South Shore Crea Craft Table with Open and Closed Storage, Pure White

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  • WORK SURFACE: This contemporary craft table provides the perfect dedicated work and storage space for crafts such as scrapbooking, sewing, handicrafts and jewelry making..Assembly Required.Material:Engineered Wood.Item Dimensions:36.9″ L x 7.4″ W x 15.9″ H
  • ADJUSTABLE STORAGE: Offering open and closed sliding drawers, storage compartments, and angled shelves, this work table has all your craft storage needs covered.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: The craft table has 2 interchangeable storage modules with shelves, allowing you to create the ideal modern work furniture for your craft room. Metal drawer slides for a smooth gliding
  • Made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard, this piece of furniture meets or exceeds all North American safety standards. Box 1 dimensions – 36.81 inches length x 15.87 inches width x 7.4 inches height. Box 2 dimensions – 59.33 inches length x 24.33 inches depth x 2.99 inches height
  • 5-YEAR LIMITED : Shop with confidence knowing that we proudly stand behind this piece of furniture with a full 5-year limited . Assembly is required.
  • Ships in several boxes, may ship separately

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Create a Craft SpaceWhatever craft you’re into – be it handicrafts, sewing or jewelry making – every artist needs a dedicated work space. This work table allows you to set up your own craft space, so you’ll no longer need to work on your craft at the kitchen table. With its neutral, modern finish and simple lines, this contemporary work table offers a large work surface and plenty of deep storage compartments. It goes well in any room. Maximum StorageSuitable for all kind of craft work and inspired by today’s scrapbooker needs, this craft table features a drawer under the large work surface to store a laptop, tablet, and pencils. All open and closed storage spaces are highly accessible to stock magazines, accessories, or binders; five 12 x 12 angled adjustable shelves for paper, and more. The work table’s two side storage modules are interchangeable, allowing you to configure the perfect craft table for your particular needs and room layout. 5-Year Limited Shop with confidence knowing that we proudly stand behind our products with a full 5-year limited . Assembly is required. Please note tools and accessories are not included. Our products meet or exceed all North American safety standards. Ships in a heavy box, make sure to have a friend with you. Packaging tested and certified to reduce the risk of damage during shipment. We recommend 2 people to assemble. Made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard. South Shore Furniture’s support team is available 7 days a week if you have any questions.

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Additional information

Weight 126 kg
Dimensions 36.81 × 7.4 × 15.87 cm
Item Weight

126 Pounds

Product Dimensions

36.81 x 7.4 x 15.87 inches

Item model number


Assembled Height

30 inches

Assembled Width

23.5 inches

Assembled Length

53.5 inches


121 Pounds



Date First Available

February 28 2013


South Shore

10 reviews for South Shore Crea Craft Table with Open and Closed Storage, Pure White

  1. E. Parker

    A Good Craft Table, but . . .For the price, this is a pretty good craft table. It arrived on time and in good condition. They made it clear in the description, but it bears repeating: be aware the box is HUGE and weighs something like a zillion pounds (check the description for the exact number).When you see in the instructions that it takes two people to put this thing together, believe it. At least for the part where you’re attaching the desk top to its base components–that process definitely requires at least two people. One person might be able to manage the rest on their own. I would recommend sorting all the screws and bits and pieces that come with the table–and there are A LOT–before you begin putting it all together.Instructions for assembling the craft table are okay for the most part. There are no written descriptions or instructions, only pictures. This would be fine, but some of the illustrations really need to be broken apart further, showing you more of a close up of some of the hardware being used. There are TONS of screws and whatnot included with this, and the difference between them is something like this screw is longer than that one, this one has round head and that one has a flat head–that sort of thing. Also, scale wasn’t consistent throughout the illustrations. The drawer slides for the center drawer are quite large, but in the illustrations they don’t appear any bigger than the drawer slides for the smaller drawer and sliding shelf. This was confusing and it didn’t need to be–a simple label on the illustrations would have solved this.Construction took us several hours over a two day period, involved quite a bit of head scratching, and out of all the many pieces of furniture I’ve assembled, this one was definitely one of the worst. First off, the toe-kicks (piece “P”) did not have holes drilled correctly into their sides. I had to wood glue this piece into place on both of the shelf/drawer/table leg towers. Considering this is one of the first pieces you use, it didn’t bode well for the rest of the construction process.Fortunately, most of the remaining pieces fit together correctly. Assembling the drawers was complicated, and I’ve put together quite a few dressers so I’m familiar with the hardware. Unfortunately, once assembled it seems both drawers (the large center one especially, as well as the tall one in one of the table leg towers) are very difficult to open and close. I think it might be some kind of “safety” feature meant to keep kids out, maybe. Or it’s just poor design. Either way, you’ve got to use two hands to open the center drawer or it gets stuck and becomes crooked. Likewise, you have to use two hands to push each end back in, or the drawer does not go back into place. The divider inside the center drawer was also too large to fit inside the brackets meant to hold it in place. I ended up wood gluing one end of the divider and simply not using one of the brackets.You’ve got to be careful that the legs of the table are positioned properly underneath the top, or the top bows slightly. This is more of an overall design flaw, and probably would be less of an issue if the top wasn’t particle board. I purchased furniture slides to put underneath this table, and that has made moving it (or adjusting its position) a lot easier.Otherwise, the tablet has lots of great storage–shelves you can slant for paper, large enough for 12″ x 12″ sheets (you don’t have to slant these shelves either, you can install them straight); narrow, adjustable shelves on the same tower/leg; there are two tall pass-through shelves on one side, a deep cubby shelf right next to the center drawer, and a large, pull out drawer with a sliding shelf in the middle. The center drawer is not as large or deep as you’d think it would be, but it’s suitable for rulers and pens and pencils. The table itself has a nice big surface that’s perfect for cutting fabric, paper crafting, and otherwise just getting creative.Overall, I’d give this table a 3.5 if I could. The particle board chips easily while assembling it, so be careful of that. I’d recommend getting a bottle of wood glue for any trouble shooting you might encounter, use patience, sort all the eight million parts first, and definitely assemble it where you intend to put it, because it’s super heavy. For the money, it’s a decent crafting table once it’s assembled.


    Quality desk for craftingUsing this desk for all my craft projects!

  3. Damon P.

    Great for craft/hobby storage. Extremely heavy box. Slight design issue.I purchased this as a gift for my fiance. I was the one who built it, though, so here are my thoughts on it!As a storage space for arts and crafts, this table works nicely. It has several places that you can store a variety of things in, that I didn’t find in other craft tables when I was shopping for one. I really like the use of the sides as storage spaces. It adds to the amount you can store to it. My fiance says she loves it so far, and doesn’t seem to have any issues with it. So, that is why I give it a high grade.I have knocked off a star (and would have knocked off another if my fiance didn’t like it so much) because of several things that I find lacking, in terms of build quality and the way it is shipped.First, the entire desk comes shipped in only one box… One EXTREMELY HEAVY box. I didn’t weigh it, but it is well over 100 lbs. This thing is a beast to move anywhere when delivered. It really should be broken down into several boxes for shipment. It is quite ridiculous, as there is no acceptable reason for a single box to weight that much. You will have to get help to move it…no getting around that…your friend you call on for help will not be happy with you. Consider yourself warned!Because the thing is so heavy, after you build it, the directions say to never lift up on the tabletop when moving it. The weight from the two side cabinets is too heavy, and it will damage the top. So, you will need to move it by holding onto lower parts of the cabinets. This isn’t fun to do, but shouldn’t be an issue if it was designed differently.And the only other issue I have is the adjustable shelves on one side of it. (In the picture, it is the thin-opening shelves you see.) The instructions indicate that you can install them flat, or angled. However, if you want them angled, the shelves have the ability to slide out of the cabinet. This is due to the pegs that you place inside the cabinet being smooth, with no gripping material on them. It could have been remedied at the factory by either using some rubber to grip the shelves, or by creating notches on the bottom of the shelves themselves to keep them in place. If you prefer to have them angled, I suggest someone using a Dremel tool to notch-out a place for the pegs to sit on the bottom of each shelf, or finding a way to attach rubber to the pegs. But then, you may have issues with the things placed on the shelf falling out, due to the angle, as there are no lips on the front of the shelves to keep anything in place.As you can see, I am not a fan of the shipping method, or the quality of the design and materials. However, once you get it in place, it serves it’s purpose well. I recommend placing it in an area where you can access all sides of it, since the lower cabinets are open on 3 of the 4 sides. My fiance loves it, and that’s all that matters!

  4. KIKI

    Great if you find satisfaction in building your own furniture!I’m quite pleased so far! We had a hiccup when we first got it because a part was broken. But I contacted South shore and they sent a new piece immediately.I found it very easy to assemble. Yes it takes time. I broke it out over two evenings. I strongly suggest taking time before you begin to section out your pieces. There are a lot of them. I grouped mine according to their letter (c parts together, g parts together, etc.) And put the groups in alphabetical order. I also put all my hardware into a Tupperware in case anything broke open. This made it super easy to follow the instructions without having to sift through everything.It is heavy to move in the boxes. I suggest getting help for that or opening in one space and moving your pieces in smaller groups. Once together it would also be hard to move (especially on carpet) and the instructions do say you should remove the top if you want to move it. I put sliders on the bottom so if I need to move it I can with some effort. I wanted a heavy desk though so this is not a drawback for me.I personally did not have a problem with the instructions but I also enjoy putting together my own furniture. You can do most of this on your own but there are moments when a second person really helps.I also suggest having a duster with you as all my pieces were covered in saw dust. All in all very excited to start using it!

  5. Brenda S Wickline

    Quality not what I expectedI was looking for a redo of my craft room and when I found this desk it looked to be exactly what I needed. I received the box in only 3 days after ordering. It arrived in a large flat box weighing around 130 pounds – the UPS driver “walked” it to my door. My husband and I were able to slide it into the utility room where we slit open the box to remove the pieces. I counted over 30 parts. It was so disappointing when we took out the last part – the top of the desk – and it was badly damaged in the front middle of the desk top – way too badly to be used. This did not appear to be damaged by UPS – box and all was in great shape. The parts were sealed in cellophane and supported with cardboard on the corners, etc. There was no obvious damage to the box so it appears to us that the damage had to be caused in the factory – looked like maybe the damage was due to lifting by a fork lift. I called Amazon and received excellent customer service – except what they wanted to do was near impossible. Amazon wanted to ship an entire desk – have us slide out the desk top (which would have been impossible) put in the damaged top and return to Amazon. If anyone has ordered this desk or nearly any other “put together” piece of furniture you can imagine how impossible this would have been. Parts are apparently packed by computer design and nearly impossible to get back in the box, not to mention the weight. Looking for a better solution my husband called the manufacturer and they sent a new top. I received the top today. It was packed well and once again the box was in excellent shape – but to our disappointment when we took out the top it too was damaged. It had a badly beat up corner and another corner that had minor damage. Again this appeared to be factory damage. My husband called the manufacturer and another top is being sent. We have also noted that 2 shelves in the front of the desk have minor damage as well. For these reasons I can only give this desk 3 stars. The design is great – love all the extra little storage areas. Customer service, both from Amazon and from the manufacturer, would definitely receive 5 stars. They were both great, but I think this will probably be the last piece of furniture that I will ever order. It is just so hard to get a problem taken care of. If we ever get a top without damage I am sure I will enjoy using this desk – it has so many little extra perks for us “crafters” that need all the storage we can get. So sorry I cannot give the quality more than 3 stars!

  6. EmptyNester

    Great for the price!OK. So we bought a new house and I am so excited to have my own craft room! I was able to use a lot of “old” particle board white laminate furniture we’ve had since we were first married but don’t want to use any more (book case, armoire, dresser, etc), for storage along the walls, as well as a couple tables for my sewing machine and painting Easel. But, I needed a work space in the middle of the room for scrap booking, beading & other crafting. I bought 2 of these and put the back-to-back, creating a large work surface. Perfect! The shelves on the sides are adjustable. I am using fabric storage cubes, so I don’t need all the shelves provided. Each table/desk package weighs 150 lbs! So, amazon Prime members, take advantage of the free shipping. What a deal! There are a lot of pieces to this, but my husband had no trouble putting them together. I looked around at various craft table options available and also researched “patterns” and/or instructions on-line for building your own. But really, by the time I would’ve bought all the supplies, and the time it would’ve taken us to figure out how to put something together, plus several trips to the hardware store to get the right part, I decided that this was a better option for me. It’s just what I need & priced right.Another good thing is that you can build it with either option on either end of this desk/table. So, for example, if you look at the photo, the end with the drawer can be on the left or right and the shelves would be on whatever end the drawer isn’t. So, when my husband built the 2 I ordered, he built one with the drawer on the left and one with the drawer on the right, so back-to-back the drawer is on the same end on both sides and the shelves are on the other.The only thing is that it took over a week to get here. With amazon Prime, it’s supposed to be 2-day shipping. And, it arrived 2 days after the scheduled delivery date. Still, it’s a large box and shipping was probably expensive. Since I got free shipping, I’m not complaining.

  7. Peanut1964

    Very disappointedI hemmed and hawed over buying this desk for nearly 2 years. After getting extremely tired of my current crafting situation (I make jewelry and like to occasionally scrapbook) I took the plunge. I’m now wishing I hadn’t.Yes, the the box is extremely heavy. 123 pounds according to the shipping label. My husband and I had to carry it in together as it too heavy for one person. The box arrived in amazingly good condition. The pieces were shrink-wrapped together to prevent them from sliding around. All the screws and dowels were in a large divided bag. However, the sections were not labeled and even with a drawing of the part in the instructions, it could be difficult to identify all the pieces. The desk parts themselves were each labeled in ink which in some cases was extremely hard to read. For example, the “G” looked like a 6.Total installation time was about 2-1/2 to 3 hours. Instructions are pictures only. We felt like we were taking an IQ test and failed. But patience and perseverance prevailed and it was complete. Sort of. When looking at the finished pieces, it’s obvious that some pieces just wouldn’t tighten up to each other so there are gaps. Several pieces had dings/dents in them and of course they would be in obvious and visible places. Since it was so well packaged I can only assume the damage occurred during manufacturing or packaging. I would take pictures but several other reviewers have me tinned the same thing and posted their own photos so I’m not going to.The shelves just lay on top of the plastic shelf clips. There should be a clip designed with a “stopper” at the front so the shelf doesn’t slide out.After deciding I could live with the flaws I opened the middle drawer to put some things in it. The stupid thing promptly fell right out of the top and landed on my little toe. We tried screwing it back in but the holes that were pre-drilled had crumbled crumbled and are now useless. We can’t drill new holes because there isn’t enough room in the drawer space for the drawer to actually open. It’s a design flaw actually. I’ve never see a desk where the drawer glides screw into the top. There’s not enough support with 4 small screws to hold it up there. The glides should be screwed into the sides. Or larger screws. Or maybe a small bolt with a lock-washer.So now I have a desk with no middle drawer and a very sore little toe. My old desk didn’t have have a middle drawer either so I was really looking forward to having one again.If you’re looking for perfection (or even something close to it) I would recommend looking for something else. If you don’t mind buying and installing a new desk that comes pre-dented and may or may not fall apart this is the desk for you.I’ll contact the seller and see if maybe they can ship a new top. If so, I’ll up the review to 3 stars.

  8. Kristina K.

    Good as I’ve Found for a Craft DeskI searched around for quite a while for craft desks. First, there aren’t a lot of products out there that are specifically made for crafting, so this one get a bonus for that. It does have a good amount of storage, including specifically designed space for paper. Some of the storage areas are a little tough to use (who wants to crawl under the desk to get to that one set of shelves?). The assembly process was time consuming but fine. We also had a version that needed a few new holes drilled in as the ones there were in the opposite place of where they should have been. (There are two assembly options for this desk. I’m wondering if the pre-drilled holes only work for one option?) The desk also has some sharp edges on it. (I’ve lost a bit of skin trying to pull open one drawer.) Measure out the dimensions to see if this will work for you. I use a Silhouette Cameo, and once I’ve got that and my laptop on the desk, along with a marker caddy, there’s not much room to spare. I would have appreciated a larger work area, but this might be just the size you need for your projects. Clearly I have a number of complaints, but overall I’d still recommend this as a good option for a crafting desk. It feels very sturdy and has good storage options.

  9. Priscilla Carrillo

    Love the desk but top came cracked but I covered it upThe media could not be loaded.

  10. C. Mayes

    Reasonable price for a nice productThis was a fantastic purchase. Tired of having to drag my Cricut or sewing machine out of the closet every time I want to make something, I’ve been dreaming of a nice little crafting area for myself. Using some birthday money, I got this table for a steal. It definitely comes in a heavy box and there are A LOT of pieces. However, putting it together took just a little over the 2 hours the directions predicted and that’s probably because I worked on it by myself for the first hour and I’m 9 months pregnant and moving really slowly. The directions are broken down into four segments – they all come together at the end. Definitely take the time to unpack everything carefully and organize the pieces according to segment. That way, you ensure you have all the right pieces and they’re all lumped together, making assembly much easier. Also, read each direction carefully and pay close attention to the diagrams – I found that it was very clear about which side needed to be facing out (finished or unfinished), but you could miss it, if you weren’t paying attention and it’s so important to have things facing the right way. The instructions advise you not to use a drill. However, there were two places where I’m not sure it was doable without a drill – that was installing the brackets for the drawers. I did it all by hand and was having so much trouble. Fortunately, my husband just put together several South Shore pieces for our nursery and he learned through that process that careful, judicious use of the drill made those sorts of things go way faster. Just proceed cautiously. And be careful with the pieces because they will ding and dent if you’re not. It’s sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap, but it’s still MDF and particleboard, so just be careful. I’ve got quite a ways to go in organizing my dream set-up, but I am so, so pleased with this purchase. (TIP: I also bought an Exacto self-healing cutting mat (18×24″) to protect the top. While I haven’t done any projects yet, I’m sure the mat will be just the protection I need.)

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