TOYABR Mattress Topper Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed Pad with Ventilated Design Relieving Pressure and Pain for Good Sleep, with

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Color 4 Inch
Size Queen
Fabric Type Memory Foam
Material Gel
  • Memory Foam
  • 【Superior Material】Soft memory foam distributes weight evenly to align the spine and alleviate pressure points at the different contact points of the body.The perforations and infused gel promote air flow to disperse the heat.
  • 【Washable Bamboo Rayon Cover】The cover of our mattress is made of 100% bamboo rayon fabric,which is more breathable than other fabric. With adjustable elastic straps which fit mattress depth up to 12″, our topper can stay in place during your all night sleep.
  • 【CertiPUR-US Certification】TOYABR memory foam mattress uses a high-density gel mattress that meets CertiPUR-US certification.We choose prime material to offer you better sleep.
  • 【Ten-Year Warranty】TOYABR promises to provide a ten-year warranty for all memory foam mattresses.If there is any problem with the product,you can contact us anytime to give you a satisfactory solution.
  • 【About Rebound Time】At room temperature of about 77°F, it needs about 4 hours to return to its original shape.But if the temperature is too low, the rebound time can increase to 72 hours or more.You can use air conditioning to shorten the recovery time, and the mattress will be softer and more comfortable to use.
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Weight 35.7 kg
Dimensions 21.65 × 17.95 × 17.64 cm
Package Dimensions

21.65 x 17.95 x 17.64 inches

Item Weight

35.7 pounds



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Memory Foam

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Mattress Topper



9 reviews for TOYABR Mattress Topper Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed Pad with Ventilated Design Relieving Pressure and Pain for Good Sleep, with

  1. Lisa

    Good at firstWas great at first. After a month later I am getting back pain again and still get hot at night even with the air conditioner set at 65 degrees

  2. azkolb

    Worthless StrapsThe quality, softness and comfort of this topper is worth the cost, however the straps on each corner to hold the topper in place are worthless. It doesn’t matter how loose or tight you have them they still come off. A good mattress cover should keep the topper in place but better straps would be ideal.

  3. Gina O’Neill

    It’s good fora kidI don’t recommend if you suffer from any back or hip pain

  4. Perry Wiser

    It IS everything that most reviewers are trying to find!!! I personally just need more squish:(Okay here we go…So I’ve searched EVERY single 4 inch mattress topper known to man. Read thousands of reviews, and have been on the hunt for about a month now. ALL of my free time went to searching for the best mattress pad possible. And I landed on this one.3.5 density means it’s still squishy, but you DON’T sink into the topper. At all. (At least I sure don’t..) Its dense for sure. I’m only about 125lbs, and I’ve been searching for something to give my bed that cloudy squishy sinking in feeling. And unfortunately, this mattress pad is NOT the one for me. I am truly crushed!! ;(A true legit opinion that will helpfully help all those who are looking for an honest review:::For people with pain, for people that are looking for a mattress pad to put on the floor for guests, traveling, etc. This is the mattress pad for you!! I laid on it on my carpet, and it felt like heaven! It supports your body and curves for sure! Does have give on the floor, no doubt. But for some reason, it does not feel super squishy on your mattress, at least not for me. I think I need something less dense. But I had NO idea that was the case until last night when I tried out this mattress pad!!This mattress pad expanded into the correct 4 inches in a matter of one hour or so!! Amazingly fast. NO smells. No funk. Would be PERFECT, if it wasn’t just too hard for my personal liking… :(So it is with a very heavy heart, that I will be attempting to return this mattress pad. Not sure HOW I’m going to get it to fit back in any sized box… but I am going to find a way. Because I can’t use it long term.. it hurts my butt-bones when sitting up on my bed.. Really?!?! Yes. My butt literally went kumb. I have no butt myself, so I need something that sinks in & has serious squish for my little self.So overall- this mattress pad is WONDERFUL & would be PERFECT if I didn’t just neeeeed something softer. I want to sink in, and I feel like I am sitting on top. Maybe I’m not a heavy enough human? Maybe if there was two humans in my bed at once, maybe it’d feel different, in a good way? I’m not sure what it is… but I’m VERY sad because this mattress pad is everything 99% of reviewers always talk about wanting!!!! Comfort but also support! So…how do I find the pure squish?!?! :(This has been a devastating experience for me. Hours and hours or searching and review reading and hunting for the best. I believe this would be the best for a LOT of people out there!! Very sturdy and strong! Just not quite squishy enough for me… ;( tears…

  5. thomas lahman

    This Topper is the CATS MEOW!!This is quality, they even go as far as to send you a special opener to open the plastic.- I bought another mattress that was a bit to firm for me, So I decided to spend a night researching toppers. This Product (I have the 2 inch version) Gives you the comfort of a 300+ dollar topper at the price of the bargain topper. I no longer have shoulder pain or neck strain after having this topper! I HAD NEVER HEARD OF THIS COMPANY prior to buying this topper the other day, BUT I AM GLAD I FOUND THEM! They will be getting my business again for anything involving mattresses.FYI, I usually only write negative reviews- The product is so comfy, I had to write a good review for Toyabr.

  6. Tianming Liu

    Finally found mattress topper I was looking for!I was been looking for a good mattress topper since I cannot really sleep well on flat box spring mattress..I tend to sit long times due to work and needed a comfortable mattress topper that is soft, yet supports my back! Overall, I am so happy about my purchase!! Everything is just as explained, but BETTER. When I first opened a box, I saw well packaged topper but thought it was little bit thin. However when I actually pulled it out it started to get puffy and got thicker and thicker lol as you can see 4th and 5th picture is 5min apart, but has gigantic difference! I like how it have band all four corners so it won’t slip off! Now I am writing this review on top my mattress topper…This is so GREAT and comfortable that I can fall a sleep anytime soon..I can tell the difference already since my neck and back is not as stressed anymore compare to sitting down on the box spring mattress. Thank you for the great product! I appreciate this so much!

  7. Toader

    Great with a few flawsI noticed a big difference right away in my sleep and pain I was having before. Also my ever so stuffy nose every morning wasn’t happening anymore. These things were all such a great relief to problems I’ve had for years. My negative comment is that I wish it was a little more firm because it is extremely soft. I picked 4” because of my weight and wanted to make sure it made a difference. Also the cover for the topper pulls up easily. I’ve had the mattress topper for about a month it also still has a smell. When I first let it open it smelled like plastic or cigarettes. It’s faded since but still there.

  8. kim

    Very comfy!I like a firm mattress. However, I have developed arthritis. Rather than replacing the mattress, I decided to try this pad. I love it! It is not too squishy as I generally dislike the feel of memory foam. I still have all the support of my firm mattress without waking up stiff.I was pleased that there wasn’t a smell and I left it in a spare room over night so it didn’t take long to fluffy up.The only con would be the weight. I have a queen sized bed and almost couldn’t wrestle it up on to the bed. I am glad that I decided to put a mattress cover over it as I probably won’t be trying to remove it’s cover for washing. It’s weight would be the reason that my overall rating is only 4 stars, not 5.

  9. abraham oloarte

    Suavidad de locosEs todo lo que se espera de suavidad y confort

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