South Shore Sweedi House Bed-Twin-White

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Size Twin
Material Wood
Product Dimensions 82.75″L x 44.25″W x 73″H
Style House bed
Color White
Included Components Bed
  • Poplar
  • SLEEK DESIGN: This unique and modern bed frame will add an exciting element of fun to any room.
  • NATURAL WOOD: This open bed frame is made from high quality, natural poplar wood that’s sure to make an impression.
  • OPEN & SPACIOUS: This open concept allows for creativity to decorate with any special piece of art, or makes a statement without hiding existing decor
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: You can place your mattress directly on the floor for a more bohemian look (there will be a gap of a few inches between the mattress and the interior face of the bed frame) or setup a bed over a box spring mattress.
  • IDEAL SIZE: The inner frame of this house bed measures 40 3/4 inches wide and 79 1/2 inches long. That means you can fit a standard-size twin mattress inside it without any trouble.

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This Scandinavian design creates an airy atmosphere in the room. Thanks to the simple cut of the bed frame, you can feature as many colorful decor items as you please. The contemporary style and neutral finish blend smoothly with any color scheme, allowing this design to shine! Allow this bed frame to be a conversation starter as you and your guests admire it’s unique structure.This bed frame is the perfect solution for your kids bedroom. This house-bed can fit with a bed base of a maximum size of 40,5’’. That’s just great, since it’s the exact size of all South Shore mates beds. Combine your favorite one with this house-bed for a more massive look! It can be used with a twin mattress or with a mattress and box spring (in such case, there will be a gap of a few inches between the mattress and the interior face of the bed frame).

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Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 82.75 × 44.25 × 73 cm





House bed



Included Components



South Shore

Furniture Finish


Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

82.75 x 44.25 x 73 inches, 82.75L x 44.25W x 73H

Item Weight

45 Pounds



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1-year limited guarantee.

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10 reviews for South Shore Sweedi House Bed-Twin-White

  1. Clementine’s Garden

    Size MattersI’m currently using this for my 2 year old daughter transitioning out of crib. This bed is pretty sturdy if you screw it in right. This definitely easier as a 2 person job to assemble, but it’s still manageable solo. It took me about 2 hours to put together and most of the time was just spent figuring which goes where because the directions are not clear and there’s directions for 3 different manufacturing styles. Once you know what goes where it goes smoothly and you don’t even need the directions after the screw the base together. Also the bed is bigger than expected. The height is as tall as me at 5’8which is great and the bed requires a twin long or twin xl because I got a regular twin and it was too small.All in all this is a great fun bed. No dents, no discoloration, no missing parts, and came earlier than expected. Toddler sleeps like a baby.Toddler Approved ✔️✔️✔️

  2. Vennessa

    Worth It!!More Than Half The Price Of Any Other House Beds And It Was A Hit! My Daughters First Big Girl Bed And She Is Absolutely Loving It! 🤍

  3. ScotsGirl

    Good value, good quality, does not fit a twinEasy to assemble if you’ve done any kind of Ikea pictographic instructions before. Just look at where the holes line up and you really don’t need to look at the directions. Sturdy and good wood quality, it has all rounded corners and for the price you can’t beat it.The negative. Does NOT fit a twin bed. Look at the picture attached. There’s about 6” at the head/foot and 3-4” on the sides of space between the mattress and the frame. Made more for a twin xl. Unfortunately will not work for my situation (floor bed for my 10 months old son) and I will be returning it as it’s very unsafe. A twin xl is too big for his room and I don’t want to buy another mattress.Side note, it’s temping to use a power drill with a hex bit to assemble because the allen wrench they provide doesn’t give you any leverage. However it strips the bolts. So don’t. Now to disassemble it….

  4. Natasha

    Not sure…The media could not be loaded.

     I’m not sure I’d buy again. My husband spent 5 hours figuring this out. There were just numbers on the top boards but no other letters or letters for others, I tried to help him with option B and this is the result.. I’m just kinda disappointed. Maybe we went wrong somewhere, but the corners on all four sides have about 1 1/2 inch gap. But the rest fits perfectly. We got tired of trying to mess with it. Overall it is still cute and as advertised something just went wrong.

  5. tm

    DREAM BED!!Pros:So cute!!Small, so it fits your small space.Lightweight, easy to move.Versatile. You can do so many things with it since it’s not actually a bed frame, per say. You can use it for your office space, play area, craft area, or just something decorative.Quick assembly (if you get all the pieces in the right place).Again, SO CUTE!! It’s my dream bed.Cons:The pieces really needed assembly stickers to tell you which pieces to face up/down. Different pieces have different hole placements depending on where it goes and we had to redo sections a couple of times.This isn’t really a “con” but just a fact. It’s wood, so It’s not very sturdy. If you hang on it or hang heavy things on it, or don’t assemble it tight enough, it will break. I don’t recommend this for a rambunctious kid. It’s so cute for a kid’s room, but just be cognizant of that. If it’s left alone, you won’t have any issues. I have a twin with rails underneath to raise the bed and nothing touches the rails, so it works out! For curtains, I got 2.5 inch curtain rings with clips. You can get them here on amazon. I put them on before drilling the pieces together and just clipped my curtains on.Thanks, South Shore!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Missing pieces for the top.So all in all, it’s a great idea for an item. We were missing an additional piece to give it that “house” look. It was numbered piece 5. So we built it without it, it’s super cute but that’s the only reason I’m not giving it a 5 star review. I have another baby on the way so I didn’t want to deal with the headache of customer service. Easy to put together.

  7. Megan C.

    Just buy th other bed you were looking at…The media could not be loaded.

     What a piece of garbage! The instructions were either A or B and figuring out what that meant was a trip in itself. Then, I found that the holes for the screws were awkward at best. On top of that, there is this weird gap at the top. I followed the instructions perfectly. I was so cognizant of what I was doing because I build furniture like this all of the time. It can be borderline therapeutic. This was a hot mess of frustration and pain. And, in the end, we have a bed that looks screwy. What a waste of money. I would return it in a flash if that made any sense logistically. I urge anyone to take my warning and make their choice wisely. For me, this wasn’t it.I also just realized that I didn’t mention how much SMALLER it is than the dimensions suggest. Either I grew 15″ while building this, or they GROSSLY misrepresented their product. What a waste of money. South Shore should be ASHAMED.

  8. Belen

    GREAT BUYIf you read the negative reviews and are unsure as I was let me tell you this is a great buy.Regarding negative reviews:1-It does fit very loose in a Twin Matress, if you are buying it for a toddler or younger child and are concerned about them becoming stuck between the mattress and stud a TWIN XL will solve that issue.I have a Twin XL and the fit is almost perfect… perhaps an inch or 2 around in allowance which is necessary for bedding, etc and not enough to pose a danger.2. The instructions do suck, but here is the trick… if you do not look at them it is actually super duper easy to build.-Build the sides with the roof triangle shape above.-Join at the base sides-Join at the roof sides-Join roof centerJust match A to A B to B H1 to H1 and so on. It took me 30 minutes and I did it alone.3. About sturdiness: I don’t know what people are expecting from something like this. It is a tall build with thin studs, so yes… you kids will not be able to swing on it but if you tighten all the screws well it is really good.4. Overall good regardless of the price, but when you have in mind that also this frame is 1/3 or even 1/4 of the cost of similar items out there… it’s a win for sure.

  9. Berenice Cruz Kandler

    Mattress size!Twin mattress does not fit the frame. Twin xl looks like would work better

  10. Jordan B

    Cute bedWe actually love this bed, I just wish it was a tad more sturdy.

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