H, XBR-75X800H, XBR-65X800H, XBR-55X800H, XBR-55A8H, XBR-65A8H, XBR-55X900H, XBR-65X900H, XBR-75X900H
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Make the most of your living space The SU-WL855 ultra slim wall-mount bracket is designed to hang select Sony BRAVIA OLED and LED TVs flush to the wall just like any other work of art Pull out your TV and swivel it left to right to adjust the screen angle for optimal viewing

From the manufacturer

Sony SU-WL855

Ultra Slim Wall-Mount Bracket

Make the most of your living space. The SU-WL855 ultra slim wall-mount bracket is designed to hang select Sony BRAVIA OLED and LED TVs flush to the wall, just like any other work of art. Pull out your TV and swivel it left to right to adjust the screen angle for optimal viewing.

(compatible with select Sony OLED and LED models ranging from 48” class to 77” class.)


 A8G/A9G OLED series

Hangs like a picture

Make the most of your living space. This wall-mount bracket is designed to hang your Sony 4K HDR Ultra HD TV flush to the wall, just like any other work of art.

Change up your viewing angles

Pull out your TV and swivel it left to right to adjust the screen angle for optimal viewing.

 A8G/A9G OLED series


Safe and easy installation

The Ultra Slim Wall-Mount Bracket is designed for safe and easy installation, while the magnetic lock system and lateral shift bracket provide secure installation.

Additional information

Weight 6.6 lbs
Dimensions 36.22 × 17.91 × 3.07 in
Product Dimensions

36.22 x 17.91 x 3.07 inches

Item Weight

6.6 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

April 15 2019

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10 reviews for Sony SU-WL855 Ultra Slim Wall-Mount Bracket for Select Sony BRAVIA OLED and LED TVs

  1. George H. Long

    Pricey but easy to install once extra hardware was purchased.If you note in the screen capture claims this mounting bracket to be compatible with KD-55X85J TVs. That is an incorrect statement! The small bracket that mounts to the back of the TV required 4 spacers, 4 lock washers and 4 1 1/2” long screws that was not supplied. I had to purchase them to attach said bracket to the TV. This was no big deal for me to do but other purchasers might not feel the same.Otherwise, the assembly was easy and quick.

  2. Paulo Coelho

    Lacks height adjustmentThis will for sure firmly secure the TV to the wall. The way it attaches is relatively easy, both the bracket to the wall and the TV to the bracket. My only wish is that there was any type of height adjustment even if just a few inches. You can loosen the wall lugs and move it side to side a bit, but if you want to move it down any amount you have to basically remount it. I think this would be OK for a $150 product, but at almost $400 after tax, IMO it’s inexcusable.

  3. Jerry

    It won’t tiltI bought this because it was rated the best match for the very expensive tv I bought and I didn’t want to take chances with a cheap universal fitting mount. Low and behold I guess I either missed the part about it not tilting or just assumed it did, either way, bad on me.I mounted my tv above the fireplace as that’s where I had the connections installed when building the house. Beware, there is very little wiggle room for where the mount goes above or below your outlets if you are doing the same. I didn’t factor that in and just got lucky. I’m as close to the top of the receptacle as the mount will allow and am almost touching the ceiling on one side, which I was anticipating a couple more inches easy.The mount is very, very sturdy and well built, I give it 5 stars for that. Where it lacks is for the price you should have top of the line features, I’d think. It should at the very least be able to tilt! I only discovered this after mounting and spending countless measures trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.With it above the fireplace and flat, aside from a slight angle when you want it, over viewing time it does wear on your neck. I may be looking into a way to add some wedges and make it permanently tilted or just replace the whole thing, which would be a really sad waste of money.Anyway, if you’re mounting it at viewing level, it’s a great mount. If you’re mounting it high, you may want to look for something else.

  4. merlin67

    Well engineered, and zero issues with productWell engineered, and zero issues with product. Price makes buyer uncomfortable.

  5. bareyb

    Worked Great for my Sony 65″ A9OJThis is the Rolls Royce of wall mounts. Power coated finish and the highest quality mechanism that I’ve ever seen on a wall mount. It clicks into place with magnets when it’s fully seated against the wall and assures that the front of your TV is solidly square to the front of the room. None of the other copy cats do that and it’s a great feature. The design also allows you to smoothly pull the TV out from the wall for service and to tilt it from side to side for different viewing angles if need be.This mount was made specifically for my new Sony A9OJ 65″ TV and a few select others so make sure it will fit your TV before you buy it. It does come with some adapters as well. All in all, it was very easy to install. You simply hang your TV on the mount with the included bracket and attach the two lower screws to hold it on the mount. Very easy.If you are looking for the best, you’ve found it. The only downside is the cost, but I was able to get it much cheaper by buying it from one of the “Amazon Warehouse Deals” that are available under the “all buying options” at the top of the page. The one I received was by all appearances brand new. The Warehouse deal Brought the price down to what I think is a very fair price for a mount of this quality. So check that out first! Otherwise, enjoy your new TV knowing you have the best mount money can buy.

  6. JohnRdz

    Perfect fit for my Sony TVFits my 75 inch Sony TV perfectly, very easy to install, and very sturdy. The range of motion is limited (no tilting up/down) and really don’t know why cost as much as it does when you compare to other available options. Range of motion and cost is the only reason why I didn’t give it a five stars.

  7. Infashuated

    Such an easy installI found this wall mount while purchasing my Sony A80J 65 inch TV (, which is impressive, by the way! After paying so much for my TV, I thought, man, this mount is so expensive”, but after using it and seeing how sturdy it was, I quickly realized this was a significant investment. The flatness of the tv against the wall is impressive. The function that allows for left and right movement is super handy as well. The instructions were straightforward to understand. I will suggest having a trusted stud finder. I used a Tavool, 4 in 1, which was super helpful for hanging over my fireplace. ( ) Another super important tool was a magnetic Leveler. I used a Prexiso Laser Leveler(; keep in mind, this wall mount is for your tv, and no one wants A crooked tv, so leveling at every step of the way is crucial. I also got a fantastic deal on a Ryobi drill and impact driver as well. ( Honestly not one complaint about this Sony Ultra Slim wall mount. If you have the extra budget, consider purchasing it!

  8. NOhara

    THIS WALL MOUNT DOES NOT FIT SONY XBR-75X950H! BEWARE! **EDITED*I bought this mount to use with my Sony XBR-75X950H, it reads on both this product page and the instructions that my TV works with this mount. However, after getting the bracket mounted to the wall, it came time to mount the bracket that would support the TV, to the TV. The instructions read to take the machine screws out of the back of my TV, and use them to fix the bracket to the back of the TV. However, the M6 machine screws that were included in the kit (I guess as extra?) and the M6 machine screws in the back of my TV were NOT long enough to reach back into the recessed portions of the TV where they were supposed to be threaded into after trying to fix the bracket to the TV. A quick trip to Lowe’s solved the problem, but for the price of this mount, this thing should have mounted itself to my wall and done my dishes, as far as I’m concerned. Total failure on multiple levels by Sony and next time this happens, I will be buying a universal style mount (as recommended by the TaskRabbit who I worked with to ultimately get this to work.) One star, with a second star added because the mount itself is very nice.EDIT:Alright, it’s time to take my “L”, with a caveat. After the aforementioned trip to Lowe’s, getting the TV mounted, cleaning up and then walking by the bag with the machine screw stands for 2 weeks…I realize how this is supposed to work. I’ve updated my score for 3 stars. Minus one star for not shouting out these stands that would have saved me time and a trip to Lowe’s in the instructions, at all, and one star for the price. There are still better and cheaper options.

  9. david m feinman

    If u r very particular about mounting tv, this is the bracket for you. .Perfect fit for Sony, but twice the cost of other high quality “universal” mounts. Not as slim as you might think if you dont have recessed outlets for plugs.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Perfect over the fireplaceLove it. It fits close to the wall.

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