X Rocker 0780401 Sigma RGB PC Chair 2.0 BT X, 24.41″ x 20.87″ x 49.8″, Black

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Product details

Color Black
Brand X Rocker
Product Dimensions 24.41″D x 49.8″W x 20.87″H
Style Modern
Special Feature Adjustable
Material Plastic
  • MULTIPURPOSE GAMING CHAIR: Features a headrest with SMD RGB LED technology to illuminate your gaming space with vibrant, colorful light
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Adjustable seat can be raised or lowered using the convenient 3″ gaslift mechanism
  • ROLLING SWIVEL BASE: Swivel base with nylon caster wheels allows for smooth gliding movement, while the ergonomic design with adjustable lumbar support and a tiltable backrest provides maximum comfort
  • MODERN DESIGN: Sleek black design, faux leather backrest, and LED lights bring a modern look any space
  • IDEAL SIZE: Measures 24.41″ x 20.87″ x 49.8″ for a perfect fit in your office, living room, game room, bedroom, or dorm room

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Upgrade your gaming setup with the X Rocker Sigma Gaming Chair. This innovative chair features a headrest with SMD RGB LED technology to illuminate your gaming space with vibrant, colorful light. For the ultimate customizable experience, the adjustable height chair can be raised or lowered using the 3″ gaslift mechanism. The five-star swivel base with heavy-duty nylon caster wheels allows for smooth gliding movement, while the ergonomic design with adjustable lumbar support and a tiltable backrest provides maximum comfort during your longest gaming sessions. The sleek black design, faux leather backrest, and LED lights bring a modern look any space. Measuring 24.41″ x 20.87″ x 49.8″, this chair is the perfect size for your office, living room, game room, bedroom, or dorm room. Founded in 1992, Ace Casual Furniture specializes in furniture designed to fit into your lifestyle. Their top-quality home furnishings are custom made at a price you can afford. The products they use are sourced from around the world, resulting in pieces you can’t get anywhere else. Every item they offer combines style and function in an exceptional way.

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Additional information

Weight 52.92 kg
Dimensions 24.41 × 49.8 × 20.87 cm



X Rocker

Product Dimensions

24.41D x 49.8W x 20.87H



Special Feature




Room Type

Game Recreation Room Living Room Bedroom

Frame Material


Age Range Description


Back Style

Solid Back

Unit Count

1 Count

Item Weight

52.92 Pounds



Model Name


Seat Material Type

Faux Leather

Furniture base movement


Package Weight

24.95 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

24.41 x 49.8 x 20.87 inches

Brand Name

X Rocker

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Number of Items


Part Number



24.41 x 20.87 x 49.8



Date First Available

May 28 2020


Ace Casual Furniture, X Rocker

10 reviews for X Rocker 0780401 Sigma RGB PC Chair 2.0 BT X, 24.41″ x 20.87″ x 49.8″, Black

  1. Andres Ponce

    I bought this for 90$ 5 months ago but for some reason it’s over 300$?!I bought this gaming chair for 90$ 5 months ago on amazon and this chair is perfect for gaming! Feels great while sitting or using the recliner after hard work of gaming lol but as of right now…it’s not worth the 327$…it’s just way to much money to spend for a gaming chair😕 still don’t know why it’s not 90$ anymore…

  2. Korbin Mclean

    Very comfortable, but couple thingsFor a 6’1 160lb male, this seat is super comfy, Arm rests are cusped and rotate very sturdy, the lever to recline is also. Ultra suede is way softer then I imagined. Only cons I’d say is that the wheel base isn’t level with all 5 wheels, and one wheel lifts off the ground. Causing them to get stuck or not want to go in the direction they should. Making me shimmy or force the seat to get out from my desk. I hate having to roll sideways. Or grab the desk and rotate the chair around to set the wheels so I can roll decently straight out my desk. Have to just go with wherever the wheels want to take me! Also the headrest design is too shallow of an angle, and the pillow always wants to slide off, making me want to staple it to the dang thing. Also the lights on the headrest have a cable and obnoxious switch hanging out the back bottom, which already having to manipulate it to roll around would make it absolute hell while my chair hogties me cuz it needed lights on it for some reason, maybe for a streamer this would be unique, but very uneccessary. Anyways, 370$ chair for a 75% off deal is more of a steal, and couldn’t be more happy to have this chair since all the others are far worse and more expensive. Thanks Rocker

  3. Sean Chao

    Critical Review – Comfort AssessmentHey guys, Sean back again for another review for you all.Many of the other reviewers for this product have mentioned the poor quality, or the bad fit if you’re tall. This review covers other elements of comfort, and is focused on the short to average sized people out there.HEIGHT– I am about 5’10” to 5’10.5” with a much taller torso to leg length ratio than persons of that height range. Let me tell you– this chair is absolutely terrible when it comes to height adjustment. Even when placed at the lowest possible height, it sits notably higher than most other chairs of its class, nevermind task or office chairs. This is NOT GOOD.PILLOWS– The 2 included pillows (head and back), although covered in a nice velour-like material, are vestigial attachments that will constantly have you rearranging them when you are sitting down. Additionally, the head pillow covers part of the LED lighting, defeating the distinctiveness of this chair. As for the lower back pillow, it pushes you forward enough that you will not be able to sit in a comfortable position. At some point, you will just remove them entirely, making their inclusion with the chair practically worthless.MATERIALS– The chair materials are as one could expect– poor. It is a PU type material, which means it does not breathe. For the life of me I don’t understand why they decided to have alternating stripes between the PU and velour-like material throughout– it makes the chair weaker (hello, stitching), looks aesthetically worse, and doesn’t reduce the shortcomings of using PU. Additionally, shifting yourself while on PU is harder than if it were breathable fabric or actual leather. In short, you will find yourself regularly in an awkward sitting position (with or without pillows) and somewhat sweaty/hot because of the PU. You will try to shift yourself around, but it will feel tougher than it should to do so– because it is.LIGHTING– This is what sets the chair apart from other gaming/office chairs. It is not too different than what you have seen from other X-Rocker products over the years, that is to say it is not very impressive. The lighting surrounds the head area but is not visible unless you are looking at the chair from its sides. It is also covered in a breathable fabric which ironically should have been what was used on the chair seat rather than as a design choice. The engineer and designer that created this this chair machination should be fired for not appropriately working together and for not having a competent Q/A testing team.Final verdict: 3/10Price Point of Value: ~$40-$50Recommendation: Buy this is you absolutely want all things LED. Do not buy this if you like comfortable chairs. Do not buy things if you like chairs that look or feel high quality.

  4. JLD

    Extremely heavy. Vague instructions.This chair is insanely heavy. I guess I didn’t check the product weight and was very surprised when I tried to pick it up. The assembly wasn’t too difficult despite the instructions being just pictures. The wheel base keeps falling off the chair when I pick it up to move it, which I can barely do to begin with due to weight, so that’s annoying. Not sure if I did something wrong since there no clear direction. The chair is pretty comfortable. The LED headrest isn’t very useful since you have to be plugged in to use it and every time you move it comes unplugged.

  5. Kayden Hao

    Beautiful! but…This Chair is Beautiful… but thats pretty much where it ends with possitivity, unfortunately I have to agree with the one star review this chair can not handle standard weight I am about 220-230 6ft and this chair after only a week started creaking and making noises and the connection point on the bottom is getting looser every day, building this chair was a nightmare because they don’t leave enough of a hole in the mock leather to get the screw in without it getting stuck in the threds and you sit there trying to carefully rip a bigger hole for your screw, the seat is extremely uncomfortable after about two hours your behind is sore lol. Even at a discounted price its unfortunately not worth it, i’m going to have to get another chair soon because i’m sure it wont be long before it bends out of use.

  6. Diana J.

    Worth the priceFirst of I will say this a beautifully made chair. I work from home and have to sit up to 8 hours a day and the chair is life. It is extremely comfortable and looks good. A major plus is that xrocker is a home town company so why wouldn’t I buy local and support!! I have no complaints.

  7. Theboss1

    Great chair for the price I paidThe media could not be loaded.

     They had this discounted like crazy couldn’t pass it up, but at the original price I could never afford it. If they could make this without the cord maybe that would justify the price. I had to use zip ties to keep it from constantly being in the way.

  8. ashley

    ComfortableEasy to assemble. I bought this for my son. He’s about 200 pounds. The LED lights aren’t bright but add something fun. Looks like some fake leather and suede. It’s black and gray. Looks very nice. I hope it holds up. It’s pretty comfortable

  9. Maria

    Great chairNo si easy to assembly but great chair for the money

  10. Patricia Harlow

    Easy to put togetherLoved it

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