Walker Edison Industrial Modern Wood Universal TV Stand with Cabinet Doors for TV’s up to 80″ Living Room Storage Shelves

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Product details

Mounting Type Floor Standing
Movement Type Tilt
Brand Walker Edison
Material Wood
TV Size 65 Inches
Color Charcoal
  • Accommodates most flat-panel TVs up to 65 in
  • Four large storage drawers and private cabinet
  • Ample storage space for components and media
  • Solid, sturdy stand supports 250 lbs.
  • Ships ready-to-assemble
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What’s old is new again with this urban reclaimed 70 in TV stand. Console features four drawers and concealed cabinet for ample media storage. Its vast size combined with style and function accommodates most flat-panel TVs up to 70 in. Constructed of powder-coated steel with a charcoal grey finish, offer a beautiful two-toned finish for a desirable piece.

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Walker Edison Furniture living room kitchen tv stand coffee side table bunk bed patio dining

Walker Edison Furniture living room kitchen tv stand coffee side table bunk bed patio dining

Walker Edison Furniture living room kitchen tv stand coffee side table bunk bed patio dining

Walker Edison Furniture living room kitchen tv stand coffee side table bunk bed patio dining

Walker Edison Furniture living room kitchen tv stand coffee side table bunk bed patio dining

Additional information

Weight 121 kg
Dimensions 16 × 71 × 22 cm
Product Dimensions

16 x 71 x 22 inches

Item Weight

121 pounds



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Material Care Instructions

Wipe With Cloth

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Warranty Description

30 day manufacturer defect.

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Included Components

Hardware pack


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10 reviews for Walker Edison Industrial Modern Wood Universal TV Stand with Cabinet Doors for TV’s up to 80″ Living Room Storage Shelves

  1. D. Hayes

    Great, High Quality StandSummary:I bought this television stand (as well as the matching media towers) after searching for stands with a large middle shelf to hold my center channel speaker. I was prepared to make compromises to have the shelf but after buying this stand I am happy to say that I’m very pleased not only for the center shelf but the overall design and quality.Delivery:Delivery is a little tricky, at least at the time of my order. The item requires 1-2 days of processing time before it ships so it’s difficult to plan for its arrival. I often order things based on when they will arrive and if you want this item to arrive on a Friday you may need to order on Monday or Tuesday to get two-day shipping for Friday. For me, it only took a single day to process and ship so my “two day” shipping was only three including the processing time.As a note, these items, despite their size, were left outside of my front door (like most Amazon packages). The box is large and heavy so it isn’t the easiest thing to walk off with but I made sure to run home on my lunch break anyway to put it inside. Also, the item ships from the manufacturer in Utah in it’s regular (non-generic) box.Assembly:If you’ve ever assembled a piece of IKEA furniture this will seem very familiar. It’s your typical cam lock and wooden dowel assembly with a few screws thrown in. Assembly however is a bit more involved than some other items I’ve put together. There are 25 pieces, not including hardware, and 22 steps to assembly. All of the pieces are labeled, including the hardware, which is a huge help. You don’t have to guess which piece of hardware the image is referring to. They even include glue for the dowels. The instructions are pretty clear with pictures and an explanation sentence with each step but there are a couple of confusing moments. Steps 8 and 9 aren’t drawn correctly and it will look like two of your pieces were cut too long. Once you try to assemble it you’ll realize the pieces are the proper length and are supposed to go over another piece rather than abut it (if that makes sense). There is also another step, and unfortunately I do not remember the number, where the holes in the piece are reversed in the image.I found it more time consuming than other items I’ve assembled but not overly difficult. In total, it took me a little over two hours to assemble the stand by myself.Design:My primary motivation for buying this stand was the large center shelf that could hold my center channel speaker. The shelf is 28”W x 8.5”H x 15.5”D. Secondly, I really liked the idea of a TV stand that wasn’t your typical black or brown wood. The grey and black color scheme looks very nice in person and adds an extra level of distinction.In addition to the center shelf there is a drawer and two cabinets. These are only appropriate for storage as there are no cutouts in the panels behind them. If you need more space than the center shelf (which has a cutout) you’ll need one or two of the matching media towers. As I have a lot of items I purchased two media towers to flank the main stand.As the stand is rather wide there are two support feet underneath that you can’t see from the front (they aren’t as obvious as they are in the product image). They’re small and discrete and should make sure that the stand never sags in the middle from holding a large television. Right now I have it holding a 55″ LCD though it can hold up to 60″.The only fault I have with the design is that there are no rubber feet on the bottom of the metal legs, despite there being little holes where they could fit. It seems like a glaring omission considering they put thought into several other aspects. Anyone with HARDWOOD FLOORS BEWARE. If you drag it instead of picking it up you WILL damage your floors.Overall I am very satisfied. The lack of rubber feet is minor since you generally don’t move the stand very often. It looks good, serves my purposes and seems like it will last a long time. I would recommend the stand to anyone who wants something that is priced well, looks different, and has the room to accommodate it.

  2. C

    Great for the priceFor size reference, the picture of the tv stand is with a 31.5 inch TLC sound bar, and 75 inch LG TV.Build time is probably 90-120 minutes. It’s furniture, it is what it is.The product is overall good, but there could definitely be a couple improvements. The final build quality is solid. All the parts came well packaged and not damaged. The instructions were easy to understand as well. We have enough room inside it to include various board games, and even has enough room in the middle shelf for a game console with all accessories.I am also quite happy that this was delivered 2 days early, considering it’s a week before Christmas and the supply chain issues (Let’s Go Brandon!)The problem I have with it is that because holes for the doors and drawers were not drilled correctly during manufacturing, the doors and drawers are not satisfactory to me. I’ve attached pictures. You can see how those parts don’t line up or are crooked. Again, the parts themselves are solid, just don’t fit right. Second problem for me is, the reason for the somewhat shoddy production, “Made in China”. Low quality labor usually gets you low quality results. Next time, I’d like to see the company put “Made Proudly in the USA”.Some tips for assembly. Anytime you have to use the tiny screws, you will need to get a thin drill bit to drill guide holes about 2-3 mm in. Otherwise you will not be able to screw them in by hand. All the rest of the big screws you can easily do by hand (though I recommend just using a power drill anyway, just be careful not to strip the screws). The instructions are better than IKEA, but a couple of the drawings can trip you up. Look things over carefully before assembling each step. One thing that is cool is they include two spare pieces of particle board for packaging, which are great to give you something solid when working the screws by hand if you’re building on carpet.Do I recommend this product? Absolutely.

  3. Steve

    Great buyCharcoal Color 70 inch. My overall rating is going to be 4 and a half. My stand arrived a few days late but no big deal. I was more worried about the product being damaged during the delivery process, especially with the reviews and photos I’ve seen from other customers. The product was actually well packaged and handled with care for my delivery. Inside was an extra set of wood and styrofoam to protect the product. Came with instructions and all the parts needed along with a tool and some glue. Everything is labeled correctly, but always look at the picture to be sure everything is being assembled correctly, some holes I did have to create myself because the actual lining was wrong/off. If you’re someone who doesn’t have any experience putting things together this will be frustrating. My Item 12 had a defect, but I reached out to customer service from Walker and they were more than helpful to send me a replacement. And that actually arrived in three days. I did not use the 2 items labeled as 6 because it actually made the drawers look crooked. In my opinion I don’t think you even them. I wanted to give this product a 5 star, but with those few things I came across I couldn’t because I know most people depend on a review to help guide them with a decision. Hope this comes of help! Now I just gotta upgrade my TV 📺😂

  4. Jennifer Thielen

    Satisfied with My Purchase!I ended up not putting the cabinet doors on because I liked the open look. I would recommend anyone get a partner to do the assembly with. This TV console is hard to put together! But I love the look of it and it was worth the price and the effort. Now I just have to get a bigger TV lol!

  5. Samuel

    Not bad but not great eitherSomeone the stuff is a little off on the left side the wood is not correctly leveled but overall it’s ok the black handles came with a little scratch like 4 of them but it looks nice

  6. Jason Gift Giver

    Unit came packages nicely, end product is as expected. Definitely want two people to carry the box.I took about 2-3 hours to fully assemble the unit. Directions were decent but some pictures were too small or didn’t adequately illustrate which direction some items were to be installed. Unit is heavy and will require two people to move the box and most likely the end product.

  7. AW

    Good stand but has flaws.Overall, not a bad stand for the money but does have it’s issues. I actually have a TV already wall mounted and was looking for a stand that was longer than the TV but also not too tall as to hit the TV on the wall. This stand was a good size for that.Pros:-Drawers and Doors. Cleanly conceals everything. Easy to organize with 4 drawers.-Contents are packed well. No damage upon arrival for a 140lb+ box. (Thanks Fedex!)-The back-covering comes in 3 parts so you have options. I installed the backing behind the drawers on both sides but left the center piece(behind the doors) open in order to hide more stuff.Cons:-Waaay too many pieces and hardware. This stand has got to be the most time consuming furniture assembly I’ve ever done. Took over 4 hours to assemble by myself. I could’ve changed a thermostat housing on a Mini Cooper if given 1 more hour(for those in the know). Instructions say not to use power tools but I started using them half way through the assembly because just way too many screws. Make sure you have a friend to help, power tools, and organize all parts when unpacking. Pay attention to all little details in instruction diagrams(hole-position, notches, etc etc). One person can build the frame while the other builds all the drawers.-Misalignment. The doors in the middle have spacers that you adjust by tightening and loosening with a screw driver. The drawers on the right side are misaligned but don’t know how you would adjust them. This may be due to the fact that the drawer track has to be installed on the drawer and the stand’s frame separately.*Edit: I was able to realign the drawers by removing the drawers, taking the screws out and re-drilling the screws into different holes in the track.

  8. OrderCheer

    Final Look & Utility Worth The HasslesTop defective, requested replacement of top only which was not possible, entire unit had to be returned and new unit sent. Customer service was excellent. Replacement unit arrived before the first unit was picked up for return. Replacement unit was missing a couple of parts and some other pieces were scratched or had “rub” marks. Used the best pieces from the original and replacement units. Very tedious and labor intensive to put together because of the many parts and fasteners. Pictures only instructions with no wording to make installation of cam locks and door hinge adjustment easier. Interior walls and drawer parts could be thicker. Hinges could be a stronger. Some pilot holes were out of alignment with corresponding parts. Some were off enough I could drill correct pilot holes but others were just a little off preventing me from doing so. Even with pilot hole problems, the unit did fit together well enough. Metal support on one end not even across top and drawers did not open & close as freely as they should, probably due to the misaligned pilot holes. How drawers and hinges hold up only time will tell. Excellent surface finish and visual design. Once assembled, the unit is very nice looking and heavy giving it a substantial feel. Final look and utility of the unit made it a worthwhile purchase even with the hassles involved.

  9. Kathy Kubo

    Very pleased with this consoleI was hesitant to buy based on some of the reviews. However, I am limited on my choices as many things will not ship to Hawaii. I wanted to match my desk, looked at several gray oak options, and went with this one because of the simplicity of the design and it looked sturdy. Yes, it was a little harder to put together, but in my opinion, it is well worth the time. As you can see from the photo. I opted to leave the two doors off and use the shelf to display some of my many owls. We put the TV on the ledge right behind it, and for reference, our TV is a 40 inch. This says it will hold up to a 60 inch TV, but I’m sure it would hold larger, as the feet of a TV are never as wide as the TV itself. It is very sturdy, feels high quality to me, and I am very happy with how it looks. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality entertainment center, and who does have a little more patience for assembling.

  10. Ken Caldwell

    I like the look and the colorI like the look and the color. It is nothing more than what you would get at Walmart or a similar store. Looking at the instruction booklet I originally thought it would be straight forward. Everything was well marked and all the parts/pieces were present. Even so, it was more time consuming than what I was expecting. It took my adult daughter multiple hours to complete. The instructions took some time to figure out but do yourself a favor and rely heavily on the pictures/instructions. We thought we were being very methodical but still ended up putting two drawer slides on the wrong way. Had to lay down and flip them. Not too hard to rectify but definitely a pain. The biggest difficulty came when we installed the drawers. They would not go in correctly and after some staring at the unit, we were able to figure out that the piece which separates the drawers was flawed. Some misaligned wholes from the manufacturer caused the piece to be installed in a canted fashion and the drawer would not go in flush. This resulted in us having to disassemble the end pieces of the unit (the most difficult part of the install), measure, drill new holes for the cam bolt and the dowel rod, and re-install. This was a big pain and I would NOT recommend this product to a friend. Both pieces were drilled exactly the same which leads me to the conclusion that the jig at the factory was set up wrong. If the holes were where they should have been it would not have been bad. Our unit was defective and I would not roll the dice on this again!

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