Walker Edison Malcomb Urban Industrial 4 Door Metal Mesh TV Console for TVs up to 65 Inches, 60 Inch, Rustic Oak

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  • Dimensions: 28” H x 15.75” D x 60” L
  • Top surface supports up to 150 Ibs. and shelves support up to 30 Ibs. each
  • 4 adjustable shelves for customizable organization
  • Supports TVs up to 65” and cord management port keeps cables tidy
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions
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As a multifunctional piece with shelves and plenty of table space, this storage console will make a great addition to your home. With a gorgeous blend of metal hardware, metal mesh doors, and durable laminate, the piece will add an urban industrial feel to your living room or bedroom. Can be used as a TV stand in your living space and hold all of your electronics and DVDs, or as a storage console in your bedroom where you can store anything from your book collection to your clothing items. Two separated cabinets on both sides of the large center cabinet let you easily separate your items out and keep organized. With adjustable shelving and cord management feature, this console will make a useful piece to your home.

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Weight 102 kg
Dimensions 60 × 15.75 × 28.12 cm
Product Dimensions

60 x 15.75 x 28.12 inches

Item Weight

102 Pounds



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Warranty Description

30 day limited manufacturer warranty.

Number of Shelves


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Included Components

Legs Frame Shelves Doors Hardware Pack


Walker Edison

10 reviews for Walker Edison Malcomb Urban Industrial 4 Door Metal Mesh TV Console for TVs up to 65 Inches, 60 Inch, Rustic Oak

  1. mike

    TrashBought this unit to replace an old Ikea cabinet that didn’t have as much shelf space. I’m not sure if the other reviews on this product come from a time when the price was much, much lower, or the build quality was much, much higher, but honestly the $300 Ikea cabinet we had was better than this thing.For starters—the unit is not 28″ tall. It’s just over 26″. We actually counted on that, because 26″ was the height we wanted. Other websites like Overstock and Wayfair had identical cabinets with different names with the correct height listed, so we chanced it.We obviously knew we weren’t getting a $2k media console for ~$450+tax, but we at least assumed we’d be getting something of some kind of quality, whether it was ease-of-build, sturdiness, or something that looked nice at a distance, or at least up close. We got none of those.The unit was packaged well, every piece was intact with no structural damage, even after getting tossed around by Amazon. Still, the finish on the top of the unit had some gnarly gashes on it right out of the box. The bottom shelf (the one that would never be visible to anyone) was pristine. It seems dumb now, but at the time but we paid about $120 extra for the darker brown finish than what we would have paid for the lighter brown finish.As far as building the thing, nothing fit exactly. Other reviews are right, the directions are really not clear on what’s the front or rear of each piece. Having read all those warnings, we scrutinized each piece before putting it into place, it was like a “spot the difference between these two pictures” exercise, with us looking for the tiniest speck on the instructions that represented an asymmetry to indicate a proper orientation. We managed to make it through without having to deconstruct and flip any pieces, but there were absolutely some moments were we had something in place and flipped it after noticing the instructions had ONE tiny hole represented where ours didn’t.All of the cheap metal needed to be bent into place, exposing gaps elsewhere. Tightening stuff and actually putting it together went pretty smoothly, until we got to the rear panels. It was impossible to get proper leverage on any of the screws due to bad threading, cheap screws and poor design. The doors were a nightmare, see the tips I wrote below.The magnets designed to hold the doors closed are the cheapest craft store parts I’ve ever come across, and the screws to hold them in place are too wide for the holes they’re meant for. They barely have enough strength to hold the doors shut.One of the metal cage doors had handle holes drilled a few mm off, which is not just an annoying thing to look at—you can’t fully close the door with it off center like that, and there’s nothing you can do to fix it, besides order a replacement part, which…see below.This build wasn’t impossible like a lot of the reviews say, but there are a few tips for putting it together that I wish I’d had:-Look CLOSELY at the directions. The details on what makes the front of a part the front are extremely subtle, but they are depicted in the illustrations. It’s usually something as small as a little dot on one side of the piece in the picture, which represents a hole that is super easy to miss in real life.-The rear panels can be flipped upside down if desired. This is particularly useful if you’re going to be running cables from something in an upper or lower shelf. It’s extremely silly that there aren’t two ports per panel, because you essentially lose the ability to run cables to one shelf in the outer left or right with just a single port.-For the phillips head screws, use the largest driver head you can find. We thought it could be done with simply a phillips driver that fit securely, but the resistance offered by the poorly drilled holes made it impossible to tighten them. Until I switched to a larger bit, it was impossible to turn the screws in the holes, and even after getting a better tool, it required much, much more elbow-grease than I’ve ever had to exert when putting together something with pre-drilled holes. Maybe a powerful drill would have been better, but with the rear panels, there was no way to tighten the screws with that amount of resistance at that angle, regardless of what tool you use.The only reason it wasn’t returned immediately was because repacking this thing would have been a nightmare, and it would feel terrible if it was one of those situations where Amazon says “ok we’ll refund you, just throw it out.”I contacted the manufacturer over five days ago about all of the above, and was instructed to file a part replacement request. Which I did, but then heard nothing back. I’m not even sure what parts I would request replacements for? Obviously the door with the incorrectly drilled holes, but are the rest of the screw holes supposed to be this poorly drilled? Are there different screws that should have come with this thing? Is there a better fitting door magnet? Would they replace the top of the unit that came with all those finish issues? Do I need new metal frame pieces because of how crooked the doors are no matter how many adjustments I make?I would have rather paid 2-3x the amount we paid for this unit for something of actual quality. For the price, you can absolutely find something better, and if you’re looking for a product this bad you can definitely find something equivalent for less money.If there was a simple way to return this piece of trash, I would have done it. Skip this thing and buy something with a price that matches its quality.

  2. Harry Neevus

    Good enough for costFor the money, it’s not bad. No trouble putting this together by myself. Over all it serves its purpose well. It’s a good match with other furniture we have but it’s not solid wood. The finish is a photograph of a wood pattern. That means a slight scratch or rub will really show. I would not recommend this if you have toddlers and want to keep this piece in good shape. If you’re careful, it will last as long as you want it too.

  3. Jodie Kavanagh

    Thumbs Up but…So I have a mixed review, but read on. First and foremost, I very much appreciated how carefully each part was stickered so that it was easy to know which part was which….each solid piece is labeled clearly and the screws come in their own labeled bag…so well done there.The first few steps are SUPER EASY, and I thought “well this is going really great” until I got to the step where you attached the metal panels to the back of the piece. You have to contort your body to screw these tiny black metal screws into the black metal frame in an inside piece which makes the whole thing really dark and hard to see. It is an extremely difficult step, and I found that the holes in the metal frame were not well drilled. So after several minutes of frustration, cursing, contemplating my humanity and almost losing a relationship, I got out the power drill with a Philips head attachment and just forced them in – that worked.The last major step, attaching the doors, was fairly easy but it definitely takes two people – one to hold the doors and one to attach them.Overall, very happy with this piece and very pleased with the labeling and directions, but that one step is a killer. So be prepared with copious amounts of alcohol, a flashlight, and a drill.

  4. James Malcolm

    BEST BAR CART EVER!In love with this furniture, it gives my house a better look

  5. Wh0v1an

    Great TV Console-pain in the @$$ to build!!Ok….you ever hear the saying “start with the end in mind”? You may as well start from the end of the manual and work yourself forward…Just when i though i was almost done building it i realized that the instructions/pics left something out that required me to disassemble the unit almost entirely in order to flip shelves over and swap sides. I had to do this twice so what should have probably taken an hour to built took twice as long.That being said I (grudgingly due to the aforementioned issues) absolutely love this console for my game room. It fits all my consoles and some peripherals and it keeps everything looking tidy. The height was perfect for what i needed (less than 33″ high and more than 25″) and also goes well with the room. Only thing i wish they had was another opening for cables on the bottom of the back panel and not just the one on the top since the middle shelves split the area in each cubbie. Other than that it’s a great console and worth the money for the quality alone.

  6. Ashley F

    LOOOVEI wanted something different for my living room that would more so hid the stuff on the shelves. I am big into the industrial look and this was perfect. I love the doors on it, easy to install. Looks great.

  7. Sarah L.

    Looks great in the office!We bought some industrial style bookshelves with black wire mesh but still needed additional office storage. This went really well with the shelves!When assembling…..be very careful when looking at the photo instructions. There is a BACK and a FRONT to the first 6 pieces. (Back = the side closest to wall) I wish there had been enlarged spotlight illustrations for me to better see. We had to un-asssrmble to fix our error and it added a lot of time to the assembly.

  8. Edgardo Portillo

    So close to figeI’d give it 5 stars but the only problem I have is the sturdiness of the doors. Besides that, all is good

  9. Amazon Customer

    These instructions…. SHEESHHH – 4 door tv version 60″As many have said, these instructions are not great. Watch out for putting things in backwards and adding screws before they’re needed. But man, does it look great and feel hella sturdy. I’ll probably buy the smaller cabinet too – for a booze bar

  10. Dane VanderNat

    Great design and larger than anticipatedJust received, assembled and stocked this bar and couldn’t be more pleased! Great assembly design, very sturdy and fairly easy to assemble by just me. Quality of the materials is good and came well packaged without any defects. Both the shelf and below are able to accommodate tall bottles of liquor, which was my biggest concern, and I have room to spare with it’s surprising amount of storage space. Very pleased!

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