subrtex Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Removable Soft Cover(7 Inch, Queen)

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Size Queen
Item Firmness Description Medium
Fill Material Gel Memory Foam
Product Dimensions 39″L x 75″W x 7″Th
Top Style Gel Top
  • [Gel Memory Foam]- 2″gel-infused memory foam provides a more relaxed and cooling sleeping environment, 2″comfort foam and 4″high-density base foam gives your body complete support. Ideal for all body types and average-weight sleepers.
  • [CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED]- High-quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for safety, environmental protection, and health.
  • [REMOVABLE AIR LAYER COVER]- Includes two covers, one removable outer cover, and one fire-proof micro-fiber inner cover. Easy to remove and clean.
  • [BED IN BOX]- It’s packed into a box by vacuum compression. Before first use, leave the mattress flatly in a well-ventilated area for 48-72 hours until it’s fully expanded. Tips: Low temperature may need more time; finding a suitable temperature(78℉) will shorten the time.
  • [10-YEAR Warranty]- All Subrtex mattresses are covered by our 10 year warranty and lifetime customer service. If you have any dissatisfaction with your product, please feel free to contact us.

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Product Description


Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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A restful sleep you can not resist

Why buy a mattress

A good night’s sleep will bring a good mood, good sleep will make people feel refreshed and energetic, so you need a good mattress. In order to let the body get full rest, let the tired body relax during the day, such as your “neck”, “spine” and “waist”, these three parts are the straight axis of the day, we must give them time to relax at night, our mattress adopts the ergonomic design, decompress and relax every area of your body.


Additional information

Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 8 cm
Product Dimensions

80 x 60 x 8 inches

Item Weight

59 Pounds



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Date First Available

November 6 2019



10 reviews for subrtex Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Removable Soft Cover(7 Inch, Queen)

  1. debra

    Great purchase!Very happy with the twin mattress.

  2. Ana

    Excellent if you don’t need firm supportI am older with chronic back problems so the mattress was a little soft for me. However, I gave it to my daughter who is young and healthy and she loves it!

  3. jules

    Worth the moneyThe bed arrived in the box which was torn and the UPS driver said he made a note of. I was really worried that the mattress may have been damaged, but the plastic it came in was super thick and no damage to the mattress itself occurred. Before releasing it from the packaging I made sure to place it on the platform I also bought from Amazon and had arrived a few days earlier. Something I was surprised with was the company provided a little razor blade in a piece of plastic that was shaped to be able to cut thoroughly through the tough plastic without the chance of damaging the mattress itself. The mattress only took about 2-3 hours to completely get to the advertised thickness of 12 inches. After reading some of the reviews before ordering, I was a little worried that it would not reach the full size, but I had no issues. Having bought the bed for a guest bedroom, I haven’t slept on it, but laying on it has made me want to switch it out with mine and my husband’s king size bed! This bed feels incredibly comfortable, but I guess the true test will be when our guest comes and uses it over spring break! All in all, this mattress was a heck of a deal, delivered right to the door and as advertised.

  4. TAV

    Amazing Quality & Amazing ValueThis mattress is replacing a pair of cheap twin size mattresses I had been sleeping on to fit my king bedframe. I am SO IMPRESSED by the quality of this mattress. You never know when you order online but this is a STEAL for the price!!! It came shrink wrapped in a box and was delivered to my front door which is so much easier than buying a king size mattress in a store, paying for delivery or borrowing a truck and trying to wrestle it from a parking lot into a tiny apartment (the box fit through my front door without having to try to bend a king size mattress through it!) I opened the box, it slid out and all I had to do was remove the shrink wrap and it expanded perfectly in minutes. There was absolutely no smell (which can happen with foam products) and it was ready to put on the bedframe right away. Even the covering is high quality with a zipper for removal in case it needs laundered (this was really impressive). The name was embroidered, not printed on the end of the bed 🙂 (I liked that detail). As you can see from my photos, the mattress forms to my hands when I push down which I initially thought might be too soft. But when I LAID on the bed I realized that only the top layer was soft like that and the support was out of this world. I’ve never slept on a bed that supported my whole body the way this one does. I’m an actress and dancer and have to be at the top of my game everyday even after a long day of filming and I can honestly say I’ve never slept better and felt more rested then when I sleep in my new bed. I’ve even encouraged my parents to replace their $1000+ old memory foam mattress with one of these. They’ve never been quite happy with theirs and have been looking for a new one. BEST BUY EVER! Thank you!!!Please note: there are some other reviews that mention the mattress being too thin or lopsided. I did not have that experience with mine. It was the full 12″ depth and even with 15 minutes of unboxing. I slept on it within 2 hours of unboxing and it was perfect.

  5. Crystal

    Advertising Picture Deceptive – mattress is great to sleepThe problem I had was with the picture used to advertise the mattress. It is a deeper mattress than 6 inches which can be difficult for some people to visualize. Using a 10 inch or 12 inch mattress to advertise a 6 inch mattress is false advertising in my books.In terms of the mattress itself, I love it. It took a while to adjust due to the firmness but boy oh hoy, I sleep well and no pain point pressure issues. What a pleasant change.Depending on bedframe, you may need a box spring under heath to get to proper height.

  6. Annie

    The best mattress I had!High quality. So comfortable, pain relief. Definitely buy it!

  7. Canoe

    Life is so much better sleeping in comfort.I wish I could physically take pictures and a video to show how much this product has improved my life. I am not capable because I am 100% disabled. Many thanks to the manufacturer and especially AMAZON for providing me with a significantly improved quality of life with this product.

  8. Delbert Bryant

    So is it soft or is it firm?It’s a challenge to know what a mattress will feel like without testing it in person, isn’t it? When you read through the reviews the very same mattress will be called as “soft as a cloud” and as “hard as a rock”. I purchased this mattress recently. I had slept for 12 years on a very plush memory foam mattress. Sometimes I wondered if it was too soft. Then I bought this one. I must admit that at first I thought I had made a huge mistake. It felt much firmer than what I was used to. However, I applied the 15 minute lie-down test, and was amazed to find that even though it feels initially firmer, it still gives way little by little until you feel just right. I thought, let’s give this a go and see if my back or joints suffer. I like to sleep on my side, and thus my shoulder and hip will tell the real story. My wife and I are 62 years old, and we both felt good after using this mattress. A pleasant surprise! I don’t quite know how a mattress that feels this firm is still doing the memory foam job, and doing it well, but it is. Now the old mattress, which is in the guest room, feels like mush to me! Ha! I recommend it.

  9. Dr. M

    Van useI bought this mattress for our van build and wanted to write a review that might answer some questions for others doing the same. I saw a couple questions that never got properly answered about cutting the mattress. Unsure if this would work, I called the company and got excellent customer service. I was convinced I could cut the foam without issue. My top concern was the inner lining. Well I had no problems at all. First, I removed the washable cover, then I made a slit along the seam of the inner cover. After marking the mattress according to my measurements, I used a bread knife to slice the foam. It was easiest for me to make multiple cuts in the same direction instead of going back and forth like a saw though admittedly an electric knife would work better. The inner lining is SUPER stretchy so I was able to easily pull it back over the cuts and then close up the outer, zipped cover. Including pics so this process can be better understood. The 6in mattress is very comfortable and enlarged almost to its full size in minutes. There was NO odor – a real concern in a van as my mom purchased a different brand mattress recently that still to this day smells awful. Hopefully this will help any others wanting to trim the mattress to a different size. For our Sprinter I was able to buy the CA King and take full advantage of the 72 in width without cutting sections of it. Perfect purchase and I’m very happy.

  10. Jess in California 💖

    Best bed I’ve owned at the lowest price I’ve paid!I’ve had this mattress for 4 months now & I’m extremely impressed with it given its very low price.While some may find it to be too firm, I love the way the mattress slowly contours to the body’s shape & I find it to be one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve ever slept on.Because I wanted my bed to be at a normal height, I put the mattress on top of a box spring I already had & there hasn’t been any problems with the mattress being setup in this fashion.Due to a lack of space, I slept on the bed the first night after it arrived. I did give the bed about 8 hours to fully expand before sleeping on it, although it did expand to its full thickness of 14″ within the first hour or so after removing it from the box.There was no detectable smell to the mattress at all, so I didn’t have the need to air it out.I live in Los Angeles County & we’ve had some very warm nights this summer so far & I haven’t had any trouble with the mattress causing me to experience any extra heat.After 4 months, there are zero signs of the bed losing its shape or becoming indented. If that changes in the future, I will make an update to this review.I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a high quality bed at a very affordable price, I’m very happy with it!

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