South Shore Savannah Collection Door Chest, Pure White

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Brand South Shore
Color Pure White
Material Engineered Wood
Product Dimensions 18.75″D x 33″W x 48.75″H
Mounting Type Floor Mount
Style Traditional
  • Features 5 Storage Spaces Divided By 3 Adjustable Shelves That Can Each Support 15 Pounds And 1 Fixed Shelf Behind The Door That Can Support 25 Pounds.
  • 3 Open Storage Divided By 2 Adjustable Shelves Next To The Door And 2 Practical Drawers
  • Also Available In Espresso Or Royal Cherry Finish.
  • Manufactured From Certified Environmentally Preferred Laminated Particle Panels.
  • Complete Assembly Required By 2 Adults. Tools Are Not Included.  5-Year Limited Warranty. Made In Canada.

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Product Description

The details are what give this set a much-loved classic look that will help create a warm, cozy nursery for your little treasure. We’d all love for them to stay babies forever — but they’ll grow fast (as we all know!). So we created kid’s room furniture for the same collection: when baby is older, just complete the room by adding more pieces to what you have. Love it! This country style armoire features two drawers, three adjustable open storage spaces and five shelves behind the door, of which three are adjustable and two are fixed. Wooden knobs in a white finish. Stylish molding which enhance the country style. Features 5 storage spaces divided by 3 adjustable shelves and 1 fixed behind the door. Features 3 open storage spaces divided by 2 adjustable shelves next to the door. Features 2 practical drawers. Metal drawer slides. Drawer dimensions #1: 13.375” (L) x 13.625” (D) x 4.375” (H). Shelf #1 dimensions: 15.375” (L) x 18.125” (D). Shelf #2 dimensions: 15.375” (L) x 16.375” (D). Meets or exceeds all North American safety standards. Accessories not included. Requires complete assembly by 2 adults (tools not included). 33” (W) x 18.75” (D) x 48.75” (H). Box dimensions: 55.709” (L) x 19.567” (W) x 7.244” (H), 121 lb. Ships in a heavy box, make sure to have a friend with you. Packaging tested and certified to reduce the risk of damage during shipment. Made in North America with non-toxic laminated particleboard. 5-Year quality guarantee. Any questions? Contact South Shore, the manufacturer, available 7/7 by phone, email or chat.

From the Manufacturer

South Shore Door Chest Country Pure White. This elegant door chest features fresh clean lines profiled edges and lots of convenient storage space to highlight your baby’s bedroom decor. Bring character to your baby’s room with this unique “plank effect” door chest.

From the manufacturer

5-Year Warranty

South Shore Furniture covers all defects on furniture parts and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

Assembly required (tools not included)

Make sure to have a friend with you to assemble the furniture.

7-Day Support

For further information or any questions, give us a call at 1.800.290.0465 or chat with us live at

North American Manufacturer

Furniture proudly made in North America for 75 years and complying with today’s quality standards.

Easy Care

Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Packaging Tested and Certified

To reduce the risk of damage, South Shore has built an in-house ISTA laboratory to test all products’ packaging quality

About South Shore

Our purpose is to design and build furniture that’s beautiful, affordable and made for real life. Your life. Creating more storage, optimizing small spaces, and making sure form and function are fighting for control of your home! You see, our job is to simplify your life so you can make room for what matters.

Additional information

Weight 116 kg
Dimensions 18.75 × 33 × 48.75 cm

South Shore


Pure White


Engineered Wood

Mounting Type

Floor Mount



Included Components


Finish Type



33×18.75×48.75 Inch Pack of 1

Number of Doors


Number of Drawers




Number of Shelves


Product Care Instructions

Wipe with Dry Cloth

Unit Count

1.0 Count

Base Type


Assembly Required


Item Weight

116 Pounds

Product Dimensions

18.75D x 33W x 48.75H, 33 x 18.75 x 48.75 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Assembled Height

53 inches

Assembled Width

35 inches

Assembled Length

16 inches


97 Pounds



Date First Available

November 1 2000


South Shore

10 reviews for South Shore Savannah Collection Door Chest, Pure White

  1. Sef

    Good for the priceI had thoroughly researched this product and read many reviews, so was not surprised at some of the issues that others had mentioned: size, cheap knobs, thin door and backing, etc. For me, the smaller size is a plus because the top can be used for more display area.What I really like about this armoire is that it serves multiple purposes and looks very nice. There are five sections behind the door for storage, which gives just enough space when I stack two columns on each shelf for my daughter’s clothing. The drawers are great for socks and underclothes. The open shelf area (and the top) gives good space for display items and books; it saves the hassle of needing an extra cabinet. The color is not “pure” white, however, as stated. I have a white bunk bed and white trims for the room, and next to them, this armoire is slightly creamy or antique… very pretty, but doesn’t exactly match my things.After all is put together, the armoire felt very sturdy, despite being made with mostly particle board. The instructions says to nail backing around the outside perimeter; I found that putting a few extra nails into the center wall, as well as into the two stationary shelves, makes it more sturdy and looks better (just make sure you measure correctly from the top down.) A problem that some had mentioned is the space around the door, which turned out not to be so bad after I adjusted the screws on the hinges.The design of this amoire is great! I just wish that the manufacturer doesn’t use cheap feeling material for the parts that people often touch, such as the plastic knobs and the thin panel on the door. All in all, it is a good item for the price.

  2. Amanda M. Jones

    As described, but came damagedI bought this for clothes and diaper storage for our newborn and am sort of dismayed that, for something this size and this material, I couldn’t find anything under $200! So I got this and it is what it is… not awesome but it’ll do.My husband put on something to watch and assembled the armoire by himself; it took about 2 hours.Several of the pieces came cracked/broken but we felt like sending it back for exchange would be a pain in the ass and that even then we may not get a better (not broken) one, so we are just dealing with it. The cracks in the boards didn’t go all the way through so we are hopeful that they won’t affect the structural integrity and that we can still get 3 years or so of use from this thing.It was packed decently — not a ton of padding around the pieces, but I think it was damaged in shipping due to careless handling rather than insufficient packing. Still frustrating. For the size and material it’s pretty heavy, which may have had something to do with why the box was beat up upon delivery.It looks like the picture, the description is accurate. The door hinges and drawer tracks/slides work reasonably well and aren’t crooked or poorly fitted (I was afraid they might be).I’m still disappointed that this was the closest thing I could find to fit my needs, as it isn’t quite the right size and I wanted something with closet/hanger space (I will be adding a rod behind the door). For being not “perfect” — and for the fact that it’s super heavy and arrived cracked — I feel like it should have been cheaper. It’s certainly not made of fancy materials.

  3. Anonymous Customer

    Very pleased; solid product; smells like cedarVery pleased with the end-product. The aroma is cedar, which I love.This is the 3rd piece from South Shore that we have, and we’ll be buying more.However, with any piece that is do-it-yourself (DIY) like this, give yourself lots of lead time. If you’ve getting a piece for an event, give yourself three months. In other words, if you want a piece up and ready for June 1st, buy the piece on March 1st. Don’t be in a hurry! People who buy DIY pieces are asking for trouble if they’re in a rush. One month is not enough lead time. Don’t fault the distributor/manufacturer if things don’t happen according to an unrealistic schedule.My experience with South Shore products has been positive. A couple of the original pieces arrived dented in shipping. South Shore sent alternative pieces, but those pieces had holes drilled in the wrong places. Then the company sent a whole new unit. Between the two units, we finally made one unit; we’ll be recycling the unused pieces. South Shore was WONDERFUL to deal with; their customer service (phone; email) was fabulous. The manufacturer (based in Quebec, Canada) cares about their reputation.The piece itself is solid–it has heft. It’s nicely engineered; things fit together perfectly. It’s not a shoddy product. For this classification of furniture (you know, for us commoners), I recommend it. You could easily spend $800 in a furniture store for a similar piece. Check out cased goods in high-end furniture stores and you’ll discover tops and sides are little more than veneer.The color white takes some getting used to since it’s so cheery.You’re essentially trading money for time. If you need a piece in a week, expect to pay $800ish (for example). If you need a piece in three months, paying $200ish for a South Shore piece is the way to go.

  4. G. Weidman

    Disappointing assembly. Buy your own drawer hardware.I’ve assembled lots of flat-pack furniture items before. This one was definitely in the lower-end of such items. If you buy this, I recommend reading the entire set of instructions first, and then not following them. If you’ve assembled flat-pack furniture before, you’ll be able to come up with a much more sensible approach to assembly than the crazy-quilt of steps in this product. Just remember to attach P1 to A before attaching the side panels, or you won’t be able to get P1 on.You’ll need to go buy your own angle brackets for attaching piece P, the bottom detail. They basically just have some plastic pieces that you jam in between the boards, and hope it stays. Even when assembled, it’s ready to fall out with a bump from a vacuum sweeper.The biggest problem with this item is the drawers. The drawers seem to be pieces from a different, cheaper piece of furniture. They rely on plastic dowels to manage both tensive and shear stresses. They do neither well. The plastic dowels sheared off, and I needed to replace them with my own wooden dowels. The drawer slides are such cheap plastic items that they have to provide a special tool for installing them, because if you used your normal tools the slides would break. Add $30 to buy your own drawer slides, and you’ll be happier.Be sure to inventory all the screws and bolts before assembly. The drawers use some wood screws that are very similar, but slightly shorter, than the wood screws used in the rest of the assembly. The longer ones work fine on the drawers, but the shorter ones don’t work on the main assembly. Unless you hold them side-by-side, it’s not at all obvious which ones they want you to use.The drawer pulls/nobs are really cheap. You just screw a wood-screw into them to hold them on. I anticipate having to go buy some decent pulls sometime in the future.All of that said, once assembled, my daughter loves it and it looks great in her room.

  5. J & K Rickman

    Heavy and manufactured well for the price!We bought this to go in our sons nursery for extra storage! So far, we like what we got for the price. It’s very heavy and manufactured well. It took about two hours to assemble just because the instructions didn’t come with words really, just pictures. And we had to guess at what screws, etc the pictures were telling us to use. BUT it was not a hard item to assemble- pretty self explanatory.I’m very impressed with the item for the price point!

  6. Kindle Customer

    Cute but junkFirst off, this is NOT a big, huge 6 or 7 foot tall armoire – this is more a kids’ armoire because it’s about 4 1/2 feet high. It’s a little complicated to put together but goes fast….make sure you have at least 2 hours to dedicate to assembling it. Some of the pre-drilled holes don’t line up perfectly, but they aren’t off a HUGE amount. I highly recommend a power drill!! I had hardware left over that – despite re-reading the instructions half a dozen times to make sure I didn’t miss anything – still remained left over. Make sure you have a few extra screws handy because I had a screw that the hole wasn’t tapped out so I couldn’t use it. The door didn’t last 2 minutes because it’s what I call ‘beaver board’ (particle board) and the bottom hinge popped out of the pre-drilled holes when I leveled the door (yeah, you have to tinker with screws in the hinges to level the door), so now the door pops off the bottom hinge and hangs cockeyed whenever I open it. I feel kind of ripped off because $175 (not including $20 for shipping) is a bit much for something I probably would have paid $80 for at Walmart. It’s cute and serves its purpose, but I don’t think it’s worth the money, really.

  7. Amazon Customer

    It was somewhat annoying to put togetherIt was somewhat annoying to put together, and the drawers still don’t slide in a terribly smooth manner, but it is a very nice piece to put things away in as there is a good variety of storage types (drawer, shelves behind door, visible shelves, top of dresser). It is a bit on the smaller side, which makes it ideal for the little room I am renting. I think it is very good for college-age people especially, but really anyone maybe 12 or older who can be responsible with it – it is sturdy enough to hold up unless abused badly, but small children would probably not be careful at all and instead mess it up/break it, so I would not use it in a nursery or a small child’s room unless I mounted it to the wall, and even then I am not sure. Very good for a dorm-type room though.

  8. LizardLvr

    4 stars for looks, 3 stars because the assembly is a PITA.This item arrived yesterday, and after having read other reviews, I was ready for it to be damaged/missing pieces and a pain to put together. Well, apparently something hit it during shipping and a few of the pieces were dented but I forged ahead. Then, I started the assembly. The person who wrote the review stating, It took 4 hours to assemble” deserves my apologies. I laughed at this person and thought, how is that possible? Well, it didn’t take me 4 hours but it did take about 2.5 (Day 2 and I still have that .5 to go). You must assemble every single little piece but the instructions are pretty descriptive and if you get something wrong, it becomes apparent as assembly progresses. On thing to note, you will need a LARGE, Phillips screwdriver. I only own small ones and had to borrow one to progress with the assembly.So far, the piece looks nice and seems very sturdy. I also like that it is only 53″ tall so it does not over power the other items in the babies room and I can put things on top. I would recommend this product but be prepared for a longer processing/shipping time and be prepared to spend a good portion of an afternoon putting it together.

  9. J. Charles

    Exactly what I neededWe just moved into a house with a large kitchen, but no pantry. I needed something to store canned goods, spices, Tupperware, etc. I hesitated to order this item because of the many comments about difficult assembly. And, upon opening the box, I was a bit overwhelmed at all the hardware and large instruction book.I had no issues with assembly. In fact, this was one of the easier projects I’ve done.It turned out really well. It’s sturdy, has plenty of shelving, and looks more expensive than it was. I like having the two drawers. Only one piece was a bit damaged – a few chips – but it was near the bottom and unnoticeable.I would recommend this product.

  10. Gregg T.

    Poor qualityHad several damages.

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