Z-Line Designs Series 1.2 Performance L Desk, Grey

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Product details

Brand Z-Line Designs
Shape L-Shape
Product Dimensions 54″D x 54″W x 36″H
Color Grey
Top Material Type Metal
Room Type Office
  • Built-in dual outlet USB-charging
  • Wireless device charging pad
  • Multi-colored LED lighting accent with remote control
  • Headphone and accessory hook
  • Oversized integrated mouse pad
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Spacious L-Configuration provides an ample work or gaming surface. Stylish grey work surface, graphite powder coated metal frame and mesh accents. Features a USB charging station, wireless device charging pad, multi-colored LED lighting accent with remote control. Headphone accessory hook. Oversized integrated mouse pad. Built-in storage tray and cup holder.

Additional information

Weight 106.7 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 36 cm

Z-Line Designs





Top Material Type


Room Type


Included Components

Remote control for LED Lights

Assembly Required


Model Name

Series 1.2 Performance L-Desk

Item Weight

106.7 pounds

Product Dimensions

54 x 54 x 36 inches, 54D x 54W x 36H

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Date First Available

October 25 2018


Z-Line Designs

10 reviews for Z-Line Designs Series 1.2 Performance L Desk, Grey

  1. Larry Sharp

    Desk is great. Mouse pad topper is notI really like the shape of this desk, the size, everything is perfect. It wasn’t very difficult to put together. I wish there was an alternative to styrofoam packing because it gets EVERYWHERE but that’s not really their fault. I have one MAJOR complaint and one MINOR complaint.Major complaint is the mouse-pad topping that’s on the primary parts of the desk. It seems cool at first but it is very fragile when it comes to heat and moisture. During the pandemic I found myself working from home permanantly and like most cube-dwellers we usually had to eat our desk at the office. Hot food on a plate and a fresh mug of coffee were enough to melt the material on top. It’s not that big of a deal because it’s mostly cosmetic but clearly this material is not very durable. I’ll likely just have to buy a large mousepad and cover it up. It doesn’t detract from the other functions of the desk. So I’m only docking one star for that.My minor complains is that I wish there were additional USB outlets below the mini outlet that’s built into the desk. You could easily plug in the LED lights and the wireless charger without having to take up 2 more outlets under the desk. This would also keep the cords neater.

  2. Adam Tessier

    High quality desk. love it!!!This desk is amazing. When it arrived the (very heavy) box had dings all over it so we were worried about damage BUT it ‘s packaged SO well with plenty of styrofoam. There wasn’t even a mark anywhere on this desk! The Led’s worked straight out of the box. It is not only very functioning with a top shelf that goes all the way around the desk (that’s the reason we bought it) but it’s very attractive too. The integrated mouse pads are excellent. We switched to more plastic-y mouse mats a year or so ago with 5 cats at the time and lots of fur clinging to traditional mats…My husband and I are both computer people… Both with multi monitor setups. We bought this desk for my husband but I think I’m going to have to get one for myself!!! He put both his monitors on the top (24″ and 22? “). He put his mid size tower on the top in the corner as well. And even with his tower off the floor he said he still feels like he had more space than he did on his last l-shape desk.Oh and that marker they include to touch up any scratches is seriously amazing. Not that we needed it but we are happy to have it!

  3. Matthew A Burch Sr

    I give it an A-While it took a little bit of time to put it together, the only problems I had were that one of the braces for the shelves sticks out about 1.5 inches from the rest of the desk. When I measured this to fit in a certain space I didn’t have room to spare and this caused me to not be able to put the desk where it was intended without removing one of the shelves.Another problem is that my Vizio TV that I use for my computer monitor remote control turns my LED lights to white when I turn on my TV.The last problem is that some of the strips of LED lights on the desk did not work with the ‘blue’ LED’s. So if I choose to go with a blue hue the color is off on part of the desk. If I go blue only then there is no light emitting from under part of one shelf.Though I would like it to work, I was not about to return the entire desk for one section of blue LED’s not working.

  4. Alex Meadows

    Nice wood, good construction, good priceSo far after a month the desk has held up. The laminate wants to rub off the under corners mainly because I can’t stop touching them and haven’t covered it up to prevent it. The upper shelf is a lot less flat than it seems but that’s because there is little support for the shelf. The lights are awesome and the size is perfect for where I put it. It’s not superbly ideal for more monitors because your shoved into a corner but that’s your fault. The built in mousepad/keyboard pad is great quality. iPhone charger is also nice. The greatest part of the outlet and charger is that you may replace them with something that will fit the slot if it becomes obsolete.

  5. david solomon

    Nice desk, just wish it had more shelving support added in the cornerI like this desk a lot. It even came with the led lighting, which surprised me, I didn’t know it was included. It wasn’t bad to assemble, except the Allen key that comes with it isnt of good quality, it started to jump on a few screws while tightening.The only real complaint I have with this desk is the structural integrity where the shelving meets, it bows downward there slightly. It is holding my PC in the corner, but I’m going to add extra support and think they should add a brace there so it could be more sturdy.

  6. Michael Londino

    Good desk as long as you dont rely on the wireless chargerPros:-easy to assemble-leds are bright-sturdy enough to hold my pc, work laptop and 3 monitors-built in mousepad is smooth and well madeCons:-wireless charger isnt that strong. Cant charge my phone through my case, but I also have a thick otterbox, was able to charge my room mates iPhone easily through his slim case-desk is pretty wobbly. You can use one finger on the very corner to shack the whole desk, but it might have just been user error and I didnt tighten the screws enoughOverall the desk is worth getting if you want something flashy with all the bells and whistles

  7. ehahn33

    Stylish and spacious, but slightly shakey.Overall, this desk has plenty of space for me to both have a productive work area and an interesting gaming setup. Be sure to take your time assembling to make sure things fit together just right, or you may end with the monitor shelves slanting or the desktop surface not flush. Overall, I’m very pleased with this desk so far, but I wish it were just a little sturdier. Great deal for the price, though!

  8. scott allen schoenwetter

    Good not great.First and foremost I like the desk and enjoy using it. Issue one is the disign. The up and down mid supports for the desk tops have two bolts that need to be tightened down. Unfortunately the directions tell you not to tighten bolt until the end. So if you’re following the directions you end up having to remove the tops to tighten these bolts down. Next issue is these bolts even when tightened down push the desk top up so the two pieces don’t match up perfectly. I solved these by drilling holes in the table top. Not a huge fix just wish it would have been taken care of in the design/production. I attached pictures of the issues and how I fixed it. Lastly the paint job doesn’t look the best looks almost spray bomb with slight imperfections all over the desk.

  9. Jordan Higdon

    Best Desk ever, with minor issuesI’ve been needing a gaming desk that won’t fall apart in few days. There was some minor issues when I received the desk, the box had been damaged, and the wire to connect power to the light strip was cut and couldn’t be fixed. However, after messaging the company, the was wiling to send a replacement light strip. I did have some difficult time putting it together due to the labeling on the parts wasn’t exact, and few seemed to be backwards. Overall, it’s a great desk and can work past the minor issues, and definitely worth the money.

  10. Alex

    Solid desk with a few manufacturing issues.Desk is sturdy but manufacturing process leaves much to be desired. Holes not drilled in proper location or to the right size, sometimes both, joints are not flush, and the remote has a very specific angle that it has to be pointed at to control the lights. Overall not a bad desk and has some great features but a little pricey for the defects I ran into.Update: Removed another star as the finish of the desk is chipping in locations that do not have contact with anything. Obviously the pen they sent with the desk for “minor repairs” isn’t just for something that might happen during shipment, assembly, or regular wear and tear but because they use a bad product to finish the desk.

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