TOPSKY Dual Motor Electric Adjustable Standing Computer Desk for Home and Office (Black Frame only)

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Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 25.59″D x 59.06″W x 47.24″H
Color Black
Special Feature Adjustable
  • TOPSKY DF02.01: This dual-motor electric desk is ideal for you to set up the comfortable positions and create your own desk space. It is quick and easy to adjust the height and switch sit-stand posture. This desk liberates you from unhealthy working habit and enhances your working efficiency.
  • Dual-Motor: Powerful dual-motor lift system for adjusting height smoothly, evenly and quickly at a speed of 1’’/second with low noise. The quiet and fast movement improves focus and efficiency.
  • Sturdy Construction: Heavy-duty powder coating steel frame is stable and solid enough to allow 225lbs/102kg load capacity, strong support for your ideal working space. Support up to 70.8”x31.5″/180x80cm tabletop for daily use.
  • Adjustable Height: The height of frame is adjustable from 27.6’’ to 47.3’’/70cm-120cm and width of frame from 43’’ to 59’’/108.8cm-150cm, freely customized for an optimal ergonomic position and different working spaces.
  • Multi-Function: Easy and convenient to adjust the comfortable height and save 3 memory positions. Anti-collision function protects desk from colliding into obstacles. LCD display clearly shows you the exact height of the desk. Unit conversion function helps you to change the unit between inch and cm. Container and self-stop positions is used to limit the movement area of desktop.

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Product Description

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800*600 DF02.01 A+ BANNER
Dual Motor Desk Frame

TOPSKY DF02.01 Description

This dual-motor electric desk is ideal for you to set up the comfortable positions and create your own desk space. It is quick and easy to adjust the height and switch sit-stand posture. This desk liberates you from unhealthy working habit and enhances your working efficiency.

TOPSKY DF02.01 Specifications

Electric Lift System Dual Motor **It fits for voltage range from 100-240V**
Adjustable Height 27.6’’- 47.3’’/70cm-120cm
Adjustable Width 43’’ – 59’’ /108.8cm-150cm
Speed 1’’/second(2.5cm/s)
Support Tabletop Size(Min) 47.2″x23.6″/120x60cm
Support Tabletop Size(Max) 70.8”x31.5″/180x80cm
Load Capacity 225lbs/102kg
Frame Weight 47.4lbs (21.5kg)

1464*600 New handset

Multi-Function Handset

Memory function enables you to store 3 favorite settings and makes adjusting the height simple. Anti-collision function helps to prevent hitting and scratches once desk encounters any obstacle.Unit conversion function is useful for changing the unit between inch and cm.


Quick&Smooth Adjustment

Adjust speed at 1’’/second, fast and convenient for you to set up the comfortable position between sitting and standing at any time.


Powerful Dual-Motor

Dual-Motor is more durable and quiet while running comparing with single. It enhances the longevity and ensures the desk move more evenly and safely.


Sturdy&Stable Construction

Constructed with heavy-duty powder coating steel frame, the desk is workable for a 225lbs/102kg load capacity.


Spacious Working Area

The width of frame can be extended from 43’’ to 59’’/108.8cm-150cm and fits a variety of spaces and a range of desktop sizes.

How about using a 74″ butcher block ?

TOPSKY DF02.01 support up to 70.8”x31.5″/180x80cm tabletop, if you want 74″ top, you can check TOPSKY DF04.01.

What should I do when rES E-1 ?

It means you need to “Manual Reset”, it is necessary to be reset manually after the initial installation and power off.

Can I get another extension cable for large top ?

You can serch for our ASIN: B09BF9GFT5, or search TOPSKY extension cable for DF02.01.

What size casters will fit this frame?

We recommend M10 x 15 Casters.

How to contact with TOPSKY service team if item defective or missing part ?

You can contact through Amazon message box, or check our Email box and Phone Number from our Amazon HP.

Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 25.59 × 59.06 × 47.24 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk

Product Dimensions

25.59D x 59.06W x 47.24H



Special Feature


Room Type


Mounting Type


Furniture Finish


Assembly Required


Package Dimensions

32 x 18.6 x 7.3 inches

Item Weight

46 Pounds



Country of Origin


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Date First Available

June 30 2020



10 reviews for TOPSKY Dual Motor Electric Adjustable Standing Computer Desk for Home and Office (Black Frame only)

  1. Steve Boatman

    Thought I would regret going budget… I am surprised!First and foremost, unless you have standing desk experience you are going to be browsing all over Amazon trying to find a good budget standing desk frame. Well, I will solve your hunt and tell you this Topsky frame is awesome.Since the list is lacking content, I’ll go with Cons first since there are so few:1.) The M6 button head bolts they provide you with are not black finished as one would expect with a black frame, they are standard silver zinc coated and of questionable quality – however they are more than sufficient to get the job done.2.) The frame doesn’t offer much in the means of cable management, but the outputs for both motors are between the center support rails. This means, unless you have some sort of provision for your top that has enough clearance for the cable, you will have to route the cable over (…under?) the center support rail and out to wherever the rest of your cabling will be.3.) The extension cable is longer than the maximum length of the frame, and could be a tad shorter. In order to manage the extension, you’ll have to roll it up and use a tie for the slack – and then mount that however you desire. Or just let all the cables hang free, your choice…4.) The control module doesn’t use the same size M6 bolts, but rather some wood screws that are much smaller. That’s fine, however since that allows mounting into anything you desire. You won’t be building this desk out of sheetrock.5.) Desk wobble at extension (read: standing position) is going to be a thing, regardless of what desk frame you use – even Uplift/Autonomous frames will have wobble. You can minimize this by making sure your mounting provisions are tight, strong, and the overall weight of your top is heavy enough to provide stability.6.) It’s a T-frame not a C-frame.That being said, I could make a list of pro’s about this, but honestly just look at the 5 star rating this product has. I could go on a pretty long keyboard rampage telling you why I love my new frame. I’ll sum it up and keep it short and sweet though.The desk frame is awesome. It’s sturdy, it’s solid, but really needs to have different hardware and it would be beneficial overall to add additional mounting provisions. I think the wobble that it does have, is exacerbated by the lack of attachment points for this frame. One could easily drill an additional hole on each top mounting arm, and add another M6 bolt. I used a 74×30 butcher block countertop, so screws would have been quite cheesy after spending $360.00 on an island top (not including the materials for finish work, etc.). I used some M6x15mm threaded inserts, if you’re using a solid wood top you will probably want to do this as well. I used a kit found here on Amazon that included a really crappy 9mm drill bit. The inserts are fine though.The desk wobble that is most noticeable isn’t side to side, but front to back – the legs could stand to be a little bit longer, and after making sure the feet are adjusted correctly to the floor and is solid, the wobble is still there. Lighter weight tops might not experience so much, YMMV.The frame is quiet – not loud, and I experience no odd random noises. I have a full tower custom PC, two monitors, various other stuffs and the motors barely show any strain. I am likely at 75% capacity or so, taking into the account the 100lb countertop that I’m using as the desk top.I would like to see this frame see a revision list though, and hopefully additional attachment points will be on there somewhere. A C-Frame option would have been phenomenal, as that is what I was originally looking for to begin with. The additional foot room as well as being able to have a cross bar built into the kit would be great for stability and looks. Black oxide hardware. Battery backup for memory storage so manual resets aren’t necessary every time the power flickers. Longer feet for added front/back stability. Make that a thing, and this is going to directly compete with the expensive brands available for 2x as much.Buy it, built it, and enjoy your new standing desk!All in, I am looking forward to building another one of these desks using this frame – with a slightly cheaper top, as this was a fairly expensive project. The value is absolutely there, and the build quality is awesome.Buy this desk – it’s gonna be the one you’ll want and need.

  2. Brian

    Sturdy Desk with Powerful Motor – Top-Notch Customer Service!I use this for my home office desk and it is great to purchase just the base which allows you to use your own custom desk. I was able to use an old dining table top which gives me plenty of space. I found an article online from a customer who said he had done a LOT of research and not to waste your time with other motorized standing desks; this is the one to go with. So I trusted him and I have been a happy customer.I would like to rave about my customer service experience! I had a problem with the controller; it stopped working out of the blue after about a year of flawless operation. I sent an email about the warranty and someone responded within 1-2 hours. No delay whatsoever in the communication process of the needed information. Then, I had the replacement part within 3 days and it was very easy to replace. Desk is now back up and running. Kudos to the TOPSKY service standards!

  3. Sandra H.

    Adjustable height feature is great!I am an artist and working bent over a desk or painting table gets quite tiring. I simply push a button and raise the height using this base. This is a great feature. It is also quite sturdy. I love it. My one caution would be to measure carefully the desktop you choose to put on it. Remember, you have quarter round molding on the floor which stops the legs, and be sure to account for the length front to back of the legs. Otherwise, you will have a gap between the back of the desk and the wall. I ended up with about 4 inches and I used a 24″ front to back depth desktop that already had screw holes pre drilled. Also, there are 3 buttons for memory heights, and up and down button shows you height highlighted in lights so you can easily pick your favorite height and return to it easily!

  4. R. Mitchell

    Good desk, however it’s shaky…I’ve been using standing desks for 5 years now at home and work and love it. Needed a replacement to the last one and purchased this frame due to additional equipment I was using and a 49 inch monitor. I struggled a little putting it together – used video that skipped over a part at the end. Love the desk, but when I’m raising or lowering the desk or just typing, it wobbles. It’s level against the floor with the footers but it wobbles and I’m not sure why. Made sure everything was tight and even used a level to make sure it was not leaning. So I gotta figure this out. Other than that, I would record getting the frame and either an Ikea table top or 3/4″ thick wood to whatever length and you’ll be good.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Decent productThe first long review on this is spot on.Everything matches to what was said!Good product.Easy to assemble ( watched you tube video )Know this, on it’s max height it will wobble a bit, but not concerning.I used a heavy glass Top from my previous desk, and used suction cups to hold it ( also bought from amazon )

  6. nordman81

    Very well built. I was impressed.The steel tubing is much thicker gauge than I thought. These are very stable. I put a 2″ thick 88lb solid maple table top on these with three monitors two desktop computers and the motors keep up very well. The movement is smooth and the noise level very reasonable. I wouldn’t say the assembly is difficult, but it will take you about 20-30mins to assemble.

  7. RandomDantz

    What a find!!!I was worried about my set up being on carpet but it was solid. It holds up what I need. It works the butcherblock 6ft x25 in and was able to get a nice stain. I’m really impressed with my gaming set up now with this showstopper of a desk. Overall my project was about $400 what a great deal.

  8. Wongus

    There is one big problem, the updated version is flawedThe desk could’ve been good but there was one very big problem with their ‘updated version’ of their control box, it is that they only included one extension cable to connect the short cables coming from each of the motors to the control box. This was raised by a few reviews but thought not much of it given the swaths of positive reviews this has, however most of these reviews must have been done before their updated version and/or are using desk-tops that are short (depth-wise) that would not cause a problem.I have attached a picture to show what I mean, the cable coming out of the motor is way too short to connect to the control box, meaning it does not reach the edge of the desk, having it on the side wasn’t possible either as it would be blocked by the support frame. The other motor connects fine with the one extension cable and has more than enough slack. They need to include another extension cable to fix this.The fact that they don’t have a separate extension cable product is bad as well cause I could not easily find one that would do the job and shows that they don’t even realise this is a genuine problem to have.I found a picture of the ‘old version’ they have and clearly shows the extension cable works fine for their old set up, since the control box can be mounted directly underneath and the way it is meant to be plugged in does not cause any issue by having only one extension cable.This also raises another issue with the ‘new version’ since they did away with that one big control box + power brick all-in-one that has screw holes to allow it to mount to the desk directly, this has been replaced with a generic, standard power adapter (like laptop power bricks) which the ‘new’ control box plugs in to. There is no way to cleanly mount this and would just be dangling off the desk (bad strain for the cable), when not even in standing mode. So you’ll have to find another mounting soluton yourself like zip ties or sticky pads – I’d rather the bulkier old version where its all contained and mountable which wouldn’t have caused any of these two big issues with the new version.Just something to really consider when buying this as you’ll have to go out of your way to find a solution to these problems.

  9. Melissa

    Broke after 3 months – updateThe keypad stopped working this week, 3 months after purchase. I have contacted Amazon to see if I can get a replacement – I will update this review once I hear back from Amazon/supplier.Update 1 week later – emailed with company and sent video of problem. Company will send me a new handset/power supply to see if this repair works. I will update this review again after I receive the new handset and power supply.

  10. Postable_Founder

    Easy Assembly, Quiet Motors, Recommended I was impressed by how easy assembly is, once I’d taken a moment to digest the instructions.All of the screws and fixings come in a blister pack attached to cardboard and are clearly marked. The instructions tell you which screws to use when assembling the legs. In the box, you also get a variety of sticky-backed cable ties to fix the power cables to the underside of your desktop.I opted for an Ikea worktop, which is quite long and heavy. Note that the legs don’t come with the self-tapping screws required to fix the legs to the tabletop. I used pocket hole screws, and they worked great.Setting up the memory heights is easy, too. Just move the legs to the height you want your desk, hold down the M button on the control pad for a few seconds then press the number -1, 2, 3 – and that it’s.The motors are surprisingly quiet. My tabletop is heavy and on it I have a PC, two monitors, speakers and other peripherals, but the motors have no issue raising and lowering the table.

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