ZINUS 12 Inch Cooling Copper ADAPTIVE Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress / Moisture Wicking Cover / Cooling Foam / Pocket

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Size Queen
Item Firmness Description Medium
Fill Material Foam
Brand Zinus
Product Dimensions 80″L x 60″W x 12″Th
Top Style Tight Top
  • General Note: Please allow 24 – 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. In cold temperature, at delivery, your mattress may take a bit longer to return to full sized from its compressed state.The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the surrounding.
  • PERKS WITHOUT THE ADDED PRICE – With a moisture wicking ADAPTIVE cover, CertiPUR-US Certified cooling copper memory foam, motion-isolating coils, and superior edge support, this innovative design delivers premium mattress features at an affordable price.THE COOLEST SLEEP YET – Unique ADAPTIVE fabric cover cools as it triggers evaporation of excess moisture, while copper-infused memory foam eliminates excess heat, delivering a one-two punch of cooling for sleep that’s sound, easy and no sweat
  • CLEAN & MOISTURE-FREE – A top layer of memory foam is infused with copper and natural green tea which eliminates excess moisture
  • PRESSURE RELIEF & MOTION ISOLATION – An Independent Coil System base layer encased with Foam Edge Support resists motion transfer from a sleeping partner and promotes customized spinal alignment and joint pain relief
  • EXPERTLY PACKAGED – This mattress is efficiently compressed into a box that’s shipped right to your door; simply unbox, unroll and the mattress does the rest, expanding to its original shape within 72 hours; worry-free 10 year limited warranty included
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The search for an innovative, premium mattress at a not-so-premium price ends here. The Cooling Copper ADAPTIVE Hybrid Mattress has been expertly developed to offer you a multitude of sleep enhancing technologies at a price that’s worth shouting from the rooftops. It all begins with a poly jacquard cover treated with ADAPTIVE technology. This remarkable fabric uses your excess body heat and moisture to trigger evaporation as you sleep, so you no longer wake up from overheating. And the cooling action doesn’t stop there. Just beneath this cover is thermoregulating copper-infused memory foam, a layer that effortlessly dispels unwanted heat. In addition to keeping you perfectly temperature-regulated, this memory foam boasts one more secret ingredient – pure and natural green tea. When paired together, copper and green tea keep your bed feeling fresh for countless nights to come. It’s all situated on top of an Independent Coil System base layer that resists motion transfer from a partner and provides cradling support of your joints and spine. And for those who like to live (and sleep) on the edge, we’ve added a perimeter layer of superior Foam Edge Support. Like all our mattresses, the Cooling Copper ADAPTIVE Mattress is expertly rolled and packed with a 10-year warranty into one convenient box that ships right to your door. And presto! This mattress proves that reasonably priced and luxurious actually do go hand in hand. Who knew?

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Our Most Advanced Hybrid Yet

Thanks to luxuriously comfortable foam and an Independent Coil System wrapped in a revolutionary moisture-wicking ADAPTIVE fabric cover, our best-ever hybrid mattress lets you enjoy the coolest, comfiest and most customized sleep ever.

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Sleep Cooler with ADAPTIVE Technology

The Cooling Copper hybrid’s cutting-edge ADAPTIVE mattress cover is designed to dynamically respond to your body’s temperature changes as you snooze, so you can rely on your bed to do the cooling. Its specially-developed polymer fabric controls excess moisture by triggering evaporation and a cooling effect that regulates body temperature. The result? Quality sleep that’s cool, dry and tranquil, and an energy bill that isn’t through the roof.

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Cradling, Durable Support

For truly restorative rest, a base layer of dependable pocket springs helps resist motion transfer from a partner and also provides cradling support to your joints and spine. And for those who like to live (and sleep) on the edge, we’ve added a layer of extra foam encasement for better support while sitting and getting in and out of bed.

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Cool and Cozy

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Right beneath its moisture-wicking cover is a layer of copper infused memory foam. And when copper is added to our marshmallowy soft memory foam, you get a dreamy sleep surface that sucks up and shuts down excess heat before it disturbs you.

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Weight 104.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 12 cm
Item Weight

104.5 Pounds

Product Dimensions

80 x 60 x 12 inches

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Date First Available

June 2 2020



10 reviews for ZINUS 12 Inch Cooling Copper ADAPTIVE Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress / Moisture Wicking Cover / Cooling Foam / Pocket

  1. Dawn Kidle

    Love this mattress!I spent over a year researching bed-in-box mattresses and this was the one I just kept coming back to because of the price for a hybrid King. I wanted a hybrid mattress that was at least 10 inches with a medium-firm feel. This fits the bill.Shipping time was the killer for me. I actually bought this mattress in August and waited two months for it to ship. Then when it finally did another two weeks passed before I had to get on the phone with …Amazon, the shipping distributor, and then finally the shipping receiver to find my mattress. Apparently it became lost in transit, but I will say, Amazon was quick to replace and scheduled a new one to be delivered by the end of that week. My personal problem was that it was now arriving during a time that my fiancee would be gone for a work trip. I’m only 98 lbs and the box weighs as much as me. I ended up having to leave it in our living room against the wall for 3 weeks until he returned.Now it does say on the side of the box to open within 3 days. I was very nervous about this but my worry for nothing because it opened and expanded perfectly after sitting in a box for 3 weeks. Within 30 minutes it was practically full and we were trying it out. We did not sleep on it the first night but let it get that full 24 hours to expand. There were no odd smells from opening the bed.It’s been 2 weeks or so since we started sleeping on this new bed. It is firm. I can feel the first foam layer and it molds to my body only slightly. I honestly don’t like firm mattresses … but my fiancee loves them so he really likes how firm this bed is. With that said I don’t mind the firmness and have had some great nights of sleep. You could certainly buy a 2 or 3 inch memory foam cover for this bed and I think that would be good for those who want a little more cushion. Or get the 12 inch. I’m not sure about the cooling feature – haven’t noticed anything – so I’ll update later on.PROSIf you like firm – this is FIRMExpanded very fastPriceCONSThe box is so heavy – highly recommend getting delivery to room if possibleEdges are not the greatest if you’re more than 200 lbsFiber glass (Just don’t remove the cover..)1 YEAR UPDATE: Changed from 4 Stars to 5 Stars!!As I mentioned previously, I am not a fan of firm mattresses but I have loved sleeping on this mattress over this past year. I am definitely less sore waking up in the morning. Did not purchase a topper. It has such a nice cushy feel while still being firm. And it has kept that same feeling over the course of daily use this past year.The cooling feature does work! We live in Florida and during the summer we sweat a lot. I noticed a difference right away in that our sheets don’t nearly need to be washed as often. We are staying cooler and sweating less. I don’t necessarily feel that the mattress is cool but I know that it’s keeping our body heat at a cooler temperature.There has been no indents and I haven’t felt the need to flip the bed top to bottom. I am very happy with this hybrid mattress. So much so that I remembered to come back and update this review!

  2. Maine Gal

    It’s the OneBeen shopping here for a hybrid mattress a long time, studied the descriptions, read the reviews and took my time. Was a bit nervous about the mattress opening to the full thickness, but went ahead with it and so glad I did! Pics show mattress after 10 minutes. It did thicken later to just about the 10″ advertised. Very pleased. As you can see there’s no wrinkling or issues with the covering.There was no ‘date packed’ on mine anywhere, but it said ‘open within 72 hours’. Opened mine right away. Beautifully packed, del by UPS, box a bit beat up but all perfect inside, triple wrapped and burst into full size in about 3 minutes. As I’m awaiting delivery of a Zinus wood and metal bed frame, mattress is temporarily on my old bedframe, and an ancient box spring, which will go in the trash. To protect my new mattress I put a sponge topper underneath, you’ll see in pics (and not part of new hybrid). To keep the cooling effect I put only a percale sheet on top. On to the comfort, etc. My mattress was old and soft, so this felt a bit firm to me at first, but after only 1 night (got it yesterday) I’d describe it as many have: medium firm. I like it very much as I already woke up w/less aches and pains. And it does have the cooling effect I needed. Looking forward to putting it by itself on my new Zinus frame. It will probably be a little low for me, I’m used to what you see, so I’m planning to get a set of bed risers once I figure out the height I prefer. I’ll update all when I get my new frame and get this hybrid on it. Mattress is a great deal with all the desired qualities I wanted at an amazing price.UPDATE: A few weeks later love my new mattress even more!! Haven’t slept this well in years. And with my new metal and wood Zinus bed frame (not shown in pics) it’s even better. And I do not need bed risers at all! Very pleased.

  3. Margaret Little

    value for the pricePurchased for a summer cottage use, but my guest wants one for her home. She was delighted with its firmness and height, as well as the support for her back. I was able to move, unpack and install this alone (a bit of a struggle, but worth it). Purchased the recommended mattress cover as well. Highly recommended.

  4. RiverSong

    Comfy MattressI bought this for my son and we are both very pleased with this mattress. We opened the box a few days after it arrived and let us expand for 24 hours before putting it on the bedframe. The mattress had expanded cto the full 12 inches by this time. We did leave it for another 12 hours after putting it on the frame before using it. This is a very comfortable mattress and my son has been getting great quality sleep since he’s been using it. I like it so much that I’m thinking of getting one for myself!

  5. R

    Thank you Lord!It’s thick, comfortable, and helps me stay cool while I sleep. I have had some of the best sleep I’ve ever gotten on this mattress. I can sit my stuff on it and unless someone jumps up and down on it it’s barely affected. So pleased with this purchase.

  6. Sierra C

    It’s amazingI am 9 months pregnant and my mates just arrived. It was heaven. I finally didn’t wake up sore and hurting to move, I could turn over so easily! I love this mattress

  7. Amazon Customer

    Firm Mattress with Great ValueThis was my first time purchasing a mattress on amazon. At first I was not so sure if I should buy a mattress without trying it at a store, but it turned out to be great. The mattress is just as firm as I expected and is great for side and back sleep. The cooling feature is also very nice.

  8. carswellcl

    Great mattressWe bought this for our son for his dorm apartment. It is solid as advertised, and also cooling. When we arrived another boy had the same mattress. Great mattress for a great price.

  9. Shannon T

    Inexpensive comfort…Had major surgery and needed something comfortable. This did the trick. It was inexpensive and easy to “assemble”.

  10. Cs0017

    Love it!I was very worried about getting a new mattress because I have back pain and I had learned how to be comfortable in my old bed but I moved across country and couldn’t bring it with me. This bed is AMAZING, it’s quite firm but very soft. My hips don’t hurt after laying on one side for “too” long anymore. I can find a comfortable spot laying on my stomach which I have not been able to do since childhood (I’m a C cup). I honestly love it.

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