Sweetnight 4 Inch King Size Mattress Topper with Waterproof Mattress Protector, Memory Foam Topper Infused Gel & Bamboo

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Product details

Brand Sweetnight
Color White
Size King
Fabric Type Bamboo
Closure Type Zipper
Water Resistance Level Waterproof
  • Bamboo
  • [REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN & 3-IN-1] – The premium memory foam mattress topper with a waterproof mattress protector, plus 4 bed sheet holder straps make it a versatile choice for your sweet home. Start to rejuvenate your mattress with this comfortable foam mattress topper.
  • [PERFECT FIRMNESS & PERSONALIZED SUPPORT] – Our Unique 4 inch king size mattress topper combines the comfort of gel infused memory foam and the support of bamboo charcoal foam. It’ s not only can absorb moisture but also can helps prevent body aches caused by “SINKING”. Prolong your mattress life and get the quality sleep you deserve.
  • [ONE FREE LUXURY WATERPROOF MATTRESS PROTECTOR INCLUDED] – In the event of an accident involving any liquid substances, waterproof TPU membrane layer of the protector ensures your king mattress topper and mattress are safe while blocking off stains, urine and perspiration from bed mattress. It is completely silent and produces no crinkling sound.
  • [MULTI-FUNCTION FOAM MATTRESS TOPPERS] – Our king size mattress topper can be used either alone or in combination with our mattress protector. This mattress topper king is not only the perfect way to upgrade your own bed, but also great for the guest rooms, dorms, Travel, Camping, RV’s & Trucks. The fitted sheet design can accommodate depths up 8-18 inches; Adjustable bed sheet holder straps secure the sheet on your mattress tightly, without worrying about its moving randomly.
  • [30 DAYS NO HASSLE MONEY BACK & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE] – Our gel memory foam mattress topper is strictly certified by foam test, ISPA. Also backed by a 5-year limited warranty and 24/7 EXCELLENT Customer Service, you can contact us for support at any time.
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Buying Guide for Best Memory Foam Mattress TopperA restful sleep is one of the best medicines for a good lifestyle. Owning a mattress topper could be the easiest way to personalize your mattress and get the ultimate in luxury slumber. With innovative design, high quality and a fair price, our foam mattress topper is one of the perfect top picks. We highly recommend it to everyone! Our mattress toppers come in many different thicknesses and sizes. Finding the perfect topper will depend on your personal sleeping habits and your needs. Multiple firmness and thickness options of mattress toppers: 2 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Ultra Plush)Our 2″ topper is ideal for making significant changes to the surface of the mattress without adding too much additional height.  Meanwhile, it can create a softer, more comfortable sleep experience for individuals who don’t like hard surfaces. 3 Inch Gel Memory Foam + Bamboo Charcoal Foam Mattress Topper (Medium Plush)Our 3″ toppers are the most popular toppers we sell. They are great for adding a subtle change to the surface of the mattress while still retaining the general support of the mattress underneath. 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam + Bamboo Charcoal Foam Mattress Topper (Medium firm)Our 4″ toppers will provide a “mattress makeover”. They dominate the feel of the mattress to revitalize and reinvigorate an old mattress. They can also be used to create large changes in the firmness of a mattress. What’s in the box?Memory foam mattress topper ×1Waterproof mattress protector ×1Bed Sheet Holder Straps ×4User manual ×1Sweetnight opener ×1Notes: 1. Mattress topper in a box – Restores its shape in a few minutes after cutting the protective wrap, please give it 48 hours to fully expanded into its original shape. 2. To the validity of your , please follow the instructions in the manual. 3. If your mattress is heavily sagging or damaged, it may be best for you to replace it. A mattress topper is not designed to replace a heavily damaged mattress. The Sweetnight gel memory foam mattress toppers collection have been thoughtfully designed to elevate your sleep experience. Thanks to superior materials and advanced technology, a luxurious night’s sleep is only a few clicks away.

From the manufacturer

4 inch gel memory foam mattress topper with waterproof mattress protector full queen king size

gel memory foam mattress topper with waterproof mattress protector full queen king size

4 inch gel memory foam mattress topper with waterproof mattress protector full queen king size

4 inch gel memory foam mattress topper with waterproof mattress protector full queen king size

4 inch gel memory foam mattress topper with waterproof mattress protector full queen king size

Why choose us?

Sweetnight is a specialist in designing and manufacturing of comfy bedding sets with care passion, especially the mattresses. Our mission is to enable people to sleep soundly by creating perfectly healthy bedding sets for our customers. Therefore, the materials of all our high-end bedroom products have been certified with CertiPUR-US, providing a safer sleep environment for our valued customers. Last but not least, wish you Sleep Tight & Rise Bright!

Sweetnight 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Our 4″ mattress topper can immediately respond to your body shape and weight, ensuring the proper support in the areas you need it most for better sleep, such as the shoulders and hips, and is vital to healthy spinal alignment and back pain relief.

  • Adjust support and softness to your needs.
  • Prevent overheating when you sleep on your bed.
  • Save replacement costs, upgarde your mattress.
  • Protect & prolong the lifespan of your mattress.
  • With Sweetnight luxurious waterproof mattress protector.

Additional information

Weight 36.1 kg
Dimensions 76 × 80 × 4 cm






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Closure Type


Water Resistance Level



memory foam

Product Dimensions

76 x 80 x 4 inches

Item Weight

36.1 pounds



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Mattress Toppers mattress-toppers



10 reviews for Sweetnight 4 Inch King Size Mattress Topper with Waterproof Mattress Protector, Memory Foam Topper Infused Gel & Bamboo

  1. Cricket

    SoftI got this to raise the level of my guest bed, which was a little low and firm for some of my guests. This topper raised it a few inches, but was so soft it made it hard for my elderly mom to get out because she sunk in so much. Everyone said they slept well on it and that it was comfy, though!

  2. Emily

    It was terrible for me.The issue with shopping for mattress toppers is it’s all so subjective to each individual. First, mine was missing the straps to hold it down, and this thing needs those for sure. That aside. If my partner hadn’t already fallen asleep I would have thrown it on the floor after the first while of tossing and turning and definitely after waking up in pain. Is firm or soft? Um, both? If your a smaller lighter person it’s probably firmer. It sinks a lot. A lot. Without those straps it pulls up off the bed all over while at it. The amount of memory foam is miniscule. Since it’s egg rate style your getting maybe a half inch. So your essentially sleeping on a large couch cushion. I thought the foam would be firmer but it’s not at all really. The pictures depict the memory foam as a “gel swirl” the gel being cooling the white being regular foam. Mine was all white with a couple small blue splotches. Yes it was hot. One night of torture was more than enough. Now the mattress protector I didn’t use. I pulled it out and seen it’s a very nice material on the outside, very soft. It’s a true thick vinyl backed protector though and those don’t breath so I put it back in the package. It seems nice quility though for sure. I had high hopes but it wasn’t for me at all.I had free return I just had to figure out how to get it into a box. Luckily I have a family member who was able to get me a nice large box. That’s only a small part. You gotta get it in. I’ll tell you what I did so it may help someone else. I had saved the plastic it came in. (I only slept on it one day and knew it was going back) so I laid a clean flat sheet on the floor and hauled it out to it. Step one lay the plastic down and working with another person or 2 fold it into 3rds and you should be able to work it into the plastic, someone will hold it down in there while another takes tape (I used packing tape on a cutter) and starts making wraps going down it, on the plastic only of course. So it’ll be a giant roll in plastic when your done. Then you gotta try to start rolling it from one end. This took an entire person’s sheer will and body weight laying on it and slowly working it. Another person can help while also potentially make a few relief cuts in the plastic if it’s getting too much pressure and not escaping. Remember since this is mostly regular foam and not memory foam it don’t stay squished at all on its own. So now you got it rolled and this person is laying on top of this roll unable to move because it’s fighting back. (This was an entire 6ft man fighting the roll) Take that tape and try to work around the human laying on it and wrap it. Ideally your gonna do whole wraps around it. It’s team work but it worked out. None of this could have been done without that plastic, it’s the lifesaver here. So if you threw your plastic away and need to send it back, go get some plastic sheeting, heavy enough for the pressure it’ll be enduring, it’ll be a life saver for working this into something you can box.

  3. Crystal Marie

    AmazingI never write reviews but this deserves it! The packaging was very good and I love how all the instructions (and the plastic cutter that came with it) came In the envelope. That envelope was a very good touch! The foam came with its own cover also so u can wash it. But it added so much comfort to my bed I’m amazed!!!The only two things I would change is the straps you have to put on to hold the foam and the cover for the foam mattress. You could just put a cover that already has straps on it. BUT the foam and mattress pad protector(which is also awesome) all stay on the bed I don’t have to keep adjusting the foam or even my sheets like I was doing with my last foam topper. And the mattress pad protected (which I love!!) has straps built in so it actually has extra straps to hold the foam. It’s awesome!I’m very Impressed and it took awhile to pick one and I’m so happy I picked this one!! Thanks so much!

  4. Megan

    Not right for me, but not bad overalI really wanted to love this. I spent so long researching and reading reviews before I bought it. But it is pretty dense and firm. I got this topper because our brand new Sealy mattress that was supposed to be perfect for side sleepers was…not. Way too firm. I was waking up with my arms asleep and with headaches every morning. After using this topper for a month, I can say the headaches have subsided and my arms haven’t fallen asleep at all. I also experience better sleep with it over the mattress. But I still think it’s too firm, at least for a solid side sleeper like me. The shallow egg crate all but vanishes after you add the protector and fitted sheet. That’s not a selling point. I can’t feel it.It doesn’t get overly hot and stays cool longer in winter. It does form to your body a bit and has not lost its shape in any way after a little over a month. I liked the packaging and the easy directions. So those are pluses.Overall, I think it’s fine for back sleepers, but I would not have purchased it, had I known how firm it would be.Update: So after almost a year, I’m happy to report that it had not lost its shape one bit but at the same time has gotten much softer. Still wouldn’t recommend it to a side sleeper, but I have learned to sleep on my back more often, which I suppose is a good thing.

  5. Brandi

    Slightly bigger than averageWe ordered the queen to help add some depth to our mattress for support. When it arrived it puffed up pretty quickly. We put it on the bed and immediately noticed it hung over the sides a noticeable amount. We also didn’t personally like the feel of either side. We ended up putting it on the bottom of our mattress(our mattress is a memory foam) and it offers some support from underneath which is nice. The mattress protector is nice though. Seems to do it’s job and has nice elastic bits to hold it in place. My only complaint with it is that it doesn’t let air out so when we get in bed it kinda puffs up with the air. Other than that it’s soft and nice.

  6. Cheryl Teague

    Nice guest room or child’s mattressIf you are accustomed to nice mattresses, this is not for you. Don’t save here, clip coupons. However, for a guest bedroom and maybe even a child’s bedroom this is suitable and will work well

  7. SB

    LOWER BACK PAIN GONEAfter getting a mattress too soft, then too firm, and a bad mattress topper which was all causing me back pain. I’m 31 years old so I’m not elderly or have a history of back pain. This SWEETNIGHT 4 inch medium firm topper was perfect. It conforms to your body regardless of sleeping position. (I sleep on my back and sometimes on my side.) There is a ‘break in’ period for you to get used to the topper which is normal for any mattress. But once it conforms to you, it’s comfortable and supportive. I love the eggshell feel which helps relieve pressure. The topper cover is cool and water proof. I’ve been sleeping on it for over 5 weeks now and it is great. It helped reduce my lower back pain to the point where it is now none existent. (FYI medium firm mattresses are good for those who weight between 130-230. I weight 155 lbs. with an average built so the 4 inch topper is perfect for me).

  8. Andrea H.

    Very thin and softLiked that it had its own cover and came with a nice mattress cover . But the quality of the foam was disappointing , I have had egg crate foam that was more supportive than this foam . It is like flimsy and so soft you can squeeze it flat with your fingers . So don’t buy the 2” one go for the 3” you might get some cushioning.

  9. Lilladyo2cute

    BewareGot a king size and have had it 6 months. Wanted to return it the first week, but returns are difficult because it doesn’t fit back in the box. The topper is too big and hangs over the bed, super annoying and caused me to fall off the bed. Comfort is mediocre, have already rotated and flipped for all sides. I’m a heavier person and this indents quick. I feel like it was a waste of money.

  10. Sunshine Mel

    Cooling and comfortable with included protectorThe media could not be loaded.

     It was time to get a twin mattress for my daughter as she is too big for the toddler bed now. After searching, I found this memory foam mattress with a cooling layer in the top. Since we live in Arizona, that was a really nice feature. It arrived in a box and was easy to open with the included mattress opener (letter opener) inside. It quickly rose to its full size. So far she has slept comfortably on it every night and is not coming into bed with us anymore. It is really supportive but not too hard. It is firm on the edges so she can sit on the side and put her shoes on. I am really happy with this mattress and so impressed with the quality for such a good price.

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