ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper King – Made in USA Serene 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Pad and Cover

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Brand ViscoSoft
Size King
Fabric Type Cotton
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash
Material Cotton
Thread Count 300
  • Gel Mattress Pillow Topper & Latex Topper in One – Made in the USA with revolutionary gel-infused latex foam. The 2-inch responsive gel latex gives optimal support in comparison to traditional memory foam. Our innovative gel latex formula delivers a rebound effect to prevent sinking. This unique feature to latex alleviates pressure point pains better than traditional memory foam.
  • Sleep Cooler – Our gel latex foam has first in class heat transfer coefficient when compared to traditional memory foam. In short, this helps the topper stay cooler for a longer period of time. The 100% cotton over allows the topper to breath and prevents heat from becoming trapped while you sleep.
  • Breathable and Easily Washable Cover – The Gel Latex mattress topper comes with 1-inch machine washable pillow top mattress topper cover. This cover is soft to the touch and provides a high-quality, cloud-like comfort feel. The included elastic skirt ensures an easy and secure fit to your mattress.
  • Reduce Pain and Soreness – Our American-made gel-infused latex foam eliminates body aches no matter if you’re a back or side sleeper. Our topper is Certi-PUR-US certified guaranteeing it is made without ozone depleters, heavy metals, and has low VOC emissions for indoor air quality. Treat yourself with an upgraded and vigorously tested luxurious addition to your mattress.
  • 60 Day [No Hassle] Guarantee – As a leading USA-based brand, we stand behind everything we make 100% and are committed to providing you with premium products for improving your quality of life. In the unlikely event you change your mind, you’re welcome to return your topper for a FULL refund within the first 60 days after purchase. All ViscoSoft toppers are backed by our outstanding 3 year warranty for manufacturing defects
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Product Description

1 inch pillow top and 2" American made gel latex foam

high end comfort, won't slip and slide, plush and supportive, outperforms and outlasts

sustainably sourced American made latex is sustainable forestry certified

featured in

high end comfort, won't slip and slide, plush and supportive, outperforms and outlasts

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Additional information

Weight 35.5 kg
Dimensions 23.2 × 22.6 × 15.2 cm
Package Dimensions

23.2 x 22.6 x 15.2 inches

Item Weight

35.5 Pounds



Date First Available

December 18 2018



10 reviews for ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper King – Made in USA Serene 3 Inch Gel Latex Mattress Pad and Cover

  1. vernon

    Not GreatThe description of the topper: unique feature to latex alleviates pressure point pains better than traditional memory foam. Sleep Cooler – Our gel latex foam has first in class heat transfer coefficient . Reduce Pain and Soreness – Our American-made gel-infused latex foam eliminates body aches . The topper didn’t live up to any of these features. I woke up sweating and hot, with pains because the topper is fairly firm.I purchase the topper to soften a newly purchased very firm mattress and wanted latex for the durability. However, this topper didn’t provide relief for any of the issues I was seeking.The set up is great, with the latex topper inclosed in a fitted cover with edge straps to keep it from moving which is an option you truly need or you will spend time constantly adjusting the topper. I’m going to order the other topper with the fitted cover, hopefully that will provide the relief I am seeking.

  2. PeanutButter916

    It IS cooler than foam and comfyI’ve owned several toppers from expensive to moderately cheap. Most were primarily foam with “cooling” stuff which didn’t really make anything any cooler. My better half gets hot flashes at night and with the foam that heat gets locked in to the topper.This topper has foam on the bottom and latex on top with a nice airy pad on top it the latex. So it has a little bit of dampened “bounce” to it, but it’s not too firm.I found that it’s more comfortable and supportive than the foam toppers as well. Good purchase!

  3. Majormike

    Great topper for a numbers mattress for me!Early review will update. Have slept on it for 5 nights and happy to report slept much better. Have Cervical and Lumbar disc herniation efacing the spinal cord and both shoulder rotator injuries with one shoulder surgically repaired. Own a full Numbers bed that both the foam and pillow top fit perfectly. Packing was reasonable and items well protected. No odor, no defect in foam. Foam springs back quickly for now I reasonably expect a 3 to 4 year use. Not sure of the 10 year manufacturer warranty as no documents recieved. After speaking to Customer Service at Amazon have no worries if needs to be returned in 60 days. Feel it is heat retaining but have never used a latex or memory foam topper. Pad is about 2 inches and topper is sewn pockets with a nice slightly raised border once covered. I found this border to not be noticeably significant. Well thought out support and increased my number by 5% and was quite comfortable. Foam pad is perforated with about a 1/2″ punches throughout and gave the feel that the foam might tare if handled too rough. Handled this by myself after 12 hours and noticed no real change to the topper or odor. Being fair gave it a 5 as slept without usual awaking due to arm numbness or shoulder pain but will have to see if it keeps this quality or deteriorates. If I get 3 years out of this setup will be quite content and replace as is a very reasonable cost for the results I have seen. Time will tell. Can recommend this to others that have a numbers mattress as adjustment is over a wide range. Relieves pressure points not prevented by numbers adjustable full mattress like a charm. Yes you sink into it and that in my case is desirable. So no odor,springs back, fits a full size bed without difficulty, seems a little warmer than the fabric and air of a numbers bed, topper cover comfortable but doesn’t have the same appearance of the advertisement so I wonder about washability. The attached straps to keep the foam in place worked well. All in all better than popular TV advertised toppers, tried one and didn’t care for the feel, too stiff and washing cover revealed very poor frayed stitching trying to reinsert foam. I have tried to give the pros and cons so be aware I have only slept on it a week but the results I wanted to share either address other reviews and would have helped me with a purchase have a non-memory top numbers mattress and I was loathe to even contemplate a return. I can say the first one I ordered was found to be damaged in shipping and was returned without delivery to me. Paid cost toke 4 days to be credited and reordered and recieved in 2 days. Only caution again this review is not made using a standard mattress.

  4. laura

    Waited to review so you know it’s been tested! Side sleeper w/back-hip issuesWe have a king name brand (Tempur-pedic) $4k mattress in ‘firm’ for 2 years. I am 45, female, active lifestyle, but have lower back disc issues and hip issues and it was recommended online to get the Tempur-pedic firm mattress for back issues. The mattress is so hard/firm I have difficultly getting to sleep and really resting. I sleep on my side with pillows between my legs. I would wake up unable to walk or bend. I am seeing a Spine Specialist Dr. and Chiro because it became so unbearable. I dreaded to go to bed some nights. I made a feather pillow-top using all the down comforters in the house folded in half- I was desperate for relief. At Thanksgiving we rented a cabin and the beds were so soft and mushy- I actually slept! Upon arriving home to the bed made of rocks I made a knee jerk decision to purchase ViscoSoft Pillow Top Latex Mattress Topper. I honestly thought nothing could help but to bite the bullet and get another mattress. I have waited an entire 5 weeks to write this review because I needed to make sure I felt that this topper was worth it. IT IS. The first morning I was up and walking, minimal pain. I really couldn’t believe it. The weeks progressed and I am almost pain free upon waking! I still have disc issues so there is a pre-exisiting condition to purchasing this topper, but I cannot say enough about this product and the relief it has brought me. When you unwrap the latex BE CAREFUL. It is fragile and I don’t know why ViscoSoft decided not to place a protective cover over it- it will tear easily! DO NOT use knives, blades or scissors near it when you’re opening it- it will cut like butter, I know. The pillow top is soft and buttery feeling, it is very well made. The entire topper has remained in place and has held up well for the past 5 weeks. I am impressed and grateful for it. I would purchase again if needed.

  5. R Sirianni

    Mixed feelingsI purchased this item the beginning of May, 2021 after researching numerous similar items. I decided to go with their best being the latex model as I have a history of back and neck problems for the past 14 years. The mattress I had needed replacing and would not be delivered for another 6 weeks, so I opted for the VicoSoft Latex Pillow Top. I received it in just a few days and was looking forward to a good night’s sleep and decreased pain.I carefully unpacked the item and laid the bag it came in on the mattress. Taking care not to cut it I removed the plastic surrounding it let it flop out onto the mattress. I could tell the foam material felt very soft and could easily tear if not careful. Well I attempted to gently fluff the mattress into position applying as little pressure with my fingers as possible. No such luck as my fingers quickly sunk into the foam tearing it in 2 spots. I could not believe how friable this was. Needless to say, so much for my warranty.I was finally able to get it into positioned on my split king mattress, however noticed the edges protruded over both edges by a good inch or 2. After putting the cover that came with it on, I also put a safety cover to protect against spills and so forth. I followed this up with a pillow top mattress cover and of course sheets. If found that while there was an improvement in my not sinking down in the mattress as much, it still did not provide the support I had hoped for. Not to mention while I did have some relief of my pain, I still wasn’t able to get a full night’s sleep. I will say that this topper did appear to stay cool throughout the night, which I was somewhat concerned.I really expected this to be a little more firmer and provide better support. I did end up placing it on my new mattresses that arrived, but have decided to take it off as it was to much give when laying on it. I was greatly disappointed and find it hard to believe that anyone could place this on their king size bed without tearing the material. Which again automatically voids the warranty. I expected far more than what I got, especially considering it’s suppose to be their best.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Best Night’s Sleep in a Long TimeI did a lot of research on how to firm up a soft mattress before I purchased this item and I’m so happy I did. It works perfectly for my purpose. I have a 10 yr. old pillow top mattress that I purchased because it was a firm mattress with a comfy pillow top. I loved it, but just this last year, I’ve noticed a dent in the middle of the mattress. It’s a full size mattress and I’m the only sleeper. This dent has become increasingly uncomfortable and after purchasing this item, I see that my back pain may have been caused by my 10 yr. old mattress. Unfortunately, mattresses sold now can only be rotated, not flipped. I rotated it faithfully, but I guess 10 yrs. is a long time to have a mattress. This topper has saved me from having to go out and spend another $1000 on a new mattress. It’s so comfortable, I wish I had bought one sooner. So if you need more support for a soft mattress, this is the topper for you.

  7. Terry Dowell

    Save your moneyThis product came to me with the underlayment foam already ripped. It only got worse since I purchased it. I wouldn’t waste your money on it. Not worth it.

  8. Dave B.

    A last ditch effortI have a very firm (ancient) mattress. I put 3 mattress toppers on it in the hopes the “rack” would be less punishing. No real improvement. I hate sleeping warm so I looked into a mattress pad that claimed to NOT trap heat. This mattress pad does not trap heat at least. Beware the ghostly appearance of smog from this pad. It filed my whole apartment with a strange odor that made all of my air purifies go crazy and had me checking everything for maybe a fire or electrical overload that could end me. Nothing. It had to be this pad sending out this odor and pollution. Had to be. Now with a few nights experience with is pad I would say that yeah it does work as advertised. Just not really perfect BUT what is?

  9. Fran

    Looked awesome….but DamagedI had waited Expectantly for what sounded like an awesome product…and because I’m having an Acute flare up of hip bursitis and my memory foam mattress has gotten a bit too soft.I opened the box and the cushiony pillow top cover was on top. Looked awesome.Opened foam bottom…..and there were Multiple tears and dinks out of the foam. And that was before I even unrolled it, so who knows how many Other ones there might be!The packing box was totally intact.On a plus note, aside from the cushy top cover, there did seem to be very little to no smell from the foam.I May try ordering this again, or I may just try another type or brand.So dissappointed….and now back to too soft bed with bursitis acting up. But I’m Certainly not going to pay $200 plus bucks for something that is already dinked…especially since I turn a lot and any imperfections would quickly become full length tears.

  10. Anthony P Taylor

    Good Mattress Topper!I purchased this mattress topper to extend the life of my mattress. I originally purchased another brand and it caused me so much pain; after I returned that one, I did more research and purchased this topper. Since putting in on my bed; the pain has eased. This topper is a good medium: not too firm but not too soft. It slides a little bit; but not as much as other toppers. The thing I like is the customer service! Representatives have emailed me to ensure that I am enjoying this topper and welcome feedback. I love that they stand behind their product and support me and my purchase! Great buy!!!!!!

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