VIVO White Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Workstation, Single Motor Ergonomic Standing Height Adjustable Base with Control Panel,

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Product details

Brand VIVO
Shape Rectangular
Desk design Computer Desk
Color White
Top Material Type Alloy Steel
Special Feature Adjustable Height
  • VIVO Desk Frame Solutions – We create affordable ergonomic setups designed with creativity and quality to help transform your unique workspace! DESK-V101EW is a single motor electric frame that helps you find a healthy balance between sitting and standing at the office.
  • Solid Support – All steel construction and a sturdy leg support system holds weights up to 176 lbs, so you can rest easy knowing that your workstation is safe and secure. Adjustable feet level out and adapt to nearly any floor surface.
  • Electric Lift System – Telescopic height adjustment allows you to go from sitting to standing at the push of a button without breaking concentration or productivity. The single motor features 1.5” per second lift speed, creating smooth and quiet height transitions for your workstation.
  • Compatibility – Recommended table top sizes: length of 41” to 83”, width of 23” to 44”, and a thickness of 3/4” and greater (Actual Frame Length: 39.4” to 63”, Frame Height: 29” to 48.8”)
  • We’ve Got You Covered – Sturdy steel design is backed with a limited 3-year Manufacturer Warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.
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Product Description


Create your own desk space and find a healthy balance between sitting and standing throughout the long work day with White Electric Single Motor Desk Frame (DESK-V101EW) from VIVO! Enjoy being able to stand up in seconds with this sturdy frame featuring a single motor lift system for smooth transitions, customizable controller settings, adjustable feet, and solid leg support for desk surfaces weighing up to 176 lbs. The thermal motor is protected against overheating to ensure this desk’s safety and longevity. An integrated cable management system keeps cords clean and organized so they don’t interfere with height transitions. All of the necessary instructions and hardware are included for assembly, so you can complete your very own ergonomic workstation with a solid frame that supports your equipment and lets you think on your feet!



This frame is made of durable steel for scratch resistance and long lasting use . The feet are adjustable to keep the desk level on uneven ground, and the motor is both powerful and protected from overload.



The solidly constructed steel legs utilize telescopic height adjustment. This ensures that the transition to your ideal, ergonomic position takes place in a matter of seconds with a simple press of a button. This desk frame features a height range of 29” to 48.8”.



The integrated system allows you to manage cables and power cords by routing them through the tray of the frame. This keeps cords which might otherwise be unsightly tripping hazards safe and organized.



  • Fits table tops of all colors, materials, and shapes
  • Recommended Table Top Length: 41” to 83”
  • Recommended Table Top Width: 23” to 44”
  • Recommended Table Top Thickness: 3/4” and greater
  • Weight Capacity: 176 lbs



  • Type: Electric (Single Motor)
  • Controller Type: Button Control Panel
  • Height Range: 29” to 48.8”
  • Length Range: 39.4” to 63”
  • Max Speed: 38mm/s, Power Input: 100~240V












Additional information

Weight 55.3 kg
Dimensions 44.96 × 10.63 × 8.66 cm




Desk design

Computer Desk



Top Material Type

Alloy Steel

Special Feature

Adjustable Height

Room Type


Mounting Type

Floor Mount Tabletop

Included Components

White Electric Single Motor Desk Frame

Assembly Required


Package Dimensions

44.96 x 10.63 x 8.66 inches

Item Weight

55.3 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

July 10 2019



10 reviews for VIVO White Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Workstation, Single Motor Ergonomic Standing Height Adjustable Base with Control Panel,

  1. Plotline

    Solid InvestmentI am very impresses by this convertible standing desk and really enjoying using it. The legs and support are heavy steel with an attractive soft gloss finish. The instructions made sense to me and I assembled it myself although they strongly recommend two people when it comes time to over turn the frame during assembly.I love the metal hanging tray to put cords and power adapters in. I have 7 or more power cords and it just holds them all. My partner helped me balance the legs. They had the level up on the desk and I was underneath extending or retracting the foot pads. The desk is a little wobbly in it’s extended position but I also have a stout pair of mixing monitors that adds some weight which I think helps. The slight wobble doesn’t bother me.The motor is solid and moves at an intelligent speed. Quick enough that I’m not waiting around for it but slow enough that it doesn’t spill my coffee. I used a pre existing countertop I bought a few years ago at a Habitat for Humanity store. I used to have it mounted to a wall in my studio but now it’s on this frame. As a bonus, my keyboard tray that I was using before just barely fits into the preexisting holes it was mounted to before even with this frame now in place. If it wasn’t going to fit, I was going to use some 1 x 2 to make the keyboard tray hang down lower to clear the mechanism. It turned out I didn’t need too.I used to have my power strip mounted to the underside of the desktop and I could easily flip the switch like a James Bond villain. I opted now to use a couple of zip ties to mount it a leg of the frame. I still need to do a little clean up but it works great.I would note though that when you’re placing the frame against your desk to predrill holes consider that the large feet may overhang the front or back of your desk. So if you want your desk close to a wall for instance, you will want to think about that and measure before you mount it.All and all I think this is worth the price and I am very satisfied with the purchase.

  2. Charles

    Overall awesome!I bought this to get out of my chair. Decided to go with a frame and top of my choosing (Lorell Active Office Relevance Table Top (under $60) )- Arrived as and when expected- It was well packaged- A bit on the heavy side, but manageable- It is well constructed- Assembly took time but wasn’t too difficult. You’ll need some basic skills and tools (screwdriver, drill)- Raises/lowers evenly and smoothly (see problem encountered below)- Motor swirl is noticeable, but not annoying or grating. It doesn’t take too long to move between positions.- Remains at height once set (doesn’t drift down)- Surprisingly stable at the heights I prefer (41.6 &43.4″). It wiggles a little, but not enough to matter.- Electronics work fine. Three memory spots. I have them set for all the way down and two elevated positions. Nice to be able to hit a button. Some have complained that it takes two pushes it the unit is “asleep”. For me this this is not a problem. I actually prefer to save the power, albeit a small contribution.- Built in timer to remind you to move, walk or whatever you do. 30 minute increments up to 2 hours.I had a problem when lowering. It would “lope” coming down. Sometimes resistance was high enough to make it stop. Contacted the company through their website (24 Jul 2020). Within a couple of days they contacted me with things I could do to diagnose the problem. Nothing major, just narrowing it down. Turns out the right leg had a problem inside. They sent me a replacement and a return label for the original leg. Leg arrived today (30 Jul 2020). Replaced it and the problem is gone. They were incredible to work with! I really like this desk. It works well, is well constructed, stable and has been reliable. The company was amazing to work with. I am still surprised at how small movements can make a huge difference. If you are looking for a frame, look no further!

  3. RyanK

    Great sturdy legs at a fantastic value!This is a great set of standing desk legs at a fantastic value. I added these to my existing Ikea tabletop for my desk and I’m very happy I did. The legs have a great sturdy build and look nice an sleek as well. The instructions had a slight amount of vagueness, but once you see how to use the key in the first pages of the screw sizes it was a breeze. I had my tabletop legs removed and my new standing desk assembled on less than an hour. The instructions mention two people because of the weight of the cross bar assembly, bit I was able to assemble it myself with no issues. Just being careful with the slight weight.The functionality is also awesome, I have my standing and sitting height programmed for easy transition and I use the time button all the time to keep me switching between standing and sitting in intervals. It has a small him when moving positions but it isn’t what I’d consider loud. The transition is also nice and smooth, while also the button controller works great as well. (Initial press does wake on the pad, so you tap a button twice if it’s been asleep, but this isn’t a big deal to me. It’s a quick double tap.) Also, the built in cord management underneath is a great bonus and convenient.These legs are great quality and also a great value for your money. I also love the flexibility of adding my own existing desktop or swapping it out later if I decide to change decor or the desktop gets dinged up.If you are looking at a standing desk, I highly recommend these legs as an option. Would definitely buy again.

  4. Jim Kirkbride

    Great for Modifying an Existing DeskDue to COVID I’ve been working from home for the last year and anticipate doing so for at least another year. I had a standing desk back in the office, and after a year of working at my regular (non-standing) desk at home I decided I needed to get back to a standing desk.I have a pretty big foldable wooden desk (72″ x 33″ x 3/4″), and I couldn’t find a cost-effective standing desk solution that would let me keep the size of desk I wanted. I found this frame and decided to go for it as it would cost way less than trying to get a complete solution.The assembly isn’t too bad if you’re comfortable with making measurements to line the frame up with the desk and using a drill. I removed the existing folding legs from my desk and was able to install the frame in about an hour on my own. From a sturdiness standpoint, it does have a little bit of a wobble, but I think that is probably due to the size of the desk I’m using.The motor works like a champ. By the way, if you’re researching and wondering if you should get a dual-motor or single (this is a single motor), get the single motor. The dual motor only introduces another point of failure, and the desk would be useless unless they’re both working.The only annoyance is that you have to tap the up or down button twice to get adjust the desk, but I imagine that was intended as a feature and not a bug.This is a pretty great product overall, and I’m extremely happy with how my desk works. I can stand and look out of my window as I’m working now.

  5. Brice

    Enjoying it. Here are some tipsI purchased this about 2 months ago and just got around to putting it together. I find myself using it to stand about 40% of the workday and have really enjoyed that.The unit is pretty sturdy. It does have a little wobble when fully extended but I have it spaced out as far as it will go.Here are some tips that would have helped me know.1. the legs will support a pretty long desk. I have a 6 foot one that is about 2.5 feet wide. At first, I tried to stretch the legs out as far as they would go but the drive shaft does not stretch as far out as the legs so before you screw it to your desk check to make sure you have not stretched out pas the drive shaft length.2. You have to hold the button down for about 2 seconds before it activates. when I first started using it (attempting to use it) I would press the button and think it did not work. The delay is not big deal after you realize you have to hold it but I legit thought the motor did not work.Overall I have been happy with the desk. It serves it’s purpose and seems like a good value for around 200 bucks.

  6. GottaGetTheGear

    Wow! Better Than Expected.Build quality is extremely solid with great attention to detail for the price point. Assembly was also much easier than expected, in total I think there were like less than 10 parts to assemble together and the instructions were easy to understand. I was concerned about going with a single motor model and will update the review if anything goes wrong but so far the desk raises and lowers with ease and I don’t expect to have any issues. They even included hardware for mounting the top and it worked great even on my relatively thin top! Very happy with this purchase. I also have a monitor tree from them and that product has been exceeding expectations for years.

  7. Brent

    Could Easily Be a 5 Star with a Tweak to the InstructionsThe stand is great. It is sturdy and fairly easy to assemble. I put a seven foot by three foot walnut wood top on it. It is absolutely awesome and beautiful.I didn’t realize that the controller had three programable positions. This is great because we needed a sitting position and 2 standing positions.The only complaint I have is that the instructions are lacking just a couple of things. For instance, the max width to expand the frame is NOT called out. If you’re not going to call that out, put your stop in a location to limit how far the consumer can expand it.And, the controller placement is a little weak. A little more guidance on the limits for the controller placement would be helpful.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Does it’s job welllike the expandability. If it’s a solo set up for large displays or multi display set ups I’d recommend a leg set that can support more or keep PC off desk

  9. D. WOLF

    Solid Electric LiftI had to set up my remote office for the COVID-19 response and I need an “electrically adjustable” stand up desk.I have a 67″ wide, heavy desk top that is about 30″ deep and 1.5″ thick. I’m guessing it weighs about 80+ lbs. I was afraid it would be too heavy for the frame, but once I got it all assembled this frame is solid & stable, the top doesn’t move/wiggle around at all. I have screens and other “office” stuff on it.You have to assemble the frame, you’ll need some tools. Its packaged very well, instructions were easy. I took my time, and made sure everything was done right. No regrets, this thing is high quality.I have a “commercial” grade electric stand up desk in my office. It cost about 3.5 times what this thing cost. I can honestly say this unit is as good, if not better than the professionally installed one I use in my office.

  10. Michael L Smith

    Nice product, arrived quickly and great customer serviceThe product arrived in just a couple of days, was relatively easy to assemble. I had a problem with not being able to set the memory on the controller which I had read a lot of not so great reviews on multiple controller so it was disappointing when I tried to set the memory buttons and it didn’t work. I contacted the seller via Amazon seller feedback, and they responded a few hours later with a simple procedure (turns out I was holding the “M” button instead of a quick tap being required). I tried it and it worked perfectly. A simple statement in the instructions would have remedied, but they were very responsive and accurate in the remediation. My only complaint is that the mechanism is not as “smooth” as I am used to, but it works great!

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