Wine Racks America Pine 72 Bottle Stackable. Unstained

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Brand Wine Racks America
Color (Unstained)
Material Pine
Product Dimensions 12.13″D x 26″W x 57″H
Assembly Required Yes
  • Dimensions: 57″(h) x 26″(w) x 12 1/8″(d). Four kits of wine racks for sale prices less than three of our 18 bottle Stackables! This rack gives you the ability to store 6 full cases of wine in one spot. Strong wooden dowels allow you to add more units as you need them. These DIY wine racks are perfect for young collections and expert connoisseurs.
  • Capacity: 72 Wine Bottles and Fits all 750ml Bottles
  • Minor Assembly Required, assembles in minutes with just a screwdriver.
  • All Wine Racks America products are designed for seamless integration with each other. This enables you to create your own entire seamless wine cellar with any and all Wine Racks America products. (Unlike the competition’s products that will not match up)
  • Proudly Made in the USA. Money Back Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty
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Product Description

72 bottle stackable wine rack next to a description of the Living Series.

72 bottle stackable wine rack with dimensions.

The 72 Stackable is a great way to store up to 6 cases of wine. Stores all 750ml bottle types.

Living Series logo.

Store A Little, Store A Lot! Add Racking As Your Collection Grows

Create an entire wine cellar with stackable, expandable racking from Wine Racks America. Its clever design allows you to add bottle capacity to your wine storage as your wine collection grows. Purchase multiple units to create flexible whole room wine racking. Perfect for under-the-stairs applications.

72 Bottle Stackable Wine Rack

Four 18 Bottle Sections Stack Securely With Recessed Wooden Dowels

  • DIMENSIONS & BOTTLE CAPACITY: 26”x57”x12 1/8” Holds 72 bottles (750ml), cork forward. Need more storage? Buy multiple units and stack up 5 high to complete your look.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA: Built with solid wood components and offered in three high-quality wood species (ponderosa pine, premium redwood, and knotty alder)
  • KEY FEATURES: Quality materials, hidden dowels, expandability
  • Perfect for home storage
  • Stacks and expands
  • Pine, knotty alder, or redwood
  • Made in the USA
  • Hardware and assembly instructions included
  • Perfect for DIY

Displays different wood types: Ponderosa Pine, Knotty Alder, and Premium Redwood

Demonstrates the assembly needed for the wine rack.

7 different stain choices: Natural, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Black, Burgundy, Greywash.

72 bottle stackable wine rack with wine bottles in a kitchen.

Benefits of Unstained Products

  • Unstained raw wood to fit any of your needs
  • Stain, paint, or leave it as is and let the natural beauty of the wood show
  • High quality, solid wood

Easy to Assemble

  • Easy assembly, screwdriver needed
  • Expandable to create your cellar dreams

Stain Choices

  • Offered in 7 different stain choices: Natural, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Black, Burgundy, and Greywash
  • Stain finish – protect and seal

Suits any Space

  • Perfect in the kitchen, pantry, or wine cellar
  • Space saving

Display of all the wine bottle sizes that fit (or don't) in the 72 bottle stackable wine rack.

Additional information

Weight 35.6 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 14 × 11 in
Package Dimensions

37 x 14 x 11 inches

Item Weight

35.6 pounds



Item model number


Date First Available

March 10 2016


Wine Racks America

10 reviews for Wine Racks America Pine 72 Bottle Stackable. Unstained

  1. Jim

    Good with minor quality and assembly issuesThis new rack is our “COVID-19 pandemic rack”. I usually don’t keep that much wine on hand but am now storing more since I am not doing any in-person shopping these days.First the good. This type of rack supports the entire bottle body and not just the neck and punt. Racks that support only the necks and punts are often less stable and a bottle slipping forward in a rack of that type can dislodge and even break bottles below. The spacing in this rack allows for chardonnay bottles and the super thick/heavy bottles that are common with expensive wines and which are now sometimes being used for mid-priced wines. Stability of this rack seems good but I still attached it to a wall stud with metal strapping and screws.Now the bad. Wood pieces of the same type were not all milled uniformly. The dowel holes for stacking multiple racks were not drilled uniformly and preciscly which means that it is obvious that multiple racks are stacked on top of each other. It was sometimes difficult to get the racks connected to each other due to the lack of uniformity of dowel hole placement.Now the worst which I might have noticed if I had not assembled this rack in a dimly lit storage room. I glued all the joints with Titebond glue since I wanted the rack to be strong and rigid. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the rack was listing to one side as I stacked the individual racks on top of each other. It’s not that noticeable but the side of the rack is bowed somewhat like the bottom of a boat. If I had noticed this after I had finished assembly, I would have laid the the rack on one of its sides and placed heavy weights on the rack side to force it to be plumb while the glue dried. It was too late when I noticed the problem the next day as the glue had already set.All and all, this is a pretty good rack of superior design – maybe the best on Amazaon. I certainly wouldn’t want to assemble this rack without using a power screw gun. When using a power screw gun, set the torque to very low to avoid stripping the holes in the soft pine wood.

  2. David Zizza

    Rack ’em, DanoAfter the recent passing of my brother, who had a substantial wine collection, it was decided to divide the collection amongst the three of us. I inherited about 75 bottles of wine and had no where to put them. One of the other recipients was looking at the N’FINITY Wine Rack Kit – 5 Column with Display from Wine Enthusiast and I checked out this rack from Wine Racks America. I will be first to tell you that I am no carpenter or even overly proficient with using power tools, but I have a brain and a set of basic tools. This rack was complete, packaged expertly, came with reasonably clear instructions and assembled in minutes using a corded hand drill with a screwdriver bit. While not stained and as nice looking as the WE rack, I was able to get the wine racked in no time, while the other person was still having trouble assembling their rack. My suggestion is if you plan on keeping it in the vertical orientation (it comes in 4 sections and can be arranged vertically or horizontally), you may wish to consider gluing or bracketing the sections together for added support as well as maybe strapping it to the wall if it is near one for just-in-case support. There was only one case of a wood sliver and maybe a couple of issues with minor dents, but that could have been me. I might take the time to stain it at some point, but it’s in a closet, so I am not showing it off much. It’s a great value for the price (which was more than $100 less than the WE). If you want a pre-finished option, they are also available, but this one worked fine for me.

  3. Robert G.

    Poor design, not sturdy, collapsedIt took me a couple of hours to assemble…and reassemble to make sure I had a tight fit for each shelf (sometimes you have to hammer the joints together before screwing). I had it standing for a couple of months fully stacked and loaded with 72 bottles of wine. I was a bit concerned when I saw some misalignment from one section to another, but I thought the dowels and screws would hold. Then tonight, I decided to organize my bottles into different sections. I just slid bottles in and out one at a time. Then, all of a sudden, the whole thing collapsed! Thankfully, I only lost about 5 or 6 bottles. When I looked at the mayhem I saw that dowels had snapped and screws had been pulled out of the soft pine. This design is very “wimbly”. Needs much more purchase (depth) in the screws and thicker dowels. I thought I would get quality made in America. What I got was not quality, but a cheap “price point”, poorly designed wine rack, which was more than double price of the junk made in China or wherever (Amazon doesn’t like to display where things come from, which also stinks). Very disappointed. Thank G-d I didn’t lose any expensive wines. But it made a hell of a mess and I cut my finger picking up the shards of glass. Also, glad it was in the unfinished part of the basement, with no carpeting!

  4. ARL

    Very well made, and pinot bottles fit comfortablyCouldn’t be happier with our new coat-closet-turned-wine-cellar. I bought the 72-bottle stackable racks, which went together quickly and easily. We drink a lot of pinot noir, so that was my first concern, and bottles fit perfectly. I thought the raw pine would look fine in the closet (and it did), but then, I decided to get fancy and stain it. A weekend later, I’m still kicking myself for not spending the extra money on a finished version in the first place. But if you too are a DIYer, buy gel stain to minimize drips on the 100+ pieces you’re going to have to paint, top and bottom. And don’t try to save time with a stain-and-polyurethane-in-one. It still takes 3 coats. On final assembly, I glued the dowels between the 4 sets and bolted the rack to the wall. It’s incredibly solid. We love the fact that bottles sit securely in the rack–no necks sticking out to jostle. Can’t wait to start filling it up.

  5. Cut and Run

    Well designed and builtI replaced metal racking that would not accommodate anything larger than a cabernet bottle. This rack accepts pinot and champagne bottles with ease. The design uses dado slots and screws for assembly, but I added wood glue for extra sturdiness. Stacked 12 rows high, it is solid.

  6. Amyofoz

    Great Customer Service, Beautiful RackI bought this to store my lambic beer, which are often in champagne style bottles. This works very well. Looks nice and easy to assemble. Seller had great communication. These are made to order, so it can take longer to arrive. But well worth the wait.This is not one tall rack, but rather four racks that stack together. This makes it slightly less sturdy than one tall rack, but I anchored mine to my walls and it works very well.

  7. Mark Salsbury

    Not SturdyUnfortunately after filling these racks with wine it became very clear that these racks are not very study. When filled with wine, you cannot stack more than one rack on top of one another without the top racks leaning over. You need to be very careful about where you store the racks and make sure they have support on both sides to prevent them from falling over. Recently after a year or so of use, one rack fell apart and the wine fell down on top of the lower rack. Since the lower rack was full of wine fortunately none of the bottles were broken. I am now spreading the wine out on the racks in alternating slots until I can replace these racks with studier racks.

  8. Boston

    Well made, in the USAWe made and pine sections fit nicely together.

  9. EE

    Easy to assemble. Drill the screw holes first.

  10. MrSkimo

    Great storage rackGreat wine rack – simple yet elegant. We preferred the look of I stained wood. The screw holes were countersunk and went in great. The only place I used glue was in connecting the stacked racks. All necessary tools were there.

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