Zinus 12 Inch Ultima Memory Foam Mattress / Pressure Relieving / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box, Queen

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Size Queen
Item Firmness Description Medium
Fill Material Memory Foam
Brand Zinus
Product Dimensions 80″L x 12″W x 60″Th
Top Style Smooth Top
  • Green Tea-infused Memory Foam With a Soft, Poly Jacquard Cover
  • General Note: Please allow 24 – 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. In cold temperature, at delivery, your mattress may take a bit longer to return to full sized from its compressed state.The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the surrounding.
  • INSPIRED BY NATURE – Wholesome and natural ingredients, like green tea and moisture-absorbing charcoal work wonders in a mattress, and we’ve designed this one to control odors, maintain freshness, and envelop your shape so you awake restored and refreshed.PRESSURE-RELIEVING FOAMS – Layers of conforming green tea memory foam, soft Z:Comfort foam and high-density Z:Base foam hug your shape to soothe you to sleep
  • CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED – Highest quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and content
  • EXPERTLY PACKAGED – Our technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed into one box that’s easily shipped and maneuvered into the bedroom; please open your mattress box within 72 hours of receipt and let this mattress decompress
  • Worry-free 10 year limited warranty included; twin mattress supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs

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There’s no comfort quite like the kind you get from a big hug. The Ultima Memory Foam Mattress delivers just that — enveloping comfort that fits your shape like a glove to soothe you to sleep. Created with a special blend of high quality foam layers, it features our famous green-tea and charcoal infused memory foam for a mattress that stays fresh and odor-free over time. An airflow-boosting layer of cradling Z:Comfort foam and a durable Z:Base foam layer finish off this fine-tuned system of top quality foams so your body’s curves are supported and allowed to rest naturally, leading to sounder sleep with no more aches and pains. This skillfully crafted design arrives at your doorstep in one wondrous package and instantly begins to expand to its original glory once unboxed; it’s as simple as that! Already loved and highly rated by thousands of happy customers, the Ultima mattress includes a 10-year worry-free warranty, so you can be sure that it will put both your body and mind at rest.

From the brand

From the manufacturer

Ultima Memory Foam Mattress
Expertly crafted

Refreshing comfort

Sleeping on the Ultima Memory Foam mattress is like sleeping in a hug that delivers enveloping comfort from high quality foam layers to soothe you to sleep.

Innovative layers

Ultima Memory Foam Mattress

Infused with green tea and charcoal

Stay fresh and dry night after night with our premium green tea and ActivCharcoal infusions that absorb moisture and maintain freshness.

Ultima Supportive Pressure Relief areas

Supportive pressure-relief

Figure-hugging foams support high-pressure areas like the joints and spine so you sleep and wake up pain-free.

Ultima Memory Foam Mattress Layers

Ultima Memory Foam Mattress Profile Heights

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Skillfully packed

Shipped to your door

This mattress is expertly compressed and rolled into a compact box that arrives at your doorstep. Simply unbox, unroll, and watch your mattress expand to its original shape within 72 hours.

Ultima Mattress Decompressing Module

Additional information

Weight 63.1 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 12 cm
Product Dimensions

80 x 60 x 12 inches

Item Weight

63.1 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Item Thickness

12 Inches

Fabric Type

Green Tea-infused Memory Foam With a Soft Poly Jacquard Cover

Fill material Type

Memory Foam

Assembly Required


Warranty Description

Worry-free 10 year limited warranty included.

Batteries Required


Included Components



Zinus Inc

10 reviews for Zinus 12 Inch Ultima Memory Foam Mattress / Pressure Relieving / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box, Queen

  1. Anthony

    In short, simply blown away!This review is after about 3 months of usage. In short, simply blown away! This is by far the best ‘thing’ I’ve ever slept on. From floors to air pads, dorm room bunks, blow-up mattresses, dingy motels, and 5-star hotels – you name it, I’ve slept on (or in) it. In detail, I’m 6’5″, 180lbs and went with the queen 8″ mattress for me and the full 4″ mattress for my daughter. I slept on a luxury queen pillow top mattress and box spring for the last 6 years. We moved into a new place and I decided to use these mattresses temporarily while I took the time to test out my next long term set. On morning number one, for both my daughter and I, we couldn’t stop talking about how insanely comfortable the mattresses were.Here are some factors that coincide with my experience. With my Garmond health monitor, I could see a distinct positive difference in my deep sleep cycle between the previous mattress and this Zinus Sleep Master. I used to fall asleep with books, magazines, remote control on the bed next to me and wake up with them on the floor. Now, they stay right where I left them. I may roll over once or twice but I usually wake up in the same position I fell asleep in and when I wake up, I’m awake! It’s almost scary to realize how much of my life went by without this kind of rest.I did read a ton of comments and the ones that cause most concern I’ll compare. First, the packaging was fine. The box is big and bulky but I could carry it up 2 flights of stairs without rest or the need for help. The mattress comes vacuum sealed in a thick plastic wrap. Be careful slicing it open as it’s tight on the mattress and you can accidentally cut the removable (and washable) zippered wrap or even into the mattress itself. Regarding the odor that people have noted in other comments. There was a factory/chemical/plastic smell. I’d have to say something closer or comparable to a very light ‘new car’ smell. Like anything new I wear or sleep under, I washed the thin zippered wrap by itself and dried it once. I’ve always put a couple dryer sheets on a mattress when I change sheets and did so again with the Zinus mattress. There was no chemical smell after washing the wrap and I’m actually in bed now laying on it while writing this review and there’s no smell at all.There was no mold anywhere to be seen. It’s unfortunate that people experienced it and I’m not sure if it’s a factory issue or a storage issue. Both mattresses came vacuum sealed in heavy plastic – heavy enough to keep the mattress compressed until it was removed from the box AND cut open. I didn’t see it mentioned whether or not the mattress seal was broken or the box it came in had any damage. I’d be turned off as well if I saw that kind of mold and wouldn’t buy again but having slept on it – It’s worth returning for a new one in my opinion.It did take several hours to uncompress. No more than 24 hours for the 4″ and 8″ sizes but we both slept on them the same evening and experienced an incredible sleep.I did purchase two collapsible smart frames (another great purchase I’ll have to review later). There’s literally no need for a box spring in my setup as the smart frames are high and built to use bins underneath for storage. As is, they would replace your current mattress and sit on top of your current box spring.My daughter had a fruit punch Gatorade (red) that was not sealed all the way in her soccer bag. It leaked into the center of the mattress about a month ago. To clean, we used a little detergent and warm water to saturate the spot and pressed a towel down to absorb it. Repeated until there was no red coming up but there is a noticeable red stain (as there would be on any mattress I’m sure). What made it easy to absorb is that you can push down into the mattress without air or spring coils so saturating the spot with clean water and detergent really got the bulk Gatorade out.In the future, I would get the 12″ for myself (because I enjoy a high bed) and the 8″ can go to the guest room. I’ll be getting another 4″ full size for the pull out sofa mattress and I’ll get my daughter a 4″ twin when she goes off to college.

  2. Military

    Here is my way to long of a reviewHighly Recommended! Bit of background here. I am like the other guy who wrote the review, 6’3 256 lbs and my lady is a tiny size 0. We had a coil bed for the longest of time that has been a pain in the butt.I have issues so its up front. I have back and knee injuries from my military service so I tend to get back and knee pains often. This also mean I toss an turn quite a bit at night, get up to crack my back. My bed prior to this one was a $1400 King size coil.pillow top mattress. I could sleep in maybe 3 positions that I would have to frequently rotate all night. This was the norm for me.So here is the review of new King size mattress:1. Unwrapping: This thing was heavy, approx 125lbs. Size wise it was vacuumed sealed and places in white duffle bag. (mind you its in a box when shipped, skipped that part) This bag helped hold this bed in as it looked as if one sharp object would lead to this thing exploding. It comes with instructions are are very easy to read as will as diagrams to help those that need a visual aid. Moved the white bag onto my box spring and cut the white bag slowly. You need to be gentle here, Its holding the foam bed within so you don’t want to cut deep or fast. Once its free it leaves the mattress still vacuum sealed within a thin, clear wrap. This allows you to lay the bed out and move it into place while still manageable. Once completed you cut into the clear wrap and start removing it. FYI – once you’ve cut into it it begins expanding fast. So be diligent about getting the wrapper off. It expanded to full dimension in maybe 1-3 minutes and was firm to the touch.2. Observations of other users and mine:a. Smell: few of the others who have reviewed this mattress said there was a Chemical Smell. To me there was no chemical smell. If anything there is just a new bed smell and even that is barely even noticeable.b. Size Cut: few other have complained about the size cut of their bed, being that it was not cut at the same dimensions as a traditional mattress (smaller). I was a little worried before ordering however the mattress was actually perfectly sized as a king 12 Inches thick. LWH were prefect, sheets are super tensed on the bed.c. Drop spots or uneven mattress: few complaints about this effect however I inspected the mattress and it was perfect. No ball or drop spots at all. I might say some people are new to the foam bed and mistake the form fit for flaws in the mattress.3. Settling in phase: I cut the bed open early in the morning, around 730 AM or so. Technically your suppose to wait 48 hours for it to expand properly so don’t follow this if you want to maintain the limited warranty. So I admit I only waited till about 1030 PM to use it. When I un-bagged the mattress I cranked the AC in the bedroom leaving it sitting on the bed with nothing covering it. Heard this worked to expedite the forming process. Made the bed and it was ready for use.4. 1st night of sleep: The first thing you notice is your butt sinking into place when your using this bed. It grabs it and locks it in place. It almost feels uncomfortable at first however after a minute or two when the foam around your other body parts forms. At this point it feel like heaven. Allow me to explain this further, With a coil mattress that are hard pressure points when you sleep. Side sleepers its the hips, shoulders, arm and knees. These case aches in the night that make you adjust, flip throughout the night. The first night I notices that pressure points were the biggest change for myself as well as my lady. The bodies weight is distributed more effectively to the entire body instead of this pressure points. I was able to get a much more restful night of sleep. I did not get out of bed to stretch out my back, my constant rotating positions was greatly reduced, and I had felt great the entire next day. Full nights rest, something I had not had in a very long time.5. Over a week of Sleep: Like bullet 4, I’ve been sleeping like a rock at this point. The pressure point issues are gone, I wake ready to rumble in the mornings and it lasts all day. I’m getting a good sleep at night despite my back and knee injuries. And to that point my back and knee bother me far less in the day as well. I would almost call the bed therapeutic.Musing (a period of reflection or thought):There have been reviews that the mattress collapses after a year or two and they recommend against it. I thought about it and I strongly disagree with their review. My rationale is simple here. I have a King size bed which by nature of the size I always find my self spending 1/3 to 1/2 more money than Queen owners on anything bed related. Price you pay for luxury if a big bed. I digress. Rationale is that my last king coil pillow top cost $1400+ and started causing me problems about a year of ownership despite following proper rotation. Doing the math if the bed starts dying after 1.5 years as other reviews have complained about, I could just buy another one of these beds and still be cheaper then what I owned before. To be be exact here for a moment I could buy 3.6 of these foam beds for what I paid for my coil. Of which the coil got me though 1.5 years as well however at the same price point the foams will get me though 5.5 years worse case (per the complaints). With that said there are equally many other reviews stating the opposite that the bed last a few years. Also, you have to look at the price scale of beds, coil and foam. This bed is on the Extremely cheap side of the scale and its a steal.So here we are, at the end of my review. I recommend this bed 100%. Its far cheaper for my size bed (king), and the only reason there should be for complaints is if there were manufacture flaws. I had no flaws so I’m happy.

  3. Steppen-Wolf

    PRETTY MUCH A KEEPERUPDATE (30 OCTOBER 2016)On the plus side, as the chemicals in these mattresses evaporate, the mattress seems to get a whole heck of a lot lighter; but, on the downside, it appears to get firmer over time, even after many months (almost a year)—perhaps the latter is because the middle foam section of the mattress is “wearing out” much too quickly(?); I don’t know.(End of update)ORIGINAL REVIEWI had both my hopes for, and my doubts about, this mattress (8-inch); and, aside from a couple of now apparent downsides which have become evident after having slept on it for about one month, it has pretty much met my expectations. One of my primary observations is: Thank Goodness I didn’t get the six inch one! Also, for being nothing but foam, it weighs a frigging ton both before and after it is unpacked! (Heck, I think it weighs as much as my regular, non-foam queen size mattress!) So, if you’ve got a bad back, forget about it, wear your low-back brace before working with it, and/or get some help to expand it and move it around! See my further feedback, as follows:PROSWell packaged and shippedRelatively easy to unpackageExpands nicely upon being spread outNice cover over the entire thingLooks attractive once fully expandedCONSBoth package and mattress itself are extremely heavyNot the easiest item to unpackage and expandVery difficult to maneuver around and into place(Being nothing but foam I thought it would be a lot lighter)Appears to get firmer the longer it is exposed to airAfter the recommended 48-hours to allow it to fully expand before using it, I began sleeping on this mattress immediately, and every night since, and I have found it to be relatively comfortable. Being that the six inch one (not the one I purchased; I purchased the eight inch one) only has the two-inch memory foam which pretty much compresses down to nothing with weight on it, on top of the four-inch firm foam with nothing else in between (no other section of foam), it is my belief that the six-inch version of this mattress would be much too firm, especially since the eight-inch version, the one I purchased, has turned out to be pretty firm in and of itself.Personally, I believe that the bottom firm section of foam should only be two-inches thick, and then that the next section of foam should be four-inches thick of the medium-density foam, or two 2-inch sections of foam, one firmer but not as firm as the bottom one, and the second one (third one including the bottom foam), on top of it, the medium-density, or less firm version of foam than the one below it, and then the two-inch memory foam topping it off (in other words, designed more like the twelve-inch-thick version of this mattress). It is my belief that this way it would be a lot more comfortable (except for those people who require and/or prefer quite firm mattresses).As I said in my “cons” (my final “con”) above, initially, the longer this mattress is exposed to the air, it appears that the chemicals in it cause it to get firmer; so, if you don’t want a pretty-firm mattress, I would not recommend this one. I have a very bad back (though it could be worse; and, thank God, it isn’t) and sleep mostly on my sides (I can’t sleep on my back or stomach without making my low-back worse), and I find this mattress to be a bit too firm for me; but, like my back, it could be worse; so, it’s probably pretty much as good as I could have expected it to be, and I am very glad, appreciative and grateful that this mattress isn’t even firmer than it is.Thus, for me anyway, the moral of the story is that this mattress would be much better for me if it wasn’t as firm as it is (my shoulders and neck still get sore during sleep, and are still sore in the mornings upon arising); and I really don’t want to add a two-inch, non-memory-foam “topper” to it; because, without an extremely over-sized fitted bottom sheet (which probably don’t exist), it would move around too much; and, even if I did add a two-inch-thick piece of “topper” foam, using a “deep” fitted bottom sheet, that added foam would probably still move around too much. But, perhaps now that this mattress has had a chance to be exposed to the air for a month, rather than getting even firmer, it will “break-in” over time and at least get a little less firm with further use? I sure hope so, because it certainly needs to be not quite as firm as it is!Since I live and sleep alone, I am breaking this mattress in as evenly as possible by rotating my body and sleeping position every night to a different position, or one of the five positions, or sections, of the mattress, primarily the main three, right, left and center (not necessarily in that order), and then the two sections in between those three. In the long run it should make the mattress more comfortable as it breaks it in more and more, breaking it in evenly, and make certain that, though the memory foam keeps it from showing, the mattress doesn’t develop sagged spots, indentations, soft-spots, compressed and/or worn out sections that one’s body tends to want to roll towards and that don’t provide good, sufficient support, thus causing (more?) bodily discomfort and/or pain.In summary, this mattress may or may not be for you. [I must say, though, that it is MUCH better than sleeping on the three, worn out 2-inch-thick pieces of foam that I was using on top of my regular queen size mattress before(!)—I now have this new mattress also on top of the regular (eight-inch-thick) queen size mattress; and, though it is (much?) too high (sixteen inches thick from the top of my platform, which is high as it is, it is working out acceptably; but, though I have thought about removing the regular mattress from underneath the new one, I’m concerned that then the new mattress would be even firmer {and much too firm?}, and unacceptably firm, if I did so; therefore, I am leaving it as it is, at least for now {it is a little difficult to “climb” onto the bed, but it’s not too bad!}).]What else can I tell you? If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask them, and I will answer them to the very best of my ability(ies).

  4. A. Felton

    This is the third one I’ve boughtThis is for the 12″ king, but also applies to the 12″ xlong twin.I originally got this in December 2018 after sleeping on the same mattress in an Airbnb. I have four dogs who sleep with me and I have a “king and a half” setup, so one king and a matching xl twin. (Yeah it’s huge, you need a big bedroom to do this.) I’ve loved every minute of it and even after three+ years, it seems as good as new. Everyone else who’s slept on it loves it too.One of my dogs had a seizure and a major pee accident in bed last week. It was a very large amount of pee and unfortunately I’d forgotten to put my waterproof mattress cover on it. There was no way to save it. I threw it in the yard and immediately ordered a new one. I hoped it would be next day delivery, but nope. It was supposed to come on Monday, but it arrived on Sunday, a day early. I feel like this one didn’t take as long to expand as the ones I had before: we slept on it 12 hours after opening it, as it seemed to be fully expanded. We had to spend three nights on our spare bedroom mattress, which was also purchased from Amazon, but a different brand and it has springs even though it came in a box like this one and expanded. It was awful! My boyfriend’s back was all jacked up. One night on this bed and he was so much better.I saw reviews about health hazards. I’m not worried about it because it seems like it would only be an issue if you remove the built-in cover. Plus it has a mattress cover and sheets on it all the time. After having the first one for 3.5 years, I have not had any health problems with it.I’ve recommended this bed to so many people and they often hesitate because it’s so cheap. And I love the price! But I’d probably buy it even if it was twice as much. Meaning, I didn’t buy it because it was cheap. I could have replaced the peed on mattress with something else but I have no interest in sleeping on any other bed ever. I sleep hot and I don’t think this is any hotter than any other type of mattress. I also like that you can get in bed without waking your partner– with a regular spring mattress, I can feel whenever the other person moves. Not the case with this one, movement doesn’t transfer.Just buy it! If you don’t love it, you can return it and in many cases, they don’t want it back (not like you can put it back in the box, and Amazon uses some recycling service for returns, and it’s not available in all areas). I’m pretty sure you will love it though!

  5. Triple Goddess Soap Company

    Fantastic for the camperWe love our 8″ queen Zinus mattress! I bought this for our 2009 Lance 835 pickup box camper. The bunk is in the nose of the camper and has VERY little clearance to sit up. The 8″ inflated to full thickness in hours. We sleep well, and can crawl or sit up on elbows and don’t bottom out. This felt comfortable to lay on from day 1, more of a medium plush. It’s labeled as a medium firm, but I believe it’s softer. It cradles our sore bodies and we wake up ready to go. I expect to get about 2 or 3 years of use in the camper, and will replace. Zinus is highly recommended by RV and campers and this is why I chose it.We own a fancy Tempurpedic King medium memory foam to sleep on nightly at home. I (39/F) have fibromyalgia and chronic pain in back and neck from equine hobby and a few riding accidents. My partner (39/M) has widespread body inflammation and pain from hard physical work and tested positive for RA factor. Meaning he doesnt have rheumatoid arthritis (yet) but has strong family history of RA. I would say we are Bed Snobs for those reason. We need and want comfort and desired to put a bed in our camper we can love. I had my doubts that a $212 mattress would perform this well, and we slept on it for 7 days straight in 100 degree outdoor temps in an air conditioner camper. Zero issues. We dint expect thus to last 10 years with the price point. We have a waterproof mattress cover, and will never remove the zipper cover due to fiberglass fire sock. That component isnt a big deal to us, all memory foam beds have fiberglass under the cover.This mattress has mixed review because people take the cover off and apart to clean and get fiberglass all over and blame the mattress instead of blaming user error. DONT DO THAT. Just LEAVE it alone, in its cover, keep the bed clean, dry using with additional protective cover and dispose of the mattress when the bed breaks down or wears out. The price point is low enough to do that and replace in a few years.I will update in a year Only if I have negative feedback.

  6. 🐆😺MeoW😸🐆

    5 stars for quality for price and..Update sep 13..Likin it more and more.. NO weird dips..totally returns to original shape and we arent small people!!.. id say 4-1/2 stars..UPDATE july 28…really liking it more and more..great for sleepin.. and not sleepin.. ; )!!I like it better than our very expensive select comfort we used to have.. and the cats like it too.. also really like the 16″ foundation..Convenience..3-4 for confusion on explanation of firmness and/ or possibly consistancy? Ill explain.. Read hundreds of reviews and questions before deciding. Then to really decide, dragged my 6″ same style same brand guest bedroom queen size into our bedroom for a trial.. The 6″ at first when you lay on it feels like a brick but you sink maybe an inch at most and because of the firmness it felt surprisingly great! So i thought ok if it was a tiny bit softer that would be perfect so i ordered the same brand/style in a king but got 8″.. the breakdown on the two mattresses.. 6″- 1.5 memory top 4.5 hi dens base8″- 2″mem top 2″ pressure reliev4″ hd baseSo SHOULD be really close, tiny bit softer.The bad is its Much softer..you quickly sink down a fair amount ( butt /body more than limbs) but not an extreme amt..The good is its not awful but im really sorry i didnt get the 6 and if i could get it back in the box id probably try to exchange it.. it has a nicer top than the 6″ ..its well made and cant beat the convenience and quality for the price. . So, i dont know if that 2″ difference could make THAT much difference ( im sure it makes Some because the higher they are the more they squish when youre on them)Or..maybe in two years theyve changed the foam? I have it on box spring until the metal foundation comes , maybe by some miracle that will help.. We are hoping it grows on us and if not i suppose we will have to use the queen and make this the spare..As far as the hot thing..this seems much warmer than the 6″ though i bought a bamboo 19.99 topper that helps.. I think what happens that if its super firm like my 6″ you stay on top of it and its not hot.. the 8″ since you sink in gets hot cuz you are down in it!So in a nutshell good quality for the price.. As they have stated in questionsthe higher the inches the more plush..the green tea ones have air flow foam so they are much softer. If you like very firm try to stay with the 6″ and keep fingers crossed ( im still not sure if it would be same as one from 2 yrs ago?) If you go up in inches expect it to swallow you more..the green tea is supposrd to be much softer due to airflow vs more solid hd base..Finally , i think it would help if some of the info thats in q&a was in main info..also when reviewing some people dont say wich size and inches they chose and it makes a difference in the firmness!Im kinda bummed but i knew it was a but if a guess.. i still think it was a decent deal and maybe down the line ill order a king 6″ and save this for guests..As of 4th of july.. its now been on their 16″ frame foundaton ( the foundation one has more of a grid pattern.. we have 3 of these and they are awesome easy, xtra storage etc..) for 2 nights.. It does seem slightly firmer on that frame vs box.. we wont put any boards under it since these mattresses need to breath.. and speaking of that.. i forgot to mention that there wasnt really any chemical smell from day 1.. i felt slightly stuffy at first im sure from some of its airing out, but we slept on it the first night.. my husband didnt notice anything.. So it has grown on us though i do still wish it was as firm as the 6″ queen brick from 2 yrs ago.. Ill admit i bumped the ac down some to compensate for the warmth ( ill prob love that come winter ) As far as ” activities” 2 thumbs up..we’re about 450 lb combined so we will be good testers.. i will update as time goes on.. Also it was $185 when we bought it so at that price id buy it again!

  7. sdg

    Best Nights of Sleep Ever!I am here to write yet another 5 star review for this wonderful mattress. I stayed with a friend for about a month while in the process of moving. She had this mattress in a full size 8 inch. I was literally getting THE BEST nights of sleep while there as it was incredibly comfortable. When I moved into my own place I insisted that she send me what the mattress was and I purchased my own in a Queen size 12 inch. It is just as wonderful and I will be buying one for all of my beds. I have always been hooked to firm mattresses but consider me converted!

  8. damon ramsey

    6 inches is enoughI got this to replace the bed in my rv that i travel in full time and let’s just say this; I love it! It forms your body just right but doesn’t allow you to sink to the bottom. When you roll it forms to your new position like it was meant for you. My kids slept in it with me for a weekend and they didn’t move once. (They are rolling bowling balls when they’re sleep!) Get it! I’m both a stomach and back sleeper but I start on my side and it works.

  9. Innovation Creator

    Way too firmI was hoping for an experience more like my pillows or mattress pad, but thicker, but not so soft that it hurts my back. This is not it.This mattress is so firm, that I got up and looked at flipping it over – thinking maybe I was sleeping on the wrong side. From a posture alignment perspective, it is good. My spine is aligned when I sleep on my side. I don’t have back pain.But, it feels like I am sleeping one of those thin mats on the floor. The mattress only gives at the pressure points. I hardly sink in the mattress at all. And, I am unable to sleep on my stomach. It is either really uncomfortable or causes back pain. I’ve been too exhausted to figure out if I am sleeping on my back.Interestingly, it does not slip. I have it on a metal platform frame and it seems to be quite firmly in place.I let it expand for 48h before laying on it. No smell.As a tip, don’t open the package to make it easier to drag upstairs. It expands on the way up and gets quite heavy very fast.My biggest issue with it is that it is so firm. The softness is only the surface. If you brush your arms across it, it feels soft. But, when you lay on it, it’s slightly more cushioned than sleeping on the floor.Update: Two weeks later, the mattress has softened up. I can now sleep on my side, back,mand stomach without back pain. I am docking a point because it feels like I am making an indention on a smooth surface and and another star as it does not feel luxuriously comfortable but it does not interfere with my sleep. I am now buying a topper and a plush pad to add a few inches of softness so that I will hopefully retain back support but add that luxurious feeling. I guess it is fair to expect that a mattress purchased online will require some adjustment, but I do wonder if it would have been cheaper to have chosen a different one in the first place.If you have purchased this mattress and find it to be too firm or are looking for back support and plan to buy this one, my recommendation is to give it two weeks and to sleep on your side during this adjustment period. If you still find it to be too firm, options are to return it (yes apparently this can be arranged) or add additional layers. As one last comment, I bought the 8 inch, so I can add additional layers and still fit within standard fitted sheets. You may also want to consider this as well when deciding how think you want to go.Update #2 – It has now been a little over two weeks since the mattress arrived. I became happier with it as it became softer, but wanted a truly 5-Star sleep experience. So, I purchased the Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam 2 Inch Topper, Queen. It turns out that this supportive mattress paired with that softt topper was a perfect combination. Every inch of my body is cradled in a cushion that gives at pressure points and supports my weight there and everywhere else. I love it!Update #3. The mattress has grooves where I sleep. Laying on it causes me back pain. I figured out that this is due to no lumbar support. There is a gap between my back and the mattesss when I sleep on my back. When I lie on my stomach my back caves forward. The next day, I have to stop and stretch my back. If I drop something, I pick it up slowly and carefully as my back is stiff and creaky. To combat this, I am now laying on the other side, but back to sleeping only on my side – as I did originally. And, now that I have figured out that I can lay on the sofa with no problems, this confirms that the problem is the foam mattress and not me.Update #4. I ended up with terrible back pain after using this mattress. By the time I resorted to trying to sleep sideways across the bed or curling up so my spine would realign, I figured out that this was not going to work out. Fortunately, this was within 30 days, and I was able to return the mattress for a full refund. But, the reality is, any bed may need some help. So, I just wanted to share what I have learned.How to Choose a Bed#1. Ignore reviews of anyone who has had a mattress for less than two or three weeks; the mattress is still changing. New reviewers are just excited about opening up the package and sleeping on a real bed. You want to know how well the bed sleeps after its break in period.#2 – Go through some of the online wizards and articles on how to choose a bed depending on whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper. Note that you do not have to go very, very firm if you have a bad back. Back care is all about sping alignment. Soft and firm cushions are all about preference. I learned that Imlike a plush feel on top of a bed with responsive spine alignment. I sleep on my back, stomach, and side. And, I want my spine to be aligned even though I have a curvy hips and butt. I want to have a bed soft enough but firm enough to cushion my breasts without my back feeling like it is caving in. I started with an innerspring mattress with a plush topper. The innerspring is responsive so that I am not waiting for it to reinflate when I turn over. The cushions feel luxurious.#3. Do not buy bargain cheap or top of the line expecting it to be what you need; a bare minimum is that a bed should support and align your spine and beyond that it is all about cushions and toppers – which you layer on yourself – so leave room in the budget for this.#4 – Do not assume that you will like memory foam mattresses. If you have never tried one, go to the Mattress Firm around the corner and lay on some beds. But, go in there to learn how the different types of beds feel, particularly the support. DON’T BUY from them for heavens sake… unless you want to spent $3,000 for a $1,200 mattress. If you want to go local, I found a mattress that felt like a $1,200 hybrid for $600 after discounts at Sears.How I Fixed Back Pain Due to Body Impressions and Sinking too far in.I tried many things. In the end, a good end is all about support first and cushion second. If you are sinking in too far or jackknifing or hammocking, then it means that you have inadequate support – those are the hard layers below. It makes the mattress counteract your weight by pushing up against you and you press down in it. What I did not get is that all the layers respond, not just the top ones. So, the support below the mattress is just as important as the cushy layers above. The job of the top layers above is just to counteract pressure points, so you do not ferl like you are laying on the floor. The job of the bottom layers and boxspring/foundation, is to keep the mattress feeling firm and to keep it from sagging. That said, I fixed a sagging mattress, sinking in, and back pain by putting a smooth, hard layer underneath the mattress – no gaps, slats, or holes. A heavy duty cardboard moving box covered by a blanket is a temporary fix. Plywood or a good old fashioned box spring are other options. Point is, try this first.

  10. Sean G

    Amazing for a sofa sleeperI’m writing this in regards to the mattress not just for a regular bed, but a sofa sleeper, as there were hardly any reviews for this set up.At the beginning I was hesitant to go with a 6 inch foam mattress for my sleeper sofa, but I’m glad I did for several reasons (one was a surprise bonus).I saw the recommended 5 inch which was almost $100 more than this one was and I thought this was simply because 5 inch is the typical sofa sleeper size, it’s not a better mattress per say. I also thought, hey, this is foam, it compresses, it should fit anyways. I’m glad that I went with the 6 inch. Here’s why:1: Less expensive than the 5 inch one recommended. Saved some money, that’s always good. 👍2: Base foam is 4 inch instead of 3.5 which makes it a tad firmer, but enough that you don’t feel the bars in the sofa, and I mean you don’t feel it AT ALL. I was the most skeptical about these claims, but man alive, I’m a believer now. This alone makes it worth every penny. But the top layers are the memory foam and cooling memory foam which helps in the summer months and isn’t too bad in the winter. Regardless, it’s very comfortable and gives you a tad more memory foam.3: Here’s the surprise bonus. You know how the basic mattress sofa sleepers come with give you no support when you sleep, and that transfers to the folded up couch as well? Ours was actually compressing so much in couch mode that it was like sitting in a hole where the cushions for the couch sink in so you felt the wood like a bar under your leg in the front, and were in a small pit to get out. Once we got the new mattress it bulges a bit since its a tad too big which makes the couch extra fluffy. It’s now supporting the cushions like it should, and instantly became a comfortable couch. Not sitting in a hole is nice, go figure.Here’s my thoughts on a few things that are important to know:1: Yes the cushion does take a full 24 to 48 hours to reach the full 6 inches (closer to 48 hours). After about 24 hours though it’s comfortable enough to sleep on and was at about 5 inches expanded. Had to test this out with a guest immediately as the mattress arrived a little over a day before he arrived. The guest loved it by the way, and said it was extremely comfortable after sleeping on it for 5 days.2: Getting the 6 inch is 1 inch too big for most sleeper sofas. When you fold it up the first fold is a little tight, but again, it’s foam so it WILL fold. Just takes a tad more pushing to get it into that first “lock” position where the leg bar pushed down. After that, the second part that fills into the sofa is a breeze just like always.3: Since it’s bigger, that means you get a tad bit of bulging in sofa mode. My experience with owning 2 sofa sleepers is, that ends up being a more comfortable sofa (especially for this one) as well as a more comfortable bed.Bottom line is, I’m extremely happy with this and am now even thinking about upgrading our regular bed to this kind of mattress. But it made both the bed and the sofa better and that’s simply astounding for a really cheap sofa sleeper.

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