TransDeco TV stand with mount for 35-80 inch television, Espresso/Black

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Product details

Mounting Type Floor Standing
Movement Type Tilt
Brand TransDeco
Material Wood, Alloy Steel, Glass
TV Size 85 Inches
Color Espresso/Black
  • Accommodates most of the 35″-85″ plasma, LCD/ LED TV or not exceeding 150 lbs;
  • Adjustable flat panel TV universal mounting system with 12° tilt up or down and 15° pivot left or right;
  • Constructed with engineered hardwood frame in Espresso finish and heavy gauge powder-coated scratch resistant steel in black finish;
  • Curved front tempered safety glass top and bottom shelves with high gloss black finish; Adjustable clear tempered glass middle shelf is removable for extra tall audio video components;
  • Cable management system to hide wires & cables; holds at least 4 audio video components and a center channel speaker;
  • Contemporary design compliments any room decor; Easy to assemble.
  • Overall Dimensions: 50.2″ W x 22″ D x 56.3″ H

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Flat panel TV universal mounting system with 3 AV component shelves for most of the 35″ – 85″ Plasma, LCD/LED TVs

Accommodates most of the 35″-85″ plasma, LCD/ LED TV or not exceeding 150 lbs;
Adjustable flat panel TV universal mounting system with 12° tilt up or down and 15° pivot left or right;
Constructed with engineered hardwood frame in Espresso finish and heavy gauge powder-coated scratch resistant steel in black finish;
Curved front tempered safety glass top and bottom shelves with high gloss black finish;
Adjustable clear tempered glass middle shelf is removable for extra tall audio video components;
Cable management system to hide wires & cables;
holds at least 4 audio video components and a center channel speaker;
Contemporary design compliments any room decor;
Easy to assemble.
Overall Dimensions:
50.2″ W x 22″ D x 56.3″ H

Usable shelves space:
Top shelf : 30″ W x 19″ D
Adjustable middle shelf: 30″ W x 18″ D x 7″ H
Bottom shelf: 30″ W x 19″ D x 8.5″ H

Maximum supported mounting interface:
700 mm (W) x 400 mm (H)

Weight Capacity:
Top shelf: 120 lbs
Middle shelf: 80 lbs
Bottom shelf: 120 lbs

From the manufacturer

corner tv stand

TD600ES TV stand

tv mounting system

Universal mounting system (VESA 600 mm x 400 mm)

Adjustable universal mounting system with 12° tilt up or down and 15° pivot left or right,

TransDeco TD600ES TV Stand with Universal Mounting System for 35 to 80-Inch Plasma/LED/LCD Television

Corner TV stand with 3 audio and video component shelves

TransDeco TD600ES is a stylish open shelf design entertainment console that accommodates most of the plasma, LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, 4K UHD up to 80″ flat panel television. It comes with a universal mounting system with tilt & swivel functions and 3 audio/video component shelves that can house at least 6 AV components including center channel speaker, sound bar, receiver, amplifier, CD/DVD player, Blu-ray player, game console etc and built in cable management system.

  • The built in cable management system help to hide all the wires and cables that gives the system a clean look.
  • The tilt & swivel functions of the mounting system help to avoid reflection on the TV screen and increase the viewable angle so you can have a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • The height adjustable middle shelf is removable so it can accommodate extra tall components.

More Color Option:





Model: TD600B

Dark Oak/Black

Model: TD600DB


Model: TD600ES

Additional information

Weight 93 kg
Dimensions 22 × 50.2 × 56.3 cm
Item Weight

93 Pounds

Product Dimensions

22 x 50.2 x 56.3 inches

Item model number


Assembled Height

56.3 inches

Assembled Width

50.2 inches

Assembled Length

22 inches


108 Pounds



Date First Available

June 3 2011



10 reviews for TransDeco TV stand with mount for 35-80 inch television, Espresso/Black

  1. Kindle Customer

    Very nice, but not for Samsung 65″ 4K.I highly recommend this unit for most televisions. However, I do not recommend it for the Samsung 65″ 4K TV. The configuration of the ports on the back conflict with the frame of the stand. I am unable to plug in the HDMI cable from the Blu-Ray player to the HDMI #1 port on the television. Fortunately, I do not use an XBOX, so I can use the port intended for that instead.I recommend you measure where your back-facing ports are on your television, then obtain the dimensions of the rack components, and do some calculations to determine if you will have the same conflict I have.Positives:1. This is a beautiful piece of furniture. The heavy steel frame is painted glossy black. The top and bottom glass shelves are black. The center shelf is clear. The overall shiny black looks great with my black TV. The glass shelves are thick, tempered glass.2. This is well-made with thick-enough metal components, solidly welded. The whole unit is solid and rigid. I have no fear hanging my $3,000, 60 lb television on it3. The vertical frame in the back has two rows of cable guides that keep the rat’s nest of wires and cables out of sight.4. When I had problems, I emailed the company, and they responded quickly and professionally.5. The unit arrived in a box that had been through the war. This is the shipper’s lousy handling. It was bent, ripped, punctured, and one end was all taped up. I took photos as we unpacked the components, expecting to find damage. There was not even a tiny scratch on anything.6. The unit comes with a large variety of fasteners. Each kind is in its own little bag labeled prominently with letters of the alphabet. These letters correspond to illustrations in the assembly instructions. This is a great system to quickly finding the next thing to assemble. I laid all this out on our over-sized coffee table. Leave the fasteners in their baggies until you need them.Negatives:1. One of the fasteners had no threads. This was an unusual fastener. I had to wait for the company to send me a new one. My new toy, my amazing TV had to sit quietly in the box another week. My hair started to fall out.2. After getting the fastener replacement, I discovered I could not securely fasten the rack to the back of the television because the supplied bolts and spacers were the wrong lengths regardless of how I combined them. I had to go buy a bag of washers and stack them up.3. After mounting the TV, I discovered the HDMI #1 port was blocked by the vertical components of the rack assembly. If I want to connect to that, I will have to slide the TV to the left or right about six inches which is dangerous and looks dumb. This might be a mark against the company, but when you consider the television industry does not maintain a standard configuration for where these connections are, I think it would be nearly impossible to accommodate everything.4. The unit has a poorly-engineered assembly for securing the rack horizontally. There are four fasteners spaced a few inches apart in a square pattern that are at a great mechanical disadvantage against my big long TV. Since my television is heavier at one end, it sags to the left. It is noticeable if you look for it. I wrote to the company with my idea of how to redesign this part of the unit, but I think they were tired of me by then. I told them this was unresolved, but have not heard back from them.If you get this, have a large area to assemble it, take your time, and be careful.

  2. Lilpuddintaters

    EasyThey have everything lined up and ready to go for you and the tv. I didn’t need a drill and did everything by hand. Directions were easy to follow simple pictures with labels. They also have mounting bolts for pretty much all TV’s and a easy mounting to the stand itself. I’m happy to see it fits small and vary large tvs Because I have a 75 inch and it’s hard to find stands like this for them so I don’t have to destroy the walls in my rental to get a tv.The only problem I have with it is the top tempered glass that’s exposed and is bolted down in the back and not in the front of the glass. If you lift up on it to much it’s going to shatter into a lot of shards. I work with glass myself and temeperd glass. I wish the top glass wasn’t exposed and was surrounded at least in the corners buy the wood or it was bolted down in the front and back as well. Hopefully you can get that too glass separately Incase it does brake.Overall I love this stand. Looked great fun to build and has everything I want and need on it. Thanks for designing a fantastic piece. Tootles. 🙂

  3. francisco vasquez

    Un producto de calidad y duradero.No fué muy difícil ensamblarlo sólo un tanto pesado pero como es de buen material era de esperarse que fuera pesado.

  4. Jason A. Seiler

    Great value, beautiful, stylish, and compactI have an 85″ tv in my basement, but the studs are not in the right place to be able to mount it on the wall. Finding a unit that can hold up such a large tv without looking “industrial” is a challenge. Thankfully, this product meets that challenge! TransDeco provides a superior product at an amazingly-reasonable price. The shelves are tempered glass with a wood frame around them, giving the whole unit a touch of elegance without taking attention away from the tv itself.I’ve read that some others had problems setting up the unit. Yes, there will be static cling between the styrofoam material and glass shelves. That’s physics! This is true for all flat-box items from every store. Some had significant trouble with the cam lock screws. I had the same issue until I realized it was a problem of user error! I had screwed in the cam lock screw too tightly. Once I backed the cam lock screw out a half-turn (still keeping the unit’s integrity), the cam lock turned perfectly and securely to the appropriate 270 degrees. The whole unit is solid, giving me confidence to attach my large tv to it.I highly recommend this brand, especially if you have a tv over 65″.

  5. B Brennan

    Great StandI wanted a stand that had the TV mount attached as I wanted a secure installation without mounting to the wall. This is a very solid unit! The parts are labeled very well for easy locating during assembly. Oh yeah, there is some assembly required! The engineered wood forms the front frame. No cheap vinyl covered particle board! I would have given it 5 stars except the lower wooden cross member had two finger prints in the stain. I thought it would wipe clear with some furniture polish but it didn’t work. I will play with some stain laterBack to the review… all of the parts lined up nicely. I took me a few hours but then I was watching holiday movies at the same time. I put a 65″ LED TV on it which only weighs 62 or so pounds. I am confident it could handle the stated capacity. I would have no reservations putting a 70″ LED TV as it is very stable. Since my center speaker is almost 8″ tall, I had to mount the TV below its center by a couple of inches which made the tilt adjustment tricky for one person. Two people are needed to lift the TV and hang on the mount which will fit anything out there. The glass shelves are HEAVY tempered glass. Get another to help with that part as well.We put some felt pads under the plastic feet to aid in moving it into place. The TV mount swings side to side which at first I thought I didn’t need that feature but as it turns out it is fantastic to get access to the TV’s ports.

  6. Wm Holder

    Handsome-Perfect for 50″ Flat ScreenI read all the reviews and found them helpful. At the end of the day, appearance and design is a personal choice, and to me this one was a good choice for 50 ” TV. As far as quality, it turned out to be a good choice. No imperfections in the wood or metal, no missing parts, packaging undamaged. the wood is “real wood” so you won’t chip it with the vacuum, and no veneer to peel., If the engineering that went into packing this stand is any indication, the Chinese will definitely make it to the moon. Thanks to all who posted about the shedding of billions of styro-particles. I unpacked it surgically and got away with only thousands. Very heavy, and goes together to make a sturdy stand. Instructions were relatively easy to understand for a handy person who has put a number of “paint by number” masterpieces together, although I would advise, slow and steady over fast and impatient. Where it says “do Not tighten until all screws are started” it is VERY good advice. Failure to do so will leave you cursing. Just ask me. I chose to know these things.Time to unpack and put together with moderate cursing, 2 hours. Also, a witness, with a pair of hands will be helpful especially with the VERY HEAVY glass shelves. Was easily able to hide wires. NOTE: This unit has no levelers, which is important to understand. If your floor is not level, the TV will swivel to which ever side is lowest.(at least mine did). I used some shims which I slid in from the back side (so you don’t see them sticking out from the front) to do the trick and tv now “centers”. Range of motion and height adjustments very good for my needs. I would recommend the unit for form and function. Durability seems a forgone conclusion given the heavy construction and materials.

  7. Amy

    Great solution! No worries about tipping or damaging the walls!I just assembled this yesterday and am really pleased with it. I don’t have a TV on it yet, but just as a piece of media furniture, it’s got an awful lot going for it; doubly so considering the price.I’ve assembled quite a few “flat pack” pieces of furniture, many from Ikea, so I’m always bracing myself for any or all of the following: missing/broken/damaged pieces, parts with mismatched colors where they’d be obvious, misaligned predrilled holes, vague instructions, predrilled holes too large or small. As I was unpacking this, I found myself thinking, “please, no matter what, let there be nothing wrong that would require me to send this back!” I couldn’t lift the package, let alone get it to my car. But, happily, I found none of these issues. The packaging must’ve been well done because all the pieces looked just as they should and nothing was missing or wrong. Actually, assembly was fun, sort of like a Lego project. And I think it looks great and more expensive than it was. It’s very sturdy and looks good.Update: I’ve had a 55″ TV mounted on this for almost a year. It looks great and I get a lot of compliments. Especially since this allowed me to put the TV on an angle into a corner (I have no wall in that room that could’ve accomodated the TV without partially blocking a door or window). Visitors seem to be genuinely surprised when I tell them it was flat-pack furniture and I’ve had some people ask me to send them a link to the Amazon listing.

  8. Jmac

    Solid and durable. No regrets.This stand is everything I had hoped it would be. I added it to my wishlist and waited for a price drop. Glad I bought it. The frame is made from heavy duty steel. Nothing seems cheap about it. Real wood and the glass is very thick and looks like it will hold some hefty weight. We have a 60″ TV and it fit perfectly. Everything assembled with ease. The parts are in lettered bags that coorespond with the instructions. The TV mount allows for slight tilting up and down as well as good swivel movement left and right. Rubber cable clips fasten to the back of the pedistal to conceal the wiring. We have a decent sized sound bar that we placed on the top shelf under the television. There is plenty of clearence between the bottom of the TV and the shelf for our configuration. Placing the shelves can be a little awckward. Much easier to do if you have a second pair of hands, depending on your size and physical capabilities.I was worried that something may be broken when it arrived due to it consisting of glass but the packaging seemd fine and everything was in great condition. (It is heavy!!!) Probably best for two people to move it. I refused help and did it on my own and am hoping I won’t be haunted by a nasty hernia in the future.The instruction text and diagrams are a little on the small side. I actually had to drag my magnifying glass out a couple of times but hey, I’m 44. Time to get some new glasses.I would buy this brand again in the future if the need arose.

  9. 801Jones

    Overall I’m pleased, but I think my review is worth a read before you purchaseLet me start by saying the finished product is a beautiful piece in my living room and I can’t wait to mount my new 55″ Samsung 4K TV to it (waiting for that to be delivered and will update my review if there are any relevant things to add). Overall the assembly was pretty simple and took me about an hour to do. So why did I give it 4 of 5 stars? Well that’s because this company should have a better Quality Control process… one screw hole attaching the tv mount to the frame was not drilled through so I could only attach 3 of the 4 screws needed. I sure hope this doesn’t affect the structural integrity of my tv being mounted because the box had to basically be torn apart to open it and it is definitely not worth the hassle of trying to return it either. And I’m not about to try and drill the hole myself… so here’s hoping it works out ok. Also the pieces didn’t necessarily align perfectly but I’m not going to split hairs about that. I’d make the joke that this particular unit was manufactured on a Friday but I’m not sure Chinese factory workers even know what a weekend is. Bottom line: I expect better for a $300+ price tag…

  10. Liz

    After a few ordering headaches the ordered product is beautiful.I ordered this item with an immediate need.I opted to use the AMAZON STORE CARD for the 0% interest promotion. I expected the item to arrive in two days. Two days later I find out the card did not go through. There was never a reason why so I tried again. This card promotes “IT NEVER EXPIRES”. After several more failed attempted I called customer service who informed me my card had EXPIRED due to “INACTIVITY”. I then used another card. After the purchase I was informed that my order would arrive the following week. I then opted to cancel. I cancelled a dozen times as I never got a confirmation. I figured I would buy another product that would arrive sooner. Two days went by and I called customer service again. They told me that the item was shipping. I couldn’t place another order so I had to wait. To my surprise the package arrived that evening!The boxed looked pretty beat up and was torn in some placed. It cleared was marked “GLASS HANDLE WITH CARE”. I was pleasantly surprised to find nothing missing or damaged. The stand was somewhat easy to assemble. The instructions were simply pictures depicting the items so small you couldn’t tell what it was. The pieces were not labeled. But overall it was ok to assemble.The material is sturdy and looks well made. The finished product looks every elegant. The color is expresso so it match our other furniture. The screen swivels up down and sideways. It is perfect.

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