Zadro Polished Nickel Surround Light Dual Sided Glamour Vanity Mirror, 5X / 1X Magnification

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Product details

Brand Zadro
Room Type Bathroom
Shape Round
Product Dimensions 16″L x 12.75″W
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Style Glam
  • Lighted glamour mirror/ make-up mirror is 5X /1X with 270-degree swivel and rotational stop
  • Frame is 12.75” wide x 6.25” deep x 16” tall, 12 inch dual sided mirror with optical quality glass
  • 22 Watt fluorescent bulb produces brightness equivalent to 100 watt incandescent bulb; infinity dimmer switch
  • Solid and stylish construction, weighs approximately 12 pounds; bulb is replaceable, UL listed
  • A leading innovator for over 30 years, Zadro offers a broad array of personal care mirrors, bath and health and wellness products.Power Source:Corded – Electric
  • Polarized Wall Plug

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Product Description

Zadro Glamour Lighted Vanity Mirror

Zadro Glamour Lighted Vanity Mirror

At a Glance

Features fit for your life

  • Ultra Bright Lighting to See Every Detail
  • Oversized Mirror to See Full Face & Hair
  • Brightness Adjustability
  • Convenient 5X Magnification and Everyday 1X Mirror Side
  • Dimensions: 12.75 in. x 6.25 in. x 16 in.
  • Plugs into a standard electrical outlet

Zadro Glamour Lighted Vanity Mirror

Endless Uses

Simply your daily routine

The ultimate in luxury beauty tools, Zadro’s oversized Glamour Mirror helps you create flawless makeup looks and hairstyles every time. See the clearest reflection thanks to its extra-large 12’’ mirror with optical quality glass. The powerful 5X magnification side is great for viewing close-up detail while still allowing you to see your entire face. The convenient 1X side is perfect for all-around hairstyling, makeup application, and every beauty need in between. No matter how dim the environment, the powerfully bright fluorescent light emulates the effects of natural sunlight for true-to-color makeup application. An infinity dimmer switch located at the base lets you soften or brighten the lighting to create your perfect look in any environment.

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10 reviews for Zadro Polished Nickel Surround Light Dual Sided Glamour Vanity Mirror, 5X / 1X Magnification

  1. Dianna Allen

    Very nice!Very nice! The size is larger than I anticipated.

  2. SC145

    mirror looks great on my vanityVery clear magnification and ‘‘tis mirror looks great on my vanity

  3. The Organic Millennial

    Beautifully well-made large makeup mirror!This is by far the best counter top makeup mirror I’ve owned! I have been searching for a good makeup mirror. I needed one that I could keep on the desk in bedroom, because that’s where I prefer to put on my makeup. I tried quite a few less expensive options before this one. I thought maybe I could find what I wanted at a lower price. I was so wrong! Their descriptions are rarely accurate. They either were cheaply made, looked horrible, had a low light or the bulb quickly blew out.This Zadro model is beautiful! It looks even prettier than the pictures.It is so well made and sturdy. It’s not the type that you move around.It weighs about 12 lbs. It’s almost 16” tall and 12” across. The mirror itself is 11”.It rotates to the other side where there is a 5X magnified mirror.The light is dimmable; you can dial it from low to bright (the daylight kind).It’s powered by a wall power cord, that’s almost 6 ft. long. I prefer that than having to replace batteries.It is the type that know I will have for years. The only thing I’ll have to know how to get is the replacement bulb. Hopefully it was last a while.This is definitely the best one if you want an elegant and sturdy, lighted mirror for your counter top or dresser.

  4. V. sharma

    Very Good MirrorI read all the reviews on Amazon however imlwas trying to replace a tonjon mirror that I purchased from the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas many approx. 20 years ago. I was so happy with the mirror I had howeverI accidentally broke part of the mirror and could not find a vanity replacement. I bought and return approx 6 from different sources st did not measure up. This mirror comes very close it has two sides a 1x and 5x.The other mirrors had 10x which is absolutely too much magnification for my purpose. I don’t have the greatest vision and am over 65 but I need some. I played with the light dimmer until I was able to locate my comfort level. I have found that the 1x is perfect for applying my makeup at a medium dimmer and use the 5X for plucking brows. It is very attractive and looks lovely on my vanity table. I’m not sure what will happen when the light needs replacing but the instructions are very clear for replacing it and it comes with a tools attached to the bottom. The mirror is a bit pricy but worth every penny for clarity and the dimmer light.

  5. Avid Reader

    So far, so goodI love this makeup mirror but for two things: the price and the somewhat low brightness of the bulb. This mirror was extraordinarily expensive (advertised at a regular price of $200). I use it with a lamp behind it to compensate for the lack of brightness, which works for me, though it takes up more room on the table. The mirror does seem sturdy. The glass is clear and has no waves. I like the large size of the mirror – it is the largest face that I could find, which was the main reason I bought it. I can use it to comfortably blow-dry my hair without having to stand in front of the bathroom mirror and struggle to see (I’m very near-sighted and have degenerative disc disease in my lumbar and cervical spine areas). I would recommend to anyone willing to pay the price and willing to possibly have to use an additional light source.

  6. Mama Jan Storey

    NOT WORTH ITI purchased this make up mirror just around two years ago. I looked at the reviews before buying and I noticed that there was a problem of the switch breaking over time. I ordered smart plugs so I could simply say “turn on make up mirror” and felt like that would not wear out the switch. Before Christmas my make up mirror stopped working. I ordered replacement bulbs from Zadrow. It took six weeks for those bulbs to come in. When I replaced the bulb, the mirror still did not work. I called customer service for troubleshooting. The bulb was not the problem, the switch was not the problem, and they said there must be a problem with the plug and the electricity. They suggested that I send it back at my cost. This mirror cost me over $150. When I mailed it back to California this past week the shipping was $66. This is not OK. The reason I decided to send it back for repair was because I had spent so much money on it. And now with over $150 on the purchase of the mirror and $66 to ship it back it has proved to be 100% not worth the cost. The main reason I ordered this was because the mirror surface itself was so large. NOT WORTH IT. DO NOT PURCHASE!


    INSUFFICIENT MAGNIFICATIONThe mirror is beautiful and very well made but a 5x magnification is not enough. I need a 10x and it is just not available in that quality of mirror.

  8. La La

    Not quite bright enough, but still a great choice!If only the light were brighter, this mirror would be a five-star product for me. I still need to use another light source with it in order to see as brightly as I like. The light is not ‘natural sunlight’, but it’s not harsh either. You will see a reflection of the ring of light in your iris, which is disconcerting at first, but you get used to it. Beyond all of that, the mirror itself is very lovely and yes, glamorous, and the size is wonderfully huge, much larger and heavier than I had anticipated, despite the dimensions being given. You cannot spin the mirror 360 degrees, which is odd, but if you loosen it up a bit as per another reviewer, it flips from normal viewing to 5x much more easily. The 5x magnification is of great help to my 49-year-old eyes. Damned aging! I bought this as an open-box model and it was much cheaper than ‘new’ and still in perfect condition with original packaging. I do wish the light were brighter, but it’s beautiful, functional and I’m keeping it.

  9. ROSIE

    The size of this mirror is perfectThis is my second Zadro make up mirror. I could not live with out it.

  10. Geri.hellogoodbye

    Easy to use, not too many option that can go wrong.This mirror is beautiful, When it arrived I thought it was too large. Set on counter and still too large, I organize my counter and then thought it looked pretty good. I had a difficult time closing the on-off dimmer switch, the mirror does not do a complete circle to change from 5 to 1..I was going to return it. Took a lot of hrs to find another that suited me. Many of them had so many things you could chose to do..Sit in front of mirror it comes on , leave it goes off. Chose different colors for light. I could keep going. How difficult is it to turn a light on or off. The deciding factor for me was to read reviews..many had negative comments. We all know the more features you have, the more problems you have. I prefer magnification of 1×5.. This light is beautiful, check size of counter..😍

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