Vari Essential Electric Standing Desk 48″ x 24″ (VariDesk) – Ergonomic Sit to Stand Raising Desk for Home Office – Adjustable

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Product details

Brand Vari
Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Product Dimensions 24″D x 48″W x 27.5″H
Color Hazel Wood
Style Modern, Industrial
  • ESSENTIAL COLLECTION: By simplifying the design of our award-winning Electric Standing Desks, we’re able to offer an affordable and quality-backed standing desk that’s perfect for a home workstation. This rising desk model includes a split table top with a durable laminate finish. Measuring 48″ x 24″, you have space for a computer monitor, laptop, notebook, and extra hardware. NOTE: Not compatible with the Vari Cable Management Tray.
  • ERGONOMIC MOVEMENT: Vari motorized standing desks make it easy to go from sitting down to standing up throughout the day. Research shows that standing or moving more at work can improve productivity, boost metabolism, and reduce back pain. Our easy-to-assemble and even easier-to-use sit-stand up desk helps you get more done and feel better doing it.
  • PROGRAMMABLE HEIGHT SETTINGS: Program up to 4 height settings to the control panel memory so you’re just one touch away from your perfect height. The powerful single motor and sturdy T-Style legs provide stability and smoothly lift the desk to any height from 27.5″ to 47.2″.
  • SINGLE-BOX SHIPMENT: The split-top allows the desktop and legs to ship together quickly and easily, and includes easy-to-follow instructions with all parts clearly labeled for simple assembly.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Every time you buy a Vari product, you get quality, convenience, and a risk-free purchase you can feel good about. With 30-Day Free Returns and a fantastic 3-year warranty, you can be sure you’ll love your product.
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Product Description

collection inches metallic piece desktop quick assembly ergonomic controller adjustment stand

The Essential Electric Standing Desk is the budget-friendly sit-stand solution designed to elevate your home office workspace. The sturdy, T-Style legs provide stability and smoothly lift the desk to any height from 27 ½” – 47 ⅕”. The programmable memory settings allow you to set your favorite heights for sitting or standing, and the 3D laminate desktop is durable and easy to clean.

Product Features

All Tools and Hardware Are Included for Easy Assembly

4 Programmable Memory Settings with LED Display

T-Style Legs for Stability

Smooth, Two-Stage Lift from 27 ½” to 47 ⅕”

Supports up to 150 lb (68 kg)

Tested to BIFMA Standards

Product Specifications

27 ½” – 47 ⅕” (H) x 48″ (W) x 24″ (D)

black elevated reclaimed wood full adjusta raiseable computer variable dual halter uplift desker

motorized large series elite drafting elevating rising tool brown autonomous raising gaming legs

moving mustard ergo raisable lift twin stereoscopic kids convertible media hangable mahogany

Split-Top Desktop

The hazel wood laminate and split-top design allows desktop and legs to ship together.

Quiet, Powerful Motor

Whisper-quiet, two-stage lift adjusts between 27.5″ to 47.2″

Choose Your Height

You can program 4 different heights via the LED display.

Additional information

Weight 70.78 kg
Dimensions 24 × 48 × 27.5 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk


Hazel Wood


Modern Industrial

Finish Type

Durable 3D Laminate

Special Feature

Adjustable Height Compact Electric Ergonomic 4 Programmable Memory Settings

Room Type


Mounting Type



48 x 24

Included Components

Drink Coaster

Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

24 x 48 x 27.5 inches, 24D x 48W x 27.5H

Item Weight

70.78 Pounds, 70.8 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

September 10 2021



10 reviews for Vari Essential Electric Standing Desk 48″ x 24″ (VariDesk) – Ergonomic Sit to Stand Raising Desk for Home Office – Adjustable

  1. Gemseeker

    The desk is great. What’s needed is storage and a keyboard tray to prevent arm/shoulder injuries.I’ve had the 48X30 Vari desk for nine months, since December 2021. It’s beautiful and sturdy and I like it very much, but like most standing desks, it came with some…unexpected problems.The desk itself operates fine. It’s a fairly quiet motor, not offensive at all. It’s sturdy enough to hold two monitors and a big heavy printer with no wobbling, and no strain when lifting/lowering. I bought the golden butcher-block design, which goes well with my light oak furniture.My BIG issue is, I ended up with a case of very painful frozen shoulder. I’ve had to pay a lot of money for a cortizone shot in my shoulder and physical therapy bills – about $2,000! – because my standing desk had no KEYBOARD TRAY. That should be a standard item for EVERY desk, even their base models. The Vari desk has an attractive beveled edge; nice and curved when your hands brush against it, but that also means that the clamp-on trays that are the majority of trays found online will not work with them.I mean, I get that Vari wants you to buy their proprietary trays, but since the point of a standing desk is for the health of the buyer, does it make sense to hurt them in a different way? I was simply using the mouse with my arm extended too far high/forward. I had no idea this could happen. It only took two months for this to happen to me, but it will take me over a year to fully recover, they tell me. If I had known this, I would probably have ordered their more expensive model that does come with an optional tray. It would have cost me less overall. How many of other standing desk customers end up with this painful issue? These desks should come with warnings!So I thought, “I’ll just buy a standalone tray that I can attach to the bottom.” Well, I spent MONTHS trying out one tray after another from online stores. Not cheap ones, either – all in the $60 and up price range – but all were defective, poorly functioning, or did not fit my desk. Finally I found a Sauder brand that worked. It’s a flat black and looks ugly under the golden color of the main desk. I am now on the hunt to find a mouse pad/desk pad that’s the right size (most are too long) to protect and hide the cheap black finish, as my mouse is already scratching it up. What a HASSLE!Besides a keyboard tray, I need a printer cart, and somewhere to keep my PC tower out of the dust. Why do most standing desks have NO storage space? Unless you buy hugely overpriced add-ons. Regular department stores should have already been carrying these items for years now. Having a shallow drawer is a basic necessity that almost no standing desk manufacturer has bothered to include. Seriously!?So I went modular. I did NOT want cheap-looking plastic drawers that yellow over time. Instead I bought bookshelves and put them along the wall close to me. I bought an extra bookshelf and used the parts as extra shelves. I drilled extra holes and bought pegs at the hardware store so I could have adjustable shelves that are only an inch or so apart, which keeps the dust out. Then I bought shallow, clear acrylic drawer organizers to slide in and out when I need something small, like a nail file or a phone charger. All this extra cost and work! You’d think a $700 desk would have a drawer or two.Printer carts are another unexpected issue with standing desks. I want to be able to wheel it underneath when not in use, but most printer carts are too high. I don’t want to take the chance of my printer getting hit/broken when my desk is lowered to its lowest setting, even with collision-detection functionality. I have only 23 1/2 inches to work with. Most printer carts are either too high, or the top fits under the desk but there’s not enough room on top or inside the cart to fit my printer (a huge HP OfficeJet.) With wheels, the smallest printer carts are 13 inches high, about an inch too high. So frustrating!My PC tower is on the rug at the moment. I do want the PC near the floor, just not ON the floor, because it’s cooler there in the summer. So I am on the hunt for a small, narrow table. Preferably with little drawer in the narrow end, and a shelf about 6 inches up off the floor so it can be up out of the dust and so I can hide my ugly surge protector underneath it. So far, no luck.The one good thing about my standing desk: I have just about recovered from the painful tailbone I’d had for nearly two years prior. I’d had to use a U-shaped cusion to give me some relief at home, but long car rides and sitting on hard chairs at work was awful. And I could not even think about using an exercise bike with my desk, or a real bike outside. I’m 20lbs heavier than I used to be, but at least now I can start exercising again.A minor issue nobody mentions with the Vari desk: the waterproof laminate surface must be slightly electrically-charged, because dust/lint/hair and paper clings to it. I can feel the vacuum when I lift a sheet of paper off. I’ve never gotten a shock from it though, so it must be well-grounded. But you must like to clean, since you’ll be wiping it off every few days.Hey, furniture manufacturers! Please create some good-quality keyboard trays and modular furniture to give the growing number of standing desk owners’ storage solutions that will actually fit beneath our movable desks at their lowest height. 20-22 inches should be the maximum height. With a drawer or shelf for paper, please. You’re missing out on a massive untapped market here!

  2. Steve in Boston

    Finally got a standing desk, glad I chose this one.Been thinking of getting a standing desk for a while, and with working at home for the last 2 years I finally bit the bullet (who would have thought I’d get exhausted sitting at a desk). After reading the reviews I made my decision based on:1) Ease of Setup2) Reliability3) Quality4) PriceThe first thing I looked at was price, Vari is not cheap by any means so I skipped the desk and looked at the cheaper ones. These were plagued by problems with reliability, quality and difficulty of setup (i.e. pre drilled holes not aligning). I then placed Vari back on the list and I took a chance, I happened to have some Amazon credits that I was able to apply to the desk so I did. Before I continue, I should point out you’ll be buying directly from Vari so returns are a little different. Here’s how Vari stacked up to my purchase criteria.1) Ease of setup: Vari claims a 5 minute setup…- I setup the desk on my own, it took me 30 minutes. I’ll admit I was a bit unorganized, I didn’t presort anything and just read the instructions, and pulled the pieces out as I needed. I was able to flip the desk to the upright position (in a cramped space) all by myself … so 30 Minutes isn’t too bad. All tools are provided (although I used my own special tool that fits in “tight” spaces so it made it easier to tight things up. wont make much of a different if you use it though). The install was easy, tighten things, attach things, plug things. Flip the desk to the upright position and you’re ready to go.2) Reliability. Don’t know how reliable it is, it’s too new but this one comes with a 3 year warranty. I did notice if I wrapped the power cable too tight the desk might behave weird like not reaching the expected position. Loosing up/moving the power cable resolves this and it’s been stable ever since I “organized” the cables.3) Quality: Parts looked ok, paint (powder coat looked good). The Plastic cover that covers the mechanism was did have what appears to be an indentation on it… but you’re probably never going to see the cover. The finished product appear stable (there is a slight wobble if you extend it to the highest position but I think all desks will do this), it feels solid when using it4) Price, Even with the big “savings” it’s maybe $100 more than the cheapest desk I saw, but I’d spend it for the quality and ease of installation…plus the 3 year warranty!Issues:I originally purchased the Vari Wire bucket (organizer)…It’s not compatible with the essentials desk (you could get it to work if you don’t mind drilling). And remember it’s sold and shipped directly from Vari…so I couldn’t drop it off at an Amazon drop-off site. Thankfully Vari offers free returns, and a UPS label. The return was dropped off on Monday evening (UPS) and by Wednesday morning I got an email letting me know they got the return and they’ll be refunding the money. I haven’t tried returning the entire desk, but I doubt that would be much fun.Wire organization:There really isn’t any, fortunately I found a power strip holder, and wire clips. So the only wire’s I see are the Power strips cord. (see pictures)

  3. Bxstrb

    Worth the priceI went back and forth on the Vari desk compared to cheaper alternatives. I’m quite happy with my decision. It was a snap to put together in about 18 mins and the desk is heavy and sturdy. I also loved the extra accessories that come with it like the Vari branded hooks, coaster and velcro ties .I’ve been using the desk for 2 weeks now and absolutely love it.

  4. M. Johnson

    Awesome in every wayI am terrible at putting things together, was planning to wait till my husband got home to assemble- could not wait it was easy peasy! He got home in time to help me flip it overSolid desk – although your UPS driver will not be happy as the packages are heavy!!

  5. Tom

    Best desk I’ve ever hadI got this desk to avoid sitting all the time in my development job. I’ve found it overall to be a great product and well worth the money -Assembly: Very easy and straightforward. I understand the recommendation for 2 people when assembling – and that would have definitely made things easier – but I did mine alone and didn’t really have any problems.Sturdiness: incredibly sturdy and solid. Doesn’t shake or wobble.Motor: Raises and lowers quickly. No complaints.Surface: I opted for Butcher Block and it looks and feels great but I think I’d go with Dark Wood or Reclaimed if I get a second one.Overall: as the title of the review says – best desk I’ve ever had.

  6. Kenneth A Keene

    Just what a Home Jobber needs.I like what it does for me… I can feel free to be Creative how I work at my Neat Desk…

  7. Hayden Rothschild

    Great desk – Solid customer supportJust 2 days after building my desk, the control box completely died and my standing desk became a sitting desk only. I called Vari customer service and they had a replacement control box out to me in just under a week at no cost to me. It’s been about two month since then and everything’s been working great. It’s a solid desk with plenty of space. I’d definitely recommend, especially since the price is now much better than the $450 I paid 😮

  8. Amazon Customer

    Amazing quality standing desk, but I wish it went lower than 27.5in.It’s an impressive quality standing desk. Firm and stable.But I am a short girl (5’3”), so I wish I paid more attention to its lowest height setting (27.5in), which is still uncomfortably high for me when occasionally sitting down.Many reviewers noted that it is easy to assemble the desk. I am not good at this kind of thing and I did it, so I guess it is indeed a beginner-level assembly, but I did struggle and sweat to finally get it right. Plus it was super heavy to lift things and I needed help moving heavy pieces around.

  9. LMS

    Up down solidIt works. Sitting at various heights, standing leaning. Steady and did the job. Feel enough I don’t feel crowded. I like that I can put my chair under it when standing. Way better than the dining room table.

  10. Paras Verma

    The BEST investment on yourselfYou will see plenty of cheaper option but if you read through their reviews, you will find complaints about damaged shipping, motor failures, stops working after sometime etc etc.But This Vari desk, the extra you pay is worth it.1. Comes in an absolutely damage proof packaging. Mine came in 2 separate packages.2. The wooden desk top is built solid and you can make out that it’s finishing is HIGH quality Single board3. The motor and steel legs are very sturdy4. The control panel is very simple & easy to understand5. The most important is the setup is absolutely a breeze. It took me under 15 mins to set it up & instructions are easy to follow.I’m not a review writing kind of a guy buy I had to write how happy I am by paying that extra $$ than going for cheaper options where I might have ended up in a back n forth with Amazon or the vendor.Buy this for your own peace

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