Walker Edison Modern 4 Drawer Sliding Door Wood Cabinet Buffet Entryway Serving Storage Cabinet Doors Dining Room Console, 59

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Brand Walker Edison
Color Dark Walnut
Material Engineered Wood, Alloy Steel
Product Dimensions 19.75″D x 59″W x 32″H
Special Feature Lockable
  • 32″ H x 59″ L x 19.75″ W
  • Made of warp-resistant and high-grade MDF and durable laminate
  • 4 Drawers and 2 Sliding Slat Doors for Customizable Storage
  • Includes cord management ports and accommodates TVs up to 65”
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions
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Channel an air of a sophisticated mystery in your living room with this urban sideboard. All your guests will admire the two unique slat doors that hide games for the party, dishes for dinner, or the next clue. They will expect the butler to come around the corner when you open one of the four attractive drawers with cutout handles to reveal drinks. They may even forget why they came when they notice the retro, steel angled legs and two adjustable shelves. And you can just sit back and enjoy the high-end party with a smirk knowing your secret to excellent modern home decor is safe with us. Place in the kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom to fit your refined storage needs.

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entertainment center bar cabinet liquor cabinet sideboards and buffets with storage modern

entertainment center bar cabinet liquor cabinet sideboards and buffets with storage modern

Dark Walnut



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Additional information

Weight 99.8 kg
Dimensions 19.75 × 59 × 32 cm

Walker Edison


Dark Walnut


Engineered Wood Alloy Steel

Special Feature


Mounting Type

Floor Mount


59 Inch

Door Style


Included Components

Frame Doors Hardware Pack Drawer


59 Inch

Number of Doors


Number of Drawers




Number of Shelves


Number of Pieces


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash

Base Type


Assembly Required


Product Dimensions

19.75 x 59 x 32 inches, 19.75D x 59W x 32H

Item Weight

99.8 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Warranty Description

30 day limited manufacturer warranty.

Batteries Required



Walker Edison

10 reviews for Walker Edison Modern 4 Drawer Sliding Door Wood Cabinet Buffet Entryway Serving Storage Cabinet Doors Dining Room Console, 59

  1. Ashley

    Beautiful piece IF it arrives undamagedThis console is a beautiful mid century modern piece, however it is very fragile and breaks easily. I’ve ordered this 3 times now. The first time it arrived in good condition. When we moved, our movers unfortunately broke it at the base. Since I loved the piece so much, I ordered a new one, but on delivery day the carrier immediately cancelled it and returned it back to manufacturer since it was a completely damaged package. The entire package is incredibly heavy, and without proper care or manpower, the items are easily breakable. So once again, I was bummed but determined to order AGAIN. The new package finally arrived and to my horror, several of the pieces were disheveled and not secured well, and the main base piece was cracked/busted making it the 3rd broken order. I guess it’s my own fault for being stubborn and loving the style of the piece, or maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling me to find a different one..but I am so sad to accept defeat. I reached out to the manufacturer Walker Edison to see if there’s any way they can just send the broken parts that I need…it’s been 7 days since I sent my inquiry and I haven’t heard back yet. I’m hoping it’s just delayed a bit and that they will make it right since my opportunity to refund through Amazon is limited and expires soon.Anyways – the piece overall is cool when it’s not broken and arrives in good shape. It almost seems like it needs to be shipped in a couple different packages to reduce the weight of it all together.I’ll update my review once I hear back from the manufacturer to see if my saga will continue…*****UPDATE 9/24*****I was finally able to get ahold of the manufacturer by calling them. Wait time in the phone was approximately 10mins, so not too long. I’m glad I called because it seems like they may have missed my email inquiry that was submitted through their website. Anyways, I spoke with a nice representative by the name of Charlie and he was very understanding and pleasant and they were able to process a replacement order for the damaged piece. They offered to send a whole new set at no cost but I opted for the replacement piece just because the package is super heavy and I’m concerned it will be broken again. A lot of the issue lies with the postal carrier not properly handling the package due to the weight – I suggested they should look into shipping the item in a couple different packages just to reduce the amount of weight. Charlie said he would make note for them to package it with extra cushioning.I’ve received shipping confirmation that they’ve sent out the replacement part. Fingers crossed it arrives in good shape and I can get to building it soon!

  2. VeniViciVidi

    Amazon customer service deserves a one starThe piece itself is just what I wanted. Assemblage wasn’t horrendous but I did run into several issues. The screws for the sliders are tiny and fragile. Also it is VITAL the slide inner bar is positioned to the front. so even if the holes are in the wrong place, make new holes so your drawer will close properly and your panels will slide across. When it says predrilling would help, THEY are not kidding. Especially as it also says to not to use power tools. You can use power tools if you go slowly and don’t predrill. The instruction manual needs clarification on steps 3 and the step for the plastic wedges. Walker Edison is fairly decent in responding to inquiries. Amazon on the other hand (while the people working the phones are helpful ) the actual results are NOT. Instead of sending replacements they wanted to send an entire new box where I would have had to take out the pieces that had been damaged in shipment, repack it’s and wait for pick up. This is NOT a light piece. The box it came in was TRASHED. So I’m left with a nice, but DAMAGED piece of furniture. I’m too disgusted with the games Amazon wants to play in order to make it right. Three of the pieces damaged in shipment are back pieces. I can deal with that. The top will be a bummer to see, but hopefully with paint I won’t notice it every time. It’s a shame as the actual piece of furniture is lovely for a pressed wood pre fab diy item. Other than the four hours it took to assemble by myself, the damaged top, and the shabby customer service of Amazon I am pleased. Had the piece been better packaged or shipped in two separate boxes maybe it would have arrived intact.

  3. Tony Pepenella

    Read the instructions and move slowlyEasy enough to assemble if you have moderate mechanical skills. Unit has a nice look when complete, however because it’s joined with cam locking system, I would not expect this item to last under daily repeated usage or more than 1 move. As an occasional cabinet with infrequent use (I’m using as a storage center for family photo albums) it’ll work just fine.

  4. Jenna Swatt

    Cheap but good starter furnitureCons: Came in a very damaged box and cheap enough material that the pieces inside were damaged. It took my roommate and I 3 and a half hours to put together.Pros: Lots of storage, adjustable shelf height, looks great if you dont look too closelyBasically, for the price, its perfectly serviceable

  5. Amazon Customer

    Love!!This is a great product for the price. The surface is fairly easy to scratch, but that’s an easy fix with some kind of wood protector.

  6. William Stevens

    Looks great in the advertisement — but ads are never honest20220227 — This is definitely NOT quality furniture. It was very heavy, and cost more than most of the on-line furniture, but weight and cost don’t translate into quality.It looks great in the promotional photos, but the quality is no more than IKEA.Finish is veneer, not wood veneer, some kind of plastic veneer. Very nice color, but not wood.Material is pressboard composite, very soft, heavy, but not very strong. I was extra careful with it, but even knowing how this stuff is, I still over-tightened a few screws, which leaves the screw turning without biting into anything.Assembly. Putting this thing together is an all-day project. It took me about 5 hours, and I’ve put a lot of furniture together. If this had been my first time, it would have been about 8 hours. The instructions leave a lot to be guessed at. If you have one of these units, read carefully, read ahead, and give yourself plenty of time. The feet were not so easy to install, especially one of the middle feet, which I ended up not installing at all because the mount point was too far away from the foot base, so the bolt could not reach. The high amount of variation (high tolerances) does not result in a well-put-together unit.Final product. There is _nothing_ in the design of this product that ensures anything lines up or is square. The unit is complicated, with 2 shelves, 4 drawers, and 2 sliding front covers that roll on wheels. All of these things need to be installed just so to get everything lined up. That is completely up to you, as there is nothing in the assembly components that help with making things line up or keeping anything square.Drawer assembly. The drawers have fairly normal slide rails, but the instructions are not clear on which way to put them in. As I said above, read ahead to make sure you completely understand where things go. The rails control how well things line up, but the type of rails provided do not give any method to ensure that the rails are all aligned. The end result, even with patient adjusting, is the drawers do not line up well.Overall, it is low quality — it will look OK if you don’t look at it too closely, and it will hold things, but don’t expect much beyond that. It is quite rickety, and will not survive being moved.20220305 Update. I contacted the manufacturer about the problem with the middle leg. The only way to contact the manufacturer is through their website form. No one from the company ever called me back. It has been 7 days now. I didn’t expect an immediate response, but a week is too long.In the meantime, the unit is starting to sag in the spot where the leg is missing. I am dropping it to one star because the manufacturer never got back to me and because the unit is so flimsy it sags with one leg missing. To be clear, the unit has 6 legs, 1 at each corner plus two in the middle. One leg missing should not cause a system failure. I am very sorry I bought this. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Keep looking.20220331 — the manufacturer got back to me, but to tell me they could not fix the problem. All they could offer was to send out another part, but even that they admit in their email probably won’t fix the problem. They also say they cannot send me the one single bolt I need to make it work, they can only send their pre-packaged items. So, in the end, no help, and the product remains defective.

  7. Kendra

    Quite a challengeI bought two of these, as we had a large space to fill and needed a lot of storage.They look great. The sliding door is super nice, as you don’t need to worry about having enough space for regular doors to open.They were a big challenge to assemble though for a couple of reasons:1) There’s a lot to screw together, like 60 fixtures to put together. Expect it to take around 6 hours.2) Both my deliveries (which came via UPS) had damage. One had maybe 4 damaged parts, and another maybe 2. I contacted the manufacturer who is out of stock and instructed me to contact Amazon, who sent out a new unit that I was to raid for parts and then return. The new unit was more damaged than the first 2, but fortunately I was able to make things work. It probably took me an hour just packing everything back in the box to return, working in the freezing cold garage as these things are incredibly heavy and I didn’t want to try to move it back outside myself. The problems all come down to poor packaging. They should have split the unit into a couple of separate boxes, as single boxes are just two darned heavy, and there wasn’t enough space for extra packaging to protect them.And finally, the sliding doors would not stay on on BOTH my units. I had to put black tape along the runner gutter to make it tight enough.

  8. Jayne S

    My second piece of walker Edison furniture and will be back for more.Great piece, used in my dining room.

  9. Shannon

    Nice to look at, but not functional.Took me about two hours to put this together. Instructions are pretty straight forward. The last piece of the instruction is putting on the doors. Unfortunately both of the doors have flaws and do not sit level causing issues with the functionality . The door on the left blocks the top drawer from opening. It’s not anything that can be fixed the doors just aren’t level. I have reached out to Walker Edison for a replacement part.

  10. Mindy

    Love the cabinet!!!!!Love the cabinet. Doors roll so smooth. Good quality

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